High quality cooling pad5/21/2021 9:12:50 AM

Pros: Well made, good size, small details such as angle adjustment, adjustable "slide" guard to keep laptop from sliding off, good venting, good fan with speed control, RGB settings are very nice. Even with the fan off, the venting and elevated design allows ambient air flow reducing fan speeds and temperatures of laptop.

Cons: It IS elevated even when not at an angle (ie it sits a few inches off desk). So may be an issue if you don't use an external keyboard/mouse and type for extended periods of time. But on laptop we're using it with, the laptop keyboard is set further back so plenty of wrist space on flat surface of laptop. Also fan does make some noise when running and fan/light controls are on back of unit, would be better on side. Not sure why it has USB split (maybe some laptops need to use two USB jacks to power this fan?)

Overall Review: Overall solid build quality, works well as a passive cooler and active cooler. Control buttons would be better on side though.

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Works as described5/21/2021 8:44:47 AM

Overall Review: Came in mail quick, works as described. Been using Corsair Vengeance memory for years. Slightly overpriced in current computer parts market but can't go wrong with this brand of desktop memory.

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Worked as described5/21/2021 8:43:17 AM

Overall Review: No issues, worked as described right away. Only reason 4 instead of 5 eggs is because price a little high for what it is.

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Solid processor12/18/2012 6:15:50 PM

Pros: Runs cool and runs dependable. Can handle extreme overclocking if you have the right motherboard and cooling system. (I haven't had the need to test this yet.)

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: A gamer friend recommended the i5 over the i3 and i7 and it seems worth every penny. Got it for just under $200.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
8/31/2012 3:44:24 PM

Pros: Small, well built, works well. Includes usb cover for when not in use (great for putting in pocket) and includes USB extender cable to put the dongle in front of PC or on top of desk.

Cons: None.

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Good but overpriced8/17/2012 6:50:43 AM

Pros: Sleek, space saving, lightweight, very quiet to type on, nice feel on keys even though they are thin.

Cons: Almost no ergonomics at all, you'll be sore in the wrists with this keyboard. This is a prime example of form over function. Keys can begin to fall off over time. Being white it gets dirty quick. No backlighting.

Overall Review: I owned both this and the wireless version. Both are similar although the wireless is small. Overall it looks great and the keys have a good feel. But again it's not ergonomic at all, it gets dirty, and not practical for daily use. Plus it's insanely overpriced.

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