This card is a BEAST!10/4/2021 6:57:59 AM

Pros: Coming from a 1080ti, I can say this is easily the best upgrade Ive ever put in a case! This card is exactly the same size as the 1080ti and nothing like the 3090, so breathe a sigh of relief if that was a concern. Graphics were already maxed out with my 1080ti for desktop, but unfortunately was very poor in VR that I now see clear as day (literally). I dont play much in vr, but will mention the two flight simulators that were resource hogs: Steam settings for 1080Ti @ 100% Steam settings for 3080Ti @ 150% VR DCS World 1080Ti - MSAA @ 2, High terrain and cockpit textures, SSAO off, Low everything else = 30fps average: F-18, F-16, A-10, UH1H. F-14, Mig21 were hogs but flyable. DCS World 3080Ti - MSAA @ 2, High EVERYTHING with SSAO at 1.5 SSLA and SSAO on, Topping out over 200fps on my new Samsung G9. Hole- E CRUD! Topped out! Non VR games - Grand Theft Auto Online - 35 FPS with all settings maxed out, MSAA @ 4 DCS World - Over 300! FPS topped out my refresh rate on my monitor and stayed there Death Stranding - Topped out refresh rates! Hell Let Loose - Topped out BF4 - Topped out 3dMark Time Spy - 16163 3dMark Port Royale - 13636 Time Spy Extreme 4k - 8337 Unigine Superposition - 16000+ (cant remember exactly off top of my head) This card is OVERKILL in the 4k department, even more so in the 1080p department. This review is updated to show 4k res...and my mind = blown. My 3dMark scores didnt change.

Cons: Sorry, but UPS needs to no longer be an option. Other than they try to nickel and dime you to death, they are almost always late. Also, my only gripe with the card was the price and availability. Thats not Neweggs fault, but we all know why that happened.

Overall Review: System specs - Intel 8086k o/c 5.2ghz Gskill TridentZ DDR4 3200 @ 3200 Asus Maximus X Formula 1000w eVGA psu

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Ownership: more than 1 year
No more Windows Mixed Reality Portal4/25/2021 7:49:01 PM

Pros: See my update in the cons section.

Cons: For some reason, the tracking system kicks me around the room a little bit too often. Not enough for me to take an egg off, but it IS annoying. There also seems to be an extra plug in the headset - the manual says its for an external headset, but this is already built in....not sure why, but its just easier to take the headphones off and use your own wireless headset if you have one. Also, the headset foam padding doesnt like me that much. Ill have to upgrade that too. 1 year later, the headset tracking gives up the ghost. No more Z axis for me in my flight simulators. Into the trash it goes because HP insists on using this Mixed Reality Portal garbage. Never again.

Overall Review: Was good while it lasted, but I didnt get my moneys worth out of it. Im done. Ill find something that doesnt use FB or Microsofts proprietary garbage.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Wow!4/17/2020 7:45:01 AM

Pros: First off, shipping was stupid fast. Literally ordered it on 4/15 @ 730am, was here 4/16 @ 2:30pm. I was expecting this to ship (with regards to the current pandemic) for another 2 weeks, but here it is. Setting this up was pretty simple, but had to google a few things to set up like Windows Mixed Reality, SteamVR and a few others I cant think of off the top of my head for a few games that I play. Coming from the Rift and the Rift S, this seems to be a huge step in quality as there are no blurries around the edges, the resolution is sharp, the colors are crisper and dont bleed that much that I could see...but does seem like it takes more power to run all these goodies. Its fairly comfortable too. I need to wear glasses, my glasses dont fit, but I also have large glasses. There are places out there that sell prescription lenses for the Reverb, and think about getting them. I had these for the Rift and were a lifesaver. I am flying in DCS right now, and I get decent 40fps in both eyes in the F-14B in a crowded server, with a pixel density of 1.0. Had to turn off MSAA to keep the stuttering down, but otherwise it looks fantastic. Havent tried P3D, Xplane 11 or anything else at that, but seriously impressed.

