Zero problems with 3700x & X57011/5/2019 12:58:00 PM

Pros: -easily overclocked -looks awesome with my Aorus X570 Ultra, matches perfectly -relatively inexpensive -great timings

Cons: -availability at time of purchase. It's always in stock now, I suppose everyone was making a run on DDR4 3200 in anticipation of the new Ryzen CPUs (I know I was).

Overall Review: Great RAM. Using ryzen calc, went to 3600 15-14-14 @1.45v, and I have no doubt I could go higher and/or drop timings back to 14-14-14. No errors, crashes, nothing negative to say about this RAM. I've been using gskill since the athlon x2/Core 2 duo days and it has always been reliable and stable. I have literally never had any gskill fail on me. thumbs up.

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Great CPU coming from 4790k9/16/2019 10:53:25 AM

Pros: -fast -doubled my core/thread count from my 4790k, staggering performance leap in multi core apps, decent improvement in single core. -relatively cheap for the performance -ABBA bios has sorted out voltage, temperature, fan noise, and most importantly...boost clocks.

Cons: -PBO settings can be a little confusing, but i've been on Intel since my last AMD CPU, an athlon x2 3600. -AM4 mounting bracket.....ARRRRRGH

Overall Review: I've waited a long time for a chip worthy to replace my 4790k. And I've waited a REALLY long time for AMD to come out with a challenger. This chip is it. I have (and never had) any temperature issues using stock cooler (with stock TIM), and I have it in a NZXT H510, on top of an Aorus GTX 1080ti. So, I don't really understand why people are having so many temperature issues. The mounting bracket is a PAIN, so maybe TIM is being messed up during installation. Who knows? All I know is that my idle temp is lower with stock cooler than my 4790k at 4.6 was with an H90 AIO. Load temps are almost identical. So, the cooler works very well. If not, you either got a dud chip (RMA) or you're simply doing it wrong. The ABBA bios released recently has upped my boost clock to 4.45 on 3 cores, and 5 cores are within 30mhz of 4.4, whereas previous bios release only 1 or 2 cores boosted anywhere over 4.3, so big big improvement there. It also smooths out the fan ramping up/down, which indeed was somewhat annoying. It also stabilized my voltages, thereby giving me more stable temps. I agree with a prior poster...just about EVERYONE told me that i would see virtually no improvement over my 4790k at 3440x1440p 100hz. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. BF5 was pegging my CPU, and my 1080ti was at 65-90ish% usage. Now, cpu is like 35% and my 1080ti is 99% in-game. BIG difference in my minimum frames and the stability of my frame rate. I expect this CPU will last me for at least 5 years before I get the upgrade bug (again) which point i can step into a 3950x or maybe even a 4000 series (depends on whether socket stays the same, obviously). Unless Intel answers with a stunner in the next few years. I'll support the superior product, regardless of the label on the box. And this CPU is superior to anything Intel at similar costs, and lines up closely with their flagship 9900k, for the most part, at roughly 70% of the cost. Add to that the efficiency, and it's a slam dunk. All in all, i ABSOLUTELY think this is a worthy successor to my trusty and loved 4790k, which served me so well for many years. And I, for one, am glad to be sporting an AMD chip again. If you're in the same boat, I don't think you will be disappointed. I'm not. NO RAGRETS

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Great monitor if you get it on sale and have a Vega GPU10/7/2018 10:13:09 AM

Pros: HUGE. It's big. Biggly Yuge, I'm telling you. Color is fantastic, after minor adjustments. Brightness and contrast are superb. Can overclock to 120hz stable using Radeon Wattman custom resolution, however, freesync WILL NOT WORK (on my monitor, anyway) if overclocked above 100hz. I compared this to a 2460x1080 34" 144hz ultrawide from LG. People say you cant tell the difference between 1080p and 1440p...well, let me tell you, on a screen this size you most certainly CAN. Much better on my eyes than the 1080p. The trade off of 44hz for the clarity of 1440p is absolutely justifiable to me. Im much happier with this monitor. Games look a bit better, text/web browsing/anything thing other than gaming is a MASSIVE improvement IMO. Freesync is a game changer. So happy I sold my 1070 and bought the Sapphire Nitro Vega 64 (which, BTW is a monster of a GPU, especially for $500 on sale, with 3 free decent games). The curve. The curve (1800R) is PERRRRRFECT. The LG was 3800R and it was barely noticeable. VESA mount is sturdy. Mount appears to be sturdy, but I never even attached it to the stand. Quality DP and HDMI cables included. One of the best warrantys of any monitor manufacturer. No g-sync tax

