Been buying Gskill ripjaws for a while. not disappointing at the products offered4/5/2021 8:49:28 PM

Pros: Stable as a rock, affordable for being a fast memory modules. planning to buying the same ones to populate the other two slots on the motherboard recently purchased to fill up the ram for 128 gb total

Cons: it wasn't free

Overall Review: I am definitely going to buy another two more sticks of the same gskill ram to fill up the slots on the motherboard.

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This is one great board. It is a great addition to a pc that will hold up until I get my king rig built :)4/5/2021 8:47:04 PM

Pros: easy to set up. affordability is the price meeting the consumer standard. Nice addition for m.2 ssd drive. be sure to grab you an ssd m.2 with heatsink. you won't be disappointed. I have purchased AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 3rd gen processor. I noticed the screen did not put out a picture. I had to grab a new video card. Picture came on. It has an ease of use being set up.

Cons: it wasn't free :)

Overall Review: This makes a great board for those who wants to build the king of the king rigs. Just I have to add that you will not be disappointed. Price, affordability, and ease of setting up is a plus

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this is the first AMD ryzen processor I have ever owned, and with stock settings, it pleases me well4/5/2021 8:43:12 PM

Pros: Newer product that has been on the market. Nice loading speeds, affordability, price of ownership is great.

Cons: it wasn't free

Overall Review: I am waiting on AMD 9 3900x to come down in price. AMD keeps on innovating for affordability in speeds, lower price in ownership etc. It will not let you down.

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this small ssd is blazing fast4/5/2021 8:41:08 PM

Pros: upon comparison between a traditional ssd vs m.2 ssd is a day and night difference.installed windows 10 in under 10 mins minimum.

Cons: it wasn't cheap

Overall Review: I have done my research on ssd choices. The manufacturer made great strides in innovating products for consumers. Please do not take my word for it. Give it a try.

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Great product for the price4/2/2021 9:54:28 AM

Pros: Excellent value, Will purchase again in the near future

Cons: Cons??? None will be written,

Overall Review: Read the directions, and this product will deliver promises as advertised. will buy again, happy camper. In addition to smelling like orange. It also works in removing sticky residue from the case parts as well. The product works as advertised.

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if the product ships from china, expect the wait to be lengthy.4/1/2021 7:07:27 AM

Pros: its the exact item in the description. it will be better if the store would have a warehouse full of these modules to have faster shipping.

Cons: Its not free.............

Overall Review: Just read the pros.

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great addition to the system3/27/2021 10:24:13 AM

Pros: prices of the ssds has dropped to affordability. This should help others replace the aging platter drive unless you need them for storage.

Cons: its not slow as the platter drives, doesn't fragment like the old school products haha

Overall Review: If given a chance. I would buy along with hoard these things to help others get more life out of their devices.

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There are other better choices out there10/10/2020 3:23:23 PM

Pros: Mehhh cheap, you get what you paid for.

Cons: The advertisement shown this is supposed to have bluetooth 5. installed the drivers, now its shows bluetooth 4.0. the site for drivers is poorly confusing to say the least.

Overall Review: Would I recommend this to others??? I have to rethink on this one. False advertisement really can stun a person expecting what they paid for.

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bang for the buck9/10/2020 6:50:17 AM

Pros: picked up my router connections, super fast speed.

Cons: For some reason, I cannot get the blutooth to work properly.

Overall Review: Dell Optiplex 3020 picked this up, asked for drivers, installed the latest drivers for wifi, hooked up without problems Will order next time again/ Just remember, down load the latest driver for Intel Ax200 driver for the latest fixes and enhancements. Update 5/27/2020. In order for the Blutooth to work, you must have power running from the cable. The cable will plug into a 9 pin usb header. I hope this helps anyone needing blutooth capability I have ordered another one of these cards. These work wonders if you are looking for fast internet connection in the house. It will not work in a Dell Optiplex 3020. The unit is missing an extra 9 pin usb header. Make sure your desktop has an extra header for the blutooth part of the card to work. Otherwise everything else works as advertised

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blu tooth keyboard. But read my review8/31/2020 5:24:33 AM

Pros: I can connect to my smart phone with ease. no more using fat fingers to make accurate texts. second, you have problem with auto correct, this keyboard is a must have. Nice keyboard to attach 4 smart devices up to including the blutooth connection to the pc if you need it.

