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Quality case that is spacious and QUIET!8/17/2016 6:45:15 AM

Pros: -Dense side panels are combination steel with sound proofing. Hefty and sound dampening in one. -It is a lower, lengthier case. When means plenty of space in a deceptively mid size class case. -Plenty of custom layouts mean you can really alter the interior harddrive cages, fans, and Radiators as you see fit. -Simple and clean design for those who want it, with only the blue power light. -Cable management is very thoughtful in this build. Not only did they include velcro ties for your major cables, ever point where I thought "Hmm, need to tie that down" the case had the rubber grommets or zip tie secure points. Awesome. -Excellent sound dampening and panels on sides and front. I now have my motherboard accessory fans running and can't hear the annoying whine. -Fans can slide up and down and inch or so on rails, allowing for precise fan arrangements. Never seen this before and love it. -Bottom and front dust filters are easy to clean. -I like that the PSU can be flipped upside-down and is placed in the bottom. This is something every case should be doing. -ALSO, kudos to NEWEGG on shipping! Not only did fractal pack this case well in dense foam it came in perfect shape. And NEWEGG got it to me in two days, nice.

Cons: -Hefy. Con for moving outside to clean, but you know what you are getting into. It is heavy as is, but load it up with components and you might find yourself grunting with the effort. -I couldn't fit two 140mm fans included into the bottom of the case. My PSU ended up being about .25" to long and the cables prevented fan placement. I ended up moving them to the front intake positions and using two 120mm for the bottom intake. -The motherboard SATA ports were to close to the case to allow the use of my elbow angle SATA cables. I had to move my two SSDs from behind the motherboard to the standard HD cages in the front. I didn't have any SATA 3 cables that were straight to accomplish my inital goal of hiding the SSDs. You can just order straight ones and it wouldn't be a big deal. -Not such a fan of the white HD trays or the white metal pcie vents in the back. Luckily I had black ones from my old case I swapped out and the doors on the case mean I don't have to look at the white interior anyway. Again, most of these could be minor but just be aware of them. I am always picky on reviews so take it with a grain of salt.

Overall Review: My old case was from 2006. This new one is light years ahead and I really appreciate how easy Fractal designs made the upgrade process. Also seeing other's 1 star reviews I really can't but shake my head with wonder. Customer support and returns are some of the best here on newegg or with Fractal, so use it! Well done.

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Holds two SSD drives Awesome.6/8/2013 8:41:28 PM

Pros: I have two SSD hardrives, a Agility 2 and Agility 4. I did not have a drive adapter for the second SSD drive and actually had it resting on a piece of cardboard inside my case. I finally grew tired (and maybe worried) about have this sort of setup on a piece of computer hardware so I decided on getting a proper Bay converter. The Silverstone model fits this job perfectly. + Quality. I looked at a few other options but this one seemed the best. This thing has alot of heft to it. Solid. + Holds two SSD in one 3.5" bay. Great for saving space in a computer case. + Simplicity. All screws included. Slid the SSDs in and was easy to install.

Cons: - Right angle Sata 3 cables. You will have trouble mounting two SATA 3 drives that are stacked this close. I was lucky in that I have a older SSD drive that is Sata 2 straight cable, and a SATA 3 that is right angle cable. The bay projected far enough out from the inside of the case that i was able to use a right angle cable on the bottom bay and have it hang neatly off the back. I am not sure you could flip the top SSD upside down and use another right angel cable. May still bump the power cord?

Overall Review: I looked at some other options including a cheap plastic one and ones with USB 3.0 ports along with SSD storage. I settled on this one due to its outstanding rating and quality with price. This is a good value, don't drag out researching SSD storage options. This one is it. Just buy it and get on with more important case components.

