Features you normally get on cases that a more expensive12/4/2017 11:32:15 AM

Pros: So I saw this case a few weeks ago, a Black Friday deal at newegg.com, for the price of $30 and I immediately bought it, I was really curious to find what does $30 gets you these days for a case with a side window and modern day features. To be honest I am very pleasantly surprised, just a few years ago you had to pay at least $70-80 to get a side window, water cooling options or fans included, not to mention that I spent 10 times more on Corsair 800D back in 2010, yes that case was $300. I am so glad that you don't have to break the bank these days to get a good case, and this is definitely a good case, despite its little disadvantages and some cheaper materials used. Whats great about it, big side acrylic window, 2 fans provided (one is blue LED) PSU and HDD cover (one of those modern day features that everyone likes) , adjustable height on the rear fan, USB 3.0 ports, magnetic mesh filter for the top, SSD mounting points behind the motherboard, a lot of tie points for cable management in the back. Really, when you look at all those listed above, its hard to say that this case is not great, especially for the price of $30! The case seems very compact and at the same time can hose VGA cards up to 380 mm long and CPU Coolers with 161 mm height. Personally for me not having any HDD or CD drive rails inside is great it opens so much space to work with and maximizes the ventilation, which is appreciated considering how small this case is compared to some of my other older cases from other companies. I cant wait to build something in it and will show it to you in a separate video, but for now I definitely recommend this case, especially for the price. Now you need to consider that there are few shortcomings, that some people might consider as a deal breaker, like the limited airflow from the front, only one option for a fan on the top of the case, laughable filter on the bottom for the PSU (but that can be easily fixed with just flipping the PSU with the fan pointing into the case and sucking air from it), thin steal material and probably not the greatest space behind the motherboard tray. Still all in all, I think DIY did a great job bringing a lot of good features for a very reasonable price $30 on promotion and regular one is around $40.

Cons: Its really hard to point out negatives, considering the price, but if we have to really point out to anything maybe the lack of rubber grommets for cable management, the steel frame is a bit flimsy and lite and the front intake for air is not the best with only limited ventilation. The last one will be the flimsy filter on the bottom for the PSU, but not a great deal since you can flip the PSU upside down and still get the same result but not suck dust from the floor.

Overall Review: Great case for the price and very compact too for an ATX.

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EVGA are getting better?10/20/2017 7:44:53 AM

Pros: - I have been buying EVGA cards for way over 15 years now, my very first from them was GeForce2 and never had any problems that I could have not resolve with a quickness and professionalism with them. Currently I still have 6 cards by EVGA in my possession, two 8800GTS 640mbs, one 8800GTS 320mbs (btw all 3 are perfectly working even over 10 years now), two GTX660's ,One GTX970 and now this GTX 1080. To be honest I was not mindblown by the performance increase of the 1080, maybe my expectations were unrealistic and maybe the GTX970 was good enough for most games at 1080p, except when more memory is needed to fit all those details on large textures, we all know the 970 was actually 3.5gb and 4. Again for $550, one would expect a double of the performance of the previous card. Anyway, since I am not planing to upgrade to 4K monitor till the prices go way down and the performance of the IPS gets to 1ms response time plus 144hz, I will be good with this card while playing everything maxed out on 1080p. Now lets talk about the specifics of the hardware, which is much more impressive than the actual practical performance. - The card is extremely cool, with ambient temperature of 22c, the card idles at 32-33c (keep in mind the fans are not kicking in till around 60c), and when playing/benching the temperature never went over 66-68c. Thats impressive, the GTX970 was doing 39c and 74c in same environment (Corsair 800D case) and ambient temperature. - The new ICX cooling is pretty impressive too, I really like all the temperature sensors EVGA placed on the Ram and VRMs, gives me a real time information on everything, kudos for that, oh and not to forget for the extra fuse for safety, everyone should do the same. I know EVGA went extra safe after last year's fiasco, but there is an abundance of thermal pads, plates and radiators all over the board, that is great! Back in 2014 when I got the GTX970, I had to get the backplate separately now its all coming preinstalled and well engineered with proper cutouts to allow accurate ventilation. - The overall construction is extremely solid and sturdy, very compact compared to most manufacturers. - No coil whine, maybe I am lucky, the last card GTX970 had some coil whine, but nothing too loud, this one is dead silent so far. - Super quiet fans, although they are the exact same as the ones on the ACX2.0 GTX970 I had for the last 3 years, its definitely worth mentioning that I was sceptical initially back then, and thought that fans that are pulling the hear away from the board instead of pushing cold air down, would not perform as well, but I was wrong. Not only that, but there is almost zero dust accumulated on the propellers after all that period and we all know how detrimental to PC's performance dust is, not to mention terrible looking. - Single 8 pin connector (more of a personal preference), realistically with all the BIOS limitations even with extra power you probably not going to achieve some big overclock and even then your performance gain will be less than 5%. - Technically the card has a boost of 1847mhz, but without any overclocking mine goes up to 1974mhz and while gaming for hours locks at 1964mhz, with initial boost of 2012mhz while still cold and temperatures are under 60c. For me this is extremely impressive, considering it's not a FTW or a Classified card and it cost less, plus the fact that boost over 100mhz from the spec without any effort. I with with this architecture we still had the ASIC score, I would have loved to know what is my %, because those are some impressive boost numbers, at least to me. - 3 year of warranty is great, back in the day they had a lifetime, but still not bad, plus there is an option to buy an extended one, which I am planning to buy, at least to have it up to 5 years. Slightly disappointed that we have to pay money now for "Advanced RMA" - Overall a great piece of hardware and I am glad to see the progress in the industry for the last 20 years, we came a long way with the graphics! Good job EVGA.

