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AC750 Dual-Band Wireless Router1/10/2017 1:19:49 AM

Pros: It's been a workhorse for the past 6 weeks. Set-up is fairly simple, and you can configure as much or as little as you desire. Mounted it on a shelf approximately 7 feet off the ground in about the center front of a 1300 square foot brick house. Both channels have easily accessed encryption and good signal strength, with the 5Ghz a bit week in the extreme corners. A simple Wally-Ville cheapo repeater along the back wall, maxed all channels to full strength, well out into the surrounding acre.

Cons: Not sure what, maybe bad luck but the router was a stickler about each major change, required a "sign in for security purpose." Not a fan of multiple sign ins, but the router seemed not to need updating to work consistently.

Overall Review: This was a bit slow to completely configure, primary and secondary (Guest) networks, are of equal and reactive strengths. When you change your routers password and login, put them under an external speaker on a post-it note, in case you set up more than just yours.

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Second Look10/4/2015 5:44:39 AM

Pros: Since the upgrade to Win 10 Pro 64 (FREE), It has the ability to use 4 Gb sticks of ram. (Just FYI)

Cons: There was a normal learning curve with a new machine after loading a new O/S. But the bugs turned out to be a low Bios battery. Just keep that in mind in case their (Joy Systems) tray had some duds in it.

Overall Review: Initially I use Adata 2Gb X 4 which works fine. I also tried Hyper X Kingstons 4Gb since upgrade to Win 10, and pairs work fine, 2 or 4 sticks. Either show 6-6-6-15-1t timings. And they now show at 800 same as the FSB. The battery is something I rarely find, but it was weak < 1 volt. Should be 3.3+volts

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Cloning Wonder9/17/2015 1:24:46 PM

Pros: These have had some sad reviews lately, but here is my story. This has been the easiest dock to use for cloning our hdd's to ssd's. It seems to be made to "simply work" with Macrium Reflect. No pause or stutter, and great throughput. I used a shorter USB 3 cord than the one it came with, just for space conservation. Have cloned a few dozen machines for our local group, and so far not one failure or incomplete upgrade, since it was received. No driver hick-ups on any desktop or notebook.

Cons: None have been detected to date.

Overall Review: They are consistent with simple features, and operations. Got one on sale Now I wish I had bought a couple more.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear RAYMOND, Thank you so much for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Maite from ORICO customer care team. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. You are our best and regular client, please kindly let me know if you you have any question. Hope you can purchase from ORICO again! Thanks a lot. Best Regards Maite
found first at a different vendor8/20/2015 4:48:09 AM

Pros: This has been a convenient upgrade to an old wally mart box circa 2006. It was being temperamental with cloning, until I switched to Macrium Reflect, clone went without a hitch, If you need simple instructions you-tube will easily fill that. Just move the temp files and user accounts to old disk for space savings on the ssd.

Cons: The old machine was limited to usb 2 speeds but they are at the best the machine can do.

Overall Review: If you are on the fence, get some, you will be glad you did.

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PLA4101KIT12/23/2014 11:21:30 AM

Pros: A simple way to have a WIRED network, without running new cable. This kit was added to an existing network from another company. TL-PA2010KIT was the initial purchases, and set up, working as expected, with monitoring software installed. The powerline adapters are all 200Mbps. I have not had 1 reset or other failures since original purchase. ZyXEL kit was added to these and took a role in the network without setup or any other configuration downfalls you might expect. It plays well in this configuration. The tp-link software shows the mac addresses for each machine and makes monitoring a breeze. I use these for extensive gaming and heavy video traffic. All are working as well as hard wired connections. The signal is (green) full in any part of the house, 6 year old construction.

Cons: No cons, and these play well with other brands adapters. (TP-Link)

Overall Review: Remember to go to their website and register for warranty purposes. I had concerns that this kit would not be able to join an existing network. They did so without as much as having to hit the "Pairing" button. If your router is not reaching as far as it could, or if you just need something more secure, these are Perfect.

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Simple Printer12/23/2014 10:47:09 AM

Pros: This has been a great bargain for printing on the fly. It's not too noisy. Also fairly quick, and does quality printing. It does not come with a usb A-B cable. For a good printer in the ~$20 range you could ask no more. Simple install, on recent Windows releases. I keep spare cables, so I did not have to leave a troll review. I read the contents and knew what to expect.

