Be Aware of Temperatures8/2/2021 11:17:12 AM

Pros: - Performs as expected. - Nearly silent. - Benchmark displays accurate information compared to other cards of the same model. - LEDs are bright and stylish, ZOTAC really knows how to design the exterior of their cards.

Cons: - Seemingly no software to be found online that is able to control the LEDs. - Very heavy card, you will most likely need to set your cables up to hang from above so that it prevents the card from sagging out of the PCIe socket, or place something underneath it to keep it balanced. - Twin fan model, not exactly ideal for a powerful card like this. Though I suppose it would be considered a much more significant problem if this were the 3080 and above.

Overall Review: For those that live in warm/hot regions, be sure to monitor the GPU temperature from time to time. I live in the relatively warm areas of California, and my room is upstairs. Combining these two factors into a PC setup, I can sit at temperatures as high as 50c when idle and not overclocking. When playing Ghostrunner with the settings nearly maxxed out, overclocking disabled, temps skyrocketed to 75-80c minimum. tl;dr...don't overclock in the summer. Otherwise, perfect card. Oh right, the price. Yeah it's about double the cost of the FE 3070. If you are considering purchasing the card from this listing, stick with it. This is probably the least expensive card out of all other listings available for the 3070.

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