exactly what I needed6/3/2014 3:45:26 PM

Pros: Transfers files to/from an SD card via usb.

Cons: Wasn't Free.

Overall Review: It works, that's really all there is to it.

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This laptop is at best a broken toy2/9/2014 3:15:53 PM

Pros: If you're looking for a small portable laptop and have no desire to ever use this as a tablet, then that laptop is actually pretty great. I like the backlit keyboard, and it's a pretty speedy laptop if you're not trying to play any games. It also has a great resolution for the size.

Cons: Terrible battery life with the provided win8 image (under 2 hours), and loaded with bloatware. None of the tablet functions work correctly. If I have the laptop in seamless mode and close it, the tablet screen comes on maybe 30% of the time. If I manually select tablet mode in the asus menu it'll switch 90% of the time but then the touch features don't work another 50% of the time (I have to open it partway and use the keyboard because touching the screen does nothing). The auto rotate function always turns itself off automatically when in laptop mode, but doesn't turn on automatically when switching back to tablet mode. Sometimes when in tablet mode it still won't turn on, leaving the tablet stuck in landscape mode. I've had it in laptop mode with the tablet screen disabled by the hardware button on the side, and the touch controls were stuck on, so anything touching the back of the laptop would click something on my screen. Sometimes it refuses to switch between tablet or laptop mode completely. Any time I want to use this laptop in tablet mode everything that can break, does break. It's almost humorous how bad this laptop is. I spent twenty minutes trying to log onto reddit in tablet mode because first the touch functions weren't working. Then after I got the touch to work, I decided I wanted to view it long ways instead of landscape, but autorotate got switched off. I couldn't get the charms menu open from swiping (which is how you get to the asus menu in tablet mode) so I had to open the lid to get into the ASUS menu and turn auto rotate on. Rotate still wouldn't turn on (nothing happened when I clicked the button at all) so I gave up trying to rotate the screen. I closed the lid again, but this time when it closed the touchscreen was somehow reversed (I would touch the top of the screen and it would register a click at the bottom of the screen). This experience is actually better than normal, because it usually won't go into tablet mode at all. I'd also like to add that this is the stock asus install, I didn't change anything. I sent it in for repairs (which took about two months and calling asus support 3-4 times a week because I'm pretty sure they lost the laptop at some point, nobody seemed to have accurate information on where it was), and got it back like this, still malfunctioning. I used to build my desktop computers with almost entirely asus hardware, but this is definitely the last asus product I'll buy.

Overall Review: I actually enjoyed this laptop better when I had broken the outer touch screen (before I sent it in for repairs), because it functions fine as a regular laptop. As soon as I try to do anything in tablet mode is when I want to just throw the thing away. If anyone wants me to upload a video of just how frustrating it is to use this thing let me know.

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Very Frustrating4/12/2012 1:08:54 PM

Pros: Worked great for a month or two. I have my computer hooked up to a 42 inch TV so it's super convenient having a keyboard that also functions as a mouse, so I only have to carry one thing when I move around.

Cons: Neither ctrl button works reliably, they stopped working after about two months. It's the single most frustrating thing that could happen to a keyboard when you rely on a lot of hotkeys and shortcuts. The trackball also got dirty and stopped working but I was eventually able to clean it out and it works again. it's just something to keep in mind.

Overall Review: I'm still using the keyboard, but I will probably go with another brand for a replacement. I want all my keys to work 100% of the time, not just part of the time.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing IOGEAR and we apologize for your experience. Please email us with a phone number to contact you at support@iogear.com. We will be more than happy to contact you with quality service and process an RMA. Once again, thank you for choosing IOGEAR.
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ghosting/double image12/5/2011 11:14:03 AM

Pros: It's long... could come in handy if I ever need some rope.

Cons: There's ghosting/double image on the screen, makes the cable unusable.

Overall Review: Might want to give this cable a pass

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No input lag7/23/2008 9:56:08 PM

Pros: I just tested this monitor for input lag (for those that don't know, LCD monitors sometimes display images a couple frames behind what is actually happening, and this is known as input lag). What I did: I set up my CRT and this monitor up onto my ATI radeon HD 2600 PRO, and set it up to display in clone mode. I used a stopwatch program, and then took pictures of the screens together (with a digital camera) to find the input lag. I got to down to x.xxx seconds and the numbers displayed on each monitor were the same. (test in windows xp) Also works great in kubuntu linux.

Cons: the volume is a bit annoying to change, as sometimes pressing the <- and +> buttons changes brightness instead of volume.

Overall Review: I posted the pictures of the test on my photobucket account, if you want to see them my account is "the_neonchrist" as shown, and are labled as DSC00089 to DSC00095 (93-95 are the ones the go to x.xxx seconds)

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