Well-built for Large Heads3/27/2019 10:12:25 AM

Pros: -Well-built -Great if you struggle to find headsets for your large head (could be a con) -No issue with drivers (Microsoft's default drivers work great if you don't want the iCUE software) -Volume and mute controls on the headset, not the wire (could be a con)

Cons: -I have an average-sized head, but a little towards the small size. On the smallest adjustment, these are just a tad too large. If you have a small head, I would find something else (or wear a hat, as others have suggested). -The volume and mute controls are located on the left earpiece. I find this more comfortable than an inline control, but some might find this less convenient.

Overall Review: I'm surprised Corsair didn't figure average-sized heads into the design for this headset. It's really designed for huge heads, and doesn't tighten up enough for me. Hopefully future iterations will fix this, because this is a really quality headset. Also, be sure which version you're getting. The "Surround" version doesn't have RGB, so if you're into the flashy lights make sure to get the one with flashy lights.

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Sharp, beautiful monitor3/24/2019 9:24:09 AM

Pros: -Sharp, clear image -Bright display -Price is right -Seems to be edge-to-edge

Cons: -It came with just a VGA cable, no HDMI. This is 2019, I expect monitors to include HDMI cords. Not enough to take off an egg, though. -The display is thicker front to back than I expected. I assume that space is for air flow because I didn't see any components through the vents. -It's not actually edge-to-edge. There is a 50mm gap between the edge of the pixels and the very thin bezel on the sides and top.

Overall Review: In general, this is a stunning 1080p display for the price. If I were into dual-monitor gaming I would definitely consider buying a second one.

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Large, good-looking case3/5/2014 9:31:52 PM

Pros: I purchased this case because I was looking for something with a lot of room and that would be good for keeping my CPU cool. This works for that perfectly. The built-in PWM fan controller has two knobs, one for fan speed and another for LED brightness; I leave mine all the way up all the time. Other pros are the separate HDD bays underneat the main chassis, awesome design, USB 3.0, and good size.

Cons: The biggest con for me so far is the fact that my Corsair H100i didn't fit. You'd think that it would work perfectly, by looking at the pictures, but this case just won't work for that cooling radiator. The fan controller, while it's a cool plus, is also a con, as it's very basic and difficult to remove should you wish to troubleshoot it. The fan wires are also exposed at the connectors behind the case, and if you don't wrap them in electrical tape, you'll risk zapping them. The cable management is OK, and only just. I chose to pull most of the wires running behind the back plate inside the case so the back panel would close comfortably.

Overall Review: Overall, this is a good case, and would be great if you're using a 1x1 liquid cooling system instead of a 1x2 like the h100i. The fan controller is basic, but does its job. I'm very satisfied!

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