Excellent upgrade from my Intel 2600K in 20198/23/2019 1:27:39 AM

Pros: Excels at modern gaming titles, it only falls slightly short if you have something like a Nvidia 2080 Ti GPU. 12 threads are more than enough for most workloads. Excellent IPC means it has more processing power per Hz than most if not all Intel chips currently available. Excellent power consumption for the performance.

Cons: Although really negligible, boost clocks falls slightly short of what I expected. PBO doesn't really overclock or increase performance. In a sense, the biggest con could be that this CPU's specifications are right on the limits, and, even though unlocked there is nothing to be gained by overclocking (except instability and more power consumption).

Overall Review: For many years my overclocked Intel 2600K kept up with modern gaming and light workloads, and at first I was hesitant to upgrade to the Ryzen 3600, however I am more than pleased and blown away by the performance increase, which is much more than I expected. My Cinebench R20 scores on the 2600K were 1768 / 356 @ 4.8 Ghz (!) and on the Ryzen 3600 (stock) it is 3627 / 483. I would 10/10 buy this again, purely because it is the best bang for buck processor on the market right now and you can't go wrong with it, no matter what you intend to use it for.

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