Cheap, and not just in the good way4/19/2021 10:43:23 AM

Pros: It's lightweight, and easy to carry around. The light seems to be good quality, and seems to work well.

Cons: Very cheap, flimsy construction. To begin with, when I first pulled out the tripod and and loosened the screw to adjust the legs, the screw came out of what should be a captive slot, and now I'm problems getting it back in. This is the only tripod I've ever seen in my life that allows you to accidentally remove the adjustment screws. The light works well, except that I don't understand the concept of setting up a portable device to obtain its power from a USB port. This means that I now have to carry around some external power source, such as a laptop or a portable USB charging unit, to power the light. Wouldn't it have been better to just include a rechargable battery unit with the light? The phone clip is just barely wide enough to mount my Samsung Galaxy A20 when it's in its case. And, if you're not careful when you mount the phone, you will pinch your fingers.

Overall Review: It's a good idea, but not well executed.

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Good build quality, nice features3/26/2020 8:11:11 PM

Pros: Good build quality, with easy access on both sides. Having easy access on the back side means having easy access to cable runs, in order to properly route cables. For storage, it has three easily accessible trays for three 2.5" SSDs, and a tray at the bottom for mounting up to two normal 3.5" hard drives. For ventilation, it has a pair of 7" fans on the front of the case. (Large fans mean lower fan speeds, which means less noise.) Handy, easy-to-clean dust filter over power supply air intake. (It's held in place by magnets, so it's also very easy to remove for cleaning.) It's very attractive, with tempered glass side panels on both sides. It's not a "tool-less" case, but the only tool you'll need is a simple screwdriver.

Cons: Power switch and USB ports are on top of the case, instead of on the front. That makes it easy to spill something in the USB ports, and it makes it easy for my cats to turn the computer on or off by jumping up on the switch. (And yes, the cat issue is a real consideration around my place.) There's no bay to mount a CD/DVD drive. Okay, to be fair, that might not be such a big deal to most people nowadays, but to some people it might be.

Overall Review: Overall, it's a nice case at a nice price. The only reason I'm taking off one egg is because of having the power switch and USB ports on top instead of on the front. (But to be fair, that's my preference, and it might be okay with someone else.)

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Very nice, and Linux-compatible6/1/2018 8:26:41 AM

Pros: It's a nice, quiet, compact unit that's perfect for transporting along with your laptop. Even though it's a rather low-speed 5400-rpm drive, transfer speeds seem to be adequate for most uses. Since I am primarily a Linux power user, I wanted to try it with a Linux machine. Here on this Fedora 28 machine, it was recognized as soon as I plugged it in. Of course, with the NTFS filesystem, any files that you transfer from a Linux machine will have full read/write/execute privileges for everybody, but that's just an idiosyncrasy of using Linux with NTFS. I could, if I wanted to, refornat the drive to a Linux filesystem, but I'd rather leave it as is so that I can also use it with my Windows machines. (Fixing file permissions on a Linux machine after doing a restore operation is a simple task.) I've also plugged the drive into one of my Windows 10 machines, and again, it was recognized immediately.

Cons: I haven't tried the software, mainly due to the fact that other reviewers have already told me everything I need to know about it. For backup purposes on Windows machines, I'd rather just use the backup utility that's built into Windows. For my Linux machines, I'll just use rsync. For encryption, I actually don't like the idea of using closed-source, proprietary software in any case. For best security, you want to be able to audit encryption code for back doors, etc. With something like VeraCrypt, a Free Open-Source product with auditable code, I would be able to create encrypted containers that I can share between my Linux and Windows machines.

Overall Review: Overall, I like the drive, as most reviewers seem to. I've found the other reviews to be very useful, and I didn't want to totally repeat what they said. Hopefully, my write-up about this drive's Linux compatibility will be useful to someone. The one bad thing about reviewing drives is that the two weeks given to us to write the review isn't near enough time to gauge the drive's durability. So far so good with this one, and I hope that the drive will last long-term.