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Competitive specs and price for this value card.6/6/2013 7:11:02 PM

Pros: The card falls somewhere in the mid-range of the EVGA lineup. Early reviews of this card are all very postive. I won't bother citing specs or comparing it to its bigger brothers, as you can read these for yourselves. But I have to say I am greatly impressed with this card. I tend to skip a series of card and buy the next one. I replaced a gtx 470 and held off on the 600 series... and just before I pulled the trigger on a 670, word came out on this new refresh 700 series. I noticed immediate performance boost in Shogun 2, after cranking all the setting to absolute max. It was clear the game was now running smoothly and many FPS over 60. I like that this card is already overclocked to a stable factory tested setting. With the option to always further overclock. ACX cooler, it works. It works GREAT. On idle I am seeing temperatures in the 26-31 celcius. My old gtx 470 was a toaster oven compared to this card. I was concerned about the ACX circulating hot air into the inside of the case but the extra large radiator seems to cool and disperse the heat superbly. It also is near silent. Now quietest component in my case. I don't know how it compares to the other EVGA cooler, but I am sold on this particular design. There is also alot of cool new programs and features to play with. One being Shadowplay, which will let you record game footage with a minimal performance hit.

Cons: So any negatives? My particular card has a bit of the gold flashing peeled up off the card in the corner. Like a sticker that won't stay down on one edge... Does it hurt the performance of the card. Absolutely not. But taking it out and immediately noticed the slightly raised corner. Also the DVI part of the card had the screw come out while I was resetting the monitor hookup. It attached back in no problem though. Kinda made my heart skip a beat. I guess no real AAA game bundled with this is already disappointing. I think EVGA may have cut some corners in quality on the exterior, but the performance of the card itself exceeds my expectation.

Overall Review: Check your power supply before purchase. You need a six and eight pin PCIe connector. You also need 42 amps on the 12+ rail. Some people might fall short if your power supply is low wattage. You have been warned. I game at 1920 x 1080 on a single monitor. The 2gb version of the gtx 770 suites me perfectly. If you use multiple monitors then you have reason to consider the upcoming 4gb version. You should register your card immediately to get your full warranty on the EVGA website. You will definitely want to do this if you for some reason need to RMA or get a repair done. Keep your invoice handy too! Also, registering will allow you to get the free back plate (like $19.99 value) for your card. This is mostly a cosmetic component that attaches to your card. But it supposedly will protect the back of the card from mishap, with some claims that it will also reduce your temperatures a Celsius or two. But hey, FREE. You can also request a code for a free copy of Primal Carnage. Huzzah. Thats it. I was reluctant to replace my old warhorse of the gtx 470, but after installing the gtx770 SC I can see I made the right choice.

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Quality expansion slot covers. NICE.6/4/2013 11:51:02 AM

Pros: I had a few cheap silver aluminum covers in my case from 2008. They were functional but somehow along that time I managed to to damage or lose a few... So i needed replacement. My new build uses the same nice case but I wanted something of quality to fill this space. Well these answered the call! + Black powder finish. Matches my components. + Build of solid material, no flex nor any scratches on surface. Black screws came with components. Nice. + Price is great with free shipping! Newegg over-packed it in a box, thought it would come in an envelope... almost feel guilty about UPS dropping it off at the door. + Installation done in under five minutes. Drink a beer and admire my work took longer. + Vent holes are adequate and will keep out larger critters from entering the back of your case.

Cons: None! Seriously.

Overall Review: This is admittedly a cheap PC task to replace. But I thought it made for a nice finish of my build. After rewiring my case interior, this was the final thing I did. Really nice quality and finish, and couldn't be happier.

