High build quality needs updates design to handle this card2/26/2021 7:58:18 AM

Pros: Beautiful, weighty, good quality

Cons: Needs update design can’t handle the heat. Not much better than stock cooler - VRAM throttles performance while gaming. Does improve GPU temp.

Overall Review: The ancient design needs to be updated to handle the 3090. The card just gets way too hot and this product doesn’t handle the card well especially the memory. Is it nvidia fault to have so many memory chips or is it time for block manufacturers to test their product performance before going to market? Beautiful looks an you can tell from the eight it’s too build quality. But vram gets way too hot and there is not good design foe the backplate to cool. Should have actively cooled (water) backplate for this card. Check online you will see. Still give it five stars but design is behind the new tech demands

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Beautiful case. Better than the original.1/14/2020 6:51:54 AM

Pros: Better spacing, water cooling options are plenty, worth it to upgrade from the original if using lots of radiators or E ATX board.

Cons: If using all hard drive bays - they will get hot. I have two HDD's and two 2.5 SSD's. The HDD"s get to around 50C. This is a little hotter than I'd like, but maybe even hotter if you use 4 HDD's. Opening behind mother board tray could be just a tad larger. For example if you need to remove a water block from the CPU, there isn’t enough room to get all of the screws so you still have to take the board out. Using x299 board, not sure about others. Also, I wish there was just a tad more length so running cables in the front of the board is a little better. Again this is only in E ATX so if you have a standard size board you have no issues on the cables in the front.

Overall Review: Great case. Would give 4.5

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Easy set up works great11/13/2018 6:05:34 PM

Pros: As the title says. Set up within a couple of minutes

Cons: None

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Solid Product1/29/2017 5:28:21 PM

Pros: Good air flow as blower / dryer and good suction as a vac. Straight forward design. Gets warm enough to dry.

Cons: I wish there were different attachments for the vacuum, I thought vacuums usually had some type of bristle brush attachment or the long narrow attachment would have been better than those included.

Overall Review: Need some other color options, pink, purple and lime green? Why? I'd prefer a switch to turn heat on but it's a minor thing.

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Easy to Set up, sounds great!1/2/2017 11:06:07 AM

Pros: I ordered this combo and can't be happier with it. Excellent sound. I have 5.1 surround using the Klipsch RP line up consisting of: 450C, 280F, 250S and a 115sw. I placed this 112sw in the back of the room to support the 250s. I have a rectangle shaped room and this sub provides great bass and really completed the room.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Given the apparent lack of content for 7.1 or the new atmos / dolby audio I'd definitely recommend adding a second sub to your surround sound line up. This could be a stand alone sub as it has the power and punch to be your main. The 115sw is so huge, this 112sw is a reasonable size and still has excellent sound. You won't be disappointed.

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This is a great case,not perfect but one of the best for the money for sure12/15/2016 10:50:10 AM

Pros: Nice build quality, rubber gromets, adequate space and very good cable management. Right amount of drive bays and cages. Has included LED fans.

Cons: Only very small complaint is that the fans are molex

Overall Review: The included fans are not too loud so it's actually just fine to have them set and forget it. If you are into tweaking the fan speeds then obviously you will replace with your own fans. But overall case looks great, was very easy to build in. Strongly recommend.

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Great looks, no issues12/15/2016 10:40:17 AM

Pros: Very cool lighting effect. You should get some.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I'm waiting for another sale on these so I can buy some more!

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I really love the case12/15/2016 10:37:42 AM

Pros: Plenty of room. Big side window. Power Supply cover and cable management are excellent. Top dust filter is awesome.

Cons: The side window is mounted on four standoffs that the screws will go into. The standoffs are very delicate as one of them broke very easily so I think they could improve that I don't really care for the way the top mount fans are offset in their position. it's a small issue but if you're a perfectionist you may not like that the fans may not all line up with each other when viewing from the side. Just depends on what sizes you use. I also had to install my 240mm radiator offset behind the installed fans. So I have 140's in the front then a 240 radiator that is placed above where the hard drives go and that creates the off set - couldn't get a 280mm radiator without losing the hard drive bay in the bottom. This won't matter to you if you choose to go with SSD's only I think it would be perfect.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend it's a great case and value. When I contacted Phanteks support they quickly sent me a few more of the standoffs for the screws to the side panel so I'm very glad I didn't have to send the case back to Newegg to get another case just over that small flaw. I'd like a fine mesh dust filter on the front or at least more fine that what's included but again at this price point this case is an excellent value.