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Works well, Windows 10 Did Activate4/12/2018 10:11:34 AM

Pros: Large capacity 2-TB harddrive. Fast CPU. Runs well, and runs quietly. Eight GB of RAM, upgradable to 32 GB. And yes, Windows 10 did activate properly, with no issues. For home or office work, surfing the web, watching videos, or listening to music, this machine will definitely do the job.

Cons: The keyboard that comes with it is a dinky compact model that looks more like a laptop keyboard than a desktop keyboard. I guess that it would work well once a person gets used to it, but I'd much prefer a full-sized desktop model. (In fact, I will be swapping this keyboard out for a full-sized model.)

Overall Review: The Core i5 CPU that comes with this machine is great for most work and most users. However, if you have to work with VirtualBox virtual machines as I sometimes have to do, the Core i5 CPU presents a bit of a problem. That is, even though the Core i3 and Core i5 CPUs are 64-bit architecture, they lack the hardware acceleration that's needed to run 64-bit virtual machines. So, my complaint here isn't really with Acer, but with Intel for having so seriously crippled their lower priced CPUs. But, for anyone who just needs a general-purpose computer and doesn't have to worry about running 64-bit virtual machines, this computer will get the job done. So yes, I can recommend it.

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Good sound, good comfort12/10/2017 12:45:00 PM

Pros: Extremely comfortable to wear, even over my glasses. The 3.5mm plug and the USB adapter allow you to use this headset with both PCs and gaming consoles. Sound for both microphone and headphones is quite good, especially with Dolby surround sound turned on. Having the mute button and volume control on the left earpiece is very handy. It means that I no longer have to fumble around on the cord to find the controller.

Cons: The software is for Windows only, and it doesn't include the full selection of equalization presets that is available for other brands of gaming headsets. What I'm talking about, is that the software for other brands of gaming headsets have presets for different genres of music, and ambiance settings for different venues. The software for this headset has only a few presets, and none of them are for music. But, I did find that the "Bass Boost" preset was the best setting for most of my music. (This is the only reason that I deducted an egg. The headset itself does deserve the full five eggs.)

Overall Review: Since I'm primarily a Linux guy, I did try this set on a Lubuntu Linux machine, and it did work. But, without a Linux version of the software, you can't take full advantage of the features. On Windows 10 though, everything does work quite well. Other than the minor issue with the lack of EQ presets in the software, I can definitely recommend this item.

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A joy to use!1/31/2017 9:11:08 AM

Pros: The backlit keyboard is very nice and very handy for me, since I often work in a darkened room. The fact that I can change the color scheme of the backlighting is an extra bonus. Macro keys are easy to set up and easy to manage. Unlike some of the more modern keyboards, the cursor, delete, page up/down, etc. keys are in the traditional layout, which makes them very easy for me to use. Also, the keys themselves are the more stand-alone key type, yet aren't the little chiclet keys that many of the new keyboards have. Again, that makes it very easy for me to use, while still eliminating the possibility that keys will start sticking together as I've had happen on some of my older keyboards. Touch typing is extremely easy with this keyboard.

Cons: The multi-media control keys aren't backlit, so I'd still have to break out my flashlight to find those in a darkened room. But, that's a minor detail and I won't deduct an egg for just that.

Overall Review: This keyboard will permanently replace the Hewlett-Packard keyboard that cam with my Hewlett-Packard Envy. Why the HP engineers designed that keyboard the way they did is beyond me. This keyboard will be much better, and I'm glad that I have it.

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Nice for the price9/16/2016 10:21:02 AM

Pros: Great color, beautiful picture. Works well with high-resolution video. Easy assembly, which took something like ten seconds. (It took longer to remove it from the box than it did to assemble it.) A sturdily-built base. Has HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports. Reasonable price.

Cons: There is neither a height adjustment nor any kind of a tilt adjustment. It only came with a standard VGA cable, even though most video cards and computers nowadays come with newer types of connectors. If your computer uses anything other than standard VGA, be aware that you'll need to buy another cable separately.

Overall Review: I know that it's customary to comment about the monitor's control buttons, but I didn't have any need to use any of them, other than the on-off switch. (Everything worked perfectly out-of-the-box, without any need for adjustment.) If you get one of these that doesn't have a power cord in the box with it, just let Newegg know and they'll make it right. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a low-cost monitor, as long as the person can get by without height or tilt adjustments.