Cons: - I get where the industry is going and the trends with the LEDs, but I am personally not a fan, it's not really necessary and is too much in your face, but it is what it is. - Second is more of an observation really, price, for a GPU that is over an year old, the price should be under $400 and not over $500. - Next one, game bundles are nice, but I would prefer to have those $60 off the card price, especially if the game is not something I would be buying in a first place. - Last one, Rebates. Can we please all agree that the process is more than inconvenient, my first card I bought from EGA was 11 years ago and had the exact same tedious process, that requires you to jump through hoops in order to get $20 back. You have to cut through your box, actually use mail to send it to the manufacturer, get approved, wait for weeks...I mean it's $20, can we use some modern technology and just apply online for all that??? Seriously, we advanced so much in so many areas in that decade , but we have the same terrible rebate process. But maybe that's what companies want, so everyone gets discouraged from getting that rebate back?

Overall Review: I know the above might sound like a rant, but I am sure everyone that is buying technology and has to apply for rebates is annoyed with the process.

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Great phone with amazing build quality!6/15/2017 8:07:04 AM

Pros: Finally I have one of the most attractive phones and high quality phones to be released in the last 7-8 months, the Honor 8! NewEgg.com are currently running a great promotion for the 64GB version of the Honor 8, they are selling it for $319 plus a lot of free gifts alongside, a couple of Huawei made cases, Samsung Level U BT headset and a box with extra charger, cable and a selfie stick. For me at that price, the Honor 8 is one of the best phones that money can buy at the moment. I loved the what Huawei did with the Honor line last year and coming up with the 8, absolutely stunning looks, coupled with great build quality and very good performance. Obviously at launch date, the price was too high, at $450 in my opinion there were better choices, but now at $319, I think its a killer deal. I rarely get impressed by build quality, especially after opening and working with a ton of other phones, but the 15 layer glass and the metal frame on the Honor 8 really made me smile when I opened the box, bravo Huawei! That is all for now, I will make a full review of the phone, right before we get the newly announced Honor 9, which is packing even more power with its new Kirin 960 processor. Below is the direct link to NewEgg and some of the specs. As the only negative, and really is not that big of a deal, I can mention the lack of support for CDMA networks, but if you are on GSM, you are good to go!

Cons: Not really a con, but worth mentioning No CDMA support, I wish they can add that for future models. At 5.2'' the screen is a bit small, but I am sure some people like that, easy to use in one hand.