Cons: Small amount of backlight bleed along the lower edge of screen. This does not bother me, as I rarely watch movies on my monitor, and it's even more rare that I sit in front of a dark monitor screen and stare at it. This is my only real gripe, and it is noticeable. But, I got this monitor for under 500 bucks, so I can live with it. YMMV. Why....WHY does ANY monitor have inputs that face the wall? If you use VESA mount, you should plan on getting a Display Port (or HDMI) 90. Rear facing inputs vs downward facing just makes absolutely no sense to me. These cons are not worth taking an egg, to me. I was well aware it would likely have some bleed, and obviously I could tell in NE pics that I would need a 90 for my DP cable. Other than these two issues, it is a stellar monitor.

Overall Review: Vega 64 drives this monitor perfectly. As in they were made for each other, it seems. No problem hitting 90+ FPS on anything I play, high-ultra settings. My system: i7 4790k @ 4.4 16gb ripjaws msi z87-g45 Sapphire Nitro Vega 64 a pile of Samsung SSDs 1tb WD Black Corsair RM850X I dont think you will be disappointed with this monitor. Especially if you catch it on sale for 500 or less, and have the grunt to drive it to its full ability. I know I'm not disappointed.

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Over 6 years and still going strong10/11/2016 11:11:02 AM

Pros: Bought this PSU in July of 2011 for a build. Has been in the three builds I have done since then. Still plugging away. I dont think I could ask for anything else.

Cons: Nothing.

Overall Review: Currently powering: i5 4670k @ 4.6 MSI Z87-G45 mobo MSI Gaming X 1070 16gb RipJaws Corsair H90 cooler Two samsung 850 Pro SSD Five WD Black 7200 RPM drives A bunch of fans in my HAF 32 case The warranty just expired this last July. Thinking of replacing it...but probably not. It has served me well and I have NEVER had a problem running overclocked CPUs and GPUs (including SLI) with it.

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MONSTER10/11/2016 10:52:11 AM

Pros: Extremely quiet and cool. I basically play BF4, mainly. This card laughs at it. Running 1440p DSR 110-150FPS Ultra, on a Samsung 32" 1080p monitor. 4K DSR 90% above 60 FPS Ultra. Doom coming soon. I think this card will last me 3 years or so, just like the trusty MSI GTX780 that it replaced. Maybe even longer as my gaming time is greatly reduced these days. In a nutshell, I love it.

Cons: Would have rather had a copy of BF1 in the bundle, as I'm not planning on going from Windows 7 to 10 on my home PC until I am physically forced to do so. Meh. Very large GPU. No problem in my trusty HAF 32 full tower, but its a bit wider than the reference 780 it replaced, and plugs are in same side location so i could see it being a problem in a smaller case. Not really a con for me, just putting the info out there.

Overall Review: Definitely the best GPU for me. 1060 would have been a sidegrade (IMO), and a 1080 would be completely unnecessary for my usage. Rig: 4670k @ 4.6 MSI gaming Z87-G45 (this card matches perfectly) 16gb RipJaws A whole bunch of Samsung SSDs and WD Black drives Corsair HX750 PSU Corsair H90 cooler HAF 32 case No "bottleneck" with a 4670k, by the way. In case anyone was wondering. At least not at 1440p DSR, did not test at 1080p native because I wont run it with BF4...1440p (even through DSR) is aahhhhhhmazing.

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good board for basic office rig10/29/2015 8:34:42 AM

Pros: very attractive board. i like black motherboards. bios easy to navigate and figure out. booted first attempt, had zero issues with it at any point in build.

Cons: the heatsink that says "ultra durable" is actually quite flimsily connected. when i was installing in case i touched it and it kind of rocked back and forth off the thermal tape underneath it. the reason for 4 egg rating. because i find that ironic.

