Very Disappointed1/23/2021 8:58:46 AM

Pros: I guess a pro would have been to have a RGB 24 pin

Cons: received used item, closed with scotch tape, items out of static bag and missing the +5v addressable cable.

Overall Review: It seems like the only thing I received from Lian Li that was worth it at least in my eyes was the XL Lian Li case but getting the 24 pin addressable cables was a nightmare. The picture below shows how i received the item. The 2x8 pin addressable cable also came defective from another seller. I would expect this from a side show shop but right from the maker left me in disbelieve and disappointed I was unable to finish my case. I should have kept my thermal take case since I was able to get what I wanted new and in working order.

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older model1/13/2021 2:37:24 PM

Pros: 1/2 to 1" of the light working only

Cons: It doesnt work as intended it

Overall Review: The item does not work properly

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Expected more for the name1/13/2021 5:15:50 AM

Pros: Sealed with static nets for every opening but the back. Power supply hidden

Cons: 1. I expected the case to be larger for being called an XL. 2. Unable to use 24 pin or x2 8 pin with configuration due to room and distance from motherboard to power supply. 3. DO NOT let the pictures fool you with all the lights in it. there are better and bigger casses out there.

Overall Review: I would not recommend case for the current hype. Nothing really special other than the lights connect. Pictures below shows my thermal take case which is black full tower and it's larger than the Lian Li white case. The fans are thermal take i did not purchase the lights yet. WARNING: 24 pin and 8 pin RGB lights will not work on every board or power supply due to length. x2 8 pin has one male and one female end. one end will not work all the time so be sure to research what you are buying.

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