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Lexmark C2325DW (42CC010) Color Laser Printer5/15/2019 4:21:39 AM

Pros: Newegg gets 5 eggs for the RMA process. The printer itself? None. I had to RMA this unit because it was faulty. (See below.)

Cons: I could not even get this unit to go through it's setup routine without it spouting nonsense about "Unauthorized cartridges" mind you, these are the ones that came with it. It also spat out several other cryptic error codes. The "Lexmark" website was no help whatsoever.

Overall Review: That's not a typo as far as the weight goes. This thing IS a boat anchor. I'm disappointed as I was hoping this would have worked properly since we don't print often anymore and "laser" printers supposedly sit and wait patiently for you to click on "print" without the ink drying out Etc. like ink jet printers do. Oh well. Back to cheap ink jets which ironically I had to purchase in order to print the RMA label to return this. Go figure.

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GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1050 Ti5/7/2019 2:41:11 AM

Pros: This was an excellent upgrade from my previous Gigabyte GTX 550 Ti with only 1 GB of RAM. Before I could just barely run GTA V on the lowest settings and it looked like it was under water. Now I can run it with all the bells and whistles turned on and it looks GREAT! and this card doesn't even break a sweat, (The fans come on but they're not even close to running full tilt, I had to open the case to make sure they were even running, VERY quiet,) Using "Furmark 1.10.1 I averaged 44fps @ 1080. There the fans did spool up quite a bit so I could hear them but not objectionably loud. Not hair dryer like or anything and they spooled right on down to idle afterward.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I do think it's good. If you're on a budget and need to upgrade your graphics card you may want to consider this one. This is my third Gigabyte graphics card, the others still work fine they're just obsolete/outdated.

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NEON M62 Mouse5/7/2019 2:07:55 AM

Pros: Very comfortable fit, (I have large hands,) Wide dpi range, Tracks well at any setting. Works good for gaming and general purpose use. The software, (see "Other" below for links,) provides many options.

Cons: I find myself accidentally right clicking more with this mouse than others probably due to this being ambidextrous. I also end up changing the dpi setting by accident quite often. Not a big deal, I just have to get used to it.

Overall Review: Here's the links to driver Etc. I purchased two of these so I'd have a spare, I'm happy enough to purchase more while still available and before they try to re-invent the wheel again and discontinue these.

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ROSEWILL NEON K51 - Hybrid Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard5/7/2019 1:46:55 AM

Pros: It works O.K. for gaming use. Nice positive clicks on the keys.

Cons: It's NOT good at all as a standard keyboard, typing occasional things in "Notepad" or the like is one thing, you WOULD NOT want to type your memoirs or your latest novel with this. ABSOLUTELY NOT! You can't even see the keys clearly unless you're staring straight down at them.

Overall Review: For the price and for gaming use ONLY! It's O.K. I miss my Microsoft Sidewinder. RIP. No longer available. HEAVY SIGH!

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G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-1600C9Q-32GXM5/7/2019 1:31:20 AM

Pros: Nice heat sinks, perfect physical fit with my motherboard, (Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P rev.1.0,) No clearance problems, I Ran "Memtest 86+" for 24 hours, no issues noted. Windows 7 Pro X64 runs great, Starts up a little faster when the need arises, (My system is usually always on.) Works well with the games I play, (GTA V, Dishonored 2, Etc.)

Cons: My Bios, (F2j,) sometimes balks at startup claiming incompatible memory nonsense, I just go into bios and immediately to "save and re-start" and all is well. I probably need to pull the battery and do a Hard reset on the bios but I'm lazy and not in the mood right now as it's blocked by the graphics card.

Overall Review: All said and done I'm happy with this purchase.

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APEX Vortex 3620 SGCC / ABS ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case5/7/2019 1:06:48 AM

Pros: The sheet metal portion of this case is an EXACT copy of the "Xigmatek" case that I purchased many years ago from Newegg. It has been bashed up many times in moving accidents and my attempts at repair so this is a perfect replacement as my front bezel is still intact and serviceable.

