Honestly it's a Great Monitor.1/4/2021 10:51:09 AM

Pros: -Easy to setup just plug it in -No dead pixels -Looks great -No noticeable ghosting -Comes with a Display Port Cable

Cons: -Not really a con but you'll have to turn on free sync when you get it from the monitor itself as well as play with the contrast/brightness to make it look how you want but after you do it once you'll never have to do it again.

Overall Review: I was really iffy on buying this monitor because of the unhelpful reviews on here. Now I have never wrote a review in my life but I felt that since this thing was surprisingly good and all the reviews on here were so undeceive I thought Ill make one. Now the monitor itself is great no issue with dead pixels or ghosting that is noticeable when in use and I went out of my way to look. Also I would like to point out that this thing is 144Hz which looks great if you're coming from a 60 or 75Hz monitor the difference is like astounding and if feels like you got a graphics upgrade. One final thing is that this does come with a Display Port Cable I read a review saying it doesn't but it does so don't be like me and buy one before the monitor comes thinking you'll need it you don't. Overall a great product. Ps: Don't forget to change the refresh rate on your computer itself in the display settings to get that sweet 144Hz.

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