Overall Review: Buy it, before its gone.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Ivan, It is great to hear that you are pleased with your brand new Honor 8! It is one of the best devices that we have released! By the way did you know that your Honor 8 has an special warranty that covers the screen for the first 3 months of use! Thank you so much for your feedback we will take it in count for future improvements. BG
5 eggs, but realistically is more like 4.53/30/2016 2:09:16 PM

Pros: Well I have to say most of it is positive, really good router, with modern specs and future proof features, lets point out the positives I found for the moment and I will post an updated one with some clear numbers after my full test. I have no complain regarding the wireless coverage and speeds, nothing spectacular, but expected and good enough. Although this router has 4 external antennas, the coverage and speeds are the same as my old router (Netgear n6250) with DD-WRT on it. The web interface is very good and intuitive with simple and advanced options outlined, I know a lot of people complain about not having DLNA server option, but for my specific needs, that is irrelevant. The status LEDs are not very bright and can be turned off with a button. The two USB 3.0 ports are good and deliver an option to plug your internal HDD or SSD with all of your media and share it on your home network, if you dont want to spend a lot of money on a home server or a NAS, it can be a good option. With an external HDD attached even high bit-rate 1080p movies have no problem playing over the home network. Not much else to say at the moment, no drops or reboots are experienced. Updated to the latest firmware right after plunging it for a first time, which is quite old BTW, I wish TP-Link are more quick to release a new version.

Cons: The only think I noticed is the significantly slower speeds over LAN, I primarily use LAN for my in house office and my media room, the speed dropped almost twice from the old router to this new one, even with 20 years of experience behind my back, I still cant figure it out, what would cause that, no cables or other configuration was changed, just the router. I will have to play around a bit more and see if I can find out what is the issue, before I go to the extreme and return the router, really want to give it a chance.

Overall Review: Especially for the price I think is a good router with good features and great hardware.

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Perfect Fit12/9/2015 10:26:40 AM

Pros: Perfect fit for an SSD that I am now using in my HP Media Smart Server. Pretty good quality plastic and very easy installation.

Cons: None

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Just Works12/9/2015 10:21:25 AM

Pros: Used it on two different mini pc's the HP Stream Mini and the MSI Cubi, it works with both with no problem, great price and performance from Crucial as always.

Cons: None what so ever

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Great little machine for HTPC12/9/2015 10:11:57 AM

Pros: This one is probably one of the most exciting devices for me personally this year, right after the nVidia Shield maybe. Let me start form a while back, more than 10 years a go, when I became a fan of MSI products and even today I have multiple graphics cards, motherboards and other components that are working with no problem even years after. Earlier this year after doing some research I went ahead and bought the HP Stream Mini to be my main HTPC system and so far the little desktop has been great and is playing everything with no issues what so ever. At the time the Haswell based Celeron in the HP was offering enough power for media, but not the ideal for lite gaming, with the arrival of Broadwell based CPUs and the next generation Intel HD graphics, the performance bump was around 30-40% which is amazing and is allowing some game play with 3D games with respectable FPS. So the MSI Cubi offered all that new architecture and I naturally jumped on it, my particular version of the Cubi is the 002-Bus which is the one with the 1,9ghz dual core Pentium 3805U based on the Broadwell chip. I purchased the Cubi a few weeks back for the total price of $130 and on top of that MSI were offering a $15 rebate, so the final price will be $115, for me this is an absolutely amazing price, especially compared with the HP Stream Mini that I paid $180 and than had to upgrade the SSD, WiFi and Memory, so in reality I probably ended up spending over $300 total on it. Back to the Cubi, $115 initial price, I added 8Gb of memory for another $30 and 64gb mSata SSD for another $40, so the total will be $185 almost the same I paid for the HP without all the upgrades, again great deal! At the end I installed Windows 7 first just to test it and everything works fine with no issues. Than I installed my Windows 10 and again the little machine is flying, btw the fan noise is almost none existing only when running benchmarks or graphically extensive games you can slightly hear it if you are really close to it of course, the maximum temperatures I have seen were under 60 Celsius, with ambient of 22, which is very impressive. So far the machine is great, stay tuned for the full review and comparison with the HP Stream Mini.

