Great card, has hidden potential.10/27/2020 6:22:57 PM

Pros: - Looks really cool, especially if you have a vertical graphics card mount. - Runs quietly even under load it doesn't too loud until you push your fan curve past 60% - Slaughters 1080p and does very good in 1440p - One of the fastest 5700xts you can buy, comes with aggressive clocks out of the box which is awesome but... Read the cons... - Trixx Boost resolution scaling adds tremendous value. This card beats out the 2070 super in some situations, but overall the 2070 is still king of 1440p gaming, Trixx Boost evens the playing field. This card is worth it over the 2070 IMO because it's so much more affordable. - It's Sapphire. I've owned 3 Sapphire cards in the past 7 years and they've always been solid buys for Radeon. Can't see myself buying from any other manufacturer of Radeon cards anytime soon.

Cons: - Potential is hidden away if you're not an over-clocker, or if you don't use the Trixx software. - Big boy card, you'll need plenty of room in your case. - Uses more power than it's competitor. - Sometimes stutters in games. Possible due to power throttling? Haven't really figured this one out yet, I give it all the juice it asks for. At least the stutters don't happen often.

Overall Review: I recommend this card if you're somewhat familiar with the Adrenalin software.. You don't need to be a true overclocker I guess but in my benchmarks I was not achieving the boost clock under default settings. I scored like 9356 in FurMark with 156 frames at max at 8MSAA under default settings and never going above 1850mhz on the clock. I increased the power limit to +50, upped the fan curve and I was getting the boost clock of 2000mhz+. It increased my benchmark score to 9736ish and my frames went up to 166 at 8MSAA. I know some people that overclocked this thing but tbh I don't see the need too, but I guess you can try. I found the best thing to do is to just up the power limit and fan curve so it stays cool just so you can achieve that boost clock. I was having issues with the voltage, but I stopped trying after I got a direct performance increase just by increasing the power limit which is enough for me. Specs -- Windows 10 Pro Ryzen 7 2700x 1TB Addlink m2 SSD 16GB Dominator DDR4 3200 ASUS Rog Strix x470-F Seasonic Focus PX-850w 80+ Plat PSU Thermaltake View 71 Case

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Best case I ever owned.7/10/2018 11:07:06 AM

Pros: - Ergonomics, ergonomics.... This case has TONS OF THAT. I no longer loath opening up a computer case to add or remove components. I built a new rig with this from scratch, and the amount of time it took me because of the accessibility of this case was greatly reduced which I loved. Usually it would take me an entire day (12hrs+) to assemble a new PC, install windows, get drivers going and my software but with this case I was able to get it up in running in less half the time. - The tempered glass is solid, and easily to remove and assemble. I took off all 4 pieces (Front, both sides, top) during the building processes every part of the case was easily accessible and my components were easy to assemble inside it. - Huge case, loads of room. You got like an inch on the backside so you have tons of room for cable management. Tons of room for case fans, and plenty to set up a water cooling system as well. I'm using the two 140mm included fans and I installed 6 more 120mm fans, 2 at the bottom, 3 at the time, and 1 more on the front. - Looks beautiful if you put RGB and LED lights... I'm using 6 blue LED Riing series fans from Thermaltake, plus an Asus ROG Strix X470-F with RGB, the case fans included are blue LEDs combine that with AMD Ryzen 7 2700x stock Wraith cooler which has beautiful RGB lighting. Everyday looks like Christmas inside my case. - Has a cool Vertical GPU expansion component (Removable), so if your card has RGB or LEDs you can add more lighting and aesthetics to your case. - Very competitive with price, I would say 150-170 for this case is a steal. I have spent way more and gotten way less. - Makes everyone envious of you.

Cons: - Extremely heavy with all glass doors attached. Pretty light with them removed. You def want to remove the glass when transporting. - Does not include the Riser cable which you need if you plan on using the Vertical GPU adapter.

Overall Review: If you want a case with tons of room and ergonomics are a 10/10 go with this case. The bonus is that if you want lots of RGB and LEDs you can show that off easily as well.