Cons: The cons have not presented themselves nor do I expect any.

Overall Review: This is NOT a wireless printer. It DOES require a printer A~B cable. (not included) Is is a print ONLY machine. It does a fine job as the colors are incredible, and It's easy to set up. On Win 8.1, I plugged it in and it self installed the drivers while I cleaned up the tape, and packing.

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Simple dual band wireless11/3/2014 9:17:56 PM

Pros: This is a fine router, with all the power needed to fill my 2500 sq ft. It literally took longer to unwrap it (dual bubble wrapped express mailers) than it did to receive a signal. Quick set up guild it too easy. Simply change any settings and passwords, and turn on guest network (if needed) done. It comes with 3 ssid's defined, & preset. passwords are not on the router, so keep the quick start guild.

Cons: friggin' ~mylar~ bubble wrap..... hand grenade.......

Overall Review: This one is configured and kickin' like chicken. I will get a spare before they're gone.

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Recert. Force Series GS 1288/6/2014 12:56:35 AM

Pros: This item has been a simple install, and a quick access drive. (although it did not come with screws) It also came with the most recent firmware installed, 5.7 per Corsair toolbox. Used small space to access a ramdisk file.(loads in background while boot drive does its thang), only saving what was changed during the session. Removing load from main ssd. Atto speed test gets 540 Writes & 500 Reads

Cons: Only con is for not buying the limit during the sale.

Overall Review: Next time I will get more, thanks for the best price on good drives. It is a 7mm drive that should fit most notebooks, for a big speed boost.

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Nokia C2-01 Silver 3G Unlocked GSM Bar Phone with 3.2MP Camera4/13/2013 12:48:34 PM

Pros: This has been a good, inexpensive phone, with all I need to stay connected. It's Easily configured to your own needs and taste. I do not use the web or text functions in an ongoing way, but they work fine. I have used this for mp3 function while mowing. It has no problem with the 'add on' 16Gb micro sd card. Enough storage for more music and photos than most would carry. Also the Blutooth works great.

Cons: Screen protection is highly advised, and Nokia 5130 music express "screen covers" are cheap & a perfect fit.

Overall Review: Don't forget, a car charger, a Nokia micro plug, fits over 50 phones.

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Simple bracket that works well12/17/2012 7:30:16 AM

Pros: I have used these for several boxes, upgrading to ssd boot drive. They have fit any Brand of case I've tried, so far. I was getting similar items from an auction site, but they were often hard to fit, into standard spacing. Several friends have used both slots, with a dedicated second ssd, for Steam games.

Cons: So far the only drawback is the waiting on UPS, for a new batch.

Overall Review: For those of us with a need for speed, these work well for ssd raid. A simple low cost bracket that works. I've use these in screw in and tooless cases, and they just work.

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Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer5/5/2012 4:01:07 PM

Pros: These work great on an ASRock 970 Extreme4, with EUFI. It just took 10 seconds to set speed to 1866. The Board had already set the 9-9-9-27 timings and 1.5 voltage. With a 4100 AMD attached, and auto overclocked 15%, these go nuts. I prefer the ground effects orange, and the tracers blue. You will find yours too. A few extra bucks, but the lights are mesmerizing, Get you some.

Cons: Odd ball "tracking message" (from mail inovations) was very distracting. But the parts work well.

Overall Review: These passed Windows memory test easily. And look fantastic through the window of an M-59. Just download utility from the Eggs "Manufacture Product Page". It has a cool temp widget, if you like current events displayed. W/adjustable tranperency.

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Still O/S of choice2/9/2012 5:14:24 PM

Pros: It has been the most stable build of windows, I've used to date, bar none. With a ssd, and 5 minutes tweaking, you can have an everyday machine that cold start boots in ~15 seconds, to a useable homepage. with atleast 8gb in our machines, there is no slowdown like in XP, (or before).

Cons: None with the item,But as I was in a hurry, I forgot to set ahci during new build and had to change 2 numbers in registry to correct that. And 2 reboots.

Overall Review: With this O/S being so forgiving, there was no need to erase ssd and reload ahci settings and reinstall. As other people had suggested being only recourse.

