5/23/2019 6:54:58 PM

Pros: got this at a great price for only $95. I don't do any mining at all, i got it to use as a gaming graphics card and it does great. I can play any game at 1080p high/ultra with no trouble.

Cons: -only has a single dvi port. this means no 4k since the dvi port doesn't support that res. what hurt more however is that freesync isn't support over it either. -power hunger, had to replace my psu as gaming would randomly shut off the system and reboot it. replacing the psu solved the problem. recommend a good 550w or better power suppy.

Overall Review: honestly for the price i can't complain.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
good and reliable5/23/2019 6:41:00 PM

Pros: got this to replace a functional but very weak dell stock psu.

Cons: has been working great so far. nothing to complain about

Overall Review: wouldn't recommend for power hungry systems but mid-range gaming setups should be ok with this.

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They just work5/23/2019 6:36:10 PM

Pros: brought two of these to pop into my gaming system after a 3tb driver began to fail. Begin working well so far and i haven't had any issues.

Cons: Being a black drive i expected it to be a bit faster then other standard drives but its more or less on par.

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Good ram from a good brand11/25/2018 8:24:16 PM

Pros: I've purchased Team before for other systems so i knew i could trust the brand. Brought this for my new ryzen system. The system defaulted to 2400 but xmp set it to 2800 just like that. I was able to overclock it to a stable 2933mhz using xmp timings. Higher might be possible but I'm personally not a fan of messing with the timings to much so i didn't push for maximum OC.

Cons: -ram prices will never be what they used to be, not teams fault. -where's the rgb, everything needs rgb.....lol

Overall Review: good memory, easy to work with.

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not bad for the price11/25/2018 8:17:47 PM

Pros: simple to setup. just plug the usb cable to your computer and windows (10) detected it immediately. no need for drivers or anything. Sound quality is ok, not want you want if you want something to pump out tunes on the regular but for everyday youtube videos and stuff it's fine. It can also be laid flat or stand vertically.

Cons: no headphone jack on the speaker. you'd have to connect headphones directly to the computer.

Overall Review: would pick up another if needed. the red color is nice and its a good value.

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it works8/23/2018 7:25:03 PM

Pros: works well, decent range and easy to install

Cons: no 5g support but knew that going in.

Overall Review: rehabbing an old system just for the heck of it. Only slot available was a pci slot so needed something to put in it. This is something and its useful.

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a solid budget cooler8/13/2018 3:59:47 PM

Pros: the base of the original cooler that came with my system was cracked causing one of the legs to not be anchored firmly in place. picked this one up. Cheap, effective and easy to install.

Cons: long delivery time but that wasn't unexpected. skip if your in a rush but otherwise a good cooler at a good price.

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8/13/2018 3:54:05 PM

Pros: small and quiet, pefect for those small cramped spaces. It comes with an extender cable and a choker to reduce the speed if its' to loud for you but really its not loud at all.

Cons: nothing

Overall Review: would buy again if needed.

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fun and functional speakers8/13/2018 3:51:55 PM

Pros: i got this for my daughters computer and she loves it. The water sprays at different levels and intervals depending on the sound its out putting. works with all audio not just music. The lights aren't terribly bright in the light but are still very nice and not distracting. The sound quality is fair. Nothing special but not bad either. Better then alot of other budget speakers.

Cons: can't turn of the light. not a problem for me but if that's important to you know that you can't.

Overall Review: the speakers have less water then you'd expect but works well.

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effective and easy to use.8/13/2018 3:45:07 PM

Pros: no more fusing about with wires. just drop it on the pad and it will start charging. Very convenient for supported phones.

Cons: the little platform is a little small and phone needs to be centered when on top. some phone cases might prevent charging but that'll be true for any qi charger.

Overall Review: haven't had chance to test the receiver kit but the charging pad works fine.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
moves a ton of air6/23/2018 1:57:05 PM

Pros: Needed to help cool the inside of a sff dell system. The gpu was heating up while playing games but the case as no side or top vents. Only a single fan in take at the front of the case thats super weak. I replaced it with this fan and gpu temp drop 8-9 degress. The blue light is nice and not overly bright. Comes with a molex adapter in case you don't have a spare fan header on your motherboard.

Cons: this thing is loud, jet engine loud and no way of adjusting the speed if you connect via molex. It has a 4 pin connector so you should be able to lower the speed to quiet things down in the bios.

Overall Review: recommended if the noise won't bother you. Avoid if you intend to use it in an htpc system as it will be very noticeable.

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useful to have around3/8/2018 6:32:31 PM

Pros: i needed this to help me see inside my pc case when i'm working on it. In a full case it can be hard to see in some corners especially if i need to lean in to get a good look. This helps tremendously and keeps my hands free. strap is also adjustable and you can angle the lamp up and down as well.

Cons: needs 3 AAA batteries - not included. its comin from china so it'll take about 3 weeks or so, just bare that in mind.

Overall Review: would buy again.

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working great so far3/8/2018 6:26:17 PM

Pros: got this for a ultra budget rig i mess around with. Paired with a intel q6600 and 4gb of ddr2 ram. Works well and i haven't had any trouble with it.