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Excellent processor7/8/2018 5:15:06 PM

Pros: I haven't bought an AMD chip since the Phenom II X4 965 Black way back when... And the reason for that is because the FX successor chips were NOT very good... Really the only good thing about the FX chip was the cheap price... Anyway I digress... I was really skeptical about buying this chip because of the FX series, but AMD really did a fantastic job with the Ryzen processor and it definitely exceeded my expectations, I bought this for a gaming rig and I choose this processor over the i7-8700k for quite a few reasons... - The price. It's about 50 dollars cheaper. - It has 8-cores, and 16 threads. Can you find another processor that has that? - Stock cooler is amazing. It looks beautiful and complimented my Thermaltake View 71 perfectly and it was extremely easy to install on AM4 mobo. I literally placed the CPU in, locked it in place and my board already had the bracket installed I simply snapped it on with the hooks on the cooler and it went on very secure. Oh and not to mention AMD applied liberal thermal paste to the cooler. The i7-8700k doesn't have a cooler, you have to buy. By the time you buy the processor and a good cooler your already at 400+ or maybe 500 dollars if you plan on doing extreme over clocking. - Temps are pretty low at base clocks... Idle around 35-40, when gaming it maxed out at 51c, I even stressed the game with Kingdom Come which is extremely CPU heavy because of Cry Engine , I was getting 60fps at Vhigh Settings with High Def graphics mod enabled @ 1920x1080 with Sapphire Nitro+ RX580. The only thing bottlenecking me with this game is that I don't have a Solid State... (Yet) - I messed around with my asus auto tuning settings, and it OCed the chip about 14% and the temps maxed out at around 70c on a stress test which isn't bad, I have not attempted manual OC and probably won't until I have a better cooler. - Loads windows/apps very fast. I would def recommend this chip to anyone. I think AMD has learned their lesson with their FX chips and is definitely looking to repair their reputation... Which for me, they absolutely have. If you have any reservations or still feel cautious about purchasing AMD's new chips because of previous bad experiences with FX line - you can lay those thoughts to rest. AMD is back.

Cons: - I heard over clocking this thing was a pain in the wazoo. - Not as good as the i7-8700k.

Overall Review: If you plan on using the stock cooler like me, buy a see through case! I got my case loaded down with 8 Thermaltake riing 12 series blue fans, the AMD stock cooler, and my Asus ROG Strix x470-F lights up beautifully!! Looks like Christmas in there!

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Annoying Headset2/7/2018 10:33:00 AM

Pros: * Cheap * Comfortable * Sleek Design

Cons: Installing the drivers for this thing was a disaster. The manual you get says the drivers are not compatible with windows 10, however the driver disc has printed on it Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 -- but it has no Win 10 drivers are the disc. I go to the website and try to find the proper drivers - you only have like 4 options to choose from and they are not described very well. So the first set of headset drivers I downloaded were incorrect, and I had tons of installation issues. So I click on the other headset driver which was called "latest drivers for headsets -- Win10, Win8.1, Win 7 " . They appeared to install correctly however at the end I had some sort of error in the background, but then the installation said it completed and was successful and required a reboot. My headset appears to be working properly but the headset utility program is really poorly designed, and looks like it's still in beta development. You only barely any customization options, and the sound isn't as great as people have been saying. I replaced this with a Logitech G430 and that headset had WAY better sound. I have not tested the microphone yet, but I expect that to be problematic as well. Don't expect any support, apparently this company isn't around anymore.

Overall Review: - Don't trust the reviews or the price - I searched "PC gaming headset" and this device was popular among the first couple rows with lots of positive reviews and low prices, and that caused me to buy. - I intend to keep this headset for the time being, but I will buy a new one. Just didn't want to drop a bunch of money on a headset right now and this thing was like 80% off , thought it was a good deal.

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Worked great for a day12/6/2011 11:18:53 AM

Pros: Worked for at least 1 night. Installed great without bending the motherboard, great design, good cooling design too so it ran cool during gameplay. Bios Switch unlocks 6970 shaders. Quite. 6-pint power connectors at the top of card so it doesn't extend length - It's about 10.3 inches long. Ran Battlefield 3 on ultra settings at 1920x1080 resolution Ran Skyrim at max settings at 1920x1080 resolution Came with Deus Ex and Dirt3 codes.

