Works really well8/25/2018 3:44:38 PM

Pros: I have been running CAT cable throw my rooms to get internet on my desktop till now this small USB wifi dongle removed the need to long cables now I can make my desktop wifi enabled using this dongle. The setup was really easy it was plug and play for my windows 10 machine. I loved the single button sync to avoid need of password to connect with my router. Well worth the amount.

Cons: Nothing so far

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True All in one hard drivee copiers8/25/2018 3:39:31 PM

Pros: If you are working in IT and have to deal with lot of data copy, hard drive backups this is must have. The design of the dock is unique it can hold both 3.5 and 2.5 inch hard drive. In my work I have to backup lots of hard drives and at that time the ofline copy becomes handy. I am responsible to get users data before they get replacement device and this dock have saved many of my hours just put new and old drive clone it and ready to use. The additional USB and SD cards become handy too for backing up data from different sources. I dont use them very often but now I don't need additional card readers or USB docking station this single unit does all the job.

Cons: No issues so far

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Great quality and easy to setup8/15/2018 2:50:31 PM

Pros: I have used multiple USB wifi dongle and this one is so far one of the best one i have used. The usb was plug and play for my windows 10 laptop didnt need any extra drivers which is best part of it. My all other USB wifi dongle in past had to install drivers before i can use it. This dongle supports both 2.4 and 5 GHZ to balance out your traffic on router. I haven't used with G router as i dont have one but works well with my AC and N router.

Cons: No issues so far

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Great quality build with USB C port5/7/2018 2:20:05 PM

Pros: Now days USB C is becoming standard and my new laptop have USB C port and while browsing others i can along this metal build docking. The docking its self is easy to use. No additional drivers were needed for my Dell precision laptop. Its truly plug and play dock. I got 2 4k monitors and the dock truly transmit 4k pictures. The USB 3.0 are really fast for data transfer which becomes really handy as my laptop only have 1 USB 3.0 port.

Cons: none

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Great AC 600 USB wifi adapter - Recommend this Product Highly!5/7/2018 2:09:54 PM

Pros: Ordered on Saturday and it was delivered on Monday, great service. Running Windows 7. Installed software first then plug in adapter. Have 100 Mbps service and when I plug in using a LAN cable I get a speedtest result of 85-90 Mbps. When using the ac600Mbps on the 5 Ghz band downstairs from the router I get a speedtest result of 75-80 Mbps. This thing works great. I do have one issue, when activated the adapter has a blue wireless light that flashes constantly, it is annoying and I have covered it with a piece of tape. For the price and performance of this adapter it is absolutely a best buy.

Cons: None

Overall Review: It solved all of the dropped connections and not identifying networks problems. The software was totally intuitive. The selection of included drivers covered all popular operating systems. Delivery was FAST. The price was right. I am one thrilled customer.

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The Second Generation USB 7 Ports hub Works really well, and its really FAST!!!4/20/2018 8:54:30 PM

Pros: This is the Second Generation USB 7.0 Ports hub from wavlink. I had a previous, poorly-designed USB 3.0 hub that died on me. For a replacement, I wanted something that was self-powered (AC adapter) and had multiple ports. I love the fact that each port can be powered on individually. The instructions are simple and straightforward, and it looks great. Setup was as easy as plug and play, so no complaints there. Because a lot of these ports marketed as "USB 3.0" end up being deceitful, I opted to run a benchmark test on the hub. I'm including the results--it passed with flying colors! I transferred some fairly large (50+ gigs) to my external hard drive, and the transfers flew.

Cons: - Nothing i have come across

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Quick and easy to use3/23/2018 3:07:33 PM

Pros: - Small in size - easy to setup - can work as router or repeater - easy to switch mode - Good signal quality and extended range - Wireless plus wired option becomes so handy - Dual channels works really well

Cons: So far haven't encounter any issue will update in case i come across

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Best AC router i have used1/27/2018 6:55:22 PM

Pros: AC routers are slowly getting popular as they also allows user to stream multiple devices with great speed and coverage. This router have four antennas which helps it to distribute the router signals evenly and enhance performance. I have tried the Netgare and Belkin AC router but this router provides same benefit and speed at fraction of the price. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for stable and speedy internet.

Cons: No issues encountered so far.

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