Love this monitor5/3/2021 7:27:31 AM

Pros: - Curve is perfect (especially for gaming) - No dead pixels (Won the pixel lottery?) - High refresh rate - FreeSync works with NVIDIA cards - Very even backlighting, no bright/dark spots that I can notice

Cons: - Maybe price? I saw a couple that were a bit cheaper and seemed similar but I have no true side by side comparison - Bottom of bezel accents on L & R side look like they either should be for airflow/cooling or attached speakers but actually do nothing. - Not sure the color optimization is really the best out of the box, some colors seem a little washed out or inaccurate, may want to tune/play around a bit yourself to optimize

Overall Review: Absolutely love the extra viewing area on games that take advantage of it. Makes a huge difference and still gives you that "wow" factor hours and hours into using it. Make sure you have a graphics card that can take advantage of it! Driving all these extra pixels would have killed my last graphics card (Got my hands on a 3070 from EVGA and have no issues playing at least at 100fps or more). Already recommended to friends and at least 1 has made a purchase as a result.

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Awesome looking AIO - great performance.2/11/2021 1:45:57 PM

Pros: - Love the look - Rotating NZXT logo gives you more options than some other options out there. - Great performance

Cons: - Hoses sticking out the side make it tight, or wont fit, in some set ups. In my instance it couldn't be installed against VRM heatsink or RAM (Asus Z390-I), leaving me only with the top or bottom. - I had a Corsair H110i before and it was nice that the fans plugged into the unit itself (self contained) and this one is going to need some extra wiring running around your case. - CAM control of fans is super basic. "Silent" and "Performance". I would appreciate a little more control over the speed and curves in something like an "advanced" mode. - Includes pre-applied thermal solution, for me this is a con but for some might be a pro. First thing I always have to do is wipe it off and apply my own Kryonaut.

Overall Review: - Hope your system is (or will be) NZXT'd out - otherwise you'll be running a few different types of software which can possibly conflict with each other. Though for what it's worth, I do really like the CAM software. But my RAM and MOBO are on their own RGB wise, which is a pain.

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Great looking set, but no 24 pin power connector2/3/2021 7:25:06 AM

Pros: Great looking, easy to install. Lots of cables included to make sure you have whatever you need for your build.

Cons: Shame on me for not looking thoroughly through the reviews, but I did not realize until I was putting my build together that this did not include a 24 pin motherboard power cable. This was not made very clear at time of purchase or listing, I'm not sure why this wasn't included. Also - not a reflection of the product itself but I did not realize each brand of modular PSU had it's own pinouts - ie a Corsair modular kit would not work on EVGA psu etc. So, make sure you match the brands when you purchase.

Overall Review: Would recommend... just make sure you have a solution for the motherboard power cable and don't leave that out.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Andrew, Sorry to hear about the confusion. The product page does reflect accurate pictures of what's included. If you need any clarification, please reach out at any time: -Art
I'm Happy!!!1/18/2021 7:22:47 AM

Pros: - 8 cores / 16 threads - Easily Overclockable - Mo powah beh beh - Good price and sales from NewEgg make this very competitive with other options - Works on 8th gen Mobo's with a bios update (I run on Z370 Mobo) - I am finally an owner of an i9.

Cons: - For a long time price was just too high for me to justify this over just keeping my 8700K but it has finally come down far enough and Newegg is really good with sales / bundle deals etc. - Not the latest gen (10900k would be "current" as of writing) - No cool Dodecahedron Box

Overall Review: - Even though this isn't the latest, I'm really happy with this. I saved a ton of money over upgrading a motherboard and buying 10th gen, saved a ton of installation time not having to take my whole PC apart to swap the motherboard, etc. - Mine is running at 5.1ghz all core @ 1.312v - of course everyones results may vary. I might even be able to do it at higher mhz or lower vcore, too impatient to dial it in further at the moment. - Saw some youtube videos about this being hot.. I haven't experienced that. Granted, I cool this with a 240mm AIO, and I use Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut as my thermal paste to help as much as I can... but this hits around 75C peak after a 10 minute Cinebench R23 run. More like 52-54C during "intense" gaming. - Pretty sure I'll be able to hold on to this for a while.

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AMAZING Ram & Samsung Die! 3600mhz 32gb CL16 kit review.11/28/2020 11:19:36 AM

Pros: - Samsung Die - Very fast, very low latency (best of both worlds) - Love the look of these - ABSURD headroom if you're an overclocker (as with anything, your mileage may of course vary)

Cons: - Price. They're pricy. To the point where it's quite honestly an objectively unnecessary purchase and we'll never notice the performance gains. But for some of us we love it anyway.