Cons: didn't come with the low profile bracket. Fortunately i needed it for a standard height desktop, otherwise i'd be stuck.

Overall Review: sadly the price of gpu's are insane right now. I paid more for this then i did my gt 1030 before prices went up.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
for the price its great1/21/2018 11:59:11 AM

Pros: got this for a budget build (duh). Its not the most elegant case but it will do the job. Doesn't feel flimsy to me and all case wires and fans worked. The fans have blue led's which is a nice touch. You can attach another 120mm fan to the side panel if you want but it'll depend of the size of your cpu heatsink. I got a 120mm cooler master and there isn't enough room for a fan though you might be able to with a 90mm and certainly with a stock cpu cooler. Also the panel uses thumb screws so no need for a screw driver to open but you will need one to screw down the gpu to the back plate.

Cons: the minus an egg is for the lack of usb 3 ports. I know that this is a budget case but i feel it should be standard across the board at this point. The fans aren't powerful but they are quiet and will help with general air flow.

Overall Review: got it for $20. At that price its worth it despite shortcomings. This makes my third Rosewill case ever purchased. Like i mentioned, great for budget builds.

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good cables1/21/2018 11:47:05 AM

Pros: good cheap sata cables.

Cons: no complaints here

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works great1/21/2018 11:43:46 AM

Pros: needed to add usb 3 ports to the front of a budget case that didn't have them. Item works great and have had no problems.

Cons: -long cable running across the inside of your system but what can you do. -This thing is coming from china so be ready to wait. You may get it in a week if your incredibly lucky but from my experience the average from china delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

Overall Review: if you need it right now! get it from another seller though you'll pay more. If you can wait its a good part and a good price. Would buy again.

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A great value1/21/2018 11:36:37 AM

Pros: Got this on sale for $270 during the holidays. -decent picture quality -has lots of input options DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, vga -has picture in picture (handy cause i got 2 systems hooked up to it. Now i can do go back and forth between the two just by looking at the corner instead of changing input signals. -has free sync (40-60hz range) -stand seems solid -lots of menu options for adjusting settings. -works fine with windows 10, 8.1 and 7 -in addition to being able to adjust the setting yourself there a several pre-set options for anyone who finds all the settings overwhelming.

Cons: -no remote, makes changing settings tedious -manual and driver are only available via website. -no speakers (knew that when purchased) though windows still defaults to the monitor for audio. I think its because there is a version of this monitor where the only different is the speakers so windows doesn't know the difference. -free sync range is a little tight, only 40-60hz. -stand only swivels up and down. No side to side. -Colors seemed a bit washed for my taste but i may lean towards a vary vivid color palate. -definitely need to adjust scaling in windows at 4k.

Overall Review: the monitor won't blow you away but for a budget 4k panel its a great deal at $300 or less. At the $400+ range there are better panels. I mostly use it for gaming and again at the price i don't have any real complaints about it. I'm annoyed by free sync getting turned off every time i turn on pip but thats not exactly the end of the world. Also the exact functions of the settings are unclear even after you go through the "digital" manual. So for the most part be prepared to experiment a bit.

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not perfect but decent1/21/2018 11:08:25 AM

Pros: As an os drive it works well. Boots up quick and systems haven't had any trouble working with it.

Cons: this drive is not good for the storage or transfer of large files. The write speeds on large multi-gig sized files can drop like a stone once you exceed the cache size. However if you don't plan to write 5 or 6 gigabyte + files to the drive on a regular bases your good to go.

Overall Review: A decent ssd for everyday needs. Not for people with high performance needs but solid for budget builds.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Thank you for your 5-eggs review! And thank you for choosing Team's product! We will assure that our customer always gets high-quality goods and excellent customer services from us. TEAM Group
works great1/21/2018 10:59:00 AM

Pros: Wanted to bring ram up to 8gigs on a budget gaming system. The ram works great and is low profile which is great since the system is a sff with a hard drive cage directly over it. So fancy heat sinks are not practical.

Cons: Memory prices are up and not going down anytime soon.

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the right card for the right build6/3/2017 8:01:20 PM

Pros: This gpu is solid as long as you buy it for the right reasons. If you want a true budget gaming gpu look at the gtx-1050 and rx-460/560. This gpu is people running sff systems who need a true single slot low profile card. A lot of the "single slot" gpus actually extend beyond one slot because of the fan. This could be a problem for anyone with a mini-itx system. I can confirm this card really is a single slot card and it does come with the low profile bracket. Also its a low power user which is great for anyone upgrade their Dell's or Hp boxes. It does not need any extra power connectors. All juice comes from the mobo.

Cons: This gpu literally takes the crown when it comes to the stupidest system problems i've ever had. I had fits trying to get the screws off so i could switch to the low profile bracket. I've done this with two other gpu's, sata cards, wifi cards...etc and never did i have as hard a time as i did with this card. I almost considered returning it since i needed it for a compact build. I got it eventually but took over 30min....lol never had this experience in any of the computers i've built. Would be better at a $50-60 price point but what can you do.

