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It's pretty quiet, but even better it's dark1/9/2018 11:22:31 AM

Pros: Big enough to fit all my stuff Reasonably quiet No blinky lights

Cons: Poor deburring on the power supply support

Overall Review: It is kind of hard to find a full size case that doesn't have glass doors, blinky lights, or weird gamer styling that isn't also a cheap piece of junk. This turned out to be a pretty nice case for the price. It is pretty quiet, but I can't really compare. It makes more fan noise than my 2010 Mac Pro, but not a lot more. I have an unusual requirement I suppose - my office and bedroom are one large room and I don't want a ton of bright lights coming off my computer. With solid side panels, I don't have to see the few LEDs that I couldn't disable on the motherboard and the only source of light is the power button on top of the case. It is recessed, so it is easy just to put something on top of it to block the light. The design is very nice, with plenty of rubber-protected ports through the motherboard plate. My motherboard lined right up and mounted easily. I did cut myself pretty badly on the sheet metal that acts as a top plate for the power supply. That surprised me because most of the case is smoothly deburred and painted. Watch out for that. Once the power supply is in, there is not much risk. It would be really nice if it had eight 3.5 inch drive slots instead of seven. It has way more 5.25 inch drive bays than most people will probably ever need. Easy enough to put a 3.5 inch mounting bracket in one of those, but it would be nice to have one more built-in slot. Getting the top off the case (which is probably only necessary to mount a radiator) requires first removing the front and then finding some small plastic tabs, some of which you can't see and can barely reach. That was a bit frustrating, but once you've found them all it pops right off. My cooler came with four fans, but the top only accommodates the radiator and two fans. That hasn't been a problem - everything is running nice and cool. The case came a full set of drive rails, mounting screws, and cable ties.

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It's pretty nice for a power supply1/9/2018 10:55:51 AM

Pros: Quiet Modular design is nice and neat Comes with every accessory most people will ever need

Cons: Too much excess packaging - more stuff to go to the landfill

Overall Review: I've been building computers since the 1980s, but I haven't built one in about 15 years. Power supplies are sure a lot nicer than they used to be. I can't claim that I've ever had much trouble with a power supply, but my memories are of poorly deburred cheap metal boxes with giant pigtails and neverending splitters and adapters making a rat's nest in the case. Compared to that, this modular supply is a dream.

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One of the easiest parts of my Threadripper build1/9/2018 10:46:29 AM

Pros: Tested to perform at the stated speed with x399 boards No ridiculous LEDs or other nonsense Minimal packaging

Cons: A bit pricey, but you don't build a Threadripper machine if price is a major factor

Overall Review: I'm not really an overclocker. I just want to get my work done and not play with hardware settings forever. My first choice of RAM required a lot of tinkering in the BIOS and was never quite stable at 2933. The G.Skill sticks required only one BIOS setting - changing the multiple to produce a speed of 2933 and accepting the auto timings and voltage. It has been rock solid running heavy loads under Linux.

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