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RGB should last more than 2 years...5/14/2019 11:05:08 AM

Pros: Nice key action, cool lighting effects. Sturdy.

Cons: I'm on my second keyboard in 3 years. First one was warrantied by Logitech for some of the LED's would not display all of the colors; ending up with a key here, or there that would be a different color than the rest. Less than two years later, I have 3 keys that have done the same thing. Logitech Support would not help, other than to offer me a 30% coupon for purchases from their store. This keyboard is currently $180 on their site, $100, here...

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POC; since I can't use the original acronym I wanted...3/23/2015 6:21:02 AM

Pros: It fits the cigarette lighter socket.

Cons: Took one of these on a road trip to power my Galaxy S4. Started with a fully charged battery, and before I even left my state, the battery level was half... I thought a charger was supposed to charge, not deplete a battery...

Overall Review: Got a couple from NewggFlash... Just cancelled my email blast subscription because of these...

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Scott, Thank you so much for choosing ORICO. So sorry to the issue that had happen to you, and thanks for your kindly advices. My email address is, please feel free to contact me, i will try my best to help you. It will be highly appreciated if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. We are looking forward to hearing from you and purchase from ORICO again! Best Regards Maite
Very nice; for the price...2/3/2012 7:12:03 AM

Pros: Decent price, LED backlighting, excellent image quality.

Cons: Not height adjustable, max 1080P resolution, no USB

Overall Review: I replaced a slightly smaller LCD display with this one. The old unit would reach a higher resolution, but was smaller, and not LED...

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