Innovative design, high quality components9/26/2021 8:42:30 AM

Pros: Seasonic is known for their high quality PSUs and this is no exception. A 80+ Platinum rating and 850W of power is plenty for premium builds. No coil whine at all due to Seasonic's high quality capacitors. The Connect module makes cable management super easy. Very short and straight runs to the GPU, CPU, and motherboard connectors are one of the main benefits of this design over more traditional PSUs. SATA cabling is able to be entirely hidden behind the side panel, which is going to lead to very clean looks and good airflow in the main case area. PSU Fan is nearly silent, and I've had no issues with stability. The PSU is modular (through the Connect module) and comes with more than enough cables for almost any build.

Overall Review: These PSUs are designed to be installed in a Seasonic Syncro case. I would not recommend this for use in any other cases. While I don't expect to need it, having a 10-year warranty is definitely appreciated. Don't underestimate the importance of a good PSU for your build. I've personally experienced BSODs and other instability due to lesser quality PSUs from other brands - they are hard to diagnose and a pain to deal with. I've never had any such issues from the multiple Seasonic PSUs I've owned.

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Innovative cable management, solid build9/26/2021 8:28:00 AM

Pros: The biggest pro of this design is how easy it is to run your cables. With a Syncro PSU it's super clean inside the main case area with short and straight cable runs. It really is a step forward in case design and I'd love to see something like this become a standard feature. Even though it's a mid-tower there is plenty of room and I never really felt cramped working in the case. You should note that the case is very wide, wider probably than any mid-tower case I've ever seen. If you wanted this on your desk be sure to measure first. The magnetic glass door is very solid and makes opening the case up very easy. No worries with vibrations or anything like that with the door either. The four included fans move a lot of air, and airflow in general seems pretty good. The construction is very sturdy. No vibrations or flimsy plastic pieces. This does mean the case is pretty heavy so be aware of that. I appreciate the USB-C port on the top panel. There's plenty of room for 2.5" drives but if you're still using 3.5" drives note there are only 2 bays by default.

Cons: The included fans are very loud, even at lower speeds. If you want a near-silent PC at idle you'll probably have to replace them. If you are not using a Syncro PSU as well you might have to invest in some cable extenders due to the layout, especially if you wish to use the included cable management sleeve that goes where the PSU's Syncro module sits. Certainly seems possible to do a clean build without a Syncro PSU however.

Overall Review: I couldn't find any good pictures of what the Syncro Connect module would actually look like once installed, so I included a picture. I'm not sure if I would buy this case without using a Syncro PSU as well. In combination I'd definitely recommend them, but if you're only looking for a case some of the main features of this (easy cable management mostly) would be wasted. It did take a bit longer to put together as I'm still used to regular cases. But the design was intuitive and the instructions are pretty good.

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Good quality, clear glass3/27/2020 4:46:23 PM

Pros: The tempered glass side panel looks very good in person, definitely an upgrade over cases with just a glass window. The case looks pretty good overall, full points on style. I appreciate the abundance of well-located USB ports on the front I/O panel. The design is well-thought out for good airflow and the case is usually easy to work with. Above-average as far as cable management.

Cons: Only 2 included fans, and they are nothing special, but with a case like this you may opt to customize your fan layout. PSU installation was difficult. Due to the glass panel and abundance of metal, it is rather heavy for its size. At the same time, some of the plastic was a bit disturbingly flimsy-feeling.

Overall Review: The magnetic dust filters are interesting, although I did find myself accidentally dislodging them. Trade off for easy cleaning.

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6/14/2019 6:15:24 PM

Pros: - Moves air without making too much noise. - LED glow isn't overpowering - Plenty of cord length - Plug and play!

Cons: - No PWM - Entry-level airflow - No noise-dampening

Overall Review: A mid-tier fan, and fairly priced. You can certainly find higher quality fans but it will cost you more.

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Quiet, good airflow3/5/2019 7:25:05 AM

Pros: Works well, LEDs are bright. Fans themselves seem fairly sturdy. The airflow was decent, and they are fairly quiet, which is good because the fan speed is not adjustable unless you have a fan controller.

Cons: * Doesn't support PWM. * Doesn't come with any adaptors or extensions (the cable is a bit short). * No rubber standoffs.

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Small, quiet, modular, quality2/16/2019 6:16:44 AM

Pros: This high-end SFX power supply checks all the boxes: Modular Quiet (including silent mode) 750W is more than enough Compact Platinum efficiency rating Shorter cables for less clutter in a compact case High quality power delivery with great voltage regulation Overall a great choice for any high-end small form factor build.

Cons: The higher price reflects the feature set and form factor. If you don't need all the power, the compact size, etc - there are cheaper models available.

Overall Review: As this is designed for small form factor PCs the cables are a bit shorter - so be aware. It does come with a SFX-to-ATX bracket though if you want to install it into an ATX case.

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10/18/2018 2:10:30 PM

Pros: Installation was easy, provided instructions are good. No issues getting it set up. This cooler will definitely beat out any stock cooler. The RGB effects are pretty neat, they have several settings you can mess around with. Overall the value is pretty good. This can get you in the door to water cooling without much difficulty or expense.

Cons: The fan leaves a bit to be desired. It's on the louder side, as is the pump. The fan probably really needs to be replaced to make this an effective cooler for anything other than looking cool, which is a bit unfortunate.

Overall Review: I'd recommend skipping the included thermal paste as well if you have any other compound laying around.

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High quality mechanical keyboard7/26/2018 3:19:56 PM

Pros: The keys feel decent, and the entire keyboard is obviously very high quality. The form factor, weight, and finish are all excellent. The brushed aluminum base is a really nice touch. The lighting is quite customizable, either through hardware or software. I also appreciated the ability to customize brightness instead of just color. The ability to record and playback macros is also a plus, especially since the hardware supports that by itself without needing OS support.

Cons: I wish the volume adjustment had its own buttons instead of requiring the Fn key with page up/down to change the volume.

Overall Review: As a mechanical keyboard, it's quite loud, even with the brown switches. Just make sure you (and those around you) can tolerate the noise.

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6/1/2018 4:13:14 PM

Pros: It's small, lightweight, high capacity, stays cool and quiet during operation, works out of the box, and has reasonable transfer speeds. I was seeing around 150 MB/s read and write through a USB3.0 port. Works well with both Windows and Mac devices. It ticks all the boxes I'm looking for on an external HD. Has an activity LED when in use.

Cons: The activity LED is quite bright (and blue), but I was happy to notice that it turns off completely within a few minutes of discontinuing use of the drive.

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Blazing fast - as advertised5/3/2018 4:57:21 PM

Pros: Installation was very easy. Upon benchmarking I was able to meet or exceed all advertised read and write speeds. I benchmarked this NVMe drive as being roughly 6x faster than a similar quality SATA SSD for sequential reads, and 3.3x faster than SATA for sequential writes. This will translate into faster boot times and shorter load times compared to a SATA SSD.

Cons: The NVMe drives are more expensive than the SATA SSDs, but you are getting a lot for the price difference.

Overall Review: If you're planning to use one of these as a boot drive - make sure your motherboard supports them as boot drives. Since it is a newer technology not all motherboards support this capability yet.

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Poor mousepad, poor charging4/2/2018 9:56:01 AM

Pros: It did immediately begin to charge my iPhone X after plugging the mousepad in. No setup was required. It's a decent size for a non-XL