Excellent GPU10/23/2020 9:17:56 PM

Pros: -Uses 25 watts of power. -Powered entirely off the PCI-E bus, ideal card for a SFF computer. -Fan is always active by default. -Decent performance on medium graphics for most games. -ZOTAC only seems to sell the GDDR5 version, which is far superior to the DDR4 version that Nvidia stealthily added a few months after the card's initial release, so kudos to ZOTAC for their integrity in that regard.

Cons: -Runs at PCI-E x4 speed by Nvidia's design -Doesn't have a 4GB model -Temperatures are bothersome on default fan settings, I have to use a 3rd party program such as MSI Afterburner to up the fan's minimum speed.

Overall Review: I bought this for a small form factor HP/Compaq Elite 8300 that I bought on another website last year. I had a few minor graphical issues with some games but nothing worthy of removing an egg or anything like that. It's a solid little card, works well in either a low profile case like my SFF model, or in a larger, more standard-sized case. The 2GB of GDDR5 is under what is often needed for some newer titles to run at the highest settings, but I rarely set my games that high anyway. I do like my games looking pretty but I also like to balance that out with the games running well, and on medium/low settings on Skyrim Special Edition this GT 1030 is a solid performer. The only gripes I have about the GT 1030 are design decisions made by Nvidia themselves and not by ZOTAC. The 2GB VRAM capacity is somewhat lacking as I said above, and Nvidia's stealthy adding of a DDR4 version really set off a lot of alarm bells with a lot of people. Thankfully, when browsing ZOTAC's website I couldn't even find a DDR4 version of this card, so for that I am immensely grateful to these folks for their integrity in refusing to offer the lesser card, especially considering that the lesser card cost the same as the good one. Finally, my biggest gripe is that while it hooks up to a PCI-E x16 slot, it only runs at x4 speeds... again, by Nvidia's design. But aside from those gripes, I really have no complaints. Like I said, it's a solid card, it's reliable, the fans are always running, and the GDDR5 memory provides some very worthy performance.

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Otherwise good card suffers due to instability and poor quality control10/23/2020 8:59:32 PM

Pros: -4GB -Powered entirely by the PCI-E bus, so no extra PSU plugs needed - great for machines with proprietary power supplies. -Low profile makes it ideal for Small Form Factor (SFF) PC cases.

Cons: -Poor quality control, had to take mine apart to lubricate the fan just months after buying it new. -Graphical glitches, artifacts, driver failing and recovering bugs.

Overall Review: I bought the 4GB model of this card earlier this year as an upgrade in my HP/Compaq 6300 from my old Zotac GDDR5 GT 1030. Double the video RAM combined with higher PCI-E bus speeds (the 1030 runs at x4 and no higher) and my games ran really well. Skyrim Special Edition heavily modded with 4k textures running at medium graphics in 1080p resolution was buttery smooth the whole time. That said, problems started to occur quite often, ranging from artifacts to black screens in interior cells in video games, to a "this driver has stopped working and has recovered" issue while using Paint Tool SAI. At one point the GPU's fan would vibrate violently, causing not only my GPU, but also my computer case, my desk, and my floor to vibrate along with it. I had had the card maybe... four months or so when this started happening. I had to take the card apart so I could lubricate the fan, which apparently hadn't been properly lubricated at the factory. This stopped the vibration entirely but it also greatly reduced my confidence in this card's reliability. I was leery of this card even before I bought it, precisely because it has the Gigabyte name on it. I had similar experiences with an old AM3 socket motherboard made by Gigabyte. Performance was outstanding but it had several quality control issues and ultimately ended up frying on me. I was hoping when I purchased this GPU that the motherboard was just a one-off, but so far I see no reason to believe that it was. I'm sorry, but I cannot recommend this card. Not because of anything inherently wrong with Nvidia's design, but because of the poor quality control in Gigabyte's version of this product. If you can find another low-profile GTX 1050 ti from a different reputable brand, I say take your money to them. Don't give it to Gigabyte.

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Way too slow - Runs at USB 1.1 speeds8/31/2017 9:42:38 AM

Pros: -Inexpensive

Cons: -Too Slow: Consistently getting USB 1.1 speeds on this thing using a USB 3.0 front port on my rig. If I plug a 5400RPM external HDD into the same port I get decent USB 3.0 speeds hovering around 150Mb/s, but this "super fast" flash drive gets maybe 10Mb/s.

Overall Review: I bought three of these, all identical 8GB G4 models, and all three of them are equally slow. It's sold as a USB 3.0 stick and it has the characteristic blue USB 3.0 colored port, but the speeds are so horrific that I simply cannot justify spending $7.00 on one of them, and I'm sure not going to recommend it. Seriously, I don't know what happened to Kingston. They used to make decent quality stuff that actually performed at decent speeds, but now they're selling USB 1.1 sticks and calling them 3.0? Do yourself a favor and find another USB flash drive. This one is just plain not worth the money.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hey Sean S, Sorry to hear you're not pleased with our drive but if speed is important to you, please know that we do have other drives that are much faster and may be more suitable for your needs. We have different drives with different speeds in different price ranges to accommodate different users and needs. For more information on our faster drives, please refer to the following link and refer to the drives with the listed speeds. -Marcos @Kingston Technology
Nice Open-Air Bench, Though Bracket Designs Could Be Improved Upon7/8/2015 12:28:09 PM

Pros: -This bench is designed to have a low center of gravity, with the PSU and 3.5" drive bays on the very bottom. -It has room for two 5.25", three 3.5", and two 2.5" drives. -Has rubberish washers for mounting the 3.5" drives and rubberish strips for the power supply. -It has a removable rack to stabilize expansion cards. -Convenient carrying handle -Open air setup makes parts easier to clean and they don't gather nearly as much dust as they did when I had an enclosed case.

Cons: -5.25" and 2.5" drive brackets are mounted partially underneath the motherboard (fully underneath for the 2.5" brackets), making installation of the drives of these sorts much more difficult than the 3.5" drives, which have a detachable cage. Also, the 2.5" brackets have no bottom flange, so if you make a mistake and lose your grip on your brand-new SSD, you could very well end up dropping it on the floor.

Overall Review: Lian Li supposedly sells additional parts such as a fan setup and a front-panel USB/Audio/eSATA adapter, but I have yet to see these items for sale. However, there are plenty of places where you could, if you got creative, mount chassis fans and so on. It's a good bench for the price and far superior, in my humble opinion, to an enclosed case. Like I said in the cons section, the 2.5" and 5.25" drive brackets could have been better designed, but in my opinion it's a minor inconvenience and doesn't detract from the overall review score. 5 eggs.

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Decent Product With Some Shortcomings7/8/2015 12:01:44 PM

Pros: It's a decent enough product. It has two 2.5" bays, is sturdily built of fairly high quality plastic, and the drives just slide into place without the need for drive mounting screws.

Cons: There are two cons for this product. The first one has to do with the aforementioned slide-in feature for adding drives. The drives are supposed to "snap" into place, but the particular unit that I received does not do that, so the drives can pretty much be pushed back and forth at will while they're mounted inside the structure. The other con is that the two drive bays are too close together to allow for proper connection of SATA power connectors from the semi-modular power supply I have. I've tried to stagger the drives so that one would stick out further than the other, but I was still unable to accomodate two drives together in this unit.

Overall Review: One other thing I would mention is that the screws that come with it to mount it to a 3.5" drive bay are designed to cut into the plastic and can cause problems if you try to mount this in a specialized product like a test bench. I mean, they do work, but they're smaller than such specialized structures are normally built to work with, and the screws that I would normally have used don't work in this product at all. Considering the three pros and two cons, plus the caveat listed directly above, I will give this bay adapter three eggs. It's a great idea, and it's well-built, but it's also poorly designed and poorly implemented.

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