Cons: There are no cons to report. The keyboard works right out of the box

Overall Review: I will consider buying these things as a gift for others. No problems to report.

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took awhile getting to my home when ordered6/3/2020 3:50:27 AM

Pros: works flawlessly in Acer Aspire XC603G-UW14 with windows 8.1 with bing. the system flies like a fast jet paired up with an SSD drive. Will buy, hopefully it will be just new egg delivering.

Cons: Ordered on new egg site, overseas orders takes long time to reach. will try to order in the us only.

Overall Review: these ram sticks do their job as promised

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Works in a Dell computer. Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF5/27/2020 1:33:20 PM

Pros: system picked up these two sticks, No error messages, no delay in booting time

Cons: What cons, there are none to put down

Overall Review: When upgrading ram. be sure to pay special attention to the voltage requirements. Most people buy ram with incorrect voltages, then the system will certainly throw errors. Be sure to pay special attention. I have placed these ram sticks in Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF. The system picked up the ram without issues.

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I have ordered one to try out. so far pleased with the outcome of the screws, plus alignment4/29/2020 11:22:54 AM

Pros: I bought this to lay into the dell optiplex. But them screws do not line up. Just sit this down in the hdd bay. It will do okay

Cons: No cons to list.

Overall Review: Will be buying more of these coming up in the future. These are worth the money asked on the site. Just an update. bought 2 more for possible desktop upgrades in the future. these are worth the money asked for when shopping. :)

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best keeps staying consistent4/3/2020 2:59:34 PM

Pros: I purchased this product because of prior purchase experience. WIll defo buy again.

Cons: What are you talking about??? Cons??? there are no cons

Overall Review: Just did a market study between samsung vs team group. Basically in the market, these two brands are running neck to neck in ratings. Overall I have plenty to say about these drives, Yes, I will buy more of these in the coming future. Yes, these are good drives. Value for the buck per se.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Phillip, We appreciate your 5-eggs review! And thank you for choosing Team's product! We also have other great products; feel free to check other TEAM products on Newegg! Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about the products. We will assure that our customer always gets high-quality goods and excellent customer services from us. We would be happy to hear from you Technical support email: RMA email: TEAM GROUP
Best ram purchased.... Hands down3/30/2020 7:28:35 AM

Pros: This is the best set of ram purchased to give the Dell Optiplex 330 new breath of life in the old machine. I pulled out the stock memory modules, replaced them with these on the site, the pc breathed new life with speed alone with the processor that was matching the side bus speeds. Notice many differences. This is the best investment hands down.

Cons: are you kidding me??? :) No cons here.

Overall Review: Be sure to run speccy program to see what bus speed your processor is capable of operating at optimum speed. You will like the outcome of upgrading older hardware.

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I ordered this for a replacement for the existing one that was placed in HP Pavilion 500-205t CTO Desktop PC3/23/2020 2:06:41 PM

Pros: Easy to order, order took awhile getting from the origin to my home. it went in fit like a champ. Drivers loaded, it has full functionality, It picked up the ac internet connection. Perfect replacement for the card that came with the pc from the factory.

Cons: It took a little while getting from the origin to my house. Other than this. need to have patience to put this in a tight spot. Only con I can say is took almost 3 weeks getting the item.

Overall Review: When you want to upgrade a network wifi blutooth combo, be sure to be patient installing this. You will thank me later. overall, upgrading pcs on a cheap is a good thing.