Cons: For some reason, the tracking system kicks me around the room a little bit too often. Not enough for me to take an egg off, but it IS annoying. There also seems to be an extra plug in the headset - the manual says its for an external headset, but this is already built in....not sure why, but its just easier to take the headphones off and use your own wireless headset if you have one. Also, the headset foam padding doesnt like me that much. Ill have to upgrade that too.

Overall Review: You need a serious gaming rig to run this at the resolution you want to run it. This is my system: Intel 8086k o/c 5.4ghz 32gb DDR4-3200 Gskill ram Zotac GTX1080Ti Amp! Extreme 1000w eVGA psu Waiting on the next generation of gfx cards from Nvidia to upgrade; hopefully in July.

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in love with these4/15/2020 7:51:57 AM

Pros: lots of velcro straps...a lot of velcro straps.

Cons: the cable management clips need better double sided tape as these dont really hold onto anything unless you rough up the surface you're placing them on, and even then they still like to pop off after a week.

Overall Review: Id buy again, but definitely should get some tackier 3M double sided tape to stick the clips onto so you dont have to worry about them falling off anytime soon.

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Its ok for the gaming enthusiast, not for overclocking much3/27/2020 8:07:44 AM

Pros: Its cheap and compact, fits in a lot of cases. Hey, those RGB leds look good too, but its not a lot to get excited about.

Cons: I knocked a lot of eggs off for this. These fans have cables everywhere. It was almost a huge ordeal just to cable manage these fans - you cant see from the pictures, but there are cables leading out from the pump to a SATA power plug, and 2 more cables from both fans, and there are no fan controllers to connect to. No heat shrink on the fan cables, but one adapter that you can connect both fans to one fan port on the case. Had a problem with the cables coming loose as well, as one fan had the LEDs blow out and now Im just down to 1 LED fan and all these cables here that just clog up the case. Also, its falling behind on my overclocking temp control. Im running an Intel 8086k overclocked to 5.4ghz thats delidded, and average temps are above 65c after 1 minute on Prime95, 70c after 5 minutes, and topped out at 72. Took a while for the heat to dissipate. For comparison, my 360 radiator beforehand kept my temps down to 62c during the same testing.

Overall Review: Its not replacing my 360, even though the pump looks cool. Theres just too many cables to manage, but this thing would probably be ok for smaller cases where you dont have a bunch of cables in the way. Might work best in a Micro ATX case or even a mid-size. I run a large tower - Corsair 760T.

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Cool little toys for the cockpit11/9/2019 3:19:54 AM

Pros: 40 new buttons to use for your flight simulator and they are almost exact replicas of the MFDs in most US fighter aircraft. You can set them up in their original positions in VR and not really have to worry about how accurate they are. Other than that, Ive had a pair of these for over 6 years before I had to replace one of them.

Cons: The cable attached to the bottom of the MFD is kinked pretty hard when its packaged. Inspect your cable before installing to see if its cut or damaged because this happened to my older set. The new set I just removed the base plate and relieved the pressure on the cable. Over time they WILL fail because of this bend if you dont straighten it out.

Overall Review: I bought them again - that should be enough for anyone to consider buying these. You can remove most of the accessories on this so you can mount them to a monitor and export MFD gauges to display information for any aircraft you use.

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it does its job5/18/2019 4:36:50 AM

Pros: Easy to assemble and it clears the floor. Looks nice too.

Cons: Should be a tad bit wider. My case barely fits on it, but thats my problem.

Overall Review: 3" more girth is needed for large ATX gaming towers like mine. Would be 5 eggs if it were, but again thats my problem.

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Excellent for the price4/20/2019 11:15:19 AM

Pros: It feels and looks like its made of unbreakable plastic. It probably wont break , its incredibly sturdy. Lifts my 34" UHD monitor with ease and at the same time wont take your head off when you raise the stand. Pneumatically powered by an oleo strut, I assume that it will wear out in time, so this item does have a shelf life. Just no idea how long...easily replaceable I guess.