Cons: Others have complained about the USB ports on the front bezel giving up the ghost but I won't be using the front bezel so won't bother commenting.

Overall Review: I guess "Xigmatek" changed their name to "Apex"? Who knows. Anyway, This will be a nice drop in replacement after I'm done doing some modifications, (opening up the exhaust fan outlet, probably adding a side exhaust fan mount/opening for my new graphics card Etc.) For this price I'm generally happy with this purchase.

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Epson Perfection V19 Photo Scanner5/7/2019 12:36:33 AM

Pros: It does what it's supposed to do and it does it well. USB powered and light weight so it's portable if you need that. Software is straight forward, easy to use.

Cons: It's not a problem for me but it is kind of slow even at the default 300dpi setting so if you MUST have speed this may be a problem for you.

Overall Review: Overall I'm happy with it. I just hope it lasts a reasonable period of time.

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XIGMATEK 400W POWER SUPPLY7/24/2011 5:21:06 AM

Pros: Very nice construction from quality components. Fan is almost completely silent. Voltages are nice and stable. Cable lengths are adequate and nicely wrapped. This is a replacement unit for a 350W in an older light duty COMPUTER so it's not even breaking a sweat.

Cons: None with the product itself. "Newegg" has a problem dealing with the English language for reasons unknown but I digress.

Overall Review: The packaging weighs more than the device itself. Custom fitted foam inserts and a draw string slip case. All neatly fitted into an Industrial strength cardboard box. With this level of attention to detail I will be purchasing more XIGMATEK products in the future. BELIEVE IT!

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Pros: A nicely designed straight forward heat exchanger with 92mm fan. No L.E.D. light show, No extraneous plastic shrouds to rattle or buzz. Fan is not totally silent but very quiet. Excellent mounting system and hardware. Easy installation. You can mount the fan as either blow through or draw through or buy another fan and have both. Excellent cooling performance as provided. Budget priced.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: I installed this on a new build with the fan in a draw through orientation so I had no problems but depending on your setup you may have to remove your Motherboard to install. It's worth the trouble. It's keeping my AMD 555 Callisto around 95°F regardless of the load applied. It's very DELICIOUS! I LIKE IT!

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AMD 555 CALLISTO 3.2 GHZ BLACK EDITION7/24/2011 3:57:55 AM

Pros: It's AMD. End of discussion.

Cons: It doesn't do the dishes.

Overall Review: I have mine running nice and stable @ 4.0 Ghz Attached to a GIGABYTE GA-880G-UD3H Motherboard. I was only able to unlock one extra core but even that is still a nice bonus seeing as I purchased it as a dual core. Free prize inside! I've been using AMD since the 1990s and have no plans to switch CPU brands anytime soon. I LIKE IT!

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SEAGATE ST31000524AS 1TB7/24/2011 3:40:36 AM

Pros: It's a Seagate. It's Big. It's fast.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I've been using Seagate drives since the 1990s and have had ZERO failures. I'll probably keep using them.

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Pros: I like the overall look of this case especially the front bezel. General design, fit and finish are very well done. Has "rear" access to CPU mount. Included 120mm exhaust fan is quiet and efficient. Mesh drive bay block offs are a nice touch. Budget priced.

Cons: Nothing egg reducing. The thumb screws for the side panels are a little short. The "tool less" lock down devices are cute but are easily removable so you can just use screws if you like. They hold my optical drive securely enough but felt too flimsy for my hard drive. I also removed the whole quick disconnect thing from the PCI slot area and freed up more ventilation.

Overall Review: This is one of the first three "XIGMATEK" products that I've purchased, I also purchased one of their power supplies and a CPU cooler. My reviews of those are in the appropriate areas. Exercise caution if/when you remove the front bezel. It's held on with spring loaded clip things so just pry gently around the perimeter till it pops off. Then just push it back on to re-install. I like their stuff and will consider buying more in the future.