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I have ordered these brand hard drives. Not disappointed or let down.3/10/2020 3:54:33 AM

Pros: Decent price asked for each of these ssds of different space size. Defo would buy again if needed for other devices

Cons: hahahhahaha, are you serious????? please read the pros :)

Overall Review: I will be buying these SSDs for other devices as needed.

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best bang for the buck being advertised10/5/2019 11:08:53 AM

Pros: wanting a lighter hard drive, SSD that is affordable to purchase??? Look no further. This has been placed in a dell inspiron 3521 with Linux Mint 19.2 installed. Needed to say. zero temperature issues, speed that is cost effective. Then again, look no further. this is for base operating system with drivers. Unless you are into pictures and music. Grab a larger ssd drive. other than this. this one should do for basic online activities.

Cons: It wasn't free hahaha

Overall Review: I have been using ssd's for a while. If you want less temps, faster speed, ssd is the way to go. New egg sells quality components for affordable price. You cannot go wrong.

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great little device, powerful on usb 3 settings8/9/2019 7:25:39 AM

Pros: downloaded drivers, when the software asked for the device, install on the go, works great on USB 3 settings

Cons: Check out reviews via search engine. Make sure you are getting what you ask for. I have installed this and the drivers. Lately disconnects, black screening more headaches to come. You are advised to check out the reviews via elsewhere

Overall Review: I cannot find the proper drivers for this item. Somehow there is a malicious code on the driver that causes black screen on the personal computing device. Please exercise caution when buying these.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Phillip, Thank you for sharing your experience with our product. When downloading drivers, please ensure you are acquiring them from our official website here: You shouldn't be experiencing black screens or system crashes, and we would appreciate the opportunity to follow up with you. At your earliest convenience, please send an e-mail with your contact information and a link to this review to and we'll gladly have a Support Agent follow up with you directly. Thank you, TP-Link Support
Best hard drive for the buck only if you are needing reliability6/7/2019 4:40:50 PM

Pros: Installed windows 10 1903 in fraction of the time taken on old fashioned platter drives that spins up, gets hot faster, but SSD are low powered as advertised. The read / write speed is noticeable in the operation. Old schooled platter drive took me from cold boot to desktop in minutes vs using the SSD took mere seconds, then ready to roll.

Cons: I don't know what other negative reviewers are saying about the drive failing to boot up. Maybe they should take a second look at the heart of the device they are using. Remember, if you buy a device from a retailer, they will put cheap power supplies in to save money. Thus charging an arm and a leg for the same part you can get fractions of the cost from new egg. Trust me, do your research.

Overall Review: I will definitely buy more of these, you cannot go wrong on the asking price on these low powered SSD's. Sooner the platter drives will be so cheap, you could buy cases of soda for the price. Just kidding :)

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Installed in Acer Aspire XC603G-UW14 with ease6/7/2019 4:36:16 PM

Pros: includes everything you need to add the ssd drive into the adapter cage. You should be able to mount this virtually in a tight spot on a SFF machine. I had zero issues installing this. I have added Patriot burst SSD on it. It fit like a glove. Just be gently with this.

Cons: No cons,

Overall Review: I will be buying these in bulk for future builds or helping upgrade the speed for going the SSD route. These are not shabby for the price.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
gave my HP `5 Envy new life5/25/2019 3:18:50 PM

Pros: would buy again

Cons: none

Overall Review: blazing fast

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Very handy to have around.5/25/2019 3:17:45 PM

Pros: backwards compatibility from usb 3 back to 1. no problems

Cons: none

Overall Review: would buy again

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
no problems whatsoever5/23/2019 12:52:22 PM

Pros: works like advertized

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: would order again if needed to

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Will buy again good drives.4/6/2018 3:30:20 PM

Pros: Best bargain for the price

Cons: No cons here

Overall Review: want the speed of an ssd, go server drives. they read and write at the same pass simultaneously. will buy again :)

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