Sapphire Pulse RX5700XT7/18/2020 7:34:10 AM

Pros: Well to be honest, it was plug an play. So far this 5700XT has worked from the get go.

Cons: If your case does not have padding to reduce noise, the fans can spin up and be loud, but its not that bad if you are wearing headphones. If your a speakers type of person, might want to consider using a quiet case or adjusting the fan curve.

Overall Review: People should give this product a try. I know there are alot of bad things being said about this product right now, but Sapphire so far has delivered. Also, I run an Intel CPU, and most of the issues I have researched are people with Ryzen systems. But like above, plug an play, no problems, runs everything.

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Black finish, works as intended.4/18/2019 2:17:56 PM

Pros: Easy to install. Looks good in all Black finish. Small enough to allow Dual Channel on MOBO. Cools a 7700K just fine. Fan comes with already applied shock absorber pads, and includes a fan splitter and more pads for another fan, very nice touch.

Cons: The only issue was the fan bracket installation. That is a mini nightmare in Mid Tower cases. You have to remove the fan to install the cooler, then put the fan back on. I could have made more room for myself, but its enough to knock an egg off, but it works like its supposed to as well. Depending on MOBO space, the fan may block potential 4 DIMM systems.

Overall Review: Don't be like me and be so excited for your cooler to arrive and forget to take the protective sticker off the bottom of the cooler. Also, idle temps for me (after I corrected my bone head mistake) 35-36C. Gaming (Division 2, High Settings, 1080P) was 65-67C. Your temps may very. Pairs well with a Vega 64 It actually will install without removing your MOBO (depending on your tray cutout). Was able to keep my MOBO in system.

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Cooler Master MA G100 Low Profile mounting on an MSI Gaming Z270 MB7/14/2018 1:13:59 AM

Pros: Cools like its supposed to. LED function is pretty good an bright. Does work with my MSI MB LED strip header so I can use its own software to customize the light. Fan is pretty quiet. Instructions pretty clear.

Cons: This cooler is WIDE, on an MSI Gaming Z270 MB it WILL cover 3 RAM slots, leaves you with 1 slot. The mounting itself was a pain. You will need to take out your entire MB (maybe) to get to the (if your looking at it top down) top right hold down screw. This comes with a Molex connector to power the tiny remote, make sure your PSU has Molex to connect the remote. Mine did not, but like above was able to use my LED header and works just fine with MSI MB Software.

Overall Review: I really don't have much else to say about the cooler. I think I didn't tighten it down enough in the top right hold down fastener, since it doesn't cool near as well as my CR tower cooler did, but it doesn't go above 51C playing WoW on my i5 7500. Stays steady at 40-42C with no loads. The mounting hardware is clear to read, depending on your back Cut-Out for your CPU tray, you can just install the back plate without removing the entire MB. But be careful, depending on your MBs VRM heatsinks (if it has any), you might need to remove it to tighten down the top right fastener. I would like to see a longer wrench included so you can reach all 4 fasteners without removing your entire MB. Because without the GPU and RAM in there you could reach all the fasteners if the wrench was long enough, I mean Cryorig gives you an insanely long phillips to mount its tower cooler. Would also like to see a SATA power cable to power the little remote, no one uses Molex anymore, unless you really have to. But they did good allowing it to use MSI MB LED header to control the light yourself. This will get 5 stars because it works, and I wanted Red LED lights instead of my mismatched CR tower cooler having a white top.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Really good Mid-Tower, finally.2/16/2017 2:55:31 AM

Pros: Separate shroud for PSU and cable. Plenty of cooling options. 4 fan mounts: Front 2-140mm or 2-120mm fans, Top-120mm, Back-120mm. Red metal (cable hide) bracket can come off to cable manage then put back on. SSD mounts work. Bottom storage for platter drives or more SSDs Cool front intake design by drawing in air from top and bottom of front panel, both PSU and Front panel are filtered. Can fit a decent sized 240mm AIO cooler in the front with ease, might be able to fit a 280mm AIO (wouldn't know, air cooling)

Cons: Front intake screen requires the front panel to come off since its located bout toward the middle. Sausage fingers cant reach that far. Did not come with enough MB mounting screws as indicated in the instructions. Had to test the other screws that came with to see which ones fit, an used them. Says 9 screws needed, came with 4. (something to that nature) Case can only handle 161mm tall Air coolers, make sure yours will fit. Mine is 160mm tall and I do have 1mm of clearance left, which my side panel does still fit with no bowing.

