Great HDD12/19/2007 1:16:42 PM

Pros: I am using this as an external HDD. It works great. Fast transfers, quiet, and I have nothing to complain about so far. Price was unbeatable for the amount of storage provided.

Cons: Haven't found any yet.

Overall Review: For all those who do not know much about computers/Hard drives, the formatted amount is always less than the amount advertised, so please do not put that as a con because it is the same with all Hard drives.

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Sweet deal1/31/2007 9:43:08 PM

Pros: It replaced my X800GT and has given me a boost. Battlefield 2142 is my main game and I am not able to put all settings to high, but i was able to turn a lot of things up and it works like a charm.

Cons: It is a bit of a long card, but just move your HDD to a lower/higher bay and poses no problem. Fan is a bit loud but not enough for me to notice all that much or even care about.

Overall Review: Its a great card and getting it for the price i got, was awesome!!! Newegg is great. The best place to your parts. Shipping times are good and have had no problems with any of the products they sell. Will continue to buy from them without a second thought!

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