Fast, Stable, Best Router I've Had...2/17/2013 1:06:55 AM

Pros: I replaced a DLink DIR-625 802.11n router with this one after reading about the new AC routers in PC Magazine. When I bought the DLink it was cutting edge and the fastest router out there. But it's a 2 stream router, with maximum throughput of 300mbps. As time went on, 3 stream routers became available, with throughput up to 450 mbps using the 802.11n standard, but I never had a desire or need to upgrade until recently. Doing a lot of downloading recently and transferring files between computers on my home network, I noticed my data was fluctuating between 162 - 270mbps. Transfers between computers was slow, and I wanted faster and more stable connections on my internal network, as well as being ready to upgrade to the AC standard when I upgraded my computers in the next year or so. I wasn't too pleased with the unit right out of the box, to be honest, as I had expected it to just work better, be faster, and not require any tweaking. So, my first evening with it actually had me consider sending it back. I had set the 5 Ghz band to the highest bandwidth (80mHz) thinking more is better, and left the 2.4mHz band on auto. I was getting disconnects on the 2.4 mHz band, and the data was fluctuating more wildly than ever, between 270 - 102mbps, staying near the low side of things most of the time. Having read a number of posts that had mentioned tweaking the unit, I went in and set the 2.4gHz band to 40mHz, and lo and behold, my data transfer rate went to very solid 300mbps. That was higher than it had ever been, and was the maximum my existing wireless NIC would allow. I then went in and switched the 5.0gHz band to 40 mHz as well and voila, again, my data rates shot up to a solid 300 mbps on that band as well. Once the unit had proved to be faster and more stable than my older router for a couple of days, I went ahead and ordered up 2 Linksys AE3000 3 stream USB wireless adapters with higher data throughput than my existing adapters. Once the new adapters arrived, my data throughput showed a consistent 450 mbps on both computers. Transferring between computers is faster now, my connection is faster and more stable, and once I upgrade my computers in the future, I'm ready for the faster 1.3 gHz transfer rates on my internal network thanks to the purchase of this upgrade for my system. Highly recommended for anyone who wants the fastest possible transfer rates on their internal home computer network.

Cons: Not optimized right out of the box. Requires tweaking of bandwidth by user in order to achieve fast stable data transfers that the unit is capable of, which many home users will not be aware of.

Overall Review: Requires tweaking of bandwidth on both bands to achieve fastest, most stable transfer rates. requires upgrade of any existing 2 stream "n" adapters to 3 stream "n" adapters, to achieve fastest "n" network transfer rates, which home users may not be aware of prior to purchasing.

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