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Works with Linux!7/21/2016 10:49:42 AM

Pros: No cap to lose. (I hate dealing with those caps.) It works with Linux, so you can add that to the item description. In fact, it was recognized immediately, as soon as I plugged it into the USB 3.0 port of my Lubuntu 14.04 machine. When plugged into a USB 3.0 port, I copied a 4.1GB .iso file to it in under two minutes. For the price, that works for me.

Cons: There are several good software packages that you can download from the manufacturer's website. But, they're all for either Windows or Mac, with nothing for Linux. But, even that's not a real big deal, since I could likely either find what I would need in the Ubuntu repositories, or just write my own bash shell script.

Overall Review: Having this drive come formatted with FAT32 is both a "pro" and a "con". The "pro" part is that FAT32 is pretty much universal, which allows plug-n-play operation with pretty much any operating system. The "con" part is that FAT32 won't store large files. Since I'm a Linux power user, I did a quick Duck-Duck-Go search to find out how to format it for exFAT with Linux. It turns out that on my Lubuntu system at least, the tools to do that aren't installed by default. So, I had to install the exfat-fuse and the exfat-utils packages to get that capability. Once those packages are installed, reformatting for exFAT was quick and easy, only taking a few seconds. Once I did that, the transfer of the 4.1GB .iso file worked perfectly. I can't yet comment on long-term durability, but so far, this looks pretty good.

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Beautiful picture, innovative controls. Works with Linux.12/26/2015 4:35:37 PM

Pros: The picture is sharp, with beautiful colors. There's only one control button, which activates an on-screen display of the different control functions. You then use that single button to navigate the on-screen menus. It's nice, because you'll never have to fumble around for the proper button. Both Windows and Linux auto-detect the display just fine, and automatically select the proper resolution for it.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I have it hooked up to four machines through a KVM switch. Three of the machines are running Windows 10, and the fourth is running Lubuntu Linux. All work fine with it.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Worked fine out-of-the-box12/26/2015 4:26:48 PM

Pros: Set-up was very easy, and everything worked perfectly right out-of-the-box. Unlike some of the previous reviewers, I didn't need to do any voodoo to get the mouse to work properly, and I didn't need to do any firmware updates. So, I'm thinking that the Iogear folk took the previous reviews to heart, and fixed the problems.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I currently have it set up with three Macs, and it works great. Recommended purchase.

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Speedy, capacity, price12/26/2015 4:07:32 PM

Pros: Speed--I did a clean installation of 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, and I was quite impressed with how quickly the job went. Normally when I install an operating system, I have time to go grab a sandwich and some brewski while waiting for the installation to finish. Not this time, though. The installation was over and done with before I knew it. Boot-up into Windows 10 is almost instantaneous, and performance is snappy. Capacity--I have to confess that I haven't kept up very well with the SSD market, and I wasn't aware that they are now available with near one-Terabyte capacities. It was a pleasant surprise, since my job requires me to create lots of space-hogging virtual machines. Price--Although SSDs are still more expensive than conventional hard drives, this one is still less expensive than what the lower-capacity SSDs of only a few years ago were. Again, I was quite surprised, given that I haven't kept up with the SSD market.

Cons: Not really a con, but. . . The 3 1/2 inch mounting plate isn't long enough to mount properly in a 3 1/2 inch drive bay. In my Dell, I have the front portion of the plate held in place by the drive bay mounting pins, but the back portion is just hanging down, since the plate doesn't reach to the rear mounting pins. Not a big deal though. It still works. Other than that minor little quibble, it's all good.

Overall Review: If you're in the market for a new drive and feel the need for speed, you won't go wrong with this.

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Very nice, but Windows only9/20/2015 11:32:40 AM

Pros: Sturdy build quality. Very nice headphone sound. Software installed on Windows 10 with no problems. Good for audiophiles as well as for gamers, with a good selection of equalizer presets for different types of music. Retractable microphone is a unique idea. It stays out of the way better and is less prone to breakage than the normal flip-up microphone. Very comfortable to wear for long periods. By covering the entire ear, background noises are well-muted. The virtual 7.1 surround sound definitely makes a positive difference.

