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Love it

Kingston 1TB A2000 M.2 2280 NVMe Internal SSD PCIe Up to 2200 MB/s with Full Security Suite SA2000M8/1000G
Kingston 1TB A2000 M.2 2280 NVMe Internal SSD PCIe Up to 2200 MB/s with Full Security Suite SA2000M8/1000G

Pros: - Fast - Still fast with multiple operations - Decent price for 1TB

Cons: - None so far

Overall Review: I installed an 11GB game in about 15 seconds. I can run my host OS, a virtual machine, language server, installer, compiler, etc - not once have I hit a slowdown because of disk usage so far. Very much worth it for me :)

Most Critical Review

Not for Linux!

TRENDnet TK-207K 2-Port USB KVM Switch
TRENDnet TK-207K 2-Port USB KVM Switch

Pros: I'm sure it works fine if you only use Microsoft Windows, though I did not test that.

Cons: Does NOT work properly with Linux. Product manual states that hotkey to switch is Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock; this works to switch FROM Windows to Linux, however from Linux you get nil. After googling, apparently this is a very common problem with this KVM - some people have had luck using Num Lock + Num Lock when switching from a Linux box - and this does work in Ubuntu! However, it does not in Xubuntu. In Xubuntu I have not found any key combo at all that will trigger switching.

Overall Review: Do NOT buy this KVM if you use Linux. I build and repair computers for a living, and all of the main stations in my shop have a KVM; this is the first I have ever come across to have a problem with the hotkey, or have a problem with any distro of Linux. Considering the keyboard is plugged directly into the KVM, not the computer, the KVM should be able to intercept the hotkey command no matter what the OS is. If you use nothing but Windows, go ahead and feel good about a great product that works well at a decent price. If you use Linux, stay away from this KVM - this device is a complete failure with Linux!

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Great seller, bad Newegg

Great headphones, good price, fast shipping. Newegg had my credit card info stolen, 0/10 would not buy from Newegg again.

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