Good PSU2/17/2014 9:59:18 AM

Pros: All the plugs except the mobo main are detachable. This means you don't need to wrap up all the plugs that are not used. Instead just leave them in the box. The unit is quiet and seems to be providing power just fine. The LED is a nice feature and there is a push button on the PSU to turn it on/off. It not extremely bright.

Cons: It is slightly wider than other PSU's I have used. It's almost undetectable unless your case has some side guide rails on it. It may cause you trouble. I noticed the screw holes were slightly off the mark. Most cases probably will not have a problem but be aware of it.

Overall Review: For the cost it's a good PSU with most of the features you will need.

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Better than expected2/17/2014 9:50:38 AM

Pros: 1. Surprisingly fast. It ran all the latest games I have tried on it. It can handle it. 2. The microSD slot lets you add much more room. I used 16GB with no issues. 3. Rooted already. 4. Front and rear camera works fine. Not the best resolution but adequate. 5. Workmanship seems fine. Plastic back but solid.

Cons: 1. Only 1024x600 resolution. Not HD but good enough for most people. 2. The display fades out when looking at it from different angles. Landscape is okay but when looking at it in portrait, you must tilt it slightly to get full brightness. 3. Poor battery life. About 1 hour. 4. Mini-hdmi cord not included. 5. Wireless reception is fair at best. 6. I would have been more impressed with more RAM. 7. No GPS but I didn't need it.

Overall Review: I own a cheap PMID703C and a Nexus 7 as well. This is FAR better than the PMID703C which I classify as junk, and nearly as good as my Nexus 7. For 1/4 the cost of the Nexus, this is a good deal. If you want a low cost tablet with 90% of the features in a $270 tablet, this is the one to get.

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Great board10/31/2013 9:28:51 AM

Pros: It fits nice, even into a smaller case. The BIOS is great. It has a full fledged GUI with mouse support. Very easy to setup. Tons of features with intuitive layout. Every driver on the disc worked without a hitch on Windows 7. Also came with lots of extra screws.

Cons: No IDE. Yes, IDE is kind of outdated, but I like the option. I have some older DVD-Burners I wanted to throw in the system but could not.

Overall Review: I got this for my son. With a quad core 3.2, it's a great gaming box. Plays all the latest. MSI is my favorite mobo brand. This board did not disappoint me. Great price for this quality!

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Fix Review10/31/2013 9:22:17 AM

Pros: Fast CPU. No problems running games. Temperature is quite low with a quality fan. 34c.

Cons: Don't count on the stock fan. If you but this, get a quality fan. The stock fan was running about 45-49c. That's not horrible, but you can get it much lower with a better cooling option.

Overall Review: I accidentally reviewed a motherboard in place of this. Sorry. Just ignore the last review.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Good for saving room not good for cooling.9/8/2013 3:00:14 AM

Pros: It fits nicely in my case with room to spare. It runs quiet.

Cons: It does cool better than nothing, but I would NOT use this on higher end CPU's that produce a lot of heat. It keeps my dual core AM2 2.7 cool enough, but I would be happier to see it lower. Can someone please make these things with longer power leads? It seems like they keep getting shorter and shorter.

Overall Review: If you can get a case fan close to this thing it helps.

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Work Great!8/29/2013 6:31:34 PM

Pros: - Very small. They do not block the entire outlet as long as you put it in the lower slot. - Easy setup. Just click the pair button on them and wait a few minutes. - Speed was better than I expected. I have two pair running all together. Every location can stream movies from my file server, no problems. - Comes with a network cord for each. - Price cannot be beat for this quality.

Cons: I guess the speed could be better. It's definitely NOT 200mbps. More like 50 mbps and ONLY when there are only two paired. It decreases as you add more units. It's good for movie steaming but do not think you are going to get fast transfers for 1GB files from computer to computer.

Overall Review: These really worked out well. One thing you should know is that you cannot plug this into a power strip with surge protection. It must be plugged into a plain extension cord or directly to the wall jack. Also, they can be a little finicky when pairing. Press the button on the remote units first, then do the same on the unit attached to the router. IN THAT ORDER. It takes about 4-5 minutes to get a solid link. Just ping away and watch it. I'm going to get another paid of these just as a backup.