Cons: The keyboard tray doesnt retract. Would be nice as its slightly bigger than the width of my desk, and thats the only thing Ill gripe about. Worth it though on those days where I cant sit down for long periods of time because of my back.

Overall Review: Its fairly big and heavy so dont expect to take it everywhere, and have a second pair of hands to help you out.

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Great desk! I love it4/20/2019 11:10:41 AM

Pros: The instructions were very easy to read and intuitive, which is rare with furniture you assemble at home. The instructions also based itself on the easiest things to assemble first, to the complete assembly very last. The quality of the parts are very good; I think i would have a very difficult time breaking anything on this desk as its very sturdy in its design. Does not wobble in the least. Ive a ton of stuff on top of it now and have no qualms worrying about the weight. Best thing of all is that it comes with 1 spare of everything in hardware. The screwdriver is actually a good tool to keep! Ill take it to work and use it there now.

Cons: Its a rather small desk. Its probably best suited for kids 12 and under, which is why its pretty sturdy I think. Theres not a whole lot of space in the drawers, and you cant fit a full size ATX case in the computer shelf much less a decent sized bass subwoofer. Would have been better for some extra drawers for that spot, but is what it is. Also, be very careful assembling this thing as the cam locks are preloaded into the laminated panels and they fall out easily. They could have at least taped them into the holes to keep them from falling out, but rather would have just put them in myself. I lost one of them, good thing I had a spare.

Overall Review: So far, Im loving this desk. Have a 34" UHD monitor on top, along with a shelf riser so I can work on my computer standing instead of sitting. Not a whole lot of desk space, but I can manage with it. Ive bought worse desks for far more money and thats saying something.

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I am NOT happy at all4/11/2019 10:29:31 AM

Pros: Ease of assembly. Didnt take 5 minutes to put it together and at least its comfortable-ish.

Cons: First off, box came opened. Shippers barely even taped the box shut before they put the shipping label on it. I had to inspect the box to make sure that everything was still intact or missing. Chair came damaged. One of the levers is bent way out of shape and it barely even functions as it should because of it. The fact that it still functions means Ill keep it, but thats about it. Was definitely not worth the 300 some odd bucks I spent on it.

Overall Review: Having a very difficult time to justify even giving it 1 egg. Im sorry, but for 300 dollars, the package should at LEAST be in good condition and secured before you even think about shipping something, and regardless of how expensive it is you better make sure that if the box is damaged, the product isnt. Never again.

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Great high speed hub for the price4/6/2019 6:46:38 AM

Pros: Ive had this thing for almost a month now and this is one of the better ones Ive had. Its as fast as it needs to be, the power toggle switches are a great addon for resetting those devices that might need to be reset without unplugging the USB jack, and no really apparent signal loss.

Cons: None.

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It works!4/6/2019 6:43:53 AM

Pros: It works as advertised. I havent lost any speed with either M.2 drives I have mounted to both - M.2 Corsair MP300 and M.2 WD Caviar Black are both running at their max respective speeds. Surprising to me really, but Im not complaining about it.

Cons: Its kind of bland. Sure theres a lot of gold plating on it, but its still a green PCB over a high end motherboard. Aesthetics could be better, but not crying about it.

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She's fast!4/6/2019 6:40:30 AM

Pros: Im loving this drive so far. Its cheap for its size and fast for the price. So far its been very reliable without any problems and Ive had it for about a month now.

Cons: Nothing so far.

