Don't buy...3/26/2014 10:10:37 PM

Pros: Looks okay in the A/V setup...

Cons: The product does not meet the specifications. The specs say that I can connect a 80mm fan to the 3.5" Drive bay. However, the front I/O panel that accommodates the USB and Audio ports blocks the fan. You can either have a fan for the hard disk, or the front I/O panel. Not both. Since I wanted to have a fan for the hard disk, I had to remove the from panel, which left awkward holes that one will see when the front door is open! And I lost the audio and USB ports in the front!! This is not the only problem. The box is very badly engineered. 1. Removing the drive enclosures is not easy! 2. The side fan must be installed before motherboard is installed!! If the fan ever dies, you need to remove the motherboard to replace the fan! 3. If the SATA cables are already connected to the motherboard, removing the drive enclosures is nearly impossible. I have two 3.5" hard disks, one Bluray drive, and a 2.5" SSD in the box. I can barely put my hand in the box now. The space is really tight. I don't see how anyone can pack the box to the full extent!! I would have returned the box if I had not cut out the UPC from the box. I will still try calling newegg and see if they would take it back... Don't bother to buy it. You will regret it...

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Awesome!!!6/29/2013 1:34:34 PM

Pros: Very clear.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I brought them after comparing different speakers playing the same movie scene. These speakers sounded the best.

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vb4/14/2011 2:09:29 PM

Pros: Fast drive.

Cons: Drive started giving read errors after a day. Western Digital's disk diagnostics program reported "Too many bad sectors". RMA'ed the drive, and I am getting the replacement drive delivered today. Hope this drive lives up to its reputation.

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GREAT DRIVE...4/4/2011 6:29:16 PM

Pros: Awesome Performance and Reliability...

Cons: Price.

Overall Review: The Samsung HD103SJ 1TB drives are much cheaper, and yield the same performance. I bought the WD1001FALS pair only because I did not want to put all eggs in one basket.

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Stay away...4/4/2011 4:49:38 PM

Pros: None.

Cons: I bought two of these drives, and put them in RAID0 configuration under Windows 7. Performance was a pathetic 40MB/Sec. I had another pair of Samsung 1TB drives, which give me a sustained 200MB/Sec. I had returned the RE3 and purchased a pair of WD1001FALS, which are awesome! They are giving me more than 200MB/Sec sustained throughput. In Summary: Stay away from these, and but WD1001FALS instead if you care for performance.

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Great drive!!!3/30/2011 4:36:59 PM

Pros: Have been using this as a boot drive for my windows xp system for more than 5 months now. Absolutely no problems!

Cons: None.

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Poor performance...3/24/2011 8:54:11 AM

Pros: None.

Cons: I had put two drives in RIAD0 configuration. The throughput was a meager 50MB/s. With another pair of drives of a different manufacturer, and another pair of WD drives of different type, I get about 200MB/s. The RE3 was bad even as a single drive!

Overall Review: I am buying the Caviar Black WD1001FALS instead of these RE3 drives. WD1001FALS does not have the performance problems.

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Great drives so far...3/4/2011 7:55:23 AM

Pros: Cheap and reliable...

Cons: None so far...

Overall Review: I got 2 of these drives, and they both are working fine. Had them striped under Windows 7, and the I/O performance is comparable to that of another striped pair of western digital drives. I might buy 2 more if the drives continue to work reliably for another couple of months...

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Bad Fan...2/8/2011 7:59:09 AM

Pros: Worked fine as long as it did...

Cons: Stay away from this card. The fan is bad. It does not start after the system is rebooted (switch off and switch on). As a result, the card gets very hot and display goes off. I have to manually rotate the fan to get it going after every reboot. Not worth!

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Fan is a problem...2/7/2011 8:13:44 AM

Pros: Worked fine as long as it did...

Cons: After about 6 months, the display started going off sporadically. Investigation revealed that the card was getting too hot. Further investigation revealed that the fan does not always turn on when the system is powered up! At this time, if you manually turn the fan, then it starts running. Now, every time I start the system, I have open the side panel, give the fan a push, and close the panel! Very disappointed that they use such poor quality fans!

Overall Review: I will buy another Radeon 4650 based board, but not this model!

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Incorrect Random IOPS...10/21/2010 9:07:54 AM

Pros: Low price.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: I just ordered this drive. I hope it performs better than the other two Intel drives I have. The reason I am reducing one star is for incorrect advertising. I wanted everyone to know that Samsung website states that this drive can only do 11K random writes, not 21k as advertised!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Lousy shipping....12/8/2009 4:55:07 PM

Pros: Good Price.

Cons: Lousy packing/shipping. I refuse to believe that the DVD spidle got so badly broken in transit. If it did, NewEgg should look at changing their carrier. I think I was sent a broken box. When I received the package, the DVDs were all over the box inside. I have collect them all and put them on another old spindle I had. Some of the DVDs have been scratched too. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT...

Overall Review: Seriously, what is wrong with NewEgg's shipping?! I have been a NewEgg customer for almost a decade, and their packing is really gone down the drain! With such shipping methods, I would seriously rethink buying an expensive item from them...

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Stay away from this drive...1/21/2009 7:14:11 PM

Pros: 32GB in one drive.

Cons: The first one I bought was very slow, so I got a replacement drive (and wasted 9 dollars on return shipping). The replacement drive is equally bad. Write speed is "excruciatingly" slow - writes about 100KB/s. Stay away from this drive...

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Slow read/write speeds...1/8/2009 2:02:57 PM

Pros: Cost.

Cons: I purchased 4 of these drivers from Newegg. After installing them in a Windows XP box, I ran some performance tests. The driver performs well at low block sizes, but if the read/write requests are 64K or more, the performance drops to 20% of the stated figures. I opened a incident with Seagate, but there was no response from them. I had hence returned these drives (Thanks, Newegg), and replaced them with Western Digital drives, which do not suffer the same problem. Stay away from these if you are performance conscious.

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Great drives...1/8/2009 7:08:37 AM

Pros: Fast.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I had purchased Seagate ST3500320AS drives earlier, but they were very slow with large read/write requests. I had returned those drives (Thanks, Newegg!) and purchased these. These drives do not suffer the performance problem that I had with Seagate drives. I had reported the problem to Seagate and provided them the test programs that demonstrate the problem, but Seagate never bothered to fix the problem (so far).

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Extremely Slow!!!1/2/2009 9:46:25 AM

Pros: Cheap!

Cons: Extremely slow! I think the "150" in the product name stands for 150kbps (1x speed)... Read speed is fine, but the writing is painfully slow. If you need to write about 2GB of data, leave it alone for the whole night...

Overall Review: I think you get what you pay for. I am beginning to think that whenever you see a sale that looks like a steal, the manufacturer is trying to palm off a defective product on unsuspecting people.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Okay...5/15/2008 5:51:33 PM

Pros: Fair number of SATA ports and PCI slots...

Cons: Lack of PS2 ports and Floppy drive port

Overall Review: Due to the lack of the floppy drive port, I had to use another computer to slipstream the RAID driver into Windows XP so that I could use the RAID feature. Also, I have an old IBM keyboard that I like very much, which has a PS2 connector alone. I am using a PS2-to-USB converter, but it is showing a problem of its own. I can live with that problem, but still... Intel is trying to save pennies by eliminating these connectors, but that step will keep lot of people away from this board...

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