Overall Review: Just be careful with your air coolers in this case. Cable ties worked, and if taken the time to cable manage, can make a build look pretty slick. Plenty of basement clearance for PSU cables.

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Big cooler! Good results! careful.2/16/2017 2:45:12 AM

Pros: Black fan is a nice touch. Does clear my memory just fine. -Dual channel only, have not tried 4 channel- Does cool my Kaby lake i5 7500 just fine with idle being 27-28C and in Shroud of the Avatar hovering at 43-45C Comes with a long screw driver which is really beefy.

Cons: Wish the top had an alternate color plate (Black) to come with the price. Does not come with alcohol pad, even when its advertised in the instruction booklet.

Overall Review: Read the specifications carefully! This cooler is 160mm tall, firmly mounted on the CPU socket. Be sure your Mid-Tower case (mine) can accept it. My Mid-Tower can accept 161mm, and yes...there is 1mm gap left, panel slides without obstruction. Would like to see some different top plate colors (Black and Red) or some others. But can be carefully taken off to paint.

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Great looking board, worked great out of the box, but....2/16/2017 2:38:06 AM

Pros: All black pcb makes it match just about anything. Red LEDs are pretty cool looking, but not really needed *just added flare* Has plenty of little white LED lights on the PCB itself to let you know RAM is working, Power to the MB, audio separation line. -Worked fine at start up, and drivers installed from the CD -external CD ROM used-. Debug LED is great, and even tells the CPU temp when other processes are idle, which is neat.

Cons: The software from MSI Mystic Light refuses to detect the PC and only detects your phone. -Install MSI Gaming App from CD to have some control over the LEDs- The white LEDs on the main board are to dang bright, and cant be controlled from the Gaming App. Would like an option to turn off the white LED notifications. During Setup, the chipset LED that is RED will go to white when OS is restarting/installing. Have to use MSI Gaming App on CD to correct or else an ugly white color shows.

Overall Review: I would love to see a better polished version of the Mystic Light, that can DETECT your MB. Would like the option to turn off the tiny bright white LEDs around the case. Would like to see ALL LED options in the MSI Gaming App, Mystic Light shouldn't exist with its current buggy build of not detecting MB.

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Sapphire RX 480 8GB7/10/2016 3:09:20 AM

Pros: Low power draw. Quiet under normal operation. Looks decently well. 6pin power connector.

Cons: I only took off an egg for multiple reasons that where generally cosmetic. 1. Has no backplate, Sapphire could have added one an charged 10 bucks more. 2. Plastic shroud, cost cutting I know. 3. Heastsink is just one chunk of aluminum with large spaces between fins, also has a copper core. Would have liked to see much denser fin design with maybe couple copper tubes, but again cost cutting. 4. Would have liked the Radeon logo to light up or pulsate.

Overall Review: I bought 2 of these, for hype reasons. The cards work flawlessly, an I am not planning on overclocking since they do what I want them to do. These cards get warm, near 78C while playing WoW. Keep in mind, not all games support Crossfire, so get 2 at your own risk. Other then that AMD did a good job, and the cons where more cosmetic then anything, and some hardware. If you are planning to overclock, wait for board partner cards or get some EK water blocks (will require a custom loop) to insure they stay cool. Also make sure to have a decent motherboard, even though as of writing this AMD has fixed the power draw problem, which wasnt a problem in the first place for none overclockers.

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Deepcool Captain 1205/20/2016 10:19:22 PM

Pros: Good color match Quiet Operation Decent Tubing PWM Fan-Fan controller friendly Pre-Applied Thermal Paste Simple Instructions

Cons: Thin Radiator No way to change LED to Solid color, always blinking Has 1 fan for push or pull, would be nice to see 2 for the price of 60 Dollars. Tubing is ribbed, would have liked smooth.

Overall Review: I didnt take any eggs off for the Cons because they are mainly cosmetic upgrades/additions I would have wanted. The unit is pleasing to look at in a windowed case with a red theme, the blinking 'pump housing' is cool to glance at. The tubing is an ugly ribbed version, not the smooth that corsair puts on theirs. The pump worked right out of the box, instructions where simple and easy to follow. Kinda hard to mount the brackets when you cant touch the pre-applied thermal paste. Keep in mind that some cases have different mounting options for a 120mm fan. The hard points on my case did not support the 'recommended' install of the fan in 'Push' since my case has an inner lip so the 120mm holes did not match to the radiator. Still keeps stock clock speeds low in an exhaust role with an R9 Fury dumping its heat through the radiator. So far no leaks...passed 24hr operation. P.S. You may or may not hear the pump making noise when you first install it, do not be alarmed as its the bubbles in the system getting worked out and may take up to 20min or more run time for the pump to work out the bubbles. Your mileage may very on that note as it was about 5-10min before mine went silent.

