For tenacious advanced users willing to devote significant time to this router2/1/2019 5:43:36 PM

Pros: Amazing specifications. If this router can do even a fraction of all the things it is supposed to do, it is well worth the upgrade.

Cons: ASUS tech support was not helpful. There is a phone number inside the box but they really use email to provide all of the tech support. Even with the email support, you do not communicate directly with a support engineer, rather you communicate with an intermediary who then forwards your questions to a support engineer. They never actually answer many of your questions. The default answer for everything is that the unit is defective and you need to send it back for repair. I knew this was a new model when I bought it, and I knew it would probably require several firmware revisions before it was working fully, but I had no idea it would be as disastrous as it actually turned out to be. I was even more disappointed with how awful the ASUS tech support turned out to be. I would write clear questions and the questions were ignored and I was told to return the router for service. I have a moderately complex home network with 15 - 30 devices and it took a lot of time to hook them all up with this router. Changing to another router would take several days of full-time work. I'd like to have confidence that they understood the product and my situation more fully before I returned it. I was not convinced that ASUS tech support had the knowledge I expected and required of them. Not being able to talk with anybody on the telephone made things far worse. Email is a difficult way to talk about complex problems. I ordered another new one but my guess is that it will have the same problems as the old one did. I just wish the tech support were better.

Overall Review: I would currently *only* recommend this model to advanced users who are willing to put up with considerable frustration and lack of technical support from ASUS. The hardware certainly has great promise but it really is not ready for prime time yet.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear James M, Thank you for sharing your ASUS product experience. We're extremely sorry to hear about the trouble and I'll be sure to do my best help resolve any product inquiries. Test with connecting devices to the 2.4GHz/5GHz band after adjusting the following parameter(s): 1. Wireless -> General -> 5GHz -> Select 'Legacy' or 'N only' in Wireless Mode 2. Change channel bandwidth to '20 MHz' or '40 MHz' (Wireless -> General -> Band = 5GHz) 3. Test with each different control channel for 5GHz band. ( 36 - 165) (Wireless -> General -> Band = 5GHz) 4. Wireless -> Professional -> 5GHz -> disable Explicit beamforming and Universal Beamforming Are all 2.4/5GHz clients having the same issue, only one, or certain devices? If the issues persist, please provide me with your unit serial number and contact information so we can follow up with your case. Please get back to me at so we can get this case resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, Adrian ASUS Customer Loyalty - US Support
May contain Hynix memory chips and not be compatible with Lenovo P50 Skylake notebook.3/15/2016 12:33:56 PM

Pros: All the correct specification. Tech support responsive to emails. Newegg is the place to buy!

Cons: Not well supported. Did not work in my Lenovo P50 notebook and neither Corsair nor Lenovo seemed particularly to care. I would not recommend buying this memory.

Overall Review: I spent days working with this memory to no avail trying to get it to work in my brand new Lenovo P50 notebook. I had multiple emails between me Lenovo and Corsair and nobody really knew what the problem was. I read in another context that Hynix memory chips can cause compatibility problems with Skylake motherboards, which may be the problem.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, It's been a while since you left this review and we wanted to follow up with you to make sure you have resolved your issue with you Corsair DRAM. Please contact our Tech Support at 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at if you are still experiencing issues and we'll be more than happy to troubleshoot them with you. Thank you, Corsair Customer Support Corsair Support Email: Corsair Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
Fast when it works.2/27/2015 7:19:02 PM

Pros: Fast drive when it works. Ten year predicted lifespan leads the industry.

Cons: Problems with latest firmware/Samsung Magician interaction--it bricks the drive. Flashing with the ISO works, but only if you know that *before* you brick the drive. Samsung has an extremely poor warranty. My drive failed after a few months and they are giving me a refurbished drive. I opted for express cross-shipping and the process still took a full week and required my credit card despite the fact that I had preregistered the drive. I also had to submit a receipt and photograph of the drive. This was despite the fact that they knew that their firmware bricked my drive and totaled my production system.

Overall Review: I bought another one of these drives, but I am going to use the ISO to flash it before I use it. I think Samsung could do a much better job with their product support. My production machine was trashed, and I may never recover many of the programs which will require reactivation.

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Light, compact, all-aluminum case.4/4/2013 6:12:24 PM

Pros: This is another well-built, all aluminum, windowed case from Lian-Li. It is extremely lightweight, attractive, and holds a lot of hardware for how low-profile it is. I had no difficulty fitting my EATX motherboard in the case and it is wide enough for the large Noctua NH-DH14 heatsink and fans. I really like the Lexan window, which is thicker than my older Lian-Li cases.

Cons: I found the instructions confusing. They were also poorly written. I quickly tired of seeing "loose" for "loosen," for example. Some of the ways to put things together were far from intuitive. This is *not* a case which you just open the box and slap the components in. Generally it is screwless, but there are many parts which require a screwdriver. I would say that the pluses far outweigh the minuses. This cause uses lots of Molex connectors rather than SATA. Even the SATA drives connect with Molex connectors. Make certain you have plenty of Molex connectors for your power supply.