Overall Review: Performance is actully respectable for such cheap gpu. I tested it on games it wasn't meant to play on a system not designed to play modern games. Game titles tested: Shadows of mordor Rise of the tomb raider hitman (dx11 good, dx12 bad) batman arkham knight metro last light resident evil 7 and 3d mark. This is a gpu made for esports which are not demanding games. However for the most part this gpu can handle the big games if your willing to drop resolution and/or quality settings. A major step up from integrated graphics and a noticeable improvement over the gt 730 which is the gpu i replaced with the 1030. I have no regrets about this gpu choice. It is perfect for the buid. I came across a dell optiplex 390 which i tuned up into a basic gaming and media system for my daughter till she's old enough for a proper gaming machine. The cpu is a definite bottleneck so anything stronger would be a waste anyway. cpu: i5-2400 ram: 10gb 1333mhz drive: 128gb ssd + 250gb drive for storage *sata card to add achi support Again if your coming off a gt 730 this card is a worthwhile upgrade. It seems to sit between the gtx 750 and 750 ti if you want a point of reference. Highly recommended for older systems and small builds where space is tight. *I also want to note that my max temp was 83c but the case its in is cramp and terrible air flow. No side vents for fresh air and sits close to the cpu heat sink. However this didn't really seem to negatively impact performance to much. I likely got held back by the cpu more then i did the temps.

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good choice for a budget gaming6/3/2017 7:23:03 PM

Pros: I fried the HD 7770 i had in my wife's computer. The system runs an overclocked Pentium G3258 at 4.5ghz. I have no plans of upgrading the cpu as its good enough for what she does on it. The Rx 460 i felt was a good pairing the cpu which would bottleneck anything stronger. Performance is solid and it allows for up-scaling which is handy for desktop and watching vidoes.

Cons: a month after rebate was approved i'm still waiting for it. From experience my advice is never factor in rebates into your budget. Consider it a bonus if you get it and the item is still worth the price if you don't. At $90 the gpu is a good value. If i get rebate for $20 the final price drops to $70 making it a great value especially considering the performance that gpu's at that price point deliver in comparison.

Overall Review: A solid gpu for a budet gaming system. You'll get solid 1080p perfromance at med/high settings. If high fps is your thing drop res to 720/900p and that should be doable.

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great product3/11/2017 5:17:01 PM

Pros: got this because webcams mic just sucked. Always sounded miles away. Purchased an inexpensive mic that was a few bucks cheaper then this and it worked ok as long as you were directly in front of it. If you wanted to share the other person would sound distant. With this mic we could place the mic between us and sit back comfortably and be heard loud and clear. Honestly would buy another if the need ever arouse.

Cons: It can tip over if bumped and it doesn't have the foam cover to block wind noises but unless your outside not a big deal and i noticed no unwanted audio noise.

Overall Review: connects via mic jack and for anyone wondering it does not connect via usb at all. would recommend.

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it works fine3/11/2017 5:08:58 PM

Pros: allows addon devices to be powered from wall outlet rather than from the tablet i'm using this with extending battery life.

Cons: doesn't allow the tablet to charge while also using other devices via the lone usb/charging port but this is the tablets issue not the cables.

Overall Review: got no real complaints about this.

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a good backup set or temporary replacement3/11/2017 5:05:52 PM

Pros: First the audio quality is fairly decent. You won't mistake it for a pair of beats but honestly better then what i expected. The mic is also pretty good. My wife couldn't tell i was using the headset when talking to her. The ends light up and look cool enough but they can be turned off when desired. Pairing is also vary easy via bluetooth.

Cons: the biggest con with these the build quality. The ear buds detached from the body after only two weeks. The adhevsive used to keep the buds on the the ear piece was apperently cheap and when i took them out of my ear the buds would come loss and be hanging only by the wires....twice. I'm actually surprised it didn't break out right. I had to use my own glue to secure them in place. once that was done they seem to be ok. the other problem i see is that it can be picky when it comes to the cable it'll accept for charging. It does not come with its own cable and charges via your standard android cable. It'll work with some and not others.

Overall Review: for $26 bucks its an ok buy. Drop it another five and i'd call it worth it despite its flaws. If you aren't looking to spend a lot and don't mind taking a chance then this will surprise you with its sound and call quality. If you wan't something that will last for a year or longer well i just don't see that happening with these. If i'm wrong and six months from now they still work i'll update with a more favorable review. don't regret the purchase but its made me second guess the purchase a couple of times.

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technically it works3/11/2017 4:49:01 PM

Pros: was able to add an ssd to my laptop and take the 1tb it shipped with and use it for storage. It also includes a screw driver.

Cons: The darn thing didn't fit. it was just a hair to thick to fit right into the slot. no egg loss because honestly i made no effort to measure the slot width or look it up online. To cheap bother with an rma over seas.

Overall Review: All was not lost. Since the caddy just wouldn't fit i said the heck with it and just stripped off the case and removed the internals. without the caddy i was able to fit the adapter and the drive into the laptop. I booted up and the drive was detected right away and haven't had any problems with it so far.

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