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Sapphire R9 Fury8/7/2015 11:27:41 AM

Pros: The card I have produces no coil whine, even playing FFXIV on max settings. The fans are very quiet, and also vary efficient. The card will run 1 fan (the right most fan) at 70-73C and will kick in the left most fan at 74+C and then turn it off when its below 74C. Center fan will come on if temps exceed a point from what im guessing which will be a vary HOT day. The card is vary rigid, has no sag whatsoever.

Cons: The only con i can think of is the length. But that is not enough to take an egg off for since its a Tri-X cooler and we know this ahead of time. The other con is the color. The color the card is now is great, but maybe a Red theme next time Sapphire, Blue, and White would be nice to see. Again, no egg taken off since knew this going in.

Overall Review: The card runs well, I am impressed. Comming from an Nvidia 970 (still a great card) this is like night an day. FFXIV real water, sharper edges, rich colors. This card is just amazing. I would say buy what you preferr to have. AMD did well this time around just like Nvidia did with thier 980tis.

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Apevia CF4SL 80mm Red LED1/21/2015 1:35:49 PM

Pros: Seems sturdy....

Cons: What they dont tell you is this is a 4pin MOLEX connector. 4pin PWM would be better to tone down that 2000rpm.

Overall Review: Make sure people know this is a 4pin Molex an not a 4pin connector I was thinking it was. Even though the picture has Molex connectors shown...maybe should include Molex-4pin adapter.

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Lian Li PC- 7B plus II1/21/2015 1:31:01 PM

Pros: The case is fairly plain jane which i liked the best. Its not to flashy. The case goes back to the roots of the old cases with the top mounted PSUs (has to be mounted fan side down), and if you need extra exhaust the 80mm fan hole in the top would do fine. Rolled edges are a nice touch, really clean looking interior. Also, HDD cage is removable to accomodate large GPUs.

Cons: I have come to realize that the case is naturally thick. So be careful about mounting CLC coolers to the rear or front. The pass through screws might not be able to reach through the case, fan, and into the radiator. There is NO backplate cut out for the motherboard so install backplates for cooler before installing. Since this has no window its not a big deal but cable management is none existant. Just try your best to keep wires out of main airflow paths.

Overall Review: Could have used a cut out for the MB tray. I think i know why the case is thicker then most steel ones, but thinner in the rear/font mounting holes for better compatibility for CLC pass through screws if that is possible. Make that 80mm top fan a 120 as well would be nice.

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Liquitech 120X1/21/2015 1:23:34 PM

Pros: Thick radiator, two fans, cool pump house design.

Cons: The pass through screws that are supposed to go through the back of the case (or top) are not long enough if you have the Lian Li PC-7B Plus II case. Seems like the aluminum is thicker in the back and the hoses do not reach when mounted in the front. However, if you just set it as an intake from the back and use the 'case screws' it will work just fine.

Overall Review: Its a really good product, the instructions for mounting are simple enough that a cave man could do it. Just should include longer pas through screws when they need to go through a thicker case+fan>radiator. Also would like to see a tad bit longer tubing for some front mounted options in some cases, but no a big deal.

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H100i6/13/2014 4:40:11 AM

Pros: Everything came intact out of the box. It worked just fine. Fans not damaged and neither was the fins. The tubes are thick and dont kink. Cool light...

Cons: Only knocking an egg off because Corsair added those Y cables. Well they in no way shape or form attach to the included SPF120s that are included. 4pin to...a really skinny connector. That like trying to fit a long width rectangle into a small square, it literally doesnt make any sense. But that is with Corsair hence the egg. Could use a color change in the light. Pain in the rump to turn the fans from push to pull for top mounting.

Overall Review: The mounting can be rough at first but its acceptable. The Y cables dont in any shape or form connect to the SPF120s 4 pin connectors. (You will see when you buy it). Other then that its still running after a 24hr burn.

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Intel i5-35706/13/2014 4:33:24 AM

Pros: Worked...right out of the box. System detected it and all is good, way quicker then my old 3330.

Cons: Nothing right now.

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Dominator 8GB (2x4GB)6/13/2014 4:32:00 AM

Pros: Worked right out of the boxes. System had them all detected.

Cons: Not really enough to knock an egg off, but they are tall...the PCB itself is tall. Just be sure your aftermarket cooler doesnt hit them.

Overall Review: Nothing at this time.

