It stopped working after 6 months of service1/1/2021 10:11:29 AM

Pros: It is fast and quiet. Unmanaged for a small home. Works good and it provided a constant 250 Mbps with a 1000 mbps fiber integrated infrastructer

Cons: Stopped working after months.

Overall Review: It was working fine but quit working after 6 months. It started to make a noise. And causes the whole network to collapse by overworking the communications. I had to go back to my old 10/100 switch. Not very happy with the quality. I Will call the company to find out what they can do, but I see their RMA process is buyer have to pay for the shipping label for return.

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Great phone with great functions but limited hardware2/4/2017 9:58:12 PM

Pros: I loved the dual SIM to keep both company and personal number. Sleek design and fingerprint access is great. Screen size and price is great for this mid phone. UI is very similar to IOS but a bit slow and laggy sometimes Also love the possibility to have a SD card without sacrifing the SIM card space as newer models.

Cons: -I use Bluetooth a lot while I am driving with GPS on.Bluetooth sound is very choppy with a lot of static noise. Worst when I have GPS on. Probably the CPU is not fast enough to process multiple signals at the same time or is just my unit which could be defective. I have many other phones and never had this problem with them. -The interface is very slow. it takes a couple of seconds to respond specially if you are multitasking.

Overall Review: - I will be returning it to Newegg since I am still within the return period. I was excited about this phones and its specs however the Bluetooth performance was disappointing. I dont mind the modified UI and that is slow. overall the functionally and value is great. But I can't live with a poor bluetooth functionality.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the feedback. This device houses some pretty powerful features at such a low price, it does have some drawbacks that can be expected with lower end technology but we feel it can maintain a solid, stable running environment for day to day use. If you feel your Bluetooth module is defective to any degree our support would be happy to assist with troubleshooting; you can contact us at 1-844-524-6667. If the device is running extremely slow you can use the phone manager app to configure background settings (Settings > Phone Manager < Storage Cleaner < Smart Scan.) This app allows you to ensure that your phone is running at full optimization. It will allow you to clean up trash and Large Files, as well as cleaning up your cache on temp files. Hope this helps! [sv]
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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Excellent product. Works better than those from mayor brands12/24/2016 9:54:29 AM

Pros: -Easy to set up -Reliable signal. -Good price for a bundle of 2

Cons: -So far I have not found any issues. Installed one of them and have been working great

Overall Review: I purchased an Wifi extender from one of those mayor brands and it has been giving me a lot of trouble with loosing connection. So I was hesitant to purchase another range extender specially from a smaller company. But for the bundle price that low I told myself that I have nothing to loose other than my money. But I was surprised with the good performance and easy to set up. I set one up at my second floor where the wifi signal is very low due to distance to my main router. And it has been almost a month and I have not needed to reset it. The signal is constant the device is small and has a small blue light that works as night light. I haven;t use the Ethernet connection yet.

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Great game12/4/2016 10:20:20 AM

Pros: The control system is common with most soccer games. Is fun and it came free bundle with other purchases.

Cons: None.

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IT WAS free12/13/2015 6:44:47 AM

Pros: I got it as a gift when I purchased my phone. So the reason I give 5 Stars. Is a nice little flash that plugs to your audio jack on your phone and has an on off button. I thought initially that the phone might control it when it shoots a picture so it not always on.

Cons: Probably Asus came out with this because of the shortcomings of the phone flash and made this to compensate. You will have to carry it all the time and expect to use it when you want to take a picture?

Overall Review: They should have improved the integrated flash

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Better than expected but with issues7/17/2015 6:44:50 AM

Pros: I had third party controllers before and none of them lived to my expectation. But these are very close to the original PS3 controllers with one issue that I will comment in the cons section. So far I have been using them without issue. they sinc the same ways as with a regullar controller by plugging the usb cable between the console and the controller to pair.

Cons: I took 2 eggs off due to issue. 1. There is a intermittent lag that goes away. It has not interrupted me when I play games . Also it takes longer to turn on the system when you press the PS button. 2.Each time I remove the USB cable aster charging the remote. It sends a signal to turn on my console. This is annoying because I have to turn off my system manually.

Overall Review: Even with the issues that I mentioned above. I can still live with it. For the price that i paid for the pair of controllers it does not matter. Still functional when it works.

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Excellent phone for the price6/9/2014 5:03:07 AM

Pros: At the price I paid I can't complain. I purchased this phone for a co-worker who is not very tech savy. She asked me to get her a smartphone without the high prices of the branded ones. So after researching I found good reviews on this BLU brand. Unlocked and capable of supporting two sim cards at a time.

Cons: Is not a fast smartphone if you compare it to last gen smartphones. Low RAM

Overall Review: A very good value for the price you pay. It has a large capacitative display and is very responsive.

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Great for the price6/4/2014 5:05:30 AM

Pros: I have been using this brand for a while and so far their performance is very decent. I stoped using verbatim due to price. These cost 10 times less than the top brand pair it with a new and updated burner basically no bad burns at all.

Cons: None so far

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Good thing it was cheap6/4/2014 5:02:17 AM

Pros: I am giving this product 5 eggs due to the reason that it cost me after rebates less than what a burger. So is close to nothing and it plays videos decently. Have few MP4s in a SD card and this thing plays it smoothly without issues. Other than this is very slow for average use.

Cons: Slow

Overall Review: You pay for what you get.