Cons: None so far

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One of the best cards that EVGA and nVidia released11/13/2014 7:30:25 AM

Pros: The biggest plus for me is that I received the card as a Step Up from EVGA and only paid $45 including shipping to them for it, can't beat that! - Amazing performance with very low power consumption. - EVGA sent a free back plate with it, so that its self almost covers the money I paid for the Step Up. - Boost right out of the box is 1254mhz - 5 minutes later and first try the clock is 1400mhz core and 8000mhz memory. When I have a bit more time will see what is the maximum, with the 1400/8000 passes Valley benchmark 5 times on a roll with no issues, temps stay around 73 with room temperature of 22. - Almost no Coil Wine, but I am not worried about it, read below about it. - Very good packaging and outstanding warranty and support by EVGA. - Completely silent till about 50 degrees, before this point the fans are not spinning and after that they are pretty silent in my humble opinion. - I like it so much, I will actually grab another one from NewEgg as soon as they become available.

Cons: Not really big cons, just nit picking by me: - The connectors for power delivery are kind of a pain to reach with the PSU cables, I would have preferred if they were on the end of the PCB and not almost in the middle. - The fans and heat-sink plastic shroud feels a bit flimsy and cheap, but no big deal, just don't put too much pressure on it. - With the StepUp I didn't qualify for the free nVidia game, which is kinda ridiculous, since is a new cared and should be considered a new purchase. - Small amount of Coil Wine, read below about it. - Had to wait almost 2 months to receive the card, but hey beggars cant be choosers, right.

Overall Review: So about the Coil Wine, I see a lot of people really being frustrated with it and I can understand that, but keep in mind that is not EVGA fault, all brands and I mean all brands, have the same issue, read the reviews for Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and the rest, they all do, some more, some less. The thing is, and a lot of people report the same, with time the Coil Wine goes away, 2 to 4 weeks of heavy gaming and benching and it will vanish, all the people that had that issue initially are now reporting that things are great and the Coil Wine is not present. Now if yours is really loud and mixed with other electrical buzzing noise, you can always RMA and hope the next one will be better.

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A great power supply11/12/2014 8:38:35 AM

Pros: - Full modular. - 5 year warranty. - Quiet. - Like the color white for a change, goes great with Fractal Design cases that are Black and White combination. - Plenty of power especially for up to date hardware, which uses less and less power. - Price was good too.

Cons: Not really a lot or big ones, maybe that this series is produced by FSP not one of the other better manufacturers, but is not a big issue.

Overall Review: Buy it, with every part there is always a chance to fail, but that's why they gave you 5 years, and you are covered.

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An amazing monitor7/17/2014 2:17:16 PM

Pros: Just received the monitor today and I think is great! The first big plus - No Dead Pixels!!! Thank you Acer and whoever supplies the panel for that model. - Price - purchased this in Shell Shocker deal for $209 shipped, by far the best price for a 1ms 144hz gaming monitor. I know is not VA/PLS/IPS panel, but really dont care, for the price again this monitor is great, and to get similar response time or Hz from one of the other superior color panels, you will have to pay at least 3 times more. - HDMI, DVI inputs, I wish there was another HDMI, but that is fine. - Good looking design, with a slim frame. - 3D Vision and 3D LightBoost support.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I personally think 24 inch is enough and 1080P will relevant for a long time and this resolution will be dominate at least for the next 2-3 years, so I am good for now.

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A great power supply7/17/2014 7:42:05 AM

Pros: I didn't buy it from NewEgg at the time, but have to say probably the best 750W PSU for the money. EVGA did a great job with that new G2 series, both 750 and 850W models are outstanding. Please check jonnyguru reviews, both of them are with 9.8 and 9.9 score, which is perfect. For the price of $109 now ($80 if you count the rebate) you just cant go wrong, amazing PSU.

Cons: None

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An OK monitor7/15/2014 3:22:15 PM

Pros: Cheap, not a bad size and color reproduction

Cons: Dead pixels right in the middle of the screen, NewEgg wanting 15% restocking fee and $22 to be shipped back. I just ended up giving it to a relative of mine for free.

Overall Review: It would have been a great buy I am sure, but I cant accept that in 2014 we still have to deal with dead pixels.

