Great product!10/26/2020 10:19:39 AM

Pros: - Vesa Mountable, which is awsome. Doubt i'll mount it tho, the stand is nice. - Stand is metal, which I appreciate. Adjustments are easy to make and aren't too stiff. - Very little backlight bleed, hardly noticeable - Came with the response time set to "Fast" out of box

Cons: - RGB kinda pointless as it's not super bright

Overall Review: I've had it exactly for 1 hour at this point, and so far enjoying it. Everything looks nice and crisp, and was well calibrated out of box, altho it needed some minor adjustments. (Brightness was a bit low). The backlight bleeding is super minimal, and isn't really that noticeable to the eye. Had to set my phone to 500ms shutter speed just to capture what i did. It's only across the bottom, but again isn't that bright or noticeable. The stand is made of metal, and the adjustments are easy,. If you were to pick it up by the monitor itself, you'll end up adjusting the height of it instead of lifting it off the table, but it's firm enough to keep it's position, lol. Has *some* motion blur when under 100hz, and it's making me nauseous, but then again i've only ever played on a either a 4k TN panel, or a 1080p 144hz TN panel, both a 1ms response time, and neither have any motion blur. I suspect that it'll take some Overall image quality is great. Not the absolute greatest of all time, but it is pretty decent. Color tone out of box is pretty neutral, and the backlight was a little dim, but other than that the colors seem to be accurate and aren't far off my previous Samsung QLED monitor. RGB on the back seems a bit pointless seeing as how it's not bright enough for even a dark room unless it's RIGHT against the wall, but even then.

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Great Cables1/6/2018 7:39:10 PM

Pros: - Very flexible - Smaller footprint than stock cables with the 650GS - Comes with every possible connector.

Cons: - None

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Very nice!4/20/2016 10:49:03 PM

Pros: - Looks amazing - Installation was easy enough - Dyes are good quality

Cons: - Needs better fans. - Runs warmer than my Corsair H100i GTX by quite a bit, possibly due to fans (Idle before was 25c, now its 32c) - Fill port cap is extremely tight. Had to take it off with pliers :l - If you connect the reset switch to the pwm hub for LED controlls, sometimes it works others it doesnt. Not sure if it's my case or the header. - May not fit in the top, and if you have to put it in the front, the resevoir will face away from you, pretty disappointed in that (atleast for the Corsair 400c) - Took me entire bottle of red to get it where i wanted because tubes are hazy and make the liquid look lighter.

Overall Review: Some of the reviews are stating that the LED on the cpu block are not working, but from my experience it works perfectly fine, along with any other LED. Everything on my unit works perfectly as intended. If you're new to water cooling, then this is possibly NOT the route for a starter kit. Installation was "okay" and was a little rough and confusing due to poor instructions. Its just text or anything like that. I installed it into an AMD system and in order to do that, you have to remove the screws from the cpu bracket, which was a PAIN. There are rings hold it on and they are super hard to get off. Adding dye was easy (for the most part). The fill port cap is EXTREMELY tight and will likely require pliers or something like that. Tried a penny, almost bent the penny... Theres also not a whole lot of space in the resevoir to add a lot of dye, so if you intend to do a purple or something you will likely need to drain some water (only a little). In my case, the Corsair 400c, it was impossible to mount at the top, and the only other option i had was the front. I tried to get the resevoir to face me like its suppose to but had no luck. I suspect i'll have to move my graphics card down a slot to make that happen but then it'd just look dumb (imo). So i had to put it in the case with the resevoir (and the LEDs) facing the back of the case. Overall the build experience was "Okay" and I'd recommend it as the next step up from any other AIO solution like the Corsair H100i or closed loop coolers like it. It looks good and keeps the computer cool, but not as cool as my Corsair H100i GTX, so I suspect something isn't right, which I'll probably be looking into after this. Thanks for reading!

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Great motherboard!4/7/2016 2:34:11 AM

Pros: - Low tempuratures - LEDs look amazing along the left side - Overall nice aesthetic - Overclocks VERY well - USB Type-C and M.2 SSD support!!!

Cons: - Only 3 fan headers. 1 of which is 3pin.

Overall Review: Overall, i really like the product. It's a black/red themed motherboard with steel housing over the PCIe slots. The VRM and chipset both stay very cool even when overclocking an 8320E to 4.6ghz (which takes 1.53v). Tempuratures on everything remain between 30-40c which is a much better improvement over the 970A Chipset (which would skyrocket to 65c in a matter of seconds when overclocked like I am). It's got M.2 SSD and USB Type-C support with 3 fan headers and 1 fan cpu fan header. I also love the onboard buttons for power, reset, and clear cmos. Makes it so much easier to reset and stuff when you need it. The power button is also illumnated making it super easy to find, and theres also a debug readout next to it. tl;dr: Great motherboard, alot of features, great bang for the buck.

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Ok, but not Great12/3/2015 7:17:07 PM

Pros: The case overall looks ok, it's somewhat smaller than what i was expecting.

Cons: BARELY fits a 120mm radiator in the rear. I had to force it in by lifting the radiator off the case, and putting the screw in and force it down by tightening it. Altho it has fan mounts on the top that look like it supports 240mm radiator, it does not. The 5.25' drive bays block it making it impossible, along with no room for the cpu block/pump. Altho the sidepanel screws are easy to come off unlike alot of cases, the side panels fit extremely tight, making it difficult to get them on and off.

Overall Review: Overall a good sturdy case that looks great to me.

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