Works fine for me.12/23/2018 1:43:22 PM

Pros: Charging ports, usb hub, and card reader all work. Did not test fan control.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This works fine as a 4 port USB 3 hub. It works fine as a fast charger. The only way this device could burn something up is if it delivered more than 5 volts which means it is defective. A connected usb device designed for 5 volts should have the proper resistance to draw the correct current. E=IR. Whoever said this was for charging only, does not understand the term "usb hub" The hub circuit board is fed by a usb 3 connector and a Molex for additional current. There would be no point in the usb input connector if it was a charge only device.

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works8/20/2014 7:59:59 PM

Pros: Was on sale and dirt cheap. Works the way I want it to after flashing it to a satalink instead of a sataraid controller.

Cons: Had to go to the Silicon Image website to get the flash, flash utility, and drivers, other SI based cards I have owned supplied them.

Overall Review: Probably voided the warranty but the latest flash and drivers work quite well and it performs the same as the motherboard controller.

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power requirements8/21/2010 1:26:09 PM

Pros: Overall a nice board and really cheap when it comes with a rebate. I would have given it a 5, if it were not for the powersupply requirements.

Cons: Powersupply problems. This board will work with a powersupply that has 5V@20A and above. It will not work with a powersupply with 5V@12A. I do not know what is really required. Most small (itx, microatx) and/or cheap powersupplies do not produce the required power at 5V. I tried an old 200 watt dell with 5v@22A and it did work.

Overall Review: It does not make sense to buy a cheap itx board that will not run with most cheap itx/microatx powersupplies. FYI an Athena Power AP-MP4ATX25 microatx powersupply will power this board. It has 250 watts with 5v@20A. Note that it does not have sata power connectors.

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Nice Little Computer8/27/2009 5:01:49 AM

Pros: Has room for a 3.5" harddrive, a DVD burner and an internal media reader. Has 5.1 sound on the rear connectors. All the above with a gig of memory for $180. Installed Windows home server as a test and it works fine and so does Fedora 11.

Cons: Installed Windows 7 and it works ok but I would not spend money for a license on it.

Overall Review: I am currently dual booting this with fedora 11 and windows 7. This is a great linux or home server box. I used the latest vista drivers for windows 7 and its bulletproof. Window 7 reports the following performance numbers. Processor 2.0 Memory 4.4 Aero graphics 2.1 Gaming graphics 3.0 Hard Drive 5.9

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Nice3/13/2009 5:02:07 AM

Pros: Wanted a cheap DX10 board to do game development on Vista so this was overkill. Burnt it in with a few games and it is a decent performer and overclocks well.

Cons: Not quite as fast as my old EVGA 7900GS but it was about 1/4 the price.

Overall Review: Bought this when there was a promo code and a rebate so the price was incredible. I just cashed the rebate. This is my 4th evga board including an 8800gts and they have all been perfect.

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Nice if you have some old hardware7/10/2008 8:57:45 AM

Pros: Its cheap and it works, nice 8 channel onboard audio. With a sapphire 1650 pro, pressler 531 (3ghz) and 2 gig of memory Vista gave the setup a score of cpu 4.2, mem 5.3, aero 4.6, gaming 4.9 and disk 5.4. Very stable running vista home. Plan to Dual boot with fedora 8.

Cons: This is a really old motherboard. Finding anything about the board on the foxconn site is a trip. Limited cpu support according to the foxconn site, mostly pressler 520 - 551. No bios/driver updates are available from foxconn for the 925a01-8ekrs2. I do not know whether it will support more current cpu's and even pentium D's are not on the list.

Overall Review: I bought this because I had an old pressler 531, a gig of 533 memory, a spare case and a WD sata harddrive. Bought another gig and and a sapphire 1650 pro from newegg and built a nice box for 90$ plus shipping. Installed vista home, loaded the latest realtek audio (Vista_R197.exe) and catalyst drivers. Vista had drivers for the rest. I did not use anything off the cd since it was for xp.

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Works for me2/15/2008 11:06:35 AM

Pros: It installed with working drivers for everything (video, sound, network). I ended up putting it on a MSI PM8M3, p4-3ghz, 1gig mem and a nvdida fx5500). I did upgrade the video and sound drivers as the supplied ones were kind of lame. This is a nice improvement over xp home for general purpose use. I kind of expect the 'improved' security will eventually ask me if I washed my hands before tounching the keyboard.

Cons: Microsoft makes you jump thru hoops to do a clean install (I.E. empty hard drive). I tested this upgrade on 3 PC's (I'm retired) and it degraded performance about 10% over XP (all PC's had 1 to 2 gigs memory). For gaming my better PC on a doom3 timedemo at high (1280x1024) went from 90 to 80 frames per second. While nice it does not have any compelling features beyond security that justify an upgrade from XP home.

Overall Review: Bought this because I needed an OS for a new entry level PC and had a qualifying copy of W2k. On sale it was about 2/3rds retail, so it was dirt cheap. As far as upgrading from xp home, I guess it depends on what you pay, play and install it on.

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FYI12/30/2007 7:23:32 PM

Pros: Works at 32 bit 33mhz

Cons: Bought this because while it "no longer" supported pcix, it was still suppose to support PCI at 32 bit 66mhz and it was slotted for both 3.3 and 5 volts. My dell poweredge has 64 bit pci at 66mhz 3.3v. I have other dual slotted 32 bit cards that function in them (they are suppose to). My server would not boot with the card installed in a 3.3v 66mhz slot.

Overall Review: They have updated their site again. The card now is a 32bit 33mhz PCI. Still claim 3GB/S. ??? Might not work at 3.3V either according to other reviews of a similiar syba card sd-sata2-2e2i

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11/8/2007 9:35:43 AM

Pros: cheap, Works great on xp/xp pro with a good driver and router.

Cons: Included software and driver is buggy. The latest driver from encore is not much better and neither passes the xp compatability check. The drivers have the tendency to intermittently lock up the computer when they detect a network but have trouble connecting otherwise they work ok I got the rtl8185 driver from realtek, 5.1097.201.2007 and it works perfectly (no lockups) and is digitally signed.

Overall Review: I installed 3 of these in different boxes and they all behave the same Use the windows configuration tool. Did not get good range with my old smc7004vwbr router, but works very well with a linksys wrt54g

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