Works nice for me9/9/2021 2:06:03 PM

Pros: 2 x 4 TB Western Digital Red NAS Pro drives @ RAID1. Just need to recognize the drive as GPT as apposed to MBR pratition system and it flys. Next step is to get a home cloud going!

Cons: Not much documentation on the BIOS is the only con, but you really just need to play with it and read what it says to figure it out. I'd say easy.

Overall Review: YES I recommend this, if you want a small private RAID system, or extra SATA ports, but I'd say you can go cheaper for Just a Bunch Of Disks option.

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Not suggested for RAID by me8/22/2021 12:37:41 PM

Pros: SATA and non-power eSATA work well

Cons: 2 4 TB WD red enterprise drives, could not configure for NTFS only FAT32 so drive size was minimized to something like 2.3 TB. Ordered a better one for my applications. Kept it only for backup reasons in the future.

Overall Review: No Good for RAID. Good for SATA expansion.

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Nice Mainboard5/29/2021 11:48:19 AM

Pros: Very well built for easy install.

Cons: Just my clumsiness I guess but, Just remember if you want to use the onboard video you need a G series AM4. I intended to use the onboard video but purchased an AMD RYZEN 5 2600, which costs less than the G series which you can use as a video processor. My old PCIE 16x works fine though so no problem. Farley

Overall Review: Great Mainboard!

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Nice power supply.5/29/2021 11:38:32 AM

Overall Review: Quiet, love the modular option.

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Fast and great sound for around the house PC. Great for all applications except for possibly games, which I don't do.6/10/2020 12:49:18 PM

Pros: I Like the numberpad and the keyboard lighting. Never hangs, very nice machine. Light, fast I put Win 10 pro upgrade on it and it works great on my network.

Cons: Keyboard front to back thickness is a little smaller than I was used to.

Overall Review: Great. Would recommend!

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Must be a lemon6/4/2020 12:07:51 PM

Cons: Intermittently kicked out while using

Overall Review: WIll be returning

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Fast quiet and easy install.10/4/2016 3:08:24 PM

Pros: See Title

Cons: Had to use vga connection and the cd is the only con. Then it updated and was good. To be expected for video I suppose.

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Aspire E 146/28/2015 12:17:56 PM

Pros: Light Weight. Comfortable keypad. Inexpensive. HDMI output works great on projection system.

Cons: Came with 2 GB ram. Must upgrade to 8 GB immediately.

Overall Review: I bought this thing to hook up to my wireless system and run music to my outside receiver. Works great. You really have to uninstall a bunch of bundled software, but after you get the new RAM in, uninstall the bundles soft and update the OS it is real nice. Not for gaming obviously; I got this thing for $200 + 60 for RAM; you cant expect a gammer out of that. But very impressed with the system for browsing, music, pandora, youtube and HDMI out. For me it is a bang for not too many bucks!

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Nice Card12/17/2010 1:53:09 PM

Pros: Drivers worked perfectly for Win 7 and Ubuntu. Very nice HD output 1080p 120 Hz no problem. I used it in my HTPC.

Cons: Did not come with a 50 HDTV!

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Nice Stuff3/19/2010 8:28:23 AM

Pros: I built my new PC last night. Definately the easiest build ever. With a Coolmaster RC690 case I have never had such an enjoyable build. The Win 7 contained all the needed drivers. VERY nice manual. Had to browse through most of it because thi sis the first boad I've installed since 2004. Lots of new items. Many fan controls and I have never had to use the 12V 4 pin power before.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Can't wait till I feel like upgrading the ram when it gets cheaper to 16GB 2000 mhz!!

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