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Not bad SSD, especially for the price7/2/2014 8:22:25 AM

Pros: Very good price, nice speeds, its a slim drive and Kingston are providing an add on bracket for some of those guys that are planning to add it to a laptop and don't like the extra space that might cause issues. Using it as a main drive on one of my desktops, with Win 7, not bad at all.

Cons: None

Overall Review: $55 at time I purchased the drive, was the best possible deal for a relatively speedy drive, so can't beat that.

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Good card, especially for the money6/30/2014 7:41:52 AM

Pros: - Price, at $330 you can't find a better deal (I am not counting on the rebate, so I am not including it, with it is $309) - Default clock is 1111mhz, added 80+ with no problem and the card boosts around 1267-1270. Added 350+ on the memory with no issues as well, with the clock passes Valley twice with no problems. The temperature with the clock is not passing 69C (case is 800D, so not the best airflow, if you have a better case, expect better results) - Noise stays within the limits, even stressed to the max the fan is not very loud especially with a closed side panels, the ACX is fine, definitely not MSI TwinFrozr lV, but it gets the job done. - Overall good looking design of the card, not too flashy and colorful. - Not planning to play on any resolution above 1080P in the next 2-3 years, so 2GB ram is plenty.

Cons: Not really a big deal, but: It would have been nice if EVGA just mounts the back plate to every card and call it a day, not try to sale it separately. The rebate, can we get it out of the way, and just offer the card with the lower price, or just make the form on line, its not 1999, who needs to send an actual physical mail?

Overall Review: Other than the above, all is good. This is my sixth eVGA card in the last 5-6 years, all of them were fine, nothing spectacular, but fine.

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Probably the best case I ever had6/20/2014 10:13:41 AM

Pros: - Amazing design - Price - All the room you need - Great build quality - Rubber washers in every thumb screw - All panels are on screws and rivets - Space for 240/280/360 radiator on top - Filters everywhere - Power button and front ports are on the chassis and not the panels. - Tinted side window panel - 8 PCI slots - Even all of your case screws are coming in a little box with separate compartments - Both water cooling and air cooling friendly I can go on and on and on...but at the end of the day, if I was Corsair, NZXT, Fractal and all the other guys that are on a market for a while, I will be very scared. Phanteks are killing it, for me this is the case of the year so far!

Cons: None what so ever!

Overall Review: I am almost 40 years old and I am building computers for almost 20 years, I currently have cases from Corsair (800D), Fractal (Define Arc Midi), NZXT (M59 and P530) and I have to say the Enthoo Pro is the best of them all!!! Phanteks are a new company to the case market, but from what I have seen so far, they are right on point what people want and need. Keep up the great work Phanteks, you have me as a sure customer.

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MSI good V25/20/2013 9:57:17 PM

Pros: Ha, looks like MSI listened, I am looking at MSI Z87 GD65 GAMING now and I see M-sata and a much better on board audio, good one MSI, just too bad those were not included on this board...

Cons: none

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MSI good5/4/2013 8:32:04 AM

Pros: MSI TwinFrozr lll, decent price, nice compact size and ability to SLI (the last 2 are not depending on MSI, but still...) mat black PCB, only one 6 pin PCI-e connector, good looking box with the new MSI Gaming series art.

Cons: Well, not a lot but still - Ordered 3 of those cards, and I can only use One Mail in Rebate form for 3 of them, is not making a lot of sense when you get 3 to be able to apply for only one, MSI should reconsider their policy. I am a bit of MSI fanboy (have multiple Motherboards, and VGA's) and they really let me down on this one, defiantly not leaving a good taste in my mouth. The other thing is the lack of any game bundle's, I know is not up to MSI but nVidia, and they really need to snap out of it, AMD is giving free games even with the low end cards, they could have offered Last Light with those cards as well (especially when you buy more than one), instead they are giving useless "in game money".