Overall Review: I absolutely love all-aluminum and I insist on a window. I wanted an EATX motherboard and a Noctua NH-DH14 heatsink. I have been a fan of Lian-Li for many years. I like the case very much, but I cannot say it is as perfect as I expected it would be. Lian-Li could have done better. Nevertheless, this is a case I like a lot and will use for many future builds.

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Less compatible than Samsung 840 Pro3/27/2013 10:05:09 PM

Pros: This is basically a good drive, and a solid performer.

Cons: Did not work in my Lenovo W520 notebook. I worked with Intel and with Lenovo and neither seemed to care that I couldn't get the drive to work in the notebook. I recently bought an SSD from a different manufacturer and it worked flawlessly the first boot. The other drive is much faster as well. I'm sure the Intel is a good drive, but I have not ever been able to have it boot in the machine.

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Great memory to speed up your bus with fewer slots.4/13/2012 3:22:59 PM

Pros: Fast, easy to install, large modules mean fewer slots taken up.

Cons: Installing them was a bit tight on my Lenovo ThinkPad W520. The center hole of the SODIMM was very small. I think the problem was Lenovo and not Corsair, but I wanted to mention it.

Overall Review: I would recommend these modules highly. Simple solution to gain the 1600 MHz bus speed.

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Best SATA 3 SSD on the market!3/17/2012 11:42:26 AM

Pros: Fast, attractive, small, powerful, SATA 3, modern. I replace the SATA 2 SSD in my Lenovo W520 notebook and noticed an immediate speed improvement from the SATA 2 drive which shipped with the machine. This is the drive which should have been installed in the first place. I've owned several fast SSDs, Crucial RealSSD 300, OCZ Vertex 3, and this one. This is the best ever!

Cons: The latest Lenovo W520s ship with 7mm height drives. The Intel 520 comes as a 9.5mm drive but in includes a removable shim which reduces the height to the correct 7mm. Unfortunately Intel neglects to supply the necessary shorter screws for the conversion. I couldn't locate shorter screws anywhere, so I ended up using aluminum tape to hold the drive together. I would expect that voids my waranty, except that I can probably remove the tape and reinstall the shim in the unlikely event it requires service.

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Works poorly with SSDs.3/15/2012 10:51:26 PM

Pros: Attractive. Good specs. Reasonably priced.

Cons: Did not work for intended purpose. Did not recognize two out of the three SSDs I tried to clone with this docking station. I had to go out and buy a cable instead.

Overall Review: I bought this docking station to clone drives on my notebook computers. So far I have attempted to use it three times. I was only successful one of the three times. In each time I was trying to connect an SSD from the docking station. It is claimed to support USB 3.0 and SSDs. The Crucial Technology RealSSD C300 worked fine. The OCZ Vertex 3 could not be recognized nor could the Intel 520. Therefore I was only able to use the device successfully in one of the three attempts. I ended up buying a USB/eSATA transfer cable to complete the transfers. Now I have a wasted device.

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Spectacular printer at a fantastic price!1/17/2012 4:49:37 PM

Pros: Full duplex network printer with 256 MB onboard memory. Outstanding price. These printers are being resold by Newegg at a fantastic price. Several review sites gave this printer high ratings and it earned a PC Magazine editor's choice.

Cons: Xerox support can be highly variable. Some is excellent and some is extremely poor.

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Problem-plagued hardware; not OCZ fault.10/23/2011 1:15:40 PM

Pros: Fast. Relatively good value for 240GB SSD. OCZ tech support has been good.

Cons: This may be the most problem-plagued piece of hardware I have ever owned. I regularly receive blue screens and I have had to update the firmware multiple times since purchase. I am worried that I will lose all of my data at any time.

Overall Review: I do not think this is OCZ's fault, but this drive has lots of hardware problems. I think my drive is functioning "normally," yet I have frequent blue screens. It is also causing problems with other aspects of my system, e.g., memory. I am hoping that SandForce will eventually fix everything with a firmware update, but I am not overly optimistic.

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Manufacturer Response:
We are sorry for the difficulties. While most customers never have issues, we are constantly working with Sand force on updates. We are here to help and never want any customer to feel abandoned. Please keep in touch on our support forums, and we thank you for your business.
External Link(s):
OCZ Support Forums
Ships with *old* firmware.9/1/2011 6:14:33 PM

Pros: Extremely fast SSD.

Cons: This OEM version of the drive ships with version 2.02 of the firmware. Version 2.11 is current. The Windows utility will not update from version 2.02, rather it requires a minimum of 2.06. Therefore, you have to update the firmware from a Linux CD, which will update directly to 2.11. I think *somebody* should post that at the top of this page. I also ordered a retail copy of this drive and it ships with 2.08. Some users might find this difficult.

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Not always a reliable switch9/26/2008 11:44:43 PM

Pros: I have two DGS-2208 switches connected directly via a patch cable and they work flawlessly.

Cons: I have two DGS-2208 switches connected through the wall with some flaky wire connectors, and they don't work at all, despite the fact that I can attach a computer in place of the second DGS-2208 and (a) use the network, (b) print over the network, (c)surf the Internet and (d) enter the firmware of the router.

Overall Review: D-Link has not been particularly helpful in helping me to solve this problem.

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