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Better than I expected

Pantum P2502W 1200 x 1200 DPI Wireless / USB Monochrome Laser Printer
Pantum P2502W 1200 x 1200 DPI Wireless / USB Monochrome Laser Printer

Pros: PLEASE NOTE: At the bottom of both "Pros" and "Cons" are additional information that I wanted to include in the review that really I wanted to have in the "Other Thoughts" section but had to room. Just an FYI. + quick setup + easy to use admin panel + IPv6, Bonjour, SMTP, SNMP, WSD and RAW/LPD protocol support + prints fast! + e-mail notification support for specific triggers + Can enabled/disable wireless AP and wireless hotspot AP + Can see printer status from admin panel + Mobile printing + WiFi connectivity + Mac and Linux support + 1200 x 1200 dpi + Prints up to 22 ppm (pages per minute) for A4 and 23 ppm for Letter + Compact size + Sleep mode (can change the amount of time it will go into sleep mode via the admin panel) THE PRINTER AND TONER CARTRIDGE The printer itself is very compact in size, MUCH smaller than my Canon InkJet All-in-One printer and lightweight. A starter toner is included with the printer (Pantum PB-210 Toner (standard capacity: 1,600 pages for those interested)) but came in separate packages; even though the printer box said to "ensure the following parts are included in the box" showing a toner cartridge - safe to assume a starter toner is include with the purchase of this printer huh? As with any toner cartridge installation can be messy so be careful. Installation however is very easy - just follow the instructions on the toner cartridge box. The printer itself has a very simple interactive interface while having quite the interesting LED indicators. There may be only 2 LED lights (one for paper jam and WiFi connectivity and the other for alerts and info) each refer to something specific on their own and also something else based on which one is lit/flashing, its color, etc.; which is detailed in the digital user manual found by clicking on User Manual link upon auto-loading the included CD - troubleshooting section.

Cons: - Makes no mention that an admin panel exists in the included paper user manual or setup guide which is very important to know! - it's buried in the digital user manual located on the included CD - Forced to keep "Pantum-AP" in the wireless hotspot SSID - Not allowed to change the username from the default "admin" - Manual duplex printing - I would prefer to save paper and would be nice if it was automatic - Can't change printing preferences from within the mobile app (locked-in at 240 x 320 DPI as per the digital user manual, section 6.1) PRINTER WIRELESS ADMIN PANEL There is an admin page that is not readily mentioned anywhere but is buried in the digital user manual under section 4.1. However, once you have installed the printer driver connect via the included CD from a wireless device to the Pantum wireless hotspot AP (I couldn't connect without being connected to the wireless hotspot). After that you can access it via "" in your browser (may be different than mine). There is a "Log In" menu item which you should immediately change the password (log in and it's under "Admin Settings"). The username is "admin" and the password, by default, is "000000". Once done you can explore the "Settings" menu item for the various bits of information and settings that can be tweaked. You can secure the wireless hotspot AP by going to Settings -> Wireless Settings -> Wireless Hotspot -> Wireless Parameter -> Authentication. Click "Apply" when done and viola! Secured. Even though you can turn wireless hotspot off I personally recommend leaving it on and securing your wireless hotspot because as far as I can tell from what I have tested the admin panel is only accessible wconnected to the hotspot. You can set up automatic email notifications for when specific situations occur (under Settings -> Machinery Settings -> E-mail Notification); paper tray is empty, toner is low, paper is jammed or catridge has expired. You can specify up to 4 email addresses. In the admin panel under "Information" menu you can view various bits of information such as toner remaining, printer status (ex/ sleeping), cartridge status (ex/ normal), serial number, etc. Also, I recommend setting up a static IP for the printer instead of using DHCP or "IPv4 'automatic' address assigment" by changing it to "manual". If you have a router that is capable of IP route reservations then you can assign it there instead; I personally prefer assigning static IPs from my router as all IP reservations are in one place. When your router decides to lease the printer a new IP address it may require that you have to setup the printer again for printing. So for example, when I look at the Pantum P2500W Series Properties -> Ports (tab) on my computer the printer was set up specific to IP address When the IP changes the printer most likely won't be available for printing...just a potential warning.

