EVGA GTX 970 FTW12/14/2014 5:28:06 PM

Pros: I have nothing but great things to say about this card. First off, it's a very fast card with a good amount of memory to handle anything I can throw at it. Streaming video even at HD settings is no problem at all. I can enjoy my games at the highest settings and this card won't even break a sweat. It's more power effecient than my old 550 Ti cards. The cooler and case have a simplistic design and I like the blue accents on it. It's very stylish. The overall design isn't very flashy like most other cards that have over the top cover designs and LEDs.

Cons: None at all.

Overall Review: A lot of people complain that this and other cards in the 900 series experience coil whine. I experienced some when I first installed my card, but not a lot. What causes coil whine in the card from what I've learned is the frame rate. The card is rendering excess frames, causing the card to overwork itself and allows the power coils to cause the coil whine we all find disturbing. I went into the EVGA Precision X software on my card and adjusted the target frame rate to match the frame rate on my monitor. That managed to completely silence my card and I have yet to experience coil whine again. If you are experiencing coil whine with this card, try adjusting the frame rate target of your card to match your monitor's and see if that helps.

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Corsair HX8506/3/2013 3:29:31 PM

Pros: Provides enough power for my rig with still enough head room to spare. It has enough cables wired into it to run a basic build or you can expand it to fit your needs. It's quite versatile. It also doesn't have the harsh clicking sound that the AX860i has during power on and off.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: If you don't mind the colored wires that the HX850 has and it provides what you need for your system, this is a nice PSU to get. I find it very silent and it provides all the power I need for my system. I do recommend this unit because it provides great overall performance at an affordable price.

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Bitfenix Shinobi XL6/3/2013 3:22:33 PM

Pros: I like the rubberized feel of the case. It's a nice basic look, but with a subtle modern design and feel to it. It has plenty of hard drive trays to mount your drives and I like that it comes with a 3.5" bay adapter so you can mount a card reader into it. It has a lot of room inside and the case is not too big, which is something I like. It also has enough space to mount plenty of radiators, so a water cooling setup is not a problem with this case. I love the fact that it has plenty of head room to mount a radiator unlike the Cooler Master Cosmos 2.

Cons: Ok... the cons. With every good case, there does come flaws. The drive trays when they're not populated tend to slip out of their slots, so I had to use the included screws to hold them in place. The rubber grommets also tend to slip out of position when feeding wires through them. Really, these are just minor flaws.

Overall Review: Despite the minor flaws that this case has, it's really a great case if you're looking for something basic and has a modern look to it. It's not too big for your rig and it has just the right amount of space so you can easily install your components. Given the ease it was to put together my build, I can honestly recommend this case for anyone's custom system.

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Corsair Dominator Platinum6/3/2013 3:13:24 PM

Pros: Looks great in my build, nice ambient white glow, performs great with my motherboard. I really like what I got. They're also color neutral, so they would fit in with any system.

Cons: None at all.

Overall Review: Sexy is one word that I would use to describe these. If you like performance and style with your system, pick these up. You won't be disappointed with your purchase. They were a great upgrade to my system and enhanced the speed as well as the performance of it as well. I recommend them.

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6/3/2013 3:08:28 PM

Pros: I used this to adapt my Corsair H100i to plug into a standard USB port instead of the header on my motherboard. It also doesn't block my DIMM slots, so I'm happy about that.

Cons: None at all

Overall Review: It's just a simple USB cable that has many applications. It works and does its job, so I'm satisfied with it.

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Corsair H100i Cooler6/3/2013 3:06:14 PM

Pros: It's a very good improvement over the original H100. When I installed it and compared it to the original H100, I found it kept my CPU up to 10 degrees cooler. I consider that a very good upgrade. It features a SATA power connector instead of a molex connector. I really like that because it saves the hassle of having a molex power cable installed just for a CPU cooler. I also like the larger rubber hoses that it has for more efficient cooling and mounting.

Cons: I had to take an egg off because my first H100i cooler was defective. The screw holes stripped out on me and I couldn't get it completely installed after taking out my original H100. I RMA'd the first unit and got a second one in about a week later. The second one installed with no problems and it ran for about a month or so UNTIL the LEDs on the top of the pump block began to fail. I can't have the white Corsair logo like I want. I have to settle for red, blue or purple, so I switched to red for the time being. I'll RMA it when the red LED fails.

Overall Review: I contacted Corsair about the problem and they are aware of the LEDs failing on the H100i units. I was told by the representative that they went with a different LED supplier and I hope that fixes the issue. The LED failure issue is small compared to the overall performance. It doesn't affect how your unit works. If you're not worried about the LEDs failing on your cooler, then this will work just fine for you. I do recommend it despite the flaw the H100i has.

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Great card8/30/2012 5:50:42 PM

Pros: Great performance, looks nice, supports quad SLI. What can you not like about this card?

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I bought this card to replace the reference GTX 550 Ti card I originally bought just a few months ago. I realized after buying a second GTX 550 Ti and putting them both in SLI really didn't work well for me. I wanted better performance, so I eventually settled on this card. When I researched this card, I found that it uses the GTX 680 PCB and with a little tweeking, it can perform as well as the GTX 680 and if not... better. I found this card performed to my needs and I liked how it looked. The card is pretty much all black, so coordinating colors wont be an issue with your setup. This card may not fit smaller cases, so be sure to check before purchasing and installing this card into your case if you happen to have a small case. The driver originally didn't support quad SLI, but an update has changed that so you can go quad SLI if you want go go all out on your rig. I recommend this card. It looks great and performs great. I can't wait to put this in SLI. It'll be awesome.

