Excellent/Helpful Product9/4/2020 7:10:31 PM

Pros: Very good upgrade from 4GB of RAM. Makes computer more capable I am now happy with the response of the PC after upgrading

Cons: RAM should be more strictly tested as my PC sometimes restarts during testing.

Overall Review: Yes, I recommend it to others. Now I am doing tests and trials to see if there are real errors for now. Good product.

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Great Product for bringing new life to my 6-year-old PC3/18/2020 11:24:20 AM

Pros: Makes PC faster Makes PC more responsive Makes PC more like a Gaming PC Makes my PC perform more tasks at once easily Brings new life to PC (Makes it like brand new)

Cons: Packaging could have been more protective

Overall Review: I installed it into my 6-year-old PC. This new RAM made my PC much faster and more responsive. This RAM enabled my PC to do more heavy tasks without slowing down. Thank very much Crucial!!!

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