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SATA Model GH22NS90B - OEM1/19/2012 2:27:49 AM

Pros: It is quiet, dependable and reads fast, always. It makes short work of installing software, and reads most all formats. I wish all were this reliable and quiet.

Cons: Absolutely nothing has come to light, with this used to do many O/S fresh installs.

Overall Review: This is a stock Item in case anyone needs a sata upgrade. I do alot of repairs for older machines, and upgrades for those not able to afford bleeding edge.

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Mixed blessings1/4/2012 10:24:23 PM

Pros: It has the best multimeter test results of any PSU I'v tried in recent years, beautiful color scheme. Connectors seem to be of the highest quality, and is virtually silent under moderate load. Modular design is perfect for my M59 case, plenty of length for a bottom fed configuration. Will buy again when on sale. (I'm cheap)

Cons: Works fine in several test units, But seems to dislike Asrock-970-extreme4, although I did not do any research on this via google.

Overall Review: I would have loved it if they had seperated the 8 and 4 pin Mobo cord. It seems to leave an unsightly section of cable in a hard to conceal location, otherwise well thought out design.

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Combo deal must have been a mistake, but I'm happy.1/4/2012 5:32:40 AM

Pros: This is the first ram on an AMD platform, I didn't have to correct too run at advertised specs. I have been a die hard Adata fan since they are the second largest mfg of memory for the industry, about the last 5 years. I had never received a bad stick, but they all needed prompting to run at spec. This runs fast timings and a better Windows score.

Cons: I cannot imagine anything to gripe about

Overall Review: With my recent purchase of a shell shock psu, with these bundled as an add on I saved an extra $18, got these and a mouse free, and a rebate for $25 in the mail. Christmas came twice this year. The same deal did not work later in the day..........

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Simple mouse1/4/2012 5:14:29 AM

Pros: It come with whatever I ordered, wound up with free gskill ram also. works fine, can't stand touch pad on notebooks

Cons: it has to install driver? maybe 15 seconds ? a bit small for my hands.

Overall Review: When people look a gift horse in the mouth, I wonder how bored they must be. It may be a simple mouse, I'm glad to get it, and look forward to more such suprizes

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Rosewill Strikes Again12/16/2011 4:39:41 AM

Pros: Arrived double boxed, reasonably quick, works fine and was a hit, at an early Christmas get together. It easily made snacks without firing up the large oven. And a microwave can't make things crispy without being nearly destroyed.

Cons: Not a con, but the door is not restricted while opening fully, just a heads up.

Overall Review: This has gotten a few less than stellar reviews, I have received one that works as intended. You should try a preliminary heat and cool cycle to rid the manufacturing oiled filament smell. Only happened once and all is good now.

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OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W12/5/2010 3:29:25 AM

Pros: Runs cool and quiet, with normal load. It's the first modular supply, but definitly the not the last. Cables easy to hide in a simple case, M59. All connections are secure and well terminated.

Cons: Ordered 11-12, arrived 11-17. I mailed rebate 11-18 it was received 11-29. It was approved on 12-5, now waiting on mailman, so no cons.

Overall Review: OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W powering easily: gigaboard 785 ud2h AMD 955 M adata 2x4 @ 1600 sapphire 4850 corsair h-50 cooler corsair V-32 ssd westrn dig 640 noctua fans NF-P12x5 cyber power1200lcd ups with 2 22"Gateway monitors, use 235watts from UPS

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727N10/30/2010 12:57:16 AM

Pros: Started using TP-Link a few months ago, and haven't found a situation Where they won't work. The price is right, the quality is outstanding, work on all Windows, XP- to present, 64 bit is not a problem, like some other Big Name adapters.

Cons: I personally have 4 in use under less than Ideal conditions, and they all pickup full bars, surrounded by various walls and different high voltage test equip. Couldn't be more pleased. (Sorry, couldn't think of anything negative)

Overall Review: These will be included in all boxes built or repaired from now on, where security, and stabuility is in demand. Better try one for yourself before they get away.

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TP-LINK TL-WN722N10/10/2010 6:25:51 AM

Pros: Simple install, works like a champ. Bought for a customer and all worked out, was done with this and new TP-Link router install, and printer network in 15 minutes.

Cons: Strange to see a lesser known brand acting so well.

Overall Review: Part of combo like many others, recently. With such great results, I'll need to keep a few of these around. 5 bars at about 80 feet.

