Great product. No regrets!9/6/2019 3:01:56 AM

Pros: + Lots of fan control. The CPU_FAN and AIO_PUMP were used/needed for my DEEPCOOL 360ex AIO. All three CHA_FAN connections were used for my 3 case fans. + BIOS update and update of drivers via a USB stick was easy. + The 3600 CL16 memory I bought ran as advertised without any tweaking once I enabled D.O.C.P. + The onboard status LED's were useful because my system hung on initial powerup and the yellow DRAM light stayed on solid. I had failed to properly seat the memory modules. + I liked that the BIOS automatically detected bootable USB media and my m.2 SSD once it had Windows installed and my bootable backup SATA SSD. I never had to mess with setting boot priorities. + I like the RGB lights on both my AIO and on my memory sticks. I haven't done anything to enable/tweak/control either one and I'm planning on leaving both as is. + The manual was reasonably well written and proved useful.

Cons: - The onboard fan that controls the x570 chipset can be monitored but not controlled in the BIOS. I would like to see and perhaps adjust the control profile for it. It seems like it only has two operational modes: very quiet and somewhat loud. - My first attempt to install Windows 10 failed (it might be Microsoft's fault and not anything ASUS can fix). I read that you may need to disable Wi-Fi in the BIOS so I did and then Windows installed OK. I then updated the Wi-Fi drivers and everything worked.

Overall Review: I built a new PC around this motherboard. Other components include a Ryzen 3900x CPU, 64GB of RAM (3600MHz CL16, 4 16GB memory sticks), m.2 SSD, and an RTX 2070 GPU. Installation went somewhat better than I expected it would as this is only my second ever system build. I am overall very pleased with my purchase.

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Great case!9/6/2019 2:01:51 AM

Pros: + Overall design and material quality were good. No sharp edges. Panels were easy to remove/reinstall. Plenty of screws and cable ties were included. + Air filter design was nice. All three filters (top, front, and under the power supply) are easy to access. + Didn't have any trouble getting a fairly clean looking back panel behind the motherboard using the built-in Velcro tie downs (you can't see this anyways with the back panel on but still...) + Pre-installed wiring for front panel controls was easy to find & hookup. + Easy to remove unneeded HDD/SSD brackets (I used 1 of 2 SSD brackets and removed all else)

Cons: - I would have preferred better USB support at the front/top of the case. More USB ports and a new style USB C connector would have been real nice. - A single manual covers multiple versions of P400 case. There is a separate 2 page installation guide for the two P400a models (one with an RGB controller). I would have preferred a single manual/guide that didn't describe stuff my case doesn't have.

Overall Review: Just finished building my new PC with an x570 motherboard, Ryzen 3900x CPU, and an RTX 2070 GPU. I replaced the Phanteks fan at the front of the case with a Deepcool 360ex AIO CPU water cooler. This includes three 120mm radiator fans. I added two Noctua 140mm PWM fans in the top of the case (front most for intake and rear most for exhaust). I replaced the 120mm Phanteks fan in the rear of the case with a Noctua 120mm PWM fan. (The two P400a Phanteks fans looked like they were good quality but I wanted PWM fans to enable automatic fan control from my motherboard). I did not use or evaluate the built in fan controller. Installation went smoothly and I am very happy with my purchase.

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Nice product!9/3/2019 2:58:02 AM

Pros: + Installation was simple/straightforward (this was my first AIO install) + The RGB lights coming from the heatsink/pump assembly look really nice!

Overall Review: I'm pleased with my purchase. I installed this into the front of a Phanteks P400a case. It is cooling a Ryzen 3900x on an ASUS x570 motherboard. I did not use the included RGB controller. I plugged pump; the three daisy chained 120mm radiator fans; and the addressable RGB cable into the ASUS motherboard and everything worked fine. I installed it with a radiator face on the front of the case and the three fans sit inside the case and pull air in thru the radiator. It looked like other orientations could be easily accommodated. My new PC has only been running for a few days and I haven't done any performance/thermal testing yet but idle temps look quite good.

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Great product - highly recommend9/3/2019 2:28:47 AM

Overall Review: I couldn't help but be impressed with this product. The packaging was the best I've ever seen for electronics. Every part/piece looks like it is well made and expensive. Installation into my PC case was easy/simple. Can't think of a single thing to criticize.

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Works as advertised9/3/2019 2:22:09 AM

Overall Review: I installed this on an ASUS x570 TUF Gaming Plus Wi-Fi motherboard with a Ryzen 3900x CPU. Getting it to run at the advertised speeds was painless: I just had to enable XMP (this was labeled "D.O.C.P" in the ASUS BIOS) and it worked. It has been running at the advertised speeds without any unexpected shutdowns or reboots for more than a week now. The RGB lights came on automatically at first system power-up and they look nicer than I expected they would (this might be partly a motherboard dependent feature, I'm not sure). I do not plan to spend time trying to improve the look by tweaking G.Skill or ASUS software.

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