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One heck of a motherboard12/19/2012 12:14:09 PM

Pros: After researching motherboards, I came across this asus product. I got it during a sale period, combined with a nice combo deal with the I7 3770k. Great deal!!! It impressed me first with its looks. Then the solid reviews. Then again during the time I have owned it. The dust armor, while at first perhaps gimmicky, does indeed work. Two small fans are installed into the motherboard which help channel air through the board and bullet holes in the mb further lower heat levels. The armor not only keep dust off the motherboard circuits it is safe to handle while installing with minimized jagged ends. They also give you little armor slots for vacant pcie slots, how thoughtful. It met all my requirements in spades. CPU, ram slots and speeds, 6gb sata, bios menu easy to navigate. The asus suite software is also very handy. If you have 4pin cooling fans, you can 100% customize your cooling needs. By adjusting a slider fan speed with a heat line graph, you can crank your fan speeds automatically outlined by your specs. It also shows what fans you are manipulating. Takes away the guess work of air cooling! I have a H60 CPU cooler, and I was able to use the software to increase the pump power to a higher rpm. Sweet. Installation doesn't get much easier. Old motherboard out, new one in. The two motherboard fans required reading the instructions and carefully following directions. Not a hurdle at all. Hooking up the power for the case beeps and Hardrive lights was cake as you plug into a single pin unit and that goes to the motherboard. no more struggling with little cables. The manual does a great job outlining installation, good documentation and should be flipped through as you build. Installing a CPU and cpu cooler was a snap. I used a h60 and it all went it very smoothly. Looks so nice in my case. The CPU snapped right in cleanly and firmly. Installing g.skills sniper ram was easy. Only quirk was that the ram slots were fairly tight dropping ram in. First one took a lot of force, but this may also be the thickness of the ram? No problem after the first as I then knew the force required. Xmp in bios took the ram to 1866 np. I am using a 470 gtx pcie 2.0 card. These will work In the pcie 3.0 slots just fine. I have a xtremegamer sound card that won't however, so be aware. Finally, I feel I should commend asus for the packaging. Everything was neatly boxed, safely secured, and sealed. I worried of reports of people receiving opened or damaged boards. Not the case with mine, it was mint.

Cons: Cons. Hmm... Well lets get picky for the heck of it. - if you have a pcie card in the the bottom slot, it will interfere with the row of motherboard USB 2.0 pins, and the case pins. Depending on card size of course, but in my computer case with my GPU one of the exhausts ports was blocked also. May or may not be a problem for others. - sata cables included 6.0, one end is 90 degree bend and other end straight. Nice thought, but I would have preferred straight ends. Made hooking up some ssd drives awkward for me in my setup. - the screw holes for the motherboard are deeply recessed. If you drop a screw inside, you may struggle to reorient screw and install. Minor flaw.

Overall Review: So there you have it. I am pleased to say the board was one of the easier components to install! It is nice that custom building has come so far in ease of building. I commend Asus on creating such a wonderful board.

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Really interesting cooler with some quirks.12/13/2012 6:09:36 AM

Pros: I got this during a nice sale and rebate period. Lifting the cooler out of the box, I immediately liked what I held. The radiator has some heft, while the hose lines are stiff with little flexibility. The CPU cooler block and back plate were simple enough to install, with maybe some vagueness with the motherboard screws. I decided to apply my own cooling paste by removing the existing on the cooler. The unit tightened down by starting top left, bottom right, top right, bottom left. I did this until the screws tightened up. The stock corsair fan is adequate, and I initially used with another spare fan in push pull. Ran about 26 Celsius, with a stock i7 3770k. Nice.

Cons: Ok the negatives. First off, if you are mounting this with a dust filter, to the back of the case, you are going to have problems. The black screws, while long, barely make it into the radiator with one fan. I had maybe a few mm to work with and only managed to get 3 of the screws in. The fourth hole seemed to have been stripped after I flipped the orientation do to a slight buzzing noise from pump. Still tight so it worked out. But took someone else squeezing the components while Installed screws. Phew slightly longer screws would have made for a 30 second fix. Second, sometimes I get a strange minor buzzing or wheezing? It is feint but there at times. Comes and goes. Corsair fan is adequate....