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Solid case just needs a few tweaks12/15/2016 10:30:30 AM

Pros: Included Fans, interior well laid out and plenty of room to work in

Cons: The side panel is plastic which I don't mind, but has some holes drilled and vents on the side for air flow, but it really would be better without them. You want to be able to see your hardware in my opinion and this interferes with that. I ultimately returned the case for this reason.

Overall Review: Four optical bays is unnecessary so that would be the other thing they could change is to go with 1 or maybe two rather than 4. Overall this would still be a great starter case or for a kid (this was for my nephew's build I did for him).

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Great Product we use it every week right now12/15/2016 10:25:59 AM

Pros: Speeds up cook time, lots of meals you can cook here and it's like a crock pot as far as simplicity but much much faster. The product appears to be well made and we are so glad we ordered this.

Cons: The only con I would give is that the instructions were a little limited and the recipe book was in Chinese and I assume Chinese culture food items. No biggie, just would like to see some also in English, but there's plenty to find online.

Overall Review: I would recommend this product

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Great product, quality materials exactly what I wanted1/28/2016 8:54:24 AM

Pros: High capacity, looks sharp, charges my phone and devices quickly!

Cons: It is a little large, but smaller than what I found elsewhere.

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Great addition / upgrade12/25/2015 12:33:57 PM

Pros: Easy to set up. Good price / performance. Quiet.

Cons: No Crossfire Bridge included. Large size. No backplate. but not sure how important it really is.

Overall Review: I installed this in my daughter's computer to replace an aging graphics card that finally died. I was able to fit this into her BitFenix Prodigy case. Looks great and works perfectly. She games on 1080p and I expect this to last for quite some time until 4k becomes affordable, but even so I'm not sure we'll need it in her case. I chose this card because it give me the best price to performance ratio. I didn't want to spend the extra hundred on a Radeon 390 or Nvidia 970.

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Very Nice Case1/24/2015 10:04:55 AM

Pros: Nice looks, great build quality, easy to build IN, quiet and good air flow

Cons: modu vent covers - tabs on one were broken, limited options if you want to use water cooling and keep silent / dust at minimum

Overall Review: The panels have tabs on them to hold in place - several of these were already broken off when I received the case and only fix with New Egg is to send the whole case back which is far too much hassle. I have tried emailing the fractal website but they don't reply - maybe they can't read English?? Only other thought is that if you want to enjoy the silence and also keep dust out of your system you really don't have that much flexibility with water cooling. Only option is rear but I tried a water cooler there and it is a little lout having one with 2 fans and radiator at the back. Also you have to have a small power supply to place a water cooler in the bottom. it can be done, just loses some of the HDD cage area. Only other suggestion would be to move the SSD's from behind the mother board to another area. It's not easy to cable them back there. over all it's a very very nice case. Just pick your items carefully! Also of note - can't find the fractal water coolers anywhere and again they don't reply to emails to the Fractal home website. Since there's no 4.5 eggs I round up to a 5.

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Round 2 after RMA1/19/2015 3:21:02 PM

Pros: Very efficient. Hybrid mode. Packaging, extras and looks. More than enough power for now and allows me to add whatever I feel like to the system. I did get it for a really good price with the mail in rebate.

Cons: Barely fit inside my Define R5 case - width wise. it is a rather long as well PSU and limits some options in the bottom of the case. Fan is a little louder than I would like, but depending on your environment it may not be noticeable.

Overall Review: I am writing a new review - see the previous. I contacted Seasonic because I couldn't believe the fan should be on constantly and at that high sound. Turns out it was a problem with the PSU. while I was a little disappointed with their follow up - I didn't know what the error was, but hey they sent it back so it's good. Anyway, got it installed. Works well and hybrid switch does work now. Fan I don't think comes on with my current draw. When I switch to normal mode I can hear it, even in a case designed for sound reduction. I have the fan side down. If this were set on the floor or further away I probably wouldn't notice it, but since I have it on my desk to stay away from pet dander / dust I can hear it. Not a deal breaker, but not sure I have the "one." it's not really fair to call this a con, but it is pretty big and there's no way I can install the Fractal Design water cooler in the bottom as I can't have a PSU longer than 165mm. Anyway, Seasonic did fix in my RMA so I am looking for a 4.5 egg rating since there isn't one I'd go with 5. It's not their fault if I'm picking on it for not being exactly perfect for my set up. I purchased this item for the price, reputation and because it gives me no restrictions in the future and this item still satisfies those.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you very much for your review and should you have any further issues, please contact us at any time. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and thanks again for your patience and understanding.