Best Case ever? NO. But still the best case I've ever owned.11/6/2020 5:34:11 PM

Pros: This is VERY compelling for the cost. This is the first case I have built in in over 8 years so the modern clean look was quite refreshing. RGB fans up front are nice and the color changing power button is cool to. Over all solid for the price.

Cons: The big issue. THE ONLY MAJOR ISSUE. This case needs to be maybe an inch taller... There is no way I can mount my AIO cooler to the top and it am very disappointed about that... it is so impossible with my x570 board I feel it is laughable/misleading in the specs/marketing material that they show radiators mounted to the top. I CAN'T EVEN USE TO TWO TOP FANS...

Overall Review: Overall this height issue is the only thing that would keep me from truly recommending this. Maybe some Mobos will not have this issue but how are you ever to tell until its infront of you. The AIO plus fan hits my RAM. If you do not care about these things and just want a clean case then I highly recommend. If I had known I would of gone a different route, probably also with Phanteks as I admire the free airflow approach.

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