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Good deal for the price on sale. But very slow4/13/2014 11:00:28 AM

Pros: It was on sale. Not a bad price for a 16gb

Cons: Very slow. took 5 minues to record 16gb from computer to drive

Overall Review: for the price was ok

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Awezome device..4/13/2014 10:57:04 AM

Pros: I couldn't wait to write a review for this device. Is amazing and for the price I paid I will definitely buy more once goes back on sale again. The installation was so smooth. No device could be easier. Just connect network cable to router and plug into AC line.

Cons: None so far. Hope it will last forever

Overall Review: A hardwired network line wherever you need it. Even on your basement. I was concern that I don't have many AC outputs available by my router so i used an power strip and it still works without any issue. Connection speed is very decent.

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inexpensive, not great2/23/2014 9:55:42 AM

Pros: Very inexpensive and you can erase and use again.

Cons: NOt really an issue witht he disc but old burners. FIrmware might need an update

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Great game2/23/2014 9:52:08 AM

Pros: Very fun game and much much better compared to the previus version

Cons: the software is not fully developed and have bugs. When you are playing both pets the system hangs once in a while but always resolved with a quick re boot

Overall Review: even with issues still playable

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Good performance with phone feature...but1/6/2014 3:54:05 PM

Pros: Inexpensive, lot of features, fast and responsive harware

Cons: Not reliable, stopped working after 3 months. CHeap construction.

Overall Review: I helped a friend on purchasing this unit. It was from Newegg Marketplace. The seller is from China it took around 2 weeks for the item to arrive. The package was cheap and the unit was just average material construction. The impressive part was all the features this tablet has. Phone integrated with dual SIM card unlocked. This is great compared to some Samsung galaxy products. Is very responsive hardware. Camera was a little bit in the bad side. It was feezing after a couple of uses. But suddlenly everything got fixed by it self. Battery is average and WIFI is spotty. For the price my friend was happy for 3 months. Then the unit stopped charging and now is just a paper weight.

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Excellent1/24/2013 7:11:38 AM

Pros: Works great as intented

Cons: Nothing

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Horrible wireless9/28/2012 6:30:45 AM

Pros: Got it free with the purchase of a wireless Dlink camera. Small and easy to intall N network seems to be a great deal Wire network port seems to work pretty good

Cons: Wireless is very slow Wireless signal sometimes disconect or gone. No advance configuration screen

Overall Review: I got this router free with the purchase of a Dlink camera. I like Dlinks cloud product. But this router is a failure. First the setup screen is very simple just few options to configure. But the so simple that does not allows you to customize the settings to your needs. Not sure if the problem is due to the this model or is my using but wireless signal seems to fade away and comes back. I have so many devices working on the wireless. My previuos Netgear was able to handle all of them without a problem but this little Dlink unit seems to have problem working with my devices at the same time. If i am streeming Netflix in my computer my Ipad will have problems with the signal and connections comes and goes. Even I have a 15mbps internet connection. The wire connections seems to work fine without interrruptions. Will try to search for an update and see if there is a firmware update that solve the problems.

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1 gb video card for an excellent price6/17/2011 7:18:41 PM

Pros: *Excellen price *Perfect packaging *Works excellent with Windows 7 *XPX Rebate came back in less than 4 weeks, superb compared to other companies. I was in the market for a decent video card for my new built pc with windows 7. My budget was less than a hundrend dollars.When I found this card I can believe is a 1gb video card for only half of what I was planning to spend. So far I have been squeezing this card to the limits and it does not hesitate on graphic demanding aplications and cad desigs. Excellent video card for the price. Installation on win 7 is a brizz, no issues at all with drivers. 100% compatibility and excellent support (not that I have required to contact Customer service)

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Got it when there was a $30 mail in rebate...sweet.

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Works great with RMVB. Simple interface5/1/2009 11:14:41 AM

Pros: 1. Great deal. $50 for a RMVB player. No even Eb8y have deals like this. 2. Handles most video format without the need of converting. Yes it works with more formats than the WD media player which is selling for $99. 3. Small and does not overheat like my other players. 4. Installation is simple 5. Good value.

Cons: -Very simple interface. I wished it could be more colorfully. But it is easy to understand and use. -Had to change the Video settings. Originally is set as PAL by default so the device will play videos in black and white. Users need to be aware of this because unexperienced customers may think it is defective.

Overall Review: Finally newegg got a device capable of playing RMVB files. Why RMVB? These files are smaller in size but great in resolution and audio. A full length movie with 720p HDresolution can fit in less than 700 mb of space. Other players can decode these files on the fly. I have been researching and buying RMVB players online. non of them gave me that much value as this unit. I pay more than 100 dollars to acquire some RMVB HDD players on eb8y and all of them end up overheating and dying eventually So I decided to get one without hard drive as this one. So far I am very happy and of course newegg always is a reliable seller. Will try to see if it works with MKV and FLV.

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Great Value for data files5/1/2009 8:48:36 AM

Pros: I just received my rebate check in less than a month which is quick for most mail in rebates out there. So I end up paying $5 bugs for 50 DVD-R is a very good deal. I am using them for transferring data so long term quality is not very important for me as long as they work for few days. I have burn some video files to dvd format and all my players detects and read thems pretty well. recommended.

Cons: The black surface makes writing on them kind of difficult but with a maker other than black will solve the issue.

Overall Review: I am happy with them. And probably will buy more when there is a $5 dollars deal again.

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