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WINTEC 3AXH1333C9WS4GK RAM7/24/2011 3:13:25 AM

Pros: It's Wintec. It works. My new GIGABYTE GA-880GA-UD3H Motherboard recognized it properly from the word go.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: It might not be the fastest RAM but it's very reliable. I've been using this brand since the 1990s and have had ZERO failures.

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GA-880GA-UD3H MOTHERBOARD7/24/2011 3:01:45 AM

Pros: Very well designed and built. Much room for future expansion and upgrades. Versatile BIOS for tweaking. Several fan connection points. Recognized my "Wintec" RAM properly even though it's not on their approved list.

Cons: As others have mentioned, My North bridge heat sink was loose. I re-seated mine with some new thermal goop and all is well.

Overall Review: This is my second GIGABYTE board but my first full size ATX from this Manufacturer. This build: GA-880GA-UD3H Board AMD 555 CALISTO CPU W/XIGMATEK LOKI COOLER WINTEC AMPEX 3AXH1333C9WS4GK R DDR3 RAM 4GB SEAGATE ST31000524AS 1TB HARD DRIVE ASUS EN9600GSO GRAPHICS CARD ASUS DRW-2014L1T OPTICAL DRIVE PC POWER & COOLING 500W POWER SUPPLY XIGMATEK ASGARD CASE RUNNING WINXP PRO SP3 X86 It's all working and playing and singing and dancing together nicely. The more I look at it, The more I like it. I do think it's good. I wish you were here to see it. I LIKE IT!

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EAGLE ET-AR502-BK SPEAKERS12/16/2010 11:28:00 AM

Pros: We own three sets of these speakers and I just thought I'd do a follow-up review on them. We've had them for over a year of continuous use. They still sound Great. No rattling or buzzing sounds. They sound just as good now as when delivered. We are VERY Happy with purchasing these. As mentioned in my earlier review, You're NOT going to Rock the house down with these things but they have very nice sound quality for the price And if used at the volume levels they were designed to produce you shouldn't have any problems. If you need MEGA VOLUME then you need something with more OOOMPH! So don't whine and/or complain when these fail to meet your goals in this price range!

Cons: The power on LED is insanely bright. A small piece of electrical tape corrects this anomaly in short order. ;)

Overall Review: For the price these really are a nice set of budget speakers for PC and/or T.V. use. We may purchase more before they are dis-continued.

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TRENDNET TEG-PCITXR12/6/2010 11:25:16 PM

Pros: Works properly. Slight improvement in internet connectivity speed over Motherboards, (GIGABYTE M61PME-S2P,) onboard network interface device. No problems installing with WINXP PRO SP3. It also talks properly to our other computers on our network. Low price.

Cons: None. Does what it's supposed to do.

Overall Review: This is an O.K. device if you need a replacement for a dead or non existent Network adapter for a PCI slot. And it's cheap. I can't comment on the Full High speed capabilities of this device since I don't have any High speed line to connect it to. I have had no problems with Trendnet products in the past though. We used their dial-up modems for many years without failure so I'm confident that this unit will function properly for a long time.

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ZALMAN VF90012/6/2010 9:33:56 PM

Pros: Dramatic improvement over the stock heat sink/fan assembly. GPU TEMPERATURES. ASUS EN9600GSO: STOCK, Fan at fixed speed, non adjustable; Idle - 135°F Full load - 180°F VF900; Idle - 110°F Fan high speed. 115°F fan low speed. Full load - 125°F Fan high speed. 135°F fan low speed. Graphics card RAM temperatures dropped by about 15°F overall. They now sit comfortably at around 110°F or below. I used "Furmark" as the load for these tests. Temperatures measured with ASUS "Smart Doctor" and an external infrared thermometer. Measurements averaged from readings taken every ten minutes over a one hour period for each test and taken at 70°F ambient room temperature. I also used Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal interface material. Jewelry like precision construction and finish. Installation instructions actually make sense if you need them. The fan is very quiet even at high speed. Very good adhesive pre-applied on the RAM heat sinks, (Make su

Cons: Nothing egg removing for me. The speed controller really only gives you the options of Low, Medium, High but this thing works so well at any speed it doesn't matter. It's nice to know that if the fan fails my GPU won't instantly go into meltdown. Others have complained about the price but this thing is worth every penny.

