Darkly Elegant & Brutally Fast2/11/2021 7:32:42 PM

Pros: - Quiet, even at full load -- very bearable. Very good cooling performance. A lot of thermal pads, massive radiator, semi-open back. It feels like it was engineered for thermals first and the looks just came with that. - Mine over-clocks very well: 2750+ Mhz peak GPU clock @ 2150 MHz VRAM @ 1160 mV. In the Heaven Benchmark 4.0 Basic scores around 4269 points consistently without having to run case fans at high RPMs. - It's a very fast card that at stock settings trades blows with 3090s when the RT is off. - Dual bios, though didn't notice much difference between them, if any at all. - It's a minor thing but worth mentioning: the original box is very well padded from every side. - Considering its massiveness and weight, the card has a very tight frame, sits nice with only slight sagging. - Completely subjective, but it looks sharp and dark, dangerous almost and yet with a certain elegance. No gaudy RGB. Just the name of the card and the XFX logo are lit with white LEDs and the RX portion is in red.

Cons: - Not really a con, considering its performance, but it can pull 340+ watts and needs a beefy, reliable PSU. - Sags a little but might depend on the case. Suggest to get a shelf for it in the long run or come up with some other solution. Reinforced PCIe on the motherboard is pretty much a must. - This is neutral, as G-sync also has its own problems. Adaptive Sync is spotty and very much depends on a title and settings such as Full Screen vs. Windowed, V Sync On or Off. However, can run any game on Ultra at 4k resolution, just needs some tinkering with the games' settings and the Adrenaline software. - Ray Tracing performance is nothing to write home about. It's there, it's fun to play with, but it's certainly not the selling point. Though the card is very new and some changes to drivers and support may occur - I wouldn't count on large gains.

Overall Review: At the end of the day, it's a flagship, well binned, solidly factory OC'ed, RDNA2 video card where no corners were cut to yield some of the best classic rasterization and shading performance while always keeping the thermals and acoustics in mind. There are no gimmicks to this card, such a triple 8-pin power connection or pretty flashing lights. It means business and it does it amazingly well.

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Kick-@** Widescreen2/4/2021 6:20:36 PM

Pros: Rich colors, comparable with my Asus ProArt ISP panel, however, unlike the Asus, it has absolutely no backlight bleeds. I didn’t notice any “VA smudging” when playing AC: Valhalla on Ultra. Free-Sync works with no troubles. Text in Windows is crisp and well visible without scaling. Nice and clean design. Plug and play. Sturdy, easy to setup. Good picture right outside of the box. Decent brightness but not super bright, for playing in a dark room it’s perfect. Good packaging on all sides. No dead pixels on my model. Very responsive, can’t notice any input lag.

Cons: The cable it came with is a bit short. The power cable is good but depending on your setup, you may want to invest in a longer cable for the video. I think it came with a display port cable, but I may be wrong. I had a 10 feet display port cable ready especially for it, so the original cable was left in the box. The RGB in the back looks nice but then I don’t really look at it’s back. It’s more of a gimmick, not very bright, so won’t light up the wall behind the screen unless it’s white and it’s dark in the room otherwise. Not really a con, but may be worth mentioning.

Overall Review: This monitor has exceeded all my expectations and I am absolutely happy with the purchase. Can’t imagine anything better at 34” for this price. MSI has done great with this one!

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BMW of PC Cases1/16/2021 10:38:27 AM

Pros: Highly customizable. Motherboard can be inverted. Space for a lot of fans. The included PWM fan headers support up to 8 fans. Comes with two hard strips of RGB LEDs that can also be connected to the case's header. Meaningful sound insulation. Very good build quality & quality materials, as well as the mounting hardware included. Comes with extra hard drive brackets (something like 8 in total, each supporting up to two SSDs, but don't quote me on this and refer to the manual). Great customer support from the Be Quiet!

Cons: Note the high complexity when it comes to certain things, such as the PSU mounting and the PSU shroud installation/removal. For how large the case appears to be, there isn't much space inside as it would seem. The cable management in the back is also problematic. If you want to have the bottom bracket removed and have two fans there, maintaining the clean look, you would have to do some magic in the back to fit in all the wires nicely. Please note, my comments below seem to be quite negative but they will probably not apply to the vast majority of builds people would want to do with this case. They applied in my scenario, so I am indicating them below... If you want to install two fans on the bottom -- you have to remove the shroud and the PSU mounting hardware that comes with the case. In the result, the PSU will be held in a rather flimsy way by a couple of screws, and you would need to buy an extra part -- special PSU adapter bracket -- to cover the gap on the bottom between the wall of the case and the PSU. For me it's not a big deal, and I think it's fine with the gap. The PSU is held acceptably well for home use in my build, but it's just strange that they try to force you to use the included bracket that covers a lot of space on the bottom of the case, including the mounting space for a fan. They may want you to use such set-up (keeping the PSU shroud) for cable management, as there's not a whole lot of space on the side. Really not a big deal if you are not planning to have two fans on the bottom, which are not necessary for good airflow anyhow. The front panel of my case didn't quite make a solid contact in the top corner on the tempered glass's side. There's a small gap between the main body and the front panel there. It's locked-in but not all the way. HOWEVER, I spoke with the Be Quiet! support over e-mail and within 15 minutes they agreed to ship me a replacement front panel and provided with the tracking number. That was FAST. Originally I bought Arctic Freezer II 420mm AIO but it wouldn't fit on top. To do that you would have to remove an exhaust fan as well as the shelf towards the front of the case. It wouldn't fit in the top shroud either, because of the case control wires. Fitting an extra third fan is very hard on the top towards the front of the case as well, due to the said wires. I managed to fit three Silent Wings to the very top but struggled with the cable management. Again, three fans there are not necessary, and I've done it mostly due to the fact that I had spare fans I wanted to use, and not out of practicality. It's possible to fit-in a radiator into the very top of the case, but it will be very much limited by its thickness. Fans can be mounted under, in the push configuration, but if you want to install fans in the push & pull, there won't be space. The motherboard gets mounted quite high and quite close the top of the case's frame.

Overall Review: With all the struggles I had completing my build, I still think the case was worth it. I was able to accomplish mostly what I planned, except I went with the Big Air instead of an AIO with the large radiator. I got two 120mm fans installed on the bottom, three 140mms fans on the very top within the plastic shroud that has venting holes, as well as the three 140mm fans in the very front. I also installed additional RGB strips I had laying around, managed to hide all of the wires and get a nice clean look in the end. But it was a lot of work and took me two solid evenings. The case quality is terrific, as well as the looks. Just read the manual first and really pay attention to the space. It will work great with a lot of builds out of the box. So think what you want to do. If you like the looks and want good quality, and have the right components -- by all means don't hesitate. You can count on the Be Quiet!'s customer service if you encounter any issues. It is certainly the case for those who enjoy the process of building and are looking for the full experience. In the end, I have no regrets and happy with the purchase, but I did need to do a better planning and research beforehand.

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