Overall Review: OK, MSI TwinFrozr lll is actually the best thing about this card, the fact that they were able to get a version for the Boos is amazing, TFlll is in my humble opinion the best none reference cooling solutions. Its very quiet, its very effective (low temps) it spins backwards in the initial power up to remove the dust from the radiator fin's, it uses metal shroud instead of plastic. Through out the generations of this cooler, MSI managed to improve its performance and now is almost perfect, I hope the 4th generation will be perfect. Military class components, is another thing MSI are known for, and to simplify the explanation, I can just say this - No Coil Wine - enough said. And my last thing about this particular card is, MSI created a custom PCB which is a bit longer than the nVidia reference one, and I like this, the reference PCB is tiny and it looks like a low end card and simply goofy, longer PCB just looks better and more expensive in general.

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Nice, but not quite the best4/26/2013 5:19:11 AM

Pros: Semi modular, high build quality, great noise and ripple suppression, good coating and high quality breading on the cables, not a bad price for Seasonic.

Cons: Beware, if you are extremely picky on the noise side, look for another model, the PSU fan is the noisiest part in my case, even at low loads constant noise is present from the fan. No flat cables. No full modular.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a silent PSU try some of the newer models from Seasonic or some other brands (which are actually made by Seasonic) that have the hybrid function, where the fan is not spinning till the PSU reaches above 20 to 50% (depending on the model). Also I would recommend a fully modular model for most of the builds, its just cuts down tremendously on the cable clutter.

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Nice, but not quite the best3/4/2013 12:41:32 AM

Pros: OK, Intel does it well in the last couple of generations, but as we all know this one a little step down from the last Sandy B i7's (we all know the issues with bad TIM under the cap, higher temps and less OC abilities) the good thing is the better HD4000 and at least on paper better 22nm process used. My only reason to buy it actually was the fact that is a lot cheaper than 2700k ( a $100 less to be exact at MC, sorry NewEgg, Greed is my least favorite sin) if could get the 2700k for the same $229 price, I would have.

Cons: Higher price here, higher temps than previous generation.

Overall Review: I really hope that AMD gets their head in the game again, so we can see some real competition finally and Inter start developing some exciting stuff again, because now they are just fishing with dynamite.

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Good...but!1/9/2013 5:08:01 AM

Pros: Its Intel, fast, cheep (at the time Black Friday deal for $99) more space for the price

Cons: Random freezing problem, this same problem has been reported by a lot of people even on the intels sites, but unfortunately they are still not acknowledged the issue. Just search in your preferred browser and search engine - intel 330 random freezing, and you will see tons of reported issues. The system I am using it is x58 (and yes, I know is not supporting SATA 3, but this is not really related) on a DFI LP UT X58-T3eH8 Also the SSD is with the latest firmware 300i and the newest intel matrix driver is installed.

Overall Review: Intel, please release a new firmware that will address that freezing problem for so many people, I know that the actual controller is SandForce, but I am sure you have power over what they release.

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Great Physx card12/5/2012 8:53:58 AM

Pros: No fan, no extra power needed! Great for me since I am using it only for a separate Physx card, and being fan-less and no extra power connection is required for it, was the best choice out there.

Cons: Would have been nice if it was around $50, but that's OK.

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Great Memory10/15/2012 5:12:14 AM

Pros: Cheep, reliable, good looking. Works great on my 1366 system DFI LP UT X58-T3eH8 and I7920, overclocked to its original 1600mhz

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have may different kits from G.Skill and so far never had any issues with them, and I will continue to buy from them going forward.

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Works as alweys5/11/2012 3:26:25 AM

Pros: Cheep, works, never had a problem with GSkill.

Cons: None

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I'ts a Nexus5/9/2012 9:18:30 PM

Pros: I'ts a Nexus, great phone for the price now, not at the release day.

Cons: Obviously NeeEgg needs to wake up, Google is selling it for $399 directly from the Pay store, if you want anyone to buy this imported, open box phone from Japan or whatever, you need to reduce the price to $299 at least.

Overall Review: none

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Verified Owner
Ownership: less than 1 day
Good price2/21/2012 7:19:29 AM

Pros: The cheapest price for those is here, honestly speaking even $35 is a lot for what it is, I personally don't plan to play online, I only use the console as media center, why would I have to pay to use Netflix and the rest of the online services? I just don't get the MS logic here, but anyway, much better than paying $60

Cons: costs money, totally not NE fault though, just the greedy MS.

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