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Outstanding Picture7/21/2010 2:36:51 PM

Pros: Highly functional monitor, adjusts easily, clairity on par with my Gateway 22" I paid 5 times more for. It comes with all cords that it has connectors for, DVI, D-Sub, Sound, and Power ofcourse. Well packaged and protected. 1600 x 900 native resolution.

Cons: Sound is on the low side but this would work fine if used for surfing.

Overall Review: I'm not sure why Glare Panel is in the title description, as there are no problems I can see. Manual is on the included disc.

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need more, but they're out7/19/2010 11:50:37 PM

Pros: This passed the Hulu stream test, and several other obsticles, I tried to stump it with. Works well on Ult 7x64 with an easy download from site. It only required one try to pick-up three signals, and as I live on an acreage, that tells me the range is outstanding. I couldn't find a place that it would show less than full strength.

Cons: That I put off wireless connectivity so long. They are out of stock.

Overall Review: This was about as painless as you could ask for. ETA says later today. Better get one before they're gone again.

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CyberPower Intelligent LCD Series5/20/2010 5:32:23 AM

Pros: I've had better "luck" if you will, with cyber power ups than all other brands combined. There's several protecting my home theater and computer equipment at here and work. This is the biggest so far, but for what you spend in your toybox, can you afford not to watch it's back? I paid nearly as much for 6 Noctua case fans. Software is easy to use, downloaded fron net, but it appears that the disc is up to date. It stays quiet and cool. It would be ok if the monitor would stay lit, but it be a drain.

Cons: None other than the box was not taped shut for delivery. The unit had a rough ride, with the styrofoam broken and battered, but the devise did not receive a scratch. And I still haven't gotten a reply on that free hat.

Overall Review: Well to say it's a good investment is an understatment. It's earned it's keep just tonight. During a stormy night in the tornado ridden Tulsa area, when lightning scrammed our neighborhood grid. It is the sole defender of my AMD gamer. On idle 189 watts it showes 28 min b/u, and gaming 13! powering: 955 on gigaboard in M59 22" gateway mon 4850 1gig 8 gig ddr3 430 w ps 6 fans 1 o/d 1 h/d

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback regarding the CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD. Based on the experience described, this appears to be an issue involving this specific model being shipped only in its retail box without an additional brown cardboard shipping box. The retail boxes that CyberPower provides to its partners are not designed to be used alone as a shipping box. With millions of UPS units sold annually, CyberPower is constantly working with its partners to ensure customers like yourself are satisfied and we will continue to do so in this case. We recommend that the partner you ordered the UPS from be contacted immediately to address any issues arising from shipping.
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M595/16/2010 6:44:09 AM

Pros: I've been stuck on these NZXT cases lately, because they simply work, and look good while doing it. They are easy to work on, and upgrades with the mobo cutout, make mods and alternating cooler configurations a no brainer. Wires are easy to hide, so the fans can do their job. Can use up to 3 more depending on your specs. And the double tray for the 2.5 ssd is a bonus, now fast boot drives are coming into style and are nearing affordable prices. Most of the scews are a simple thumb screw. watch for the thread color, black is for opticle drives (3mm), and silver for the rest (6/32)

Cons: Watch for a sale and the cons magicaly disapear.

Overall Review: I've been stuck on these M59 cases for a while, waiting patiently for a rebate like we all do from time to time. I sent an inquiry about a recent rebate and was answered back courtiously in a matter of a couple hours a couple of days ago. Most of the parts on the Egg are low enough to not look much farther when we find something that strikes our fancy. While on sale these cases demand a second look.

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E2500 quick cam?5/13/2010 7:28:58 AM

Pros: Have had great results with this version. As listed in "product description" only works with included software disc thru Vista. Never fear, these where sold as W7 was in the works and must be downloaded from their website directly. As a matter of fact I handed these out at Christmas last year. Watch when downloading from site, if you need 64bit, it's there.

Cons: Free shipping and a great product, no cons here.

Overall Review: This is what to look for on Logitech site: Title: Logitech Webcam Software with Vid Software Version: 1.1 Post Date: 10-27-2009 Platform: Windows 7 File Size: 50 Mb Vid is their proprietary video cam software, downloadable effects-o-plenty The Vid software is so simple to use, and fun to play with, drives my family nuts.

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