Overall Review: Having run this for about two weeks, I like it a lot. I bought two more identical 120mm fans for push pull. These dropped the temps about 6 more degree which I found pretty impressive. Down to 22 Celsius in my cool basement. It seems you can mount vertically with hoses oriented top or bottom. Mine seemed to make a bit of noise so flipping it as illustrated seemed to alleviate it. Also, be sure to gkeep the pump at 3500 rpms from my research. Internet search from a few places suggest horizontal mounting might cause some noise from the fan or unit, so be aware. I think overall it is a really nice cooler. I wonder if you could mount these outside of the case. Some case modding might make it possible, as I have a blow hole in the top of my case.

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Great set of quad channel ram12/6/2012 7:23:04 AM

Pros: Got these during a sale. I was going to purchase 4x4 for 16 gb but that sold out. Then I saw these for 109.99 and I was like "whoa." Stuck these into a z77 sabertooth, posted 32 Gb at 1333. Went into bios, set to 1866 with Xmp and you're done. That easy for me. I had bought g.skills in the past and they have served well. These ram seem to be continuing that trend. This ram are rugged but flexible. Willies jeep of ram. They also look great! Black gun metal, and low profile.

Cons: Bit stiff going into board, as in tight. But no problem after establishing initial force required.

Overall Review: You won't need 32gb for gaming. There are some arguments to just get 16 gb with lower timings. However, you can do a lot with 32gb like photoshop or editing, and this will help. Boom headshot!

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12/6/2012 7:06:10 AM

Pros: Really love this over my old q9300. I am running stock setting with a h60 cooler. Dropped the CPU into a z77 sabertooth board and with the cooler, idles about 24 - 28 Celsius. Gaming goes to 40. Really impressed by its speed and thermal temps.

Cons: Price but I got during cybermonday plus with a combo deal discount. Nice, but still expensive.

Overall Review: I'm good for another 5 years. See yea.

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Wow, dvds are the future!12/6/2012 6:55:22 AM

Pros: - your basic, easytoinstall but zippy dvd drive. - cheap but completely adequate for the job. - very hungry drive, will snap open and close with gusto. - I can install windows, yay!

Cons: Won't install itself.

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12/6/2012 6:48:52 AM

Pros: Feels like quality and looks great from exterior to the box. I was suffering from power loss while starting games. Narrowed it down to either failing GPU or failing power supply. My previous 1000 watt has served for four years in an sli... Installed new power supply and now back to gaming. Replacing the psu was straight forward. Up and running and games are now stable. The braided cables are neat, and the extra cables allow you to scale the amount of things hooked up. Lot of nice extras! Zip ties, extra Cables, thoughtful bag, shiny corsair sticker.

Cons: The braided cables are a bit stiff? Being nit picky.

Overall Review: Got for 150 after rebate, thanks new egg.

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Terrific case fans on the corsair h6012/6/2012 6:29:18 AM

Pros: - great overall look and design. Feels like quality from fan frame, blades and wrapped cord. Rubber feet help with minimizing vibration. - fan does seems to put out strong focused channel of air. - no silly led lights. - I replaced my stock h60 fan with two of these, for a push pull setup. Plugged into the motherboard CPU fan controllers, it lowered my temps a further 3 Celsius over these rubbish fans. But furthermore it was very quiet!

Cons: Fan screws and rubber grommet screws.... I wish these kits would come with standard long screws.

Overall Review: Really glad I spent a little more on for these fans. A couple extra dollars goes a long way, especially for CPU cooling.

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Nice Gaming Headset4/18/2012 3:53:47 PM

Pros: Design - Overall appearance wise it is pretty nice. It is large, and a bit on the heavy side. Construction seems very sturdy and I memory foam is soft and the earcups large. The chrome looking parts are a nice touch and some nice touches with the cushioning and padding. The adjustment arms have little notches that take the guess work out of fitting them comfortably on both sides. Sound - Very nice. After downloading the drivers and software from the corsair website, I was able to tweak it to 7.1 surround sound, move the virtual speakers around and tested the mic in windows voice recorder. It does seem to have some fair noise cancellation but still audible to others in the room. I listened to the ALIENS soundtrack and I was immediately picking up subtle instruments that I had missed before. Mic - Works great! Very easy to tweak. Was able to filter out alot of background noise, but I could hear my chair squeaking and breathing. So it isn't perfect, but good.