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Fractal Design Define R4 Blackout6/13/2014 4:26:18 AM

Pros: Its black! Inside and out. The foam is pretty good and making stuff silent (if that is what you want). The window is smoked, so add some LEDs to the inner and have some nice effects. The stand off tray is neatly labeled and clearly printed for A (Atx), M (Mini Atx), all a vary big plus since my last case...the stamps where sorta shallow and hard to read without putting the board in and doing it that way. The expansion bays have thumb screws which make everything far. As for cooling, this case will fit and has mounting holes in the top (you will have to look closely for the (circles) in the hex vents. This easily fits an H100i. The fan filters are nice, but like most they restrict airflow, so get some fans that allow greater pressure to compensate for the full front and Bottom filters. The fan mounts in front are tool less! Yes, dual 140s just snap in..pretty cool. Plain front, so you can turn the case to the side to enjoy a better view ( a plus for me since i like looking at my shinies!).

Cons: I only took an egg off, which i really shouldnt since the bottom fan mount (metal part) tends to bow up toward the fan and with enough pressure to cause it to stop. To fix, just dont screw it in all the way..should be fine (it is for me atm). No other cons to report.

Overall Review: This is a great case, pretty big for a mid tower and heavier. But you get what you pay for.

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Not to shabby3/15/2014 5:35:16 AM

Pros: Color matches my computer build! Worked right out of the box and plays just about anything at High settings with 50-60 FPS (or more on medium).

Cons: Not really enough to knock off an egg, but make sure it can fit in your case...mine is the Mid Tower CM plus and its almost as wide as the case is lol. But it still fit nice an tight.

Overall Review: Really cant say anything only that it worked like a pro after drivers where installed.

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Not to shabby3/15/2014 5:32:16 AM

Pros: The board comes with all the bells an whistles that i need for right now. Didnt have to mess with any drivers since everything worked right out of the box, all connections are good...stuff works fine.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Building my 3rd personal PC in like years! Was vary happy that everything worked right out of the box and the manuel is labeled vary well for easy understanding.

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CM sickleflow 1203/10/2014 9:29:02 AM

Pros: All worked right out of the box just fine, good color to match the inside of my case.

Cons: If you add more then 2 it gets pretty loud, but then again I don't mind since no one but me operates my PC.

Overall Review: If your adding more then 2 just add a fan controller to tune them down a notch.

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Cooler Master E;ote 431 Plus2/14/2014 11:02:29 AM

Pros: Sidepanel is a nice edition. Case was used to transplant a Dell Inspiron 620 Motherboard. Everything transferred over just fine. Standoffs for that motherboard matched the mATX standoffs pretty good, vary surprised.

Cons: 2 Eggs for the inside panel corner being chipped-(no one will see it, so did feel the need to send it back). Another for cable management. Vary tight, and back panel leaves hardly any room.

Overall Review: Would like a slightly bigger space behind the Motherboard area for some cables, but airflow is still nice for just moving them all to the side. Fits the Vostron 620 just fine.

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Hydro Series H552/14/2014 10:56:14 AM

Pros: Like everything else that arrived....worked fine in one go. It is quiet, cools the i5 3330 fine at 34c idle and 44-45c after playing MechWarrior online for 2 hours.

Cons: None as far as I can works.

Overall Review: Installed onto a Vostron 620 from dell, it may SEEM like it wont go onto an LGA 1155 but it will. An it uses the same mounting bracket so no need to use the ones that came with it, follow instructions and it works well.

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Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB2/14/2014 10:50:18 AM

Pros: Put onto a Vostron 620 motherboard. Worked right out of the box with all the other items that shipped. You just plug in..and update the drivers through the website. A big upgrade from my alienware Mx11R3s 540m gtx!

Cons: None, worked right out of the box.

Overall Review: It almost looks like the cooling system on the board itself bends the PCB slightly...but not enough to knock an egg off.

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Corsair CXM Series CX600W ATX12V v2.32/14/2014 10:35:05 AM

Pros: As it arrived, fast easy installation into my Coolermaster case. Semi Modular- 24pin motherboard and cpu power connector in one piece the rest is modular.

Cons: Not that big of a con, but modular connectors are a bit firm which make it hard for cable management. The cable that houses the 24pin ATX and 4pin CPU power connectors is pretty dang thick...

Overall Review: It worked right out of the far no problems.

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Works as intended.12/15/2013 6:15:35 PM

Pros: Just got this delivered couple days ago. Noticed an improvement over the stock 4 gig in my Alienware M11x, boots faster low end games run better.

Cons: None with the RAM, works.

Overall Review: I need a better PC.

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