Cons: Compared to my Logitech headsets, the sound from the microphone sounds a bit fuzzy. It's not that bad, but the microphone sound on the Logitech set is definitely better. The only other real "con" is that the software is for Windows only. So, if you do gaming on either MacOS or Linux, you're out of luck.

Overall Review: To test these, I listened to various styles of music on iTunes, and played around with the different equalizer presets. I then played a round of Far Cry. In both cases, the surround sound works very well, and sounds very nice. In the past, I've bought gaming headsets that cost about the same as what these do. Although those headset had nice features, the build quality was terrible, and they just didn't last. Although it's too soon to say how long these will last, I have to say that they look like they're much sturdier than the others that I've had.

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Very handy, very nice8/22/2015 4:42:08 PM

Pros: Snappy performance. Nice video. Very low power consumption, very long battery life. Handy ports on side. Full Windows 8.1. (Not RT.) Eligible for Windows 10 upgrade. Good Wi-Fi range. Detachable keyboard included in price.

Cons: The keyboard is a bit awkward to use due to its compact size and layout, but that would also be true with any tablet product. It would be nice to have a pouch for the mini-USB cable on the carrying case, to help prevent me from misplacing the cable. Most of the 32-GBytes of storage is taken up by Windows, so not much space is left for installing additional apps. Doubling the storage to 64 GBytes would be much better.

Overall Review: I've been using it with the original Windows 8.1 for the past week, and it's been very nice. Today, I installed the Windows 10 upgrade. Be aware, that there's not enough space on the built-in storage to perform the upgrade. But, I got around that by sticking in a 64-GByte MicroSD card. (I actually only needed an additional 9.1 GBytes for the upgrade, though.) Overall, I like it very much, and can foresee getting much use from it.

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Beautiful!3/4/2015 9:35:07 AM

Pros: Beautiful image, great color saturation. I plugged it into the HDMI port of my high-end nVidia video card, and everything worked perfectly out-of-the-box. Very good value for the price.

Cons: The built-in speakers aren't the best sounding. But, I never expect built-in speakers to sound all that great, so I'm not taking any eggs off because of it.

Overall Review: I know that it's customary to write something about the controls, but I'm afraid that I can't. The only control that I've even touched is the on-off switch. Everything was perfect when I connected it to the machine, so there was no need at all for me to even try out the other controls.

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Works great!1/19/2015 9:19:17 AM

Pros: The thing just works. I mean, the setup manual basically just says, "Unpack, plug into power outlet, plug in devices". And, guess what? That's all of the directions that you could possibly ever need. Transfer speed is quite good. I tested it by transferring a large .iso file, and the transfer completed in no time.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: It doens't have the bells and whistles of a regular enterprise-type switch. I don't count that as a negative, because there are lots of users who will never need them. If your switching needs are simple, this item will definitely do the job. Highly recommended.

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Very Nice!8/11/2014 3:03:49 PM

Pros: It's exceedingly rare for me to ever give a glowing, two-thumbs up review on anything. But with this item, I pretty much have to. Capacity--I received the 12-Terabyte model that came equipped with two six-Terabyte drives in RAID 0 configuration. That's pretty amazing, considering that the first hard drive I ever bought, back in the 1980s, had ten Megabytes of capacity, and was about the same physical size as this unit. Linux Compatibility--I have no idea why Western Digital isn't advertising this. When I plugged this unit into my Lubuntu 13.10 machine, it was recognized immediately, and was automatically mounted under the "/media" directory. Lubuntu has the built-in capability of reading and writing to NTFS formatted drives, so there was no need to reformat the unit to use it with Linux. In fact, I now have backup files from the Linux machine peacefully co-existing with backup files from my Windows machines. (The only other Linux distro that I tried this with was Clonezilla, and it also worked perfectly.) Speed--All of my Windows machines are so old that they all have the old USB 2.0 hubs. So, when I plugged the unit into them, I found that it was no faster than using a regular, cheap hard drive in a cheap enclosure. However, when I plugged the unit into my Lubuntu machine, the only one in the house that's new enough to have USB 3.0, I was blown away by the speed. When I did an "rsync" of a rather large directory, I was totally unprepared for how fast the operation would complete. (You need USB 3.0 to take advantage of RAID 0 write speeds.) Backup Software Compatibility--The unit comes with its own backup software, but I also had it working perfectly with the backup utility that's built into Windows 7. As I type this, I'm using Clonezilla to create a backup image of a Windows XP drive on this unit. Clonezilla also recognized the unit immediately, and auto-mounted it as "/dev/sdb1". Ease of Use--I've tried it with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Lubuntu Linux. It's just an easy plug-and-play with all of them. (Note that if you plug it into a Windows XP machine, it will automatically install the drivers, but it still won't work. That's okay, because Western Digital doesn't advertise the 12-Terabyte model as being XP-compatible. Besides, there's still Clonezilla.) Flexibility--The unit comes configured as RAID 0. However, you can easily change it to either RAID 1, or to use both drives independently

