Excellent WiFi 6 Mesh Router3/1/2020 2:58:34 PM

Pros: A lot of Ethernet Ports for Mesh Router Very easy to setup in minutes A lot of advanced features Very powerful and wide range. Getting the highest speeds than I've ever gotten for my 1GIG speed internet.

Cons: Price is a bit steep for mesh routers.

Overall Review: Worth it, I love the aesthetics and how great it looks and easy to place and use. Doesn't take up my space and works really well. App works great, a lot of advanced features can be tweaked. Has 2.5 GB speed and can do LAG. WiFi 6 works great, and I have it setup to my Asrock 570X motherboard that supports WiFi 6. Very satisfied with the Mesh Routers. Also love how it comes with lifetime protection.

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Fantastic DDR4 RAM for AMD X570 Motherboards8/24/2019 10:58:02 AM

Pros: Lots of RAM with 16GB each stick. Runs Fast Timing - Stable 3200 and 16 timings. The RAM is sturdy and the RGB is slick touch The look is great for my black and white case, black and white RX580 graphics card. Looks really nice and matches exceptionally well. RGB sync with AsRock Polychrome software. Can all be controlled in one program.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I definitely recommend this set for new builds for the X570 motherboard, I've paired this with AsRock X570 Phantom Gaming X motherboard and works really well. Fast and enough ram to multi-task.

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The ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X motherboard is fantastic and has plethora amount of features.8/11/2019 11:23:05 PM

Pros: - 8 SATA - Wifi 6 and 2.5GB port - 8 USB ports - 3 PCI-E 4.0 Slots

Cons: - Not enough marketing on this motherboard. Not very well known yet in the X570 motherboard list but it should be.

Overall Review: The ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X gaming is amazing. Checked all the boxes that I wanted in a motherboard for AMD GEN 2. My interest was getting the new AMD RYZEN 7 3700X CPU, so I was looking through all the motherboard specs to find one that met all my needs. I've narrowed down the list to Asus Crosshair VII hero and this one. I went with this one because it was a better price and value. It has 8 SATA ports which was very important for me. Also I wanted a motherboard with lots of 3.2 USB ports, this has 7 plus a USB Type C port. Also comes with an integrated video card which I didn't need but I liked the idea of having it in case I decide to get a compatible GPU further down the road. I also wanted the latest WiFi 6 and 2.5GB LAN port to future proof my motherboard. Having 4.0 PCI slots for the future is great. I plan on getting an NVME Gen4 1TB hard drive and should be set for the foreseeable future. The motherboard is well packaged and comes with 2 in 1 screwdriver and all the essentials to get you started on your build or upgrade. The manual is clear and the motherboard software are easy to use and intuitive. The RGB lights can all be controlled, except for the ring on the stock cooler of the wraith prism. However that can be controlled if you use the usb header and then use the AMD RGB software. Overall the motherboard is fantastic, looks great and easy to manage. There's even a PS/2 slot if you decide to go vintage and hook up an old keyboard or mouse. I'm pretty satisfied with AsRock, the bios is clear and informative. Only downside is that there's not much exposure in the media on this motherboard but it is fantastic. Having limited outlets means there's less reviews and less news on the motherboard itself, which I'm sure it'll change once people start filtering on the specs they want in the X570 motherboards and this will come down in the top of the list I'm sure. Very satisfied. This review for ASRock review rebate program.

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