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Excellent8/19/2013 2:51:52 PM

Pros: Fast! This CPU really runs like a lightening. So much better than AMD's that I own. Temperature is not as high as I thought. With a good heatsink/fan you can run about 45c. Socket 1150 has no pins on the CPU which I prefer.

Cons: The stock fan is poor. Under 3D gaming load it peaks about 67c. The CPU can handle more but I just don't like that much heat.

Overall Review: For the price, this is an excellent I5 for gaming or work. I run virtual machines on this while 3D games are running. No problems! I have 16GB of ram though. Also, I'm kicking myself in the rear for not getting the K, which can be overclocked A LOT! My friend has his running at 4.4Ghz with zero problems. Still, this CPU is more than fast enough.

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Pleasant experience8/19/2013 2:42:43 PM

Pros: Very responsive touch screen. Apps load almost immediately. Having a good CPU really makes this a keeper. Graphics are smooth and well defined. All 3D games run like a champ! No lag at all. Display is bright and has good resolution. Except for the power and volume, the buttons are digital on-screen. However I never ran into a problem where they disappeared or failed to work. I was quite surprised by that. Wireless works flawlessly and has good range. Has not crashed on my once!!! This is the first Android device I have used that has not crashed on me (yet).

Cons: A few older apps would not run. Make sure to use the latest versions. Not rooted. This meant some of my favorite utilities were useless unless I root it. No microSD slot. I really like having the option. Make sure you buy a version without enough potential room.

Overall Review: Overall, this is the best Android tablet I have owned, and I have owned many. DO NOT buy a cheap knock-off. You will not get good quality and performance with a knock-off. These are priced low enough to be worth it.

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Works Well8/19/2013 2:30:17 PM

Pros: Easy to install. Each fan connection has both types of connectors and is labelled. Also all cords are fairly long enough, even for a large case. There is a temp sensor for each fan. The display is bright and easy to understand.

Cons: The instructions were not so great. I figured it out through trial and error. There is no way (I found) to set fan speed manually. The only thing you can control is target temperature for each fan.

Overall Review: For the price, it's well worth it.

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Missing Something2/26/2013 10:31:44 AM

Pros: The card works great. Big improvement over my 8600GTS. I play FSX on max settings now. Even fallout 3 is on near ultra settings. Fits in the slot nicely and the fan is not too big to get in the way. It is also quiet.

Cons: It was advertised to come with a free game coupon but I will be darned if I can find it in the box. Did I get ripped or am I mistaken about something?

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Pleasantly Surprised3/17/2012 10:32:34 PM

Pros: It comes pre-rooted. Yes!! I also got Ice Cream Sandwhich 4.0.3 on it. Works great! The USB dongle it comes with reads thumb drives without a hitch! I have not tried a hard drive on a powered hub yet. Pretty fast little bugger. 3D games run fine. Touch pad is responsive. HDMI!!!! The build quality is just fine. It's plastic, but I did not see anything that made me worry about it lasting. Price is more than fair.

Cons: It was a pain to get ICS 4 on it because all the instructions I found on the web are poorly written. You need to press BOTH volume buttons for 10 seconds, then the power button 10 times. Also the website link to the firmware is broken! You gotta search for it. I found a direct link on There is no clockmod recovery for it (yet). Buttons need to be pressed firmly. It does crash every once in awhile. It won't force close. It unusably just reboots. However it cashes just as much as any other android I have owned. Some apps do not work, like all my emulators. But most other stuff does. This is NOT a dual core. It is a single core with an additional GPU for graphics. (which is helpful). The sound is too low without earbuds. No bluetooth. The 3G is supported but you need to buy the dongle for it separately. CDMA and WCDMA.

Overall Review: This device is identical to the Player Momo9. Beware the firmware is slightly different from 4G to 8G models. The best rom is 20120228. Forget trying the SD card method. Use the PC method with LiveSuit. ICS 4.0 does a way better job of resizing older games, and has many new features. You DO want it. It really turns this tablet into a great device. This is not an IPAD, sure. However, it is a great Android tablet that can do just as much as any other. I own an IPAD too, and frankly, there isn't much to it when you consider the price difference.

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Great with DD-WRT1/19/2012 6:12:05 AM

Pros: Detachable antennas, slim design, and yes, this will work with DD-WRT firmware.

