1 Week shy of a full year4/30/2012 2:14:49 AM

Pros: It lasted roughly one week shy of a full year. Pretty durable cable, and for the cheap price I can't be to upset.

Cons: The cable worked completely fine until about a month ago, now only one speaker plays, while the other is silent. In other words, my red cable works and the white one does not. There is zero wear/tear on the cable itself, and after setting it up the first time, I never touched it/moved it/physically did anything to it. Just wish it would have lasted longer.

Overall Review: Its not a bad cable, especially for the price. But now I have to purchase another one to keep my audio 100% working, and I will be staying away from this specific cable this time in hopes of finding one that will last me longer than this one did.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your review. All Tripp Lite cables come with a Lifetime Warranty. Please contact Tripp Lite’s Tech Support Team at 773-869-1234 and they would be happy to replace your cable if it is covered under warranty. Thank you.
Its okay8/12/2008 3:46:25 PM

Pros: It runs great now. Had to RMA it and wait FOREVER for gigabyte to send it back.

Cons: After about 2 months the thing literally caught fire. Like a two inch flame coming off of it. I sent it in and waited about a month and a half(which is fast compared to other people waiting) for them to send me a new one back. Now the thing runs great.

Overall Review: Look for something better. But if your on a budget this would be a decent board.

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WILL CATCH ON FIRE4/28/2008 2:40:48 PM

Pros: It was working pretty good for about 4-5 months. By pretty good I mean nothing was messing up for the first 3 months. Then it would randomly reboot. I know it is not a overheating problem with my CPU since I have a 120mm HSF over it, and in the BIOS my phenom runs about 30C on idle.

Cons: Hmmm...where to start. Well for starters the motherboard will slow your ram down and you have to manually set the speeds(unless your ram is slower to begin with). It was required that I flash my bios, or the computer would continue to randomly restart. Oh and I forgot to mention it caught on fire.

Overall Review: Well as I said in the "cons", the thing caught on fire. Now it seems this isnt the first time it has happened with this motherboard, and most likely will not be the last. It was running fine for about 4-5 months then when I went to reboot the computer shut down and didnt come back on. I figured something went wrong(was used to getting little errors here and there from this thing) so I reached down to turn it back on and nothing responded. I was able to specifically figure out when my 8-pin connector was plugged in the computer would do nothing, but when unplugged it would boot. Weird right? I wasn't sure if it was my PSU or my motherboard, and hoping it was my PSU I went ahead and ordered a new one. Once I got the new PSU all hooked up and such I turned it on, and what do ya know, the thing catches on fire beside the CPU. I am still yet to know if it harmed anything else(hop not) but as for now I wont be buying anything from gigabyte. A house fire is NOT worth it.

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AWESOME1/16/2008 4:20:26 PM

Pros: This thing is great, and considering the price, its perfect. Playing GH3 on my PC with everything on high with literally 0 lag. This things insane!

Cons: NONE!

Overall Review: For the price and speed....nothing can compare.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
A cable2/9/2007 12:38:33 PM

Pros: Works perfectly, its a cable lol.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Bought this to use on newegg's very cheap 500gb SATA hd. It works.

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Awesome!!!2/9/2007 12:36:38 PM

Pros: THERE IS A JUMPER TO CHANGE IT TO 1.5GB/S! Please keep this in mind when purchasing, it can either be 3.0gb/s or 1.5gb/s. I hope you know(since your buying this huge hd) that you won't be getting the full 500gigs. In all you'll get about 465+/-. If your curious why...GOOGLE IT!

Cons: Took forever to partition since its so big lol...not really a con :P. Does run about 5C hotter than my other SATA, but then again running at 28C isnt that hot :p.

Overall Review: Dont hesitate, grab it before there gone!

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Good for the price1/15/2007 6:47:47 PM

Pros: Help run two fans instead of two.

Cons: The connectors inside are loose and you gotta move the cables around to get them to fit to the PSU molex. Other than that there was no trouble.

Overall Review: Does just what it looks like, hooked it up to two fans and its running smoothly.

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Awesome card8/23/2006 8:36:34 PM

Pros: Easy as hell to install, runs GRAW on maxed out settings/best res very smooth. Awesome card, GET IT!

Cons: Runs a little hot, but had the "non-sli" pop-up everyone cries about once and it went away...no big deal.

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Awesome3/18/2006 8:36:14 PM

Pros: Fits hand very well.

Cons: Button for thumb is one button where you can click on one side or the other. Would be better if it was two seperate buttons but it's not hard to use these buttons.

Overall Review: After going through plenty of mouse's and breaking alot of them...from them sucking and I throw them this one has yet to disappoint me. Sensativity can be set to extremely sensative or not at all, very awesome! I play counter strike and other FPS games and HIGHLY recommend this mouse to anybody who plays these types of game.

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