Overall Review: - I am extremely happy with this kit and would recommend it to anyone who wants the best and budget is not exactly what you're after. I've had fantastic luck on these and so happy they're Samsung die. I used to think the PCMR was ridiculous when I'd hear people talking about "Booo Hynix & Micron, YAY SAMSUNG"... I was thinking "Come on guys - REALLY, we're getting into what die our RAM chips now?" but now, after a couple Samsung kits and a half dozen other kits that weren't samsung, I completely get it now.

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Beautiful RAM, but a few words of caution11/28/2020 11:14:23 AM

Pros: - I absolutely love this memory's look, and have always enjoyed G.Skill... ever since Kingston stopped doing the "Savage" this is pretty much the brand I ended up on and continue to stick with. - High frequency, low latency.

Cons: - SK Hynix die (Not Samsung) - As always with Overclocking, your mileage may vary, but I had absolutely 0 headroom to run above spec, even with higher voltage. For many, this may be perfectly acceptable. - Could not run at rated speeds on an Asus Z390-i motherboard. I eventually attributed this to the MOBO's out of the box BCLK frequency of 102.3 vs 100. Apparently even this was enough to cause the system not to boot until I lowered the BCLK down to 100, even if I kicked the RAM voltage up higher.

Overall Review: - These are gorgeous, but I'd recommend shelling out a little more for the ones with the Samsung B die in them (16-16-16-36 for Samsung vs 16-19-19-39 for Hynix @ 3600mhz is how I could eventually tell.) They're legendary with overclockers for a reason. I have those as well in another system and have a ridiculous amount of headroom for MHZ OC and to tighten timings. - If you're just going to run stock, you'll probably be okay and very happy, and I can't knock you for that.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Andrew Good to hear you like the Trident Z Royal series memory. This memory kit can be overclocked, however it has different characteristics thus requiring different adjustments in BIOS to push beyond XMP Profile settings. Depending on target result, increasing timings may be necessary, and processor values as well. Generally DRAM Frequency should be adjusted to overclock, however if changing BCLK, it will change all frequencies so make sure all other areas and values can be supported as well. We welcome you to share your system on the G.Skill Technical Forum or contact us directly should you require any assistance. Thank you for choosing G.SKILL Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email:
External Link(s):
GSkill F4-3600C16D-32GTRSC QVL
Provides a great deal of power in a small footprint9/16/2020 10:44:50 AM

Pros: - Lot of power in a small form factor - Quiet (or silent in reasonable loads) - Flat cables easier to bend (Good consideration in SFF applications especially) - Fully Modular

Cons: - Weird click & pause when I turn the PC on vs what I was using before and use on my other systems.

Overall Review: - I needed more power in my Fractal Design Node 202 (originally came with a 450w PSU) in order to drive a 2070 Super. This definitely delivered the goods. As noted, every time I turn the unit on it almost sounds as if it's going through a boot loop as if the system won't post. But it ends up loading properly and there's no issue, it's just odd. Maybe it's just capacitors loading up or who knows. But yeah, button press to turn on the system, *click!* - silence and everything off for a second further... then everything comes to life. But honestly, if you're looking for a lot of power in some kind of ITX build, look no further. Oh, also I'd consider custom cables if your set up is REALLY small like the node is without much extra room for cable management. The original included 450w PSU was well thought out for the case it was put in and everything was already essentially cable modded to be the right lengths. Having a regular one means you have a lot of extra cable length in some cases.

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Very happy with purchase9/11/2020 10:07:33 AM

Pros: - i5 now 6 core instead of 4 - High clocks, decent (not fantastic) OC headroom (subject to "silicon lottery")

Cons: - No HyperThreading (of course this was added in 10th gen) - Couldn't get to 5.0 ghz (Subject to "silicon lottery")

Overall Review: I have multiple set ups in my house, this one is paired with a 2070 Super on a 4k TV and used for gaming. 10th gen was released already when I made this purchase, but I'm still happy with it as I didn't have any excessive gaming needs. Very solid, able to keep it cool enough in a Node 202 with a Cryorig c7 CU heatsink with a Noctua 92mmx25mm fan fashioned on top of it at 4.7ghz just to keep things well under control. Originally tried this with an i3-9100f CPU so I had a 9th gen Z390-I board already so that's why I stuck with 9th gen. But anyway, very happy with it. Even now, this would not be a bad choice for gamers whatsoever.