Cons: So far, none. Of course, I haven't had it long enough to evaluate the durability of the drives, but I have found in the past that Western Digital's warranty service is absolutely superb.

Overall Review: The software that comes with this unit is nice, and does have nice features. Once you install it on a Windows Vista, 7, or 8 computer, it will automatically backup your data files as you write them to the computer's hard drive. However, be aware that you can only install the software on one computer at a time. According to the owner's manual, if you want to install the software on another computer, you have to completely erase everything from the unit's drives, and then download a fresh copy of the software from the Western Digital site. However, installing the software on one computer does not prevent you from moving the unit to another computer, and using a different backup program. For hard-drive backup, you can download the Acronis software for free. But, I found that it actually only gives the options to backup individual partitions, rather than the whoe drive. So, rather than use Acronis, I'll just stick to Clonezilla.

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Wireless wouldn't work7/29/2014 8:31:48 AM

Pros: Compact size. The configuration utility automatically detected both the wireless adapter of the printer, and all available wireless access points. Since I never did get the wireless to actually connect, I did a test printout via the USB cable, and found print quality to be quite good.

Cons: Even though the print quality with the USB cable is good, I'm only giving this one star due to problems with getting it configured. I plugged the USB cable into my Toshiba laptop that's running Windows Vista, and got the software to install okay. However, when I went to configure the wireless connection, I found that I was unable to. I wanted to connect it to my wireless access point, but I found that the "Paste" function is disabled for the password field. For me, that's a real problem, because my wireless access password is 63 characters of random letters, numbers, and characters, which was generated by Keepass. For everything else, I can just copy and paste the password into whatever website or utility that I'm using, and it's all good. With this, there was neither "Ctrl-V" nor right-click menu functionality. So, I decided to try connecting directly to the printer. The menu for that option gave me the choice of "None", "WEP", or "WPA/WPA2" for security. I clicked on "WPA/WPA2", and was asked for a password. That's great, except that there's no place to configure a password. So, I chose "None", figuring that it would connect okay. However, it never did. The wireless light on the printer continued flashing slowly the whole time, indicating that it was searching for a network connection, but no connection was ever made. Also, I pulled up "InSSIDer" on the computer, and verified that the printer's wireless adapter was being properly identified. (It was.) Then, I tried again to connect to the wireless access point, and tried entering my 63-character password manually. As you can imagine, it didn't connect that way, either. I didn't take the time to try that again, because entering that long of a complex password is too prone to error. So then, I tried multiple times to connect directly without security, trying something different each time. Each time, I was unsuccessful. I even pulled out my spare wireless access point, which uses a shorter, easier to type password than what the other one uses. I was careful to type the password into the printer configuration utility correctly, but it still wouldn't connect. (I verified with inSSIDer that the access point is accessible.)