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Its a great laptop for the price2/4/2019 6:28:14 PM

Pros: Very first off is the looks of this laptop. It has a kevlar/carbon fiber graphic palm rest (not sure if thats what its actually made out of), and the LEDs accent the keyboard and design perfectly. The monitor is awesome! It plays video smoothly, and while testing Unigine Valley benchmark, didnt notice any stuttering whatsoever except when the video card lagged on certain scene loads...and only then briefly. But other than that... The last few reviews Ive read about this laptop mention both the keyboard and touch pad. There is nothing wrong with the keyboard and track pad in and of themselves; they are what they are. Dont expect them to be made out of titanium, they arent mechanical keys, and the touch pad is there for you in case you forgot your mouse. They work just fine. Its a budget gaming laptop. Not that there arent a few cons to this.... I forgot to mention that the speakers are phenomenal for a laptop. Ive had many laptops in my days; never had one that sounded this good with its own onboard sound system. It has a ton of bass, mids and treble; quite easily the best thing about this laptop.

Cons: For an SSD drive, it loads pretty slowly. Booting up Windows 10 doesnt take long, but loading up any games takes a little bit of time. Granted they arent M.2 drives, but not really an egg loss. The HDD works just fine. Ethernet adapter doesnt seem to be functional on mine. I tried connecting it to different cables through my modem, and yep its borked on mine. Wifi works just fine. I docked 2 eggs for this, but I can get online for now with Wifi. This is a barebones laptop: no bag, no manuals, no CDs (doesnt even come with a Cd/DVD burner to my dismay...) but just a laptop and charging cable. No big deal to me though, this laptop isnt going anywhere. I am very surprised this doesnt come with an optical drive, but I guess thats the new wave of the future. One last issue with this was whoever shipped this item to me didnt package this as well as they should have. Had this not been a review product, I wouldnt have accepted this because they only placed 1 bubble bag to prevent the box from moving around, and we all know how great UPS is at handling their cargo; but maybe UPS had to repackage this on the fly, so I dont know who did what. Please be more careful with shipping high value parts.

Overall Review: Unigine Valley benchmark score: 61.8 FPS, Score 2587, min FPS 18, Max FPS 110.3 3D Mark score : P7233 @ 1280x720. Couldnt test at 1920x1080 because the card isnt up to the task. Dont expect this laptop to function well for VR if you even think of trying to do just this. For gaming online, this is an excellent laptop, but you shouldnt expect to be playing Grand Theft Auto 5 at max settings; at best youll play this at 1280x720 and get playable frames. It plays Modern Warfare 2 at max settings at 1280x720 without stuttering. Im not disappointed in its performance, just in the bad ethernet port.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear kevin u, Thank you for the feedback and making us aware of your experience. I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience, and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. All ASUS products are manufactured with materials that comply with industry's quality standard and each one undergoes intensive quality control testing and inspections, this is a random problem. Have you already contacted your Place of Purchase for an exchange? Please provide me with more details on this situation so we can take the appropriate steps to get this issues straightened out. You can reach me at Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, Adrian ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support
Insanely fast12/15/2018 10:52:19 PM

Pros: Easy to install, like virtually idiot proof. Setup in BIOS was even easier than I thought it would be. The Samsung Magician software ported my windows installation to the new drive flawlessly, and I didnt even really have to install anything! The best part was that it took only 10 minutes from starting my upgrade to booting windows up on the new drive. Literally, I cloned my OS with Magician and voila. I cloned it off another SSD drive, and literally installed almost 300gb worth of games, music and OS within the amount of time it took me to drink a beer.

Cons: What cons? This is literally one of the best upgrades Ive made to any of my computers in YEARS! I guess the small amount of disk space is a con, but you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: I might make the next step trying to run 2 of these in RAID0. Because why stop there? Intel 8086k o/c 5.0ghz 32gb GSKILL TridentZ Asus Z370 Maximus X Formula Zotac GTX1080Ti AMP Extreme

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It WAS very nice, very fast...10/21/2018 10:56:16 AM

Pros: Ive never had an M.2 SSD before, so this review will be short but sweet. Compared to my Samsung 840 EVO, loading times have pretty much cut in half. I play a lot of flight simulators, so they tend to get quite long loading times. Sad to say that this drive is on the small side of storage space, but it holds my DCS World folder with ease plus a few terrains such as Nevada and Normandy. Loading times took on average 45 seconds from start to in-server. Grand Theft Auto 5 loaded inside of 1 minute, whereas my SSD would load it in close to 2 minutes. Other than that, this thing is pretty amazing how fast it is. Im rebuilding my rig, so I havent thoroughly tested this fully yet.

