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very slow2/16/2013 11:30:46 PM

Pros: price. I only got to use up the remaining balance of my gift card.

Cons: It worked but it was dog slow. Navigating from one picture to the next took forever. Forget about viewing videos as it would stutter. You get what you pay for I guess.

Overall Review: The product was not shipped very well and piece of the plastic came right off as I was removing it from the bag.

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4/3/2011 12:07:51 AM

Pros: Plugged them in and set to 1600 on a Asrock 870 AM3 motherboard Lifetime Guarantee Reliable which is what attracted me to the brand.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I heard horror stories with OCZ and

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Solid Burns so far4/3/2011 12:01:40 AM

Pros: -Windows 7 64bit picks up this drive automatically -Light indicator is more visible than my older ide drive. -Lightscribe is about the same as my ide drive. I recommend Surething for printing. -Quiet! I can barely hear it as it's right next to me. -2 months in and it has been reliable.

Cons: None for me, but some may be bothered with the various logo branding in front of the lid.

Overall Review: I had an old samsung ide drive that was working perfectly but wanted a sata I didn't care much about the software included but I will recommend imgburn or burnaware if you need a free burning suit.

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Pros: -Samsung fax and scan software is very simple and just works -Reliable. Had it for a year and it's still going strong -Takes little to no power when in idle -Starter toner lasted me from may-dec -Legal documents to letter size is very convienet. -Quality of Prints are fine. -Make sure to enable toner save in printer settings in your Operating system and in the Printer Hardware settings.

Cons: -Printed Envelopes come out wrinkled. You could release the flap in the back to avoid this, but to do this each time is very time consuming. Unless their's specfic envelopes to avoid this, it is the biggest weak link of this printer. -EVIL SNEAKY FIRMWARE UPDATE that will lock you into buying their TONERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall Review: Updating the firmware will disable third party toners making you buy samsung own expensive versions. A message will appear on your lcd that will say "INCOMPATIBLE TONER CARTRIDGE INSTALLED" Customer service will be to no avail and it will be nearly impossible to revert back to the original firmware. 3.5 stars due to the evelopes annoyance and especially the firmware update. I feel if people knew about the firmware issue they might consider a brother printer as they allow you to use compatible toners.

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best keyboard under $157/30/2010 12:05:48 PM

Pros: +Bold white letters that you can see in low light settings +regular sized enter key and backspace key. A lot of keyboards under $15 seem to have the l shaped enter key with tiny backspace key or small left shift key. +curved space bar. I was looking for a keyboard under $15 that had a curve/fat style of space bar, but not extra large like the dell keyboards. +Good tactile feedback when typing or gaming.

Cons: The little rubber feet on the back look like they might come off over heavy use.

Overall Review: Looked at the competitors rosewill, apex for a keyboard under $15 and this had a better design and more for your buck with the logitech name.

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Envelop issues5/28/2010 4:32:22 PM

Pros: -small footprint -crisp, dark texts, even with toner save on, fine edge off, and darken text off. -scanning software is minimalistic which I prefer. -it takes 25 seconds from a cold start. -Platform Compatibility -blue lit arrow navigation. -No noisy fans going off when in standby. Very silent. -Replacing an ancient Panasonic fax (use once in a while), an acer 320u scanner that is not supported in windows 7, and a blood sucking canon pixma.

Cons: -ENVELOPS! If you have problems with the envelope creasing, open the back and flip the levers down, once your finished you press them back up and close the lid. The envelope will go through but I still get the red warning light telling me to feed it through the manual. I still haven't figured out how to print envelops from the tray. The printer keeps telling me to use the manual instead, despite have the preferences set up to use the tray. Even though it takes seconds to do, it can be bothersome to open and close the back just for envelops. -toner cost must come down. At the moment it would cost me $60 for 1500 version. -LCD screen can be difficult to read for people with bad eyes.

Overall Review: I've owned this printer for about two weeks and I'm down to 81% toner left. I didn’t have toner save on for the first few days, and settings like fine edge and darken text were still selected. Make sure to check toner save not only in printing preferences, but also in the printer menu as well. I’m guessing this is what burn through the toner so quickly. This was a great deal for an all-in-one laser for $99, they usually go for $180 when not on sale. 4.5 out of 5 stars due to the envelops issue.

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defective batch7/6/2009 10:48:05 AM

Pros: the price was appealing as it was cheaper than any other brand.

Cons: I'm down to about three disc as the others either were defective right away or they wore out after about 7 burns. I had to throw away 2 disc this week while trying to watch a movie as it was breaking up in spots, the third appears far. -Also you must do a full erase each time, quick erase will likely get you errors while watching a movie. Perhaps this will decrease the life of the disc. -the good disc degrade quicky -Do not use this for important storage/transfer. Movies, temporary transfer okay.

Overall Review: Perhaps I got a bad batch,but won't trust ridata media again.

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Good Value DVD's4/28/2009 5:36:54 PM

Pros: Cheaper than the competition by $15.00

Cons: A spindle would be more convenient, but if you have one laying around you could use that. full erase each time for movies to get get perfect picture.

Overall Review: Tip: I used to do quick erase to get rid of movies and found that it caused break up, now I go with full erase and the problem went away.

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IT works10/1/2008 6:22:18 PM

Pros: Got it for a canon camcorder and it works as advertise.

Cons: The shipping may be as much as the product, so only get it when free shipping is offered otherwise it would not be a good deal.

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Excellent monitor for a Economic or Midrange build10/1/2008 6:18:19 PM

Pros: Good budget monitor. Vibrant and sharp picture. Comes with DVI and dvi cable. It even works with old video cards like the geforce 2, just makes sure to download the right drivers. MUST USE IN 1400x900 resolution to get the most out of it

Cons: Difficult to remove the monitor from the base. The control to adjust settings are not very intuitive. But you are only going to adjust it once in a while.

Overall Review: I paid $170 with free shipping in april of last year and it was a steal back then. It still the same price as it was a year ago so there could be better offers out there.

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10/1/2008 6:03:34 PM

Pros: The blue lights. The wire is about the same as a microsoft or logitech basic mouse. Plug into xp or vista and it should work right away. It is very reliable.

Cons: This is the dirtiest mouse I have ever owned. There are grips on the side which collect dust in a week. I have to clean it out with a floss/toothpick about every other week. The bottom pads also came off within a year.

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