Great speaker, great price9/1/2021 11:13:52 PM

Pros: * Big sound * Long battery life (18hrs+) * Easy to connect to cell phone * Beefy hardware

Cons: * Weight related to beefy hardware * Takes a while to charge if not using a Fast Charge cable

Overall Review: I definitely recommend this speaker, even more so if/when you can get it on sale. The RGB lighting on the sides can be turned off if not wanted.

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Great keyboard8/13/2021 6:47:38 PM

Pros: Clicky keys (my opinion, they are great) Vibrant LEDs for RGB Volume and media controls conveniently located upper right of keyboard Wrist pad is firm yet not too rigid Wristpad is magnetically secured to bottom of keyboard so easy to remove for cleaning

Cons: NumLock/CapsLock/ScrollLock indicator lights are right above the arrows at the bottom right Keyboard not compatible with other RGB programs (iCue, Dragon Center, Armoury Crate) so yet another piece of software that had to be installed

Overall Review: Definitely recommend this keyboard when it is on sale, just know that you will have to install the EVGA software.

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Good Monitor, Somewhat Decent Price6/12/2021 10:17:47 PM

Pros: 165MHz refresh via DP cable FreeSync (G-Sync tho not "official") 1ms response time Comes w/ HDMI cable

Cons: Max resolution 1920x1080 (Windows sometimes says it supports 4K in listing but looks a bit odd if tried) No height adjust on monitor stand (sits lower to desk than I prefer) Does not come with DP cable

Overall Review: I would recommend for anyone who needs a decent monitor, but keep an eye out for ones that have specified 2K or 4K resolution.

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Good price, specs could be a little better11/14/2020 9:12:56 AM

Pros: * Decent price * Higher speeds that usual (2400MHz/2666MHz) * Shipped and received in a timely manner

Cons: * Higher latency (CAS 22) than kits with lower speeds * Higher timings (22-22-22-52) than other kits

Overall Review: If you're looking for decent RAM at a decent price, this is a good kit. If you are looking for lower CAS and timing, you might be better off with lower MHz kit, but I have had no real issues with this set as of yet.

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Good case w/ great features. A bit narrow though10/31/2019 9:49:50 AM

Pros: One USB 3 port on front Room for numerous case fans Great options for cable management Comes with a case fan preinstalled Removable cage for up to four 3.5" drives Place for two 2.5" SSDs behind the solid side panel

Cons: Not sure why both USBs ports on the front are not USB 3. The case is too narrow for using the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan; the copper tips of the pipes presses against the acrylic to a point it bows the acrylic out. The case fan that comes with this one is clear with red LEDs. Location of the SSDs means needing to have an L-shaped SATA cable connector for them instead of a straight one.

Overall Review: I would recommend for anyone who uses a CPU that comes with a stock cooler, not for anyone who plans to use an aftermarket unless it's an AIO.

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Very Nice Burner9/9/2007 7:01:01 PM

Pros: Fast burns, easy install, low noise level when reading/burning a disc.

Cons: Did not come with burning software. Luckily I had an older Nero copy lying around. Yes I know it's an OEM drive but all the others I ordered that were came w/ software.

Overall Review: If it came w/ software it'd be a better deal. Even w/o the software it deserves a 5.

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