Overall Review: PRINT TESTING By default the printer is set up to print at 600 dpi which will look great (subjective and depends on what you are printing) but is capable of printing at 1200. As with any printer already set up on your computer you can access printing preferences via the Windows Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers -> Pantum P2200-P2500 Series, right click with the mouse and select "Printing preferences" (sorry Mac users I don't have a Mac but you can refer to section 3.2 of the digital user guide included on the CD). You will see the group box named "Resolution" with the options for 600 or 1200 DPI. If you want the "best" quality prints and not concerned with using more 'ink' then select 1200 and click the "OK" button. NOTE: You can also get access to said settings by simply double-clicking on the Pantum printer instead of right-clicking and selecting "printing preferences". Once in the Pantum printer 'page' select "Adjust print options". Printing actual pages takes a few seconds per page - extremely faster than a typical inkjet printer. The print quality is pretty good at 600. I set my printer preference resolution to 1200 and printed a large photo which turned out pretty darn good! You can expect professional I must say but I expected such as the specification of the printer is that it prints at 22 ppm. The printed image greyscales showed a wide range of shades with acceptible level of detail. As for the printing noise I can't measure it exactly but it is right up there with my 2 year old inkjet printer. On several occassions once a page was printed I would quickly take the printed page and rub across it vigorously with my finger which didn't result in any smearing or toner residue on my finger; this was the same for both printed text documents and pictures. I tried wetting my finger and rubbing the printed page and experienced no smears as well. Printing from my Samsung S5 using the "Mobile Printing App" the prints, both text documents and images, defintely lack print quality compared to printing from my laptop (limited to prints of 240 x 320 DPI as per digital user manual section 6.1). Honestly, being able to print from my phone is a major plus. FINAL THOUGHTS This printer performs very well for its price-range and is competitive to other laser printers out there. The prints of both documents and pictures are definitely suitable for the typical user who aren't looking for or expecting professional prints (the prints are still very good). The admin panel availability is obscured without digging into the digital user manual as one reviewer apparently missed. The printer appears to be well built but the software could be better. However, I do recommend this printer if you do a lot of black-and-white prints and want a reliable printer. I do recommend secure

Most Critical Review

Good but goes bad

TP-LINK TL-WDR4300 Dual Band Wireless N750 Router, Gigabit, 2.4GHz 300Mbps+5GHz 450Mbps, 2 USB port, IP QoS, Wireless On/Off Switch
TP-LINK TL-WDR4300 Dual Band Wireless N750 Router, Gigabit, 2.4GHz 300Mbps+5GHz 450Mbps, 2 USB port, IP QoS, Wireless On/Off Switch

Pros: - x3 external antennas - got to love external antennas - Dual band router - 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz (a/b/g/n) - Terrific speeds on everything! (Read other thoughts) - On/Off switch - x2 USB 2.0 ports with LED indictors for each - Guest network with bandwidth control - Very good settings available for the router

Cons: - Some grammatical errors in the help/info section of the router settings - All lights shine blue, no light indicators for 10/100 or 1000 duplex connections - USB ports are 2.0