Cons: Odd shape makes them unstack-able. If you wanted to do that.

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Simple and works1/19/2012 6:03:02 AM

Pros: Quiet. Large fan. External USB so you do not lose a port. Two height adjustments on the rear legs. Front has blocks to keep computer from sliding off.

Cons: None really. It is lightweight plastic but for the price, what would you expect?

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Good case1/19/2012 5:54:03 AM

Pros: Solid case, good workmanship, detects easily. The case is metal. It also comes with a plastic protector for the bottom of the drive.

Cons: None. It simply works.

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Works Great1/19/2012 5:50:08 AM

Pros: Nice design, reliable, good quality. I have two of these.

Cons: A little heavy, but that is because it is good quality metal.

Overall Review: The older one is a year old and still going strong.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
So so.....1/19/2012 5:44:51 AM

Pros: I liked the long design which makes fitting USB cables a bit easier.

Cons: While it has an AC adapter, I found it could still only support two drives needing power. Once I tried to plug in a third, drives starting going in and out.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, That is a strange symptom. If you plug in anything else besides a hard drive when you have 2 other drives connected, will it do the same thing? Please try another USB port as well to see if there is any change. If you are still having issues after that, please contact the Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Be Careful!1/19/2012 5:41:42 AM

Pros: Study and durable cable.

Cons: Will not work with some drives, because the cable is too long. Freeagent Go 2.5'? Forget it. It will not work. I found that out the hard way.

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Not the best, but not horrible.4/15/2011 6:55:01 PM

Pros: Bright screen, many inputs, remote, and detachable antenna. Also it has an internal battery!

Cons: The AC adapter plug is very touchy. One small move and it stops recharging. Battery option is nice but it does not last long. MAYBE 30 minutes if you are lucky....

Overall Review: I have not tried any other brands, but if I had the choice again, I would probably buy a different brand/model.

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Wow! I love this thing.3/17/2011 6:03:34 PM

Pros: - Really neat and easy design. - Reliable transfers and speed. This case is two halves which are held together by two heavy duty rubber straps. Even the hard drive gets two internal rubber caps for shock protection. No screws at all! Simply pull of the straps, open the case, attach the drive, close, put the straps back on, and then light it. The USB cable is also much higher quality then you commonly find. I love this design. I really think is the best thing since sliced bread.

Cons: While I believe this enclosure is very good, I would be happier around the $16 mark on price. I'm buying another one though, just because I like it so much.

Overall Review: If you are tired of the standard junky aluminum enclosure, with tiny end cap screws, and lose drive rattle, get this one! This should be the new standard.

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Better than I expected.12/20/2010 1:23:32 PM

Pros: - Solid, well built case. Not cheap plastic. - Panel screws into the front with larger screws, not the tiny ones on the side. - The circuit board even has two screw holes to secure it to the bottom of the hard drive! First time I've seen that. Good idea. - It was detected by Windows 7 quickly and without drivers. - Comes with a nicely balanced docking station as well as an extra USB cable. "Balanced" meaning it doesn't tip over easily when you put the drive in it. - The dock also has a blue LED on the front. - Some of my other external cases also fit the dock. The cases with the rounded sides will fit. Bonus!

Cons: - Be careful when docking, it is not a quick fit. It requires a little wiggling to line up the port. - Would have been nice if it came with at least a cheap sleeve.

Overall Review: Seriously, for what I paid, this is a no brainier. There are junk cases without a dock selling for more. Even without the dock, this is a GREAT price. At first I was a little weary of Link Depot brand, but I am very satisfied so far.

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One of the better cases.12/20/2010 1:11:30 PM

Pros: - Sold high quality workmanship. Not cheap junk. - The drive fits snugly into the case, so there is no bouncing around. - Comes with the standard p-leather case. - Comes with USB cable (standard size on both ends) - Detected immediately on Windows 7 without drivers.

Cons: - The LED protrudes from the case, which makes me nervous it may get knocked out. - Tiny screws used to hold the access panel on this sides. This is common for these small cases, but I still don't like it.

Overall Review: For the price I paid, this is a STEAL! Don't bother buying some cheap Nippon Labs or unknown case. This one is 10x better and cost me just as much. I should have bought more of them. Wish I could give this a 4.5 eggs. It deserves more than 4 but not quite 5.

