Best case you can get for under $90, period8/3/2017 7:22:13 PM

Pros: TG? check Power supply shroud? check RGB LED? check Rubber grommet? Check Tons of room for fans, radiator, and air flow? Check Pretty good fan filter? Check Variety of colors combination to choose from? Check I mean... what more can you ask for at this price range? The included fans isn't pwm, but it's still fairly quiet.. Side panel is nice and clear, and with included RGB strip, I can show off my rig with no extra cost. If you take out the cost of that aswell, all in all, this case is like $60 - $65, which you CANNOT beat at the price point. Room for 2 ssd on the back, and 2 HDD is way more than enough for an average user. If you're creating a rig where you'd have like 10 hard drives, you shouldnt even be looking at a case at this price point. This was my first rig with TG and cable management, and I'd say I did a pretty good job with the cable management, despite being my first time. The included velcro straps on the back, and extra zip tides really helped. All in all, cant really ask for much better. If you're trying to choose between NZXT S340 (not Elite) and this one, I think it's pretty obvious. For $5 more, you get TG, RGB Light, Great cable management assistance in the back (velcro straps). even a reset button, which isnt on the S340 sadly lol. This case is easily comparable to the S340 elite for much cheaper price. Buy it.

Cons: Honestly, there's only ONE thing.. just ONE.. that I didnt like and I wish they can improve on.. The PSU shroud doesn't have a cutout for PCIE cable to run through.. I have to run in through the smaller hole where I put my power switch, reset switch, etc, cables through.. Which was a bit of pain. Other than that, it's great.

Overall Review: All in all, if this is the highest your budget allows, grab it. There's not much better, if any, at this price range. Of course, it isn't the best case out there, the more expensive ones will be better, but for this price and lower, I can look you in the eyes and say... this one is one of the best. Also.. ordered it yesterday morning.. came next day morning when I woke up.. crazy fast, and it was free shipping too..

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