Overall Review: There's neither excuse nor good reason for disabling the "Paste" functionality for the password field. For those of us with long, complex passwords on our wireless routers, Copy and Paste functionality is an absolute must. If only the wireless function would have worked for me, I likely would have given this a better review.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Donnie, We appreciate your feedback and apologize for all the issues you experienced with our printer. We will keep your suggestions in mind while improving our future products. In the configuration page, if the paste function is enabled, then it will lead to some security and other predictability issues. So, we kept in such a way to avoid those problems. But, We will keep in mind about your concerns like the password generated by keypass. We will soon update the drivers with the latest softwares to meet your demands for your best user experience. Thank you.
Nice little switch12/22/2013 12:23:52 PM

Pros: So far, everything is functioning quite well, and I am in fact using it now. It recognizes both my DSL modem and my Cisco Business Class 24-port switch. It works well when daisy-chained with the Cisco switch. (I saw in other reviews where people were having trouble when daisy-chaining with another power-saving switch. Here, though, it's working just fine.) Setup is pretty much instantaneous. There are no management features, which is quite acceptable if all you need is something for home or small office use. Recognition of either cross-over or straight Ethernet cables is automatic. So, there's no separate port for a cross-over cable, as older network devices have.

Cons: I've never been a big fan of wall-wart power supplies, because they make it hard to plug in other devices on the same power strip or outlet. I'd rather see something with a regular plug, with a power supply unit that's further up the cord.

Overall Review: All-in-all, it's a neat little unit, at an affordable price. If you need something quick and simple to set up, this is just the ticket.

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Works well, but soon to be obsolete11/15/2013 11:21:50 AM

Pros: Extremely easy to setup. Just follow the steps in the Quick Installation guide, and you're good-to-go with only a few minutes. Working well so far. My laptop recognized it instantly, with no issues. If all you need is just a plain, 2.4 GHz repeater, this will do the job for you. And, for the price, it's not a bad deal.

Cons: With so many newer devices now working with the 5 GHz band, this may soon become obsolete. It's great if all you need is just 2.4 GHz connectivity, but if you need 5GHz connectivity, you'll need to look elsewhere.

Overall Review: Not really a con, but, you'll need to be familiar with the controls on your wireless router before you use this. In my case, I found that there was no button marked either "WPS" or "QSS" on my Cisco Linksys router. What there was instead, was a button that was marked by a circle with a lightening bolt through it. Overall, it's a good deal, if you don't need the 5GHz.

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Works well, if you know your house wiring10/13/2013 10:32:47 AM

Pros: You can't beat the price, especially when they're on sale. I'm using my pair now, and they seem to be working quite well, with decent Internet speeds. As long as you know how your house is wired, the setup is instantaneous, with no muss, no fuss.

Cons: The main con isn't the fault of the device design, but rather an unfortunate side-effect of the way U.S. houses are wired. Part of my house is wired to one incoming "hot" leg, and the rest of the house is wired to the other incoming "hot" leg. These devices can only work when they're both plugged into outlets that use the same hot leg. So, I can only use mine when both devices are plugged into the same side of the house. If I take one to the other side of the house, I'll be on a different circuit, so the devices won't be able to find each other. My recommendation: Before you order these, investigate the wiring in your house, to make sure that you can connect them where you want them. If you find that you can't, then you'll likely want to spend a bit more to get a wireless setup, instead.

Overall Review: These are good if you need just a quick and easy networking setup, and if you don't require the transfer speeds of a full-blown gigabit network. For simple Internet surfing and file-sharing, they'll do quite nicely. I didn't remove an egg for the house wiring issue, because that's something that the designers of these devices can't do anything about.

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Good, but a bit pricey9/10/2013 5:18:42 PM

Pros: The setup program is quite easy, as it does all of the essential stuff for you automatically. Range seems quite good. I took my laptop outside, quite far from the router, and sat there watching a two-hour movie on YouTube. ("The Outlaw", starring Jane Russell.) No dropouts or any other problems were encountered. Sharing out a memory stick that I stuck into the USB port worked quite well. The stick was instantly recognized by the router, and after a minute or two for NETBIOS to do its thing, the stick was recognized by my laptop.

Cons: The setup program counts as both a "pro" and a "con". Yes, the program is easy to use, but if you choose the automated setup option, it makes choices for you without telling you what those choices are. I went back in afterwards to review the choices, and found that the "guest" account was turned on by default, that it was set to use either WPA or WPA2, and that router access was set to unencrypted "http" mode instead of encrypted "https" mode. Fixing those problems was easy enough, though. The price does seem a bit high for what you get. Yeah, it's nice that it has Gigabit speeds, but I've recently seen another brand with 750Mbps speeds--almost as fast--for about half the price as this one. Also, the other brand had three USB ports, where this model only has one.