Overall Review: First thing I did after hooking up the router was downloading and flashing the firmware to 3.13.33 Build 130617 Rel.46239n that apparently fixes many issues others have mentioned here and around the Net. SETTINGS UI is simple. Many spelling mistakes for the descriptions (right-most pane). Many router settings available - impressed by that; access control by device, supports mutliple Dynamic DNS (,,, parental controls - can list up to 4 parental devices, bandwidth control per device, etc. etc. TESTING Average bandwidth speed of 3 speed tests from using closest affiliate server. The router is located 1 floor below ground in a server room in the basement. Testing was done using a Dell Inspiron 5105 and a Google Nexus 7 (2013) tablet - the test averages were so close that I'm just stating the tablet averages. Measurements are in Mbps. Rated cable bandwidth is 50Mbps down, 5Mbps up. Dining room (directly one floor above the room with the router, roughly 6' away) Down Up 2.4GHz - 27.33 5.76 5 GHZ - 40.87 5.75 Bathroom (on first floor 2 rooms from the dining room, roughly 16' away) 2.4Ghz 28.08 6.02 5 GHz 28.71 6.23 Livingroom (on first floor 2 rooms from the dining room. 2 walls in between. Roughly 16' away) 2.4Ghz 21.88 6.18 5 GHz 25.87 6.30 Bedroom (on second floor above the livingroom. Roughly 20' away) 2.4GHz 16.78 5.94 5 GHz 15.17 6.44 I have a CentOS server in the same room as the router. While the server box is not a dedicated NAS as I have other services running on it I do frequently stream content from it to my laptop which is then plugged into my TV via HDMI 1.3a. Streaming compressed HD content (VLC statistics show input stream of ~4500kb/s) was no challenge; no buffers beyond the initial buffer. A file transfer of a 2GB file from my laptop to my server (SMB) over wire was ~130Mbps, 28Mbps on 'N' and ~15Mbps on 'G'. For me, that is actually the best performing file transfers to/from my server. While this is the best performing wireless router I have ever tested at my house it quickly became the worst in that the bandwidth performance degrading to a crawl. After running for 2 days straight the down-link speed was ~3Mbps and the up-link speed was ~5Mbps. I switched to my previous router and all was well; ~50Mbps down/5Mbps up (there was no modem reset in between). I proceeded to plug the TP-Link WDR4300 back in and everything was great again. From what I have read from other owners and what I have experienced it does seem like this router suffers from bad firmware woes. MY BOTTOM LINE: While being the best router I have ever tested, it is hard for me to recommend a product that appears to constantly suffer from firmware issues. Luckily for firmware issues they can easily be fixed.

Fully modular, efficient and nice design

Seasonic PRIME TX-850, 850W 80+ Titanium, Full Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 12 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and High-Performance Systems, SSR-850TR.
Seasonic PRIME TX-850, 850W 80+ Titanium, Full Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 12 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and High-Performance Systems, SSR-850TR.

Pros: + Fully modular+ Cables able to easily be inserted and removed from PSU+ Zero RPM capable+ Hybrid mode+ Well packaged and includes adequate assortment of cables+ Stickers and zip-ties for cable management...a nice addition!

Cons: - None

Overall Review: This is a very nice looking PSU. The packaging was easy-to-open and the PSU was sandwiched between two Styrofoam plate-like apparatuses; protecting the unit well. The PSU was inside a velvet-like bag and the cables were in cellophane bags. It's a nice touch because I ended up putting whatever cables I didn't need inside the bag once I installed the PSU in my chassis.The PSU is fully modular and the included cables inserted (and I had to remove) cables from the back of the unit with ease; I've had PSU's in-the-past where I had much difficulty inserting/removing cables.The unit has a toggle push-button for "hybrid mode", which from my reading and understanding, is a way to keep the fan from making a whole lot of noise if it does engage. I don't have this mode engaged nor do I plan to but it's still a nice feature to have.I'm very happy with this unit. One of the take-aways for my system was I wanted a PSU from a reputable source, one of the best warranty coverages and from my research of reviews, has a high efficiency at low or high loads without breaking-the-bank.Very satisfied customer and highly recommend.

Very good value for the money

Montech Air 900 Mesh ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case, High & Max Airflow, Full-Metal Mesh Front Panel, Tempered Glass, Dust- Proof, Unique Mesh Side Panel - EATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX - Black
Montech Air 900 Mesh ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case, High & Max Airflow, Full-Metal Mesh Front Panel, Tempered Glass, Dust- Proof, Unique Mesh Side Panel - EATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX - Black

Pros: + Majority of the chassis is metal + Lots of airflow! + Full-panel tempered glass + A bunch of screws, cable zip-ties and a dedicated speaker wire (outfitted with a speaker) is included inside the chassis. + Interior vertical plate has 2 rubber grommets for running cables behind. + EATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX support. These are clearly marked inside which mounting holes are for which type.

Cons: - The screen filter's magnet strips were falling off when I took the filter off the chassis. It adheres via sticky adhesive so slapped it back on. - The feet are outfitted with foam pads and not rubber or something a little more resistant to slippage.