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This RAM is sweet8/11/2020 10:56:11 AM

Pros: - Had for about 5 years and never let me down - Love the look - Decent speed and low latency

Cons: - They seemed to disappear off the planet sometime after I bought them, and I wish they didn't. They seem pretty awesome.

Overall Review: - Definitely would recommend, even if it's used. They're sturdy and look slick, and I've never ever had a problem with them, on at least 3 different motherboards. I'll keep these around for as long as DDR4 is a thing (and since I love retro builds, probably forever).

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CPU With Longevity8/11/2020 10:53:52 AM

Pros: - Has lasted ~ 5 years and has never let me down.

Cons: - No longer available, a few generations old now. - Not a ton of overclocking headroom. (4.6ghz max for me)

Overall Review: - I am a little ridiculous and have 3 gaming PC's in the house, one on each TV. This was originally in my main gaming rig, and was then replaced by an i7-8700k, but anyway. I run this in a Velkase Velka 3 with only a Noctua LH-L9i and modestly overclocked to 4.4ghz and heat is well under control. (I de-lidded, and use Kryonaut on top of the IHS) but I'm very happy with this purchase and have gotten my money's worth over the years.

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Needed for retro build8/11/2020 10:49:42 AM

Pros: - Wanted to upgrade my RAM on my Windows XP machine - Pretty looking

Cons: - None, I mean other than it's super old

Overall Review: Still have a 32 Bit Windows XP / Pentium 4 Extreme Edition build in 2020? Well I've got the RAM for you! I'm not sure why I'm writing this review now, I bought these in 2014... but hey for what it's worth, they're working great 6 years later in my occasionally used Retro XP Gaming Machine. I'm very glad I bought them.

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Both Drives work as Advertised8/4/2020 5:29:16 AM

Pros: - High Capacity - Quiet - CMR - Price (Bought on NewEgg Flash Sale)

Cons: - None

Overall Review: Very happy with the drives, I bought two to mirror in RAID to keep all of my family pictures, videos and some other things safe, and I've been very happy with WD. Still never had a failure with them (knock on wood) and feel my digital belongings are safe. I wrote approx 3TB of data in 30 minutes and another 1TB in another 20 or so... these were many many small files, I'm sure it would have been faster if I was moving blu-ray movies or something but we're talking pictures, songs etc that no drive really moves incredibly fast. Oh, and I transferred the files via USB 3.0 and an external 3.5" drive dock prior to installing them in my computer. Anyway, I'm very happy with the read speeds, after being spoiled by SSD/M.2 for so long I was afraid I would be feeling the lag, but I'm happy. The 256MB Cache seems to be a big improvement over my old drives which had only 64MB as well.

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Excellent budget option from Intel8/1/2020 5:19:28 PM

Pros: 4 true cores, low power consumption and heat output.

Cons: If you’re really into pushing a lot of frames I’d still recommend an i5 at least. Wish they’d unlock these.

Overall Review: I’m happy. I actually got two, one for my friend I was helping to upgrade his build and for myself. Originally I just wanted something cheap to “steam stream” in my house from my i7-8700k / 1070ti build to my bedroom TV. Of course, I haven’t been able to do the same with Origin, so quickly found out I was going to be praying for this to have some guile if it’s own rather than rely on the other PC’s power via streaming to do the work. It works okay for harder core AAA gaming. Can definitely feel some lag spikes though. But if you’re not spoiled already, on a tight budget, or have a build where heat would cause a problem with a low profile cooler or something, I’d definitely recommend it.

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Gorgeous RAM - Great Performance8/1/2020 5:12:56 PM

Pros: Excellent look, attention to detail with the packaging, high speed and low latency.

Cons: Price but, with any premium product you must know you’re over paying.

Overall Review: I’m very happy with them. I bought 2x(2x8GB) since 4x8GB was sold out and have no issues even though it wasn’t one true “kit” of 4. Serial numbers on the RAM were almost sequential anyway, so I’m sure it’s from the same production lot. Mobo recognized XMP profile. Kind of an unnecessary purchase but I dig them anyway.

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Works as advertised8/1/2020 5:09:05 PM

Pros: Price. Clean look.

Cons: Umm... no case sticker included? Lol. Not really any.