Overall Review: Overall, it's a good wireless router. But, the price may turn some folk off. I'm taking off one star, only because of the price and the minor issues with the setup and some of the default security settings.

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So far, so good9/10/2013 12:51:33 PM

Pros: The firmware was at its latest update, so I didn't experience the problems that some other reviewers did. Range seems quite good. For testing, I took my laptop outside, and the connection was still in the "fair" to "good" range. When surfing the Internet with my 15 Mbps DSL connection, I can't tell any difference between using this and plugging into the wired network. So far, stability seems quite good. I tested it a couple of nights ago by watching some movies on YouTube. All went well, with no interruptions in the wireless connection. Setup is easy, once you finally figure out the little "gotchas". There are good security features, in addition to the ability to use WPA2/AES encryption. Features include different settings that can help minimize the chances of different types of attacks. The ability to use passwords of up to 63 characters in length is quite nice. Just get something like "Keepass" to generate and remember the password for you, and you shouldn't have to worry about someone cracking your password.

Cons: If you don't have a DHCP server of some sort on your network, then the configuration program that comes on the CD won't work, since it's looking for the device to have a usable IP address assigned to it.. In my case, I had the DHCP server in my DSL gateway disabled, since I mostly use static IP addresses here on my network. So, I had to go with the web-based configuration utility. The web-based configuration is easy, once you get used to the fact that "WAN" refers to the wired network that you're plugging this into, and that "LAN" refers to the wireless side of the router. (It took me a while to figure that out, and so the setup took a bit longer than it should have.) The web-base configuration is only via regular HTTP, without use of SSL or TLS encryption. I consider that a fairly serious oversight. And, I mean no offense by this, but it might be good to have the documentation proofread by someone who is a native speaker of English.

Overall Review: Even though I'm quite the experienced geek, I'm brand-new to the wireless business. Right now, I have Ethernet cables running all over the house, but this wireless router may allow me to do away with that mess. I was quite surprised to see that this router can handle transfer speeds of up to 750 Mbps. I really wanted to try that out, but found that the wireless adapter on my laptop is an older variety that can only go up to 54 Mbps, and that can only handle the 2.4GHZ band. But, my testing showed that I was getting that full 54 Mbps speed with this router. Later, I'll see about getting a newer type of wireless adapter. At that time, I'll update my review to reflect the newer speed capabilities. Overall, I'm happy with the router. My only complaints, which took off one egg, are the minor ones that I cited above about the configuration utility and the documentation.

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Love it!6/15/2013 11:48:41 AM

Pros: I absolutely love these CyberPower UPSs. I have several, and have never had a problem with any of them. (They're of infinitely better quality than a certain other brand that comes from that place that's named after a big jungle cat.)

Cons: None.

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They work perfectly6/15/2013 11:44:23 AM

Pros: I've just now received them, and have already installed them into my trusty old Dell Precision 670. They work perfectly, and are a perfect replacement for the old modules that went bad.

Cons: None.

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Unreliable9/29/2012 7:37:35 AM

Pros: Speedy. Works well as long as it does work.

Cons: Died after less than a year of use.

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Manufacturer Response:
We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the WD Black, as this is not the typical experience with the product. We are very sorry to hear that your drive did not function so soon after it was delivered. Western Digital does rigorously test and verify all of our drives, prior to shipping, with burn in and diagnostic tests. As a troubleshooting step, we recommend running either our WINDLG diagnostics software or Macs built in Disk Utility to check your drives health. We do stand behind our warranty and replacement policy and would appreciate the opportunity to replace your drive for you. Please click the following link for our replacement procedure. How to get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty For information on proper handling and installation of your drives, please refer to the following link. We would appreciate the opportunity to further assist you, and resolve any further concerns you may have with the device and/or your experience. You may contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932, or via our support website at: Please indicate within the online case creation or with the first support agent you speak with, that you are responding to a Newegg review, so we route you and your information to the correct team members.