Overall Review: i would purchase again. running 6600 6M skylake, mushkin eco2 240gb ssd, and hyperx ddr4 2666 8 gb kit and it recognized everything and had no problems.

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Hyper X10/29/2015 8:30:19 AM

Pros: it works. looks pretty cool too.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: no problems. it works. its RAM. booted up and recognized at correct timings/voltage on gigabyte Z170M-D3H running 6600 6m skylake chip.

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great case10/29/2015 8:27:18 AM

Pros: nice case. very attractive imo. inside is black. cable management compartment behind mobo* (*see cons also). comes with fans, which i dont find loud AT ALL. with system on (running ssd of course), you cant even tell its on. i added 120mm exhaust fan in top of case. ssd mounts. which are actually quite nice and makes system look awesome and clean.

Cons: cable management. while a boon in a small case like this, as other reviewers have noted, it is very tight indeed. especially for mobo power cable. side bows out just a little (not noticeable to anyone but me). fans are 3 pin only, so you cannot adjust speed with bios, which i find kind of annoying but the system is cool enough. back expansion slot covers are silver. why do case makers do that?

Overall Review: would totally buy this case for my gaming rig if i didnt love my HAF 932 so much (best case ever), and my stuff would fit in it (it wont). used for an office pc to replace my amd x2 4200+ dinosaur rig.

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10/29/2015 8:16:22 AM

Pros: greta chip. runs very cool and at stock it is comparable to my personal home PC w/ a 4670k with a 4.2 oc.. bought for my business office pc as the amd x2 4200 had run its useful course. very satisfied with performance. couldnt justify the extra $ for a 6600k for a simple office PC.

Cons: the intel heatsink, of course. but no OC on this one so who cares? it works.

Overall Review: Office PC specs: intel 6600 gigabyte z710m-d3h mobo mushkin eco 2 240gb SSD hyper x fury ddr4 8gb kit corsair cx600m psu CM N200 case (awesome case btw) integrated graphics built pc for right at $500 and it kicks the snot out of any pre built i could find for anywhere near that much.

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i got a GOOD one1/21/2014 8:45:58 AM

Pros: Fast sonofagun. I hit the haswell lotto and got a good chip. mine does 4.4ghz at 1.152 vcore (what my mobo *z87 g45* gives it stock), all other settings auto in bios. so temps are absolutely no problem, and puuuuuhlenty left over to go higher I think. can boot 4.6 at 1.152 but have not had time to stability test that frequency. pretty sure (like 99% sure) that I have one of the golden chips that will hit 4.8-5ghz with 1.25-1.275 or so. Temps are totally manageable, with hottest core at 61*C during stress testing (rest are within 5*C). im using a corsair H90. I probably will only run the highest oc I can get with stock voltages. because, honestly, there is no need whatsoever to overclock this thing except curiosity. it lays to waste anything and everything you put before it.

Cons: I can see that you do indeed need decent cooling, especially if you have a chip that needs the juice. luckily, mine does not, apparently the TIM applicator guy at the intel plant was awake and not hung over when he did my chip. H90 works very very well to keep this thing cool and it is very quiet. I have zero cons on my personal setup.

Overall Review: BTW its batch number starts with 333, cant remember the rest of it but its a costa rica chip. If you can bin, probably a good place to start. some 4770k from same batch are hitting 5ghz under 1.3 vcore.

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H90 update1/21/2014 6:18:10 AM

Pros: ok, got the new rig fired up, this thing is fantastic. as per the other reviewer, my load temps are very low 60s on a 4670k. helps that i got a lotto chip that will do 4.4ghz with 1.152 vcore. but H90 works very well and it is SILENT.

Cons: CAREFUL WITH THE MOUNTING SCREWS. because the backplate is plastic (dumb), if you do not have them lined up correctly (they can be turned 2 ways, and i had one facing the wrong direction), you can VERY EASILY strip out the screws that hold it on, as in they will spin around in the plastic backplate when you try to tighten them, and then its a PITA to get them tight.

Overall Review: to the reviewer that said its "not compatible with 1150" because you had to "awkwardly turn the backplate", thats because 1150 mounting holes are not straight. they are "twisted", so to speak, on the socket. lol. this thing is 100% compatible with 1150.

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