Cons: Arrived late in the day, around 8 o'clock with 2 day air shipping. Which is a problem for me because I work nights. Card was dead, morning after I received it. First the video driver crashes, windows recovers - and then artifact tears appear all over the screen suddenly went to blue screen. Restarted PC, artifacts again and crash to blue screen. Rebooted in safe, disabled the card, uninstalled drivers, sweeped the video driver registry and reinstalled the drivers. Artifacts, tearing, and crashing. Turned off PC, let it cool down - removed the card checked my PCIx16 slot for dirt or blockage, reseated the card, rebooted - same thing. Had to RMA this thing and unfortunately Newegg is out of stock with this card. So now I can either get a refund, or another card of equal value. Bummer, I just want this card replaced.

Overall Review: Good card while it lasted, I was just unlucky and got a defective card - The Sapphire 6050 and 70 series are hard to find and it's likely the card won't be stocked after my RMA gets approved so I'll just get a refund.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great Thermal Paste for good price8/27/2011 1:45:42 PM

Pros: *Does what it's suppose to, help heat transfer. Reduced my GPU temperature significantly compared to the stock grease. *Cheap * Used New Egg Saver which estimates ship time around 4-7 days after processing (No rush process either.), I purchased on Weds and got my product by Friday. It came ahead of schedule which rocks! * With this grease my Video Cards no longer crash my system due to heat. Every single game I ran crashed my system, and a red light turned on the Video Cards which signals over heating. No more over heating. *Thermaltake products have never let me down. I will always support Thermaltake.

Cons: *None.

Overall Review: Thermal Grease is Thermal Grease if you ask me. My video cards have been overheating a lot lately I have HIS Radeon HD 5770 cards in Crossfire, and the grease on them was all oozing out the sides of the cooling block and hardly any was actually on the core itself. Cleaned the cores with 91% rubbing alcohol, let them dry under a desk lamp with a 40w bulb, applied a small amount to the cores and rubbed it in evenly with a latex glove. Idle temperatures were normally running at 50c+ at 100% fan speed, now they're running at around 38-42c with 100% fan speeds at idle. Under a heavy load before the card was breaking 75c easily, now it's between 63-68c under a heavy load. Made a huge difference this Thermal Grease did, should hold me over until I save money to replace these cards. I've tried Arctic Silver 5 before in the past and the results were pretty much the same, but it cost me twice as much.

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Fantastic Powersupply.8/26/2011 5:53:22 AM

Pros: First of all the packaging. Comes in a very nice box. Good package design, the PSU was sitting securely in a soft yet sturdy styrofoam case. Contains 3 pouches, 1 with the power supply itself, another with cable ties, cable clamps, screws, powersupply gasket, and a Thermaltake badge. The other pouch contains your modular cables. All thanks to the modular design only 3 actual cables are in the PSU. The 24 pin motherboard connector, two 4 pin processor connectors, and an 8 pin processor connector, so you only use the cables you need. The cable clamps and unique Velcro Thermaltake cable ties help nicely with cable management. Is surprising quiet. I expected much louder. (Be sure to install the absorbent gaskets to decrease vibration noise. Simply line them up with the screw holes on the back.) Huge fan, cools great. Red LED light with Thermaltake engraving on the back. Nice Eye Candy. Finally, energy efficient and reliable.

Cons: My PSU pouch that it came in was already ripped. The manual sucks. For people new at installing powersupplies they may have a hard time installing this one due to vague instructions. I was hoping to get it by Friday but instead I got it on Monday. I ordered on Weds with a 3 day guarantee, normally when I order on Weds I get by Friday if I rush processing.

Overall Review: Fantastic Powersupply. Thermaltake has never let me down, never. Normally this Powersupply runs at 300+ dollars but I got it 40 dollars off which convinced me to buy it, since I had plans to buy the Thermaltake Grand 1050w, but this was just 10 dollars more. 10 dollars for more power, sure why not?

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It works.3/6/2010 1:20:12 PM

Pros: It works fine, it's fast enough and holds enough. Nothing special.

Cons: Doesn't install itself and for some reason it had problems formatting, and partitioning. Not sure why I guess it's Windows 7 64 bit. But I eventually got it to work.

Overall Review: I'm using 2 of these in the same Computer, the first one I had had no problems at all but this one did. Not sure why, but it worked out after about an hour of persistence.

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