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Intake air filter fits 2020 Kia Soul8/26/2021 8:26:32 AM

Pros: Correct fit, fair price, a few cents less then rock auto.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Serves it's purpose. It's a lease vehicle, if I intended to keep it I would explore a KNR reusable air filter.

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Solved my issue11/5/2020 8:15:45 PM

Pros: This fixed a problem I was having. I have been playing Forge of Empires, using the Google chrome browser, and suddenly started to have lag and slow response to actions in the game. Forge of Empires posted a notification in the game. "We have found that players updating their Google Chrome browser to version 86 could encounter trouble playing our game, showing itself in being unable to load the game client, or in a slow gaming experience if it is possible to load the game. This, in most cases, is caused by the browser's hardware acceleration feature being disabled for you by the Google Chrome update to version 86. You can re-enable this feature manually, which will allow you to play the game again in most cases. If the issue still persist, it could also be related to a compatibility problem, most likely caused by outdated drivers for your system, especially your graphics card. In case that's the issue, you need to update your graphics card driver. Finally, you can also try playing the game through another browser of your choice (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, which is not Chromium-based), or you are welcome to contact our support team by clicking the green "Contact us about this issue" button through the link below. We will be happy to assist you wherever we can! " Well my 9 year old VGA, Biostar Ati Radeon HD 5670 1024MB DDR5 already had the latest drivers, so I decided it's time had come, and bought this.

Cons: ASUS support page driver download doesn't have any listing for the - P - GAMING drivers, and manually entering it displays " No result found ", so I used one without the - P, though there is one with a - S.

Overall Review: Fairly easy to install, everything is running fine, and I can play FoE on chrome with no problem. Motherboard: ASUS X570- Plus CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6 core 3.2GHz Memory: 2x G Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 - 3200 8GB SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB PS: Raidmax Rx 730ss

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Does everything I need it to3/22/2020 12:32:20 PM

Overall Review: I can't help but feel I cheeped out on this one. It is all I need, but I think I should have spent a bit more an bought a better cpu, which I will probably do anyhow. One thing I want to mention is that, the heat sink comes with a layer of thermal compound over where it sits atop the cpu. So you won't need to buy the Arctic Silver like I did, for the initial build.

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Works well for me3/22/2020 10:24:41 AM

Pros: This new model has an on off switch for the LED's. Includes more than you should need for a typical build

Cons: It is not 100% modular, the motherboard and cpu power leads are hard wired into it. This should not pose a problem for most, in is none for me.

Overall Review: This is not a featured product at Newegg, but I hope many find it. This is the second one I've purchased, the first one doesn't have a switch for the lights, and it still works. While I know my first one is at least 7 years old if not more then 10, I took it apart for cleaning and failed to get the lights mounted correctly during re-assembly, it continued to power my system though, so I'm not complaining. If not for my satisfaction with my old one I would not have known to search for it specifically, and I was pleased to find it priced better then the suggested power supplies.

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3/9/2011 8:23:26 AM

Pros: Supports a 125w processor, DDR3 1800(OC), 3 X PCIEX, SATA 6GBs, onboard video, eSATA, and on board power & reset switches

Cons: Not so much a bad thing but, the ECS IC890 GXM-A would have been good enough for me, but was out of stock.

Overall Review: I have built two systems based on the ECS A780GM-A for my Sons, & they have been rock solid for three years. On board video is great way to eliminate possibility of vga card problems when trouble shooting.The power & reset switches can simplify things if your front panel acts-up Those who delve into social networking will probably love eJiffy. Ive not yet had use for MIB III, eDlu, or eBlu, but its nice to know its available.

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2/17/2010 10:34:42 AM

Pros: Easy install very reliable been running practically non stop since June of 2008 with three users. However none of us do any overclocking , so I can't speak to that.

Cons: Had some problems at first, but newer versions may have addressed the issue. Original BIOS would frequently freeze when playing in mmo game's. If you experience this problem , flash the Bios.

Overall Review: I now have 2 of these mother boards, & would have no reservations about recommending it to a friend.

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