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Great little case7/17/2010 9:31:13 PM

Pros: The case is build well (except for front). The material is sturdy. The side panel slides off easily. One large thumb screw holding it in place. Tons of air vent space. The holes (grid) line up perfectly with small and large case fans. Using a few thin zip ties, you can add a fan basically anywhere there is a vent. The power supply seems to be working well and is strong for such a small case. Lots of connectors, and the AC cord is L shaped to fit nicely at the base of the case. The card reader/USB/Audio front slots worked and are convenient. There are two audio connectors for HD or AC97 on your mobo. I fit a large(tall) fan in the case. It nearly touched the case side but the vent is right there so it works out fine. The case fan (which comes with the case) is also positioned right by the CPU on my board. Perfect spot! It comes with two feet to stand it up on its side.

Cons: The front cover is a bit flimsy and I don't trust the way it is secured by simple plastic hook tabs. I can't get the front LED to work. Maybe I connected something wrong but I tried everything. The HD spot is kind of cramped and not a good spot for heat dispersal. The fan is a bit loud. Not horrible but noticeable. It is nearly as loud as my SUN rack server with 8 fans!

Overall Review: This is not a bad case at all. However you need to be patient and fully understand the case and have a plan! I recommend you install the HD first, then the DVD, and then the mobo, followed by the rest. The front assembly comes out by removing a few screws, and then nudging it back and then up. All screws for drives are secured at the bottom of the drives NOT the sides! A few zip ties were provided but you should have some more or some electrical tape to wrap things up well. I used this to run an old XP2200 as a file server. As you know they run hot, which a max temp of about 85F. Might is running about 65F, so the case can handle heat. Must use low profile cards! This is pretty standard with mini cases, and should not really be considered a con

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It's okay.3/5/2010 9:36:23 PM

Pros: - Small - Easy to setup - Decent set of features. It even has the ability to run a web server. - Will recognize multiple partitions on each drive!

Cons: While the feature set is great, I'm hoping for some firmware upgrades or 3rd party firmware, because it is a little buggy. Nothing too bad. For instance, you need to restart the unit to see the drive partition changes correctly. A busy network will slow this thing down significantly. It has a media server but it cannot handle more than a handful of connections before it starts skipping beats. That means it is great for home use only. I also wish it could write to NTFS. You can get around the FAT32 limit by using a different format program such as the HP USB Format utility.

Overall Review: The extremely low price was the only reason I grabbed this item. Otherwise I would have just thrown together a really cheap system which would offer more flexibility and speed. This is great to play around with, or use in specific limited situations. However is not a serious piece of entertainment hardware. BTW: I also have the WDTV, and I believe it to be a superior product to this one. Plus there is some 3rd party software avail for the WD products.

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Very pleased3/5/2010 9:24:13 PM

Pros: Fast and super quiet. Seriously, I can barely hear this thing running. I almost though I had a dead drive because it was so silent. The drive is also fairly slim for a 3.5". That provides a little more airflow room between drives. Really a nice choice for someone with a tight case! The drive is bare but it came securely packed in bubble wrap.

Cons: None so far. (Fingers Crossed)

Overall Review: I replaced my three year old 250GB Maxtor, which was still going strong. However, this was a good choice to add some room. I strongly recommend the drive at a good price.

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Mystery drive3/5/2010 9:19:02 PM

Pros: It works (reads/writes), is SATA, and is VERY quiet.

Cons: I cannot get lightscribe to work at all. Nothing I use detects this drive as having lightscribe, even the software that came with it! (Fresh Windows 7 Ult 64 install). I also went to the LG customer support and there is NO LISTING for the model GH22LS50. If the manufacturer doesn't even know anything about this model then some serious questions exist regarding this product. The software disc is for XP SP2 only, and is mostly junkware by Cyberlink. Don't bother!!!! It will just hog up resources and load a thousand memory resident programs.

Overall Review: Does it truly have lightscribe? Is the model number accurate? Is this a legitimate LG drive? If anyone finds out, please let us know. Especially if you find software that works with lightscribe on this drive. The ONLY reason I am giving this two eggs is because the lightscribe was a bonus feature that was not a deal breaker for me. The drive works otherwise. Still, I like to get what is advertised, just like anyone else. There were other brands at the same price and with the same features.

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