Worked exactly as expected. Excellent packaging and extras!10/7/2020 7:55:00 AM

Pros: - Solid build. Very sturdy metal shell. - Fast enough for an SATA drive - Nice extras in the package like a spacer for laptops designed for thicker drives. - Inexpensive for a reputable brand

Overall Review: This is a great product for what it is - an inexpensive, solid SATA drive that, hopefully, will last for years. I had and still have other similar Crucial drives, and they definitely last. Performance is good, installation is easy, and the packaging and extras are great - will definitely buy again!

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Excellent RAM, works with Ryzen, zero issues3/17/2020 6:26:17 PM

Pros: Fast and reliable Low-profile, fits tight spaces Looks good but not cheesy

Cons: None

Overall Review: Excellent RAM - fast clock speed and low latency for the capacity. It worked with the new Ryzen on the ASRock motherboard right out of the box - one-click XMP profile with zero issues whatsoever after several months - rock-solid! One of the very few RAMs that fit compact build - the lowest clearance and the tidiest heat sink you can find.

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Not bad, but not great either3/18/2011 10:20:01 AM

Pros: - Light - Compact - Good airflow - Built-in SD card reader - Built-in fan controller - Rather quiet - Looks good - High capacity for size

Cons: - Fingerprint magnet, big time and very hard to clean - Blue power light is super-bright - Case scratches very easily, so are the tiny black screws (spares were of wrong color) - Second (larger/lower) internal drive case is borderline worthless, because it will jam against even a modular power supply - Both sides (including the one holding the motherboard) do not have any hooks or hinges to hold them in pace - 8 tiny screws hold floating panels, which is super-awkward to deal with - 2.5” drives cannot be mounted under CD/DVD as per documentation, however there are other not documented mounts; seems like Lian Li website and docs are outdated - Front fans are rather loud for 120mm; I had to make a rubber shim to stop the front panel from rattling - Internal connection for front USB 3 ports is an awful contraption of super-thick cables that take a lot of space - External plastic CD cover is bulky and it opens/shuts very loudly;I had to add two tiny rubber bumpers

Overall Review: Lots of cons, but it is not a bad case – craftsmanship is above average and the size is reasonable if a bit too wide. It took an above-average effort to put the new PC together because all fans had to be removed and rearranged to fix rattles and correct the very poor out-of-the-box orientation of fan cables. It is a very good case, if you don’t open cases often and if you don’t plan to have more than 3 internal 3.5” drives.

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Died on a second day5/11/2007 5:37:54 PM

Pros: The card is extremely fast - the fastest AGP card I have even seen.

Cons: The fan on the card failed on a second day after just a couple of hours in use. The fan assembly in general looks flimsy and made of cheap-looking plastic.

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Great pucture, horrible DVI interface6/16/2006 8:46:19 AM

Pros: The picture quality is excellent, great for serious gaming and graphics work.

Cons: DVI interface is a total mess – if you buy this monitor and intend to use DVI-D mode (best quality), you have a 50/50 chance of ever getting it to work. DVI-A isn’t bad, but noticeably worse than DVI-D. Viewsonic support is just as worthless as the software supplied with the monitor.

Overall Review: This may become a great product, if Viewsonic sorts-out issues with compatibility, drivers and v/c interfaces.

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