Overall Review: The tempered-glass is beautiful! The entire panel is glass. That obviously comes with a warning to be careful with the edges from damage. The mounting areas for the panel have cutouts so the glass panel is recessed into place easily without issue with the mounting brackets that stick-out from the sides. 4 big thumb-screws allow you to keep it in place. The instruction booklet is OK with information on how to interact with the chassis. (e.g. mounting 2.5" drives to the backside of the middle, vertical plate). However, it didn't mention anything about how to access the front area and with how much force I was applying, I was worried about breaking it. On a side-note: the instructions state that the tempered glass is "explosion-protect", so just know that if your chassis innards decide you explode, you'll get to watch it without issue. :) There are 2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 ports on the top-front of the chassis. Little disappointed that USB 2.0 is on this chassis and not just filled with USB 3.0. Power-button also present as one would expect. Headphones and mic jacks are there as well. The bottom of the case is very well vented (honestly, the entire chassis is well vented). The 3 screen vents are flimsy and have magnetic strips along the outside of each of them. The chassis feet lift the bottom vent about 3/4" off of a flat surface. The vent can be easily removed, cleaned and slapped back into place. However, the magnets only stick to the flimsy screen via an adhesive. I had 2 pop-off when I removed it from the chassis just to test it when the screen lightly flexed in my hand. The 3 screens are at the top, bottom and front. The 2 3.5" hard-drive bay ports can be easily removed from the housing without the need for tools. Cable management is very good also. The cables from the front electronics come already running through the cable management area via velcro straps, ready to be attached to the mainboard. There IS good value here for the money. The tower is sturdy, construction is well built! 8 total fans and with water-block cooling. And what is not to love about a full-panel tempered glass side-panel?!

Surprising solid product

CORSAIR M55 RGB PRO Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Gaming Mouse, Black, Backlit RGB LED, 12400 dpi, Optical
CORSAIR M55 RGB PRO Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Gaming Mouse, Black, Backlit RGB LED, 12400 dpi, Optical

Pros: + 12,400 dpi + ambidextrous design + Omron switches + Braided cable + 8 programmable buttons

Cons: - RGB is kind of a let-down

Overall Review: This is my first foray into the "RGB" for a computer mouse; everything but my graphics card (and technically my primary mouse) is RGB capable. The mouse is very much lighter than my primary G500s. I don't find the cable to be too stiff - pretty lax in terms of flexibility. Any and all customizations and configurations must happen within the iCue software. I like having configurable RGB lighting for my computer system, but I haven't had much luck with longevity; 2 Corsair RGB keyboards I own both have ~6 LED lights that no longer work after 1-2 years of use. Quality-wise, this mouse is comparable to my G500s; build, buttons and all. I'll admit, I wouldn't have bought a gaming mouse at $40 prior to receiving this one due to the price-point. My opinion has changed.

Great performance for the $$$

Corsair Hydro Series H100x Extreme Performance Liquid / Water 240mm CPU Cooler (CW-9060040-WW)
Corsair Hydro Series H100x Extreme Performance Liquid / Water 240mm CPU Cooler (CW-9060040-WW)

Pros: + 2x 120mm PWM fans + 5 year warranty + White LED Pump head + Includes both Intel and AMD mounting hardware + Comes with thermal paste applied from factory

Cons: - None

Overall Review: Installed with my Ryzen 2700x; installation was painless and done in 20 minutes. Used Conductonaut and I'm pretty happy with the results. Seeing temp drop of ~9F on load running 15 minutes of Prime95, from 158F to 149F. I already had iCue installed and is actually quite nice because the waterblock cooler automatically showed up within it and I could see stats; fan and pump RPMs, temps, etc.

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Item shipped quick and receive TV in original packaging

TV shipped the next business day from day I placed my order. Was a good thing the original TV box was placed inside another for shipping because even though the outside of the shipping box said "Fragile", there was a huge, gaping hole at one end. Thankfully, such damage did not penetrate the original TV package as the original TV box was surrounded by those air padding blanket thingies. I even saw notification that FedEx had to put another shipping label on the box because the original was "unreadable". I guess FedEx shipping methods are quite intense.

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