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Nice cable8/30/2012 5:37:18 PM

Pros: cheap, reliable... just a simple HDMI cable.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: What can I say? It's a HDMI cable. It's a nice, cheap cable if you need a cable to go with your brand new GTX 600 series video card. It works fine for me as I needed one since my video card manufacturer didn't provide one with my card. If you need a cheap, reliable cable for your needs, pick this one up.

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Great card8/30/2012 5:33:42 PM

Pros: Affordable, easy to install, will fit any case, great for the budget enthusiast.

Cons: None, but I wish the 550 Ti would support more than a dual SLI configuration.

Overall Review: I at first wanted to suppliment my existing reference GTX 550 Ti card and bought this one. The two cards worked great together, but having 1 GB of video RAM had its drawbacks. It does fine alone if you're just browsing the net or watching videos. However, if you want performance on a budget, I recommend purchasing 2 cards and installing them in SLI. I put both cards in SLI configuration and they worked well together. One problem was that this card ran a little bit warm, so remember to give your two cards plenty of space to breathe when doing dual SLI. After the "break-in" period, the card ran like a charm. Even though I sent this card back for a totally different card, I still would recommend it for the budget enthusiast. If you're looking to build a ballin' out system, then this card isn't really for you as this card lacks in performance alone.

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Good fan, but...7/12/2012 3:48:07 PM

Pros: The obvious pros are that they have nice lighting and are capable of moving air very efficiently through the case. They're very good at keeping the inside cool as well as pushing air through liquid cooling radiators.

Cons: Here's where they fall short. As expected, the fans are loud at high speed. They aren't fully compatible with the Cooler Master Cosmos 2 fan controller. They are loud as I mentioned at full speed, and at low speed, they tend to emit a low humming or knocking noise depending on which version fan controller you have for the Cosmos 2.

Overall Review: In short, would I recommend them? Yes, I still would, but they're not the right fan for my case. I'm aiming for a quiet, efficient, and attractive looking setup. I've actually found the fans that came with my Cosmos 2 are quieter than these. If you like LED accent lights in your case and don't care about noise, I'd recommend them.

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Excellent Case7/3/2012 11:41:43 PM

Pros: In one word... BIG. This will dwarf any case currently on the market. Asthetically, it looks very nice. I like the way it looks It has plenty of places to mount everything and can easily accomidate any kind of build imaginable.

Cons: While the case looks nice, it is heavy. My build alone weighs about 60 pounds. The fan controller on the earlier towers is not compatible with LED case fans. They will flicker on low or medium power.

Overall Review: The original fan controller that comes with the case doesn't exactly work well with LED case fans. It works just fine with other fans, however. Cooler Master has made an upgraded fan controller for the Cosmos 2 and when I talked to them, the rep said that the more recently made cases will have this new fan controller. The difference of course is compatibility with LED fans and the wires are all black as opposed to colored fan wires. Despite the older fan controller i got with my case, I can recommend this to everyone because of its immense versatility and asthetics.

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Excellent cooler7/3/2012 11:41:43 PM

Pros: Easy install and efficient cooling system. The pump is very silent and the fan controller works great, too.

Cons: Strange oily smell as it heats up, but that's when you just start it up for the first time. It goes away after a little while, so don't be concerned about that. Otherwise, no problems at all.

Overall Review: Excellent cooler for a gaming rig. It's very efficient in keeping my CPU cool. My temps at idle range from 15*C to 40*C and the H100 still manages to keep my CPU quite cool under load. I recommend this cooler to anyone who's building a kickin' gaming rig.

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Excellent board7/3/2012 11:41:43 PM

Pros: This board has turned out to be the best LGA 2011 motherboard out there. Loads of features and everything you expect from Asus. Compatible with the i7 3820 with a BIOS update.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I've read many reviews here on newegg about this board and on my personal opinion, they've been doing something way wrong. Someone said they fried 2 CPUs with this board and honestly, this person probably was trying to overvolt or overclock their system way past the limits. I've had ZERO problems with this board and I'm happy with my choice. I'm coming on 2 weeks of good solid operation with this board and I'm safe to say that it will continue to perform as it was meant to. As for compatibility with the i7 3820, you may not need to update the BIOS for the CPU to work, but I recommend that you do.

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Nice Processor7/3/2012 11:41:42 PM

Pros: Easy to install with the design of the process itself. It's a fast and capable CPU.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I found this a great processor for its price. It's compatible with all LGA 2011 motherboards. Some will require a bios update before that will happen.

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Good OS7/3/2012 11:41:42 PM

Pros: I've been using Windows 7 Home Premium for less than 2 years now. It's a good OS and works quite well. I found the 64 bit version to work much better over the 32 bit version.

Cons: There are some drivers that are incompatible with the 64 bit version.

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Good Fan7/3/2012 11:41:42 PM

Pros: Nice asthetics, performs well at high speed and keeps my system cool.

Cons: None. Case fans generally don't fail.

Overall Review: It's a case fan. Nothing really exciting about it. It looks nice and performs as a case fan should.

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Great memory5/24/2012 8:09:09 AM

Pros: Great performance in my system. I saw improvements in my overall RAM speed when I installed them. I also like the look of the memory modules themselves. Definately recommended.

Cons: None at all.

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