Overall Review: Go to the Zalman website for a more up to date list of cards that this will fit before purchasing. It will for a fact fit PERFECTLY on an ASUS EN9600GSO. Exercise caution when handling, The cooling fins are sharp and easily bent. Tiny micro screws can be tricky to deal with. Relax and take your time when installing and your efforts will be rewarded with a MUCH cooler running graphics card.

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FAR CRY4/27/2010 7:18:18 PM

Pros: Excellent FPS game. Low system requirements. Graphics still look very nice for an older title. Lots of mods, maps Etc. available online. Editor actually makes some sense and is fun to play with. Game is easily tweaked to your liking by modifying various .lua files. Non linear game play for the most part. If you haven't played this and like shooters then by all means get a copy.

Cons: I can't really think of any. Others have mentioned problems with 64 bit operating systems though.

Overall Review: Download and install the patches sequentially up thru 1.33 for single player mode. Install the 1.4 patch ONLY for multi-player as it can cause problems with single player. Have Fun!

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Battlefield 1942 Complete Collection1/20/2010 6:18:08 PM

Pros: Low system requirements so it will run on older hardware. Graphics and sound are O.K. considering how old this title is. Price is right.

Cons: 8 CDs? Maps are yawn inducing for single player action. A.I. is dumber than a box of rocks. Good Guys and Bad Guys both are just mind numbingly incompetent. Getting the control settings to the way you like is annoying, Many conflicts to work around. Lack of useful cheat codes. Generally there's not much available in the way of easily tweaking this game to your liking for single player.

Overall Review: I should have researched this one more before purchasing. Overall it's O.K. but it seems geared more towards online, Multi-player type action as opposed to Single player action.

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Eagle ET-AR502-BK Speakers10/16/2009 2:23:03 AM

Pros: Very nice speakers for the price. So good in fact that I ordered another set. You're not going to blow the house down with these things but they sound really good at moderate volume levels.

Cons: The power LED is insanely bright, "Don't watch the arc!" Treble and balance controls would have been nice to go with the bass control along with a headphone jack but then the price would be higher wouldn't it?

Overall Review: I got the original set to use as a portable shelf stereo get up along with an MP3 player that I've made a caddy for since nobody makes "Boom Boxes" worth a tinkers cuss anymore. I got the second set to use with the computer. They sound great while gaming!

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RC64 Universal Remote control9/25/2009 9:44:15 PM

Pros: Very well constructed and very low price. We got them earlier in 2009 on sale, They're both still working Great, Even the included batteries are holding up well. Perfect replacements for our worn out ten year old original RCA DIRECTV remotes. Button layout took awhile to get used to but is more logical than the originals. Ability to program for many other devices. Included instruction booklet actually makes sense, (See other thoughts.)

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: The included booklet has several pages of program codes for many different T.V.s, V.C.R.s, DVD players Etc. HOWEVER... We just recently bought an "A.O.C." T.V. and none of the codes listed for "A.O.C." worked. We also have an "AURIA" 24 in. LCD and it has the EXACT same remote control as the "A.O.C." AND the proper codes to work with this DIRECTV remote in it's setup sheet that are not even mentioned in the RC64 booklet so I tried them on the "A.O.C." T.V. and BAM! It works like a charm on it as well. Both T.V.s probably rolled off the same assembly line just with different brand names slapped on them. Here are the "AURIA" codes: 11454 or 11054 or 10690. Follow the instructions in the RC64 manual to punch these in and one may work for you as well for your "A.O.C." or "AURIA" or other "BRAND X" LCD televisions. You can also scan manually for unknown codes but with 99,999 possibilities it might take awhile. 11454 works great on both of our T.V.s now.

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