Cons: Edit: after having this running in my system for almost 3 months now, it failed. Cant even pull any useful information off of the disk now, or erase anything on this.

Overall Review: Running this on an Asus Premium z170a, Intel 6600k, GTX1080FE and a mix of different SSD drives and HDD drives. By far the fastest drive of the bunch.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We are sorry about the CORSAIR MP300. Please contact us and we can give you an RMA. Our Tech Support number is 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at Thank you, CORSAIR Customer Support CORSAIR Support Email: CORSAIR Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
BAM!8/24/2018 12:55:10 PM

Pros: Built a rig from the ground up just recently and pieced together my dream machine, and this was the biggest and baddest video card I could find this side of shelling out 1400 bucks for a titan. Honestly, I shopped for the best video card I could find - the fastest processor and memory - and this card easily was the biggest bang for the buck. This card maxes out GTA5 without a problem. My old GTX1080 couldnt do that. But the number one thing about this card is that it is quiet. Under a full load of 280w, the cooler keeps it around 60c...though I rarely see it that high. I dont overclock it, but I dont feel like I need to either, thats how fast this thing is. Easily the best thing Ive bought for my new flight sim rig. The LEDs are programmable too, they go really well with my setup.

Cons: Zotac Firestorm needs some work. Nothing really to gripe about it, but it seems a little lackluster. No dings for it, so no biggie.

Overall Review: Bought this along side with this: Asus Maximus X Z370 Formula Intel 8086k o/c 5.0ghz Gskill TridentZ 3400mhz Thermaltake Riing360

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Its a great board fwiw2/20/2017 8:44:04 AM

Pros: It overclocks very easily. I have a 6700k overclocked at stock voltages at 4.6ghz, and I dont think I want to push it further than that...its good enough. LED lighting on this board is amazing - it has wide array of color schemes, making it ideal with any color scheme you have in mind. You can adjust the color on the fly with the AISuite 3 software. The sound is amazing. I dont hear any static whatsoever, and the optical connection makes Dolby Digital surround sound incredibly immersive. DId not have any problems whatsoever with the Rift being connected to this. Didnt test any onboard video, but it worked perfectly with my GTX1080 video card, and the DDR4 - 3200 Gskill Ripjaw series ram worked without a hitch. Dont really see the need to run the XMP profile, but this board is awesome.

Cons: As awesome as it is, Im not sure its really worth the $400+ price tag. It has a few additional addons in the box that I dont even use. For instance the wireless charger I dont really see the need for. Others may use it, but personally I think this board comes with more than enough USB ports to connect your portable devices to that can charge just as good as the wireless.

Overall Review: Great board overall, I went to this after my last motherboard disappointed me greatly.

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Excellent Wifi setup2/9/2017 7:06:43 AM

Pros: I was able to get this set up throughout my house within an hour. Set up was easy to understand and mostly automatic. I have comcast 150MB speeds, and on wifi Im getting average of 136MB/s with no signal degradation. The other nodes are kind of redundant now, the first node covers my whole 1400 sq ft house with ease. Im not complaining....the option is thereto buy more nodes and you can run them all from the original hookup. Theoretically, you can cover your entire neighborhood from one hotspot if you get enough nodes.

Cons: You absolutely, positively need to have a smart phone to set this up. Had I not purchased one the week before this, I would have never known I needed one. It has to be an android or an Iphone...and by luck I had one before I got this setup. I never had a need for a smart phone up until now. Keep this in mind when you purchase this unit - and this goes for all the other Velop product lines too.

Overall Review: When it advertises 4000 sq ft coverage, its the truth....and it will keep pace with any docsys modem. I no longer need a router for my house.

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Good hybrid drive1/26/2017 6:53:13 AM

Pros: Its fast, lots of storage and small for its size. Good cost too, reasonably affordable. Booted right up, never had any problems with it.

Cons: Not a con per se, but UPS delivered it to my neighbors house, and spent a week trying to figure out where my address is.. Also, keep in mind that this is a hybrid drive and not a solid state drive. It has moving parts, so its still an HDD at heart.

Overall Review: Good for laptops, not all that great for desktops. If you are using a desktop, just stick with a regular hard drive. Its still a 5400 rpm platter, not a 7200 rpm hard disk drive.

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Never buying again11/21/2016 1:21:58 PM

Pros: Its pretty and all that other stuff.

Cons: Wouldnt connect to the internet after a few months. No wifi, no ethernet, no nothing. Sent it in for an RMA, got another one back without any accessories and board was all scratched up and have several screws missing that hold on the motherboard covers. A $400 dollar motherboard............

Overall Review: Was a firm MSI believer when they launched the 970 cards, never buy another MSI product again. Sorry, but after only 5 months a $400 dollar motherboard should work, and RMA's should only include new motherboards and not one all scratched up and barebones.

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Good WiFi extender for the price10/8/2016 1:20:44 PM

Pros: Took about 3 minutes to set up with my router - literally plug into a light socket close to the router, press the WPS button on the router, and press the antenna button on the extender to sync with the router, unplug and relocate close to the dead zone in your house. Yes, that easy. Worked with just about everything I have connected to my WiFi. Also includes a hardware access point via a DSL cable in case doing it the above mentioned method. Yes, you can convert your router to be a WiFi access point if your router isnt WiFi capable.

Cons: Its white.

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Great storage card9/28/2016 1:26:23 PM

Pros: Its fast and has a lot of storage space. Also seems backwards compatible with older cameras. This is big enough to store some large video files in 1080p. If you shoot anything other than video, this card is overkill.

Cons: None, gonna be hard to fill up the storage space on this little thing with my least I wont have to worry about upgrading anytime soon!

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Great external backup drive9/4/2016 7:27:07 AM

Pros: Its large capacity. It wasnt hard to set this up in Windows 10, mostly just plug and play. If you cant install this within 10 seconds, then you have a defective unit. Anyways...I havent had any real problems with this in the week Ive had it so far. It does its job.

Cons: Transfer rates seem sluggish at times. Its taken be about 2 days to backup about 4.5 Tb of information from an external hard drive. Burst write speed seems to be about 75mb/s, and averages about 35mb/s. Pictures took about 2.5mb/s, and most of the time Ive transferred between the two is due to this. Otherwise no problems whatsoever.

Overall Review: Ive read a lot of complaints about this unit getting hot under a load. Ive had this running practically non-stop for the last 3 days now backing up information without even noticing it getting hot.

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Best RAM Ive ever had7/1/2016 2:59:12 PM

Pros: They are fast, stable and reliable. They dont require too much power to stay on XMP profiles, and they benchmark just as well as other RAM Ive used in the past. The best part about this is the latency; you can underclock these modules and come up with better frame rates for lower latency. Ive had these overclocked to 3500mhz without much in the way of adjusting voltage. Currently running just in default speed at the moment on an Intel 6700k overclocked to 4.7ghz nice and stable.

Cons: They dont cook bacon.

Overall Review: Ive always noted that the cheapest ram is the best ram you can get when it comes down to performance. Speed doesnt mean anything, but latency does. You can get better results at 1600mhz with 9-9-9-18 timing than you can with 14-14-14-32 at 3200mhz. Anything more you are just wasting money. Pound for pound these modules are worth it simply because of the sheer amount of memory you have. 32gb of memory would have been more than enough to run early versions of Windows Xp without a hard drive.

4 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you?