Overall Review: Would recommend for any midrange build. I’m happy with what I got and would buy again, especially given NewEgg’s pricing currently on the product.

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Good value 2.5” SSD7/3/2020 11:36:05 AM

Pros: Price, capacity (I bought 1TB), speed

Cons: Not as fast as some of the more expensive ones

Overall Review: Overall this is perfect for my solution. My laptop has M.2 for a boot drive and had a 1TB mechanical drive for games & other storage - which I replaced with this. Definitely worthy of a look for anybody investing in solid state storage of this capacity due to value.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
This stuff is awesome12/12/2019 8:30:03 AM

Pros: Excellent thermals Easy application

Cons: None really - highly recommended product. Seems to go on a little thick so just be careful with making sure you have the right amount. One time I tried the "pea" method and this didn't seem to be enough for my applications, I tend to spread it out a little more first.

Overall Review: This stuff is excellent, I would never use anything else now that I've seen the thermal improvements on all of my systems. I have a P4 EE 3.4ghz socket 478 machine I keep for retro gaming that is notorious for insane heat, as well as a i7-6700k on my living room/tv pc and finally my i7-8700k OC'd to 5.0ghz on my main gaming computer. All saw significant thermal improvement using this over other thermal paste. I've even taken apart my very noisy Omen laptop and applied this to the CPU and GPU underneath the heatpipes and seen significant improvement there as well. Don't settle for less.

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Excellent Card & Price for performance12/12/2019 8:25:38 AM

Pros: Small form factor - purchased to fit in a Velka 3 (extremely small) I would not categorize this as loud or noisy - but I should note it's behind my TV and not on a desktop only a foot or two from my ear. Power draw is not especially high

Cons: None really, excellent 1080P card. I'd recommend trying something more powerful if you're a hardcore 1440p or 4K user or someone who wants very high refresh rates.

Overall Review: Very satisfied, and with graphics card prices these days this was excellent.

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Thoroughly enjoy this set up so far11/19/2019 8:29:08 PM

Pros: Study construction, comfortable memory foam, love the keyboard (I have a K70 I also love for when I'm on my computer at the desk instead of in the living room), good looking backlight. Mouse pad is good and just tacky enough to keep the mouse from sliding off if your legs cause the lapboard to be at a slight angle. Same can be said about the lapboard padding underneath, it hasn't been sliding off my legs.

Cons: Wish the keyboard was available with different switches (I prefer Blue myself) Mouse pad not swappable, some time down the road when it wears out this may bother me more.

Overall Review: Definitely would recommend for some solid living room activity and gaming. I really enjoy this purchase (and am using it now to write the review while on my 4K tv in the Livingroom :-))

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Good looking board, fair price, no major issues10/1/2016 6:10:49 PM

Pros: Plenty of options for the price, it looks good in a case with a window.

Cons: Even with the latest BIOS, it is unresponsive to Overclocking with my i7-6700k. I've tried manually doing what youtubers did (even one with an asrock mobo), then tried the "easy OC" tool, and then the preloaded 4.6ghz, and nothing ever changed, 4200 MHz was the max achieved speed, which is the normal turboboost speed for this CPU. I have no idea what's going on with that.

Overall Review: A little frustrated at the moment as to why all changes to multipliers, voltages, and even trying to use the built in utilities (like a nube) are totally unresponsive. At least I did not have any RAM slot issues or DOA issues, so I am grateful there.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Andrew, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Mainboard has overclocking function. However, overclocking could damage the components as well as mainboard which depend on user’s knowledge, experience and adopted components including cooling system. If you have any technical support inquiry, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
"Sweet Spot" for gaming9/21/2016 10:30:31 AM

Pros: Price per framerate Low power consumption Relatively quiet

Cons: Can't really think of any - I doubt this would handle pushing 4K at crazy settings but that's not what I got it for

Overall Review: Definitely would recommend for your above average but not quite "extreme" gamer. This will kick the doors off of every game at max settings at 1080p. Unless you spent $800+ on your gaming monitor, well, then you probably would be insane for trying to buy a graphics card in this price range to go with it. This will keep me happy for a while until a year or 18 months down the road I'll update to probably a 1080 when it's not new anymore, it's not worth the $ to me to be at the premium range of gaming cards and I'm completely satisfied with being 1-2 years behind what's current - I think you get the best bang for the buck that way. PS I've never ever ever ever ever hit that slower 512mb on this card, never been anywhere near 3.5GB even on max settings at 1080P so, that doesn't affect me.

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