Cons: Design - Here I do find some faults with it. While all the important parts: great sound and great mic... there are a few problems. Reading reviews people were saying that it didn't fit big heads... I thought I had a big head. But putting these on, I have to adjust it to its tightest fit. It barely fits snug, so I guess I have a smallish head? =\ If I loosen it a bit, it is falling off... whenever I lean forward. Also, this headset in nearly vice like in it squeezing your head. Particularly just below the ear and along the jaw line. It is also hefty in weight. This also combines with my ears getting hot after wearing for 30 minutes or so. Also, not a fan of the hanging volume control / mute. It basically hangs down from the headset if you are sitting upright. I just toss it over my shoulder so the bright blue light and weight doesn't bother me... So in this regard, the design is a bit hit and miss. I think there is room for improvement from Corsair in the comfort department.

Overall Review: Overall the headset is a very good value. I got this for $5.00, $20.00 rebate, and a $20.00 gift card... $55.00. Not bad! NOT BAD! While there are a few faults, there are none IMO where it counts. This is a great sounding, great recording, and stylish headset. If you can deal with some minor quirks of the design, then you will be happy with these.

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Nice monitor if you can beat the odds.12/30/2011 3:08:26 PM

Pros: + 1920 x 1080 display offers a wide angle view of the desktop + Menu is easy to navigate once you figure out the buttons + Graphics card easily found monitor and adjusted resolution automatically. + Plug and Play, ready to go.

Cons: - Dead Pixels!!!! Beware! Plagues this series of monitor. I have RMA 2 of these monitors, all suffered from dead pixels. My third RMA ASUS monitor arrived? Dead pixel yet again, but this one is far far right and not nearly as noticeable... So I have decided to just live with it. That is 0 for 3 on no dead pixels, that is pathetic. Where was the quality control on this monitor, wow? Luckily NEWEGG had my back. - On white backgrounds, I notice my monitor as a strange "wave" discoloration in the bottom right quadrant. Most noticeable on white and from a side view - Matte finish is not that great. I underestimated how much I liked my old monitor that was gloss. Seeing matte looks sort of muddied or that dust is covering the display surface. Hmm. - Don't care for the speakers, most gamers have either 5.1 or a headset. Rather save the money elsewhere.

Overall Review: I can't say for sure about ghosting in gaming. I fired up space marine at 1920x1080. Can't say I noticed much of a difference. Models looked a bit crisper I suppose, though I wonder if my card / CPU is struggling a bit more to render the higher res graphics. Overall I am merely satisfied with this monitor. If I had known I would face the dead pixel issue and RMA hassal I do not think I would have selected this monitor. I plan on continuing to use it and hope some of these issues fade or become less annoying.

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Quick little drive!12/25/2010 11:58:24 PM

Pros: +Very suitable as a fast boot drive for windows 7. Use a typical 7200 HD like western digital 1tb for storage. +The read/write times are very good for the price! +Comes with a bracket to mount into a desktop. +Price at the time was hard to pass up. $30.00 off, $20.00 MIR... total of $99.99! =X

Cons: -There is suspicion that these drive may die early or have DOA rate. Which does have me worried. -Not alot of room after win7 install and hardware updates. Maybe 30 gigs of space to play with for gaming. -DHL seemed to have a problem with USPS. My initial shipment was delayed about six days after the latest time I was to receive it. Luckily it was in the mail on Christmas eve. Newegg was glad to help and compensate me for possible loss of rebate.

Overall Review: I hope this drive last me for a few years. I have just install win7 and programs like firefox and graphics card /Soundcard / Mother board drivers on the drive... Second drive will have my my movies, music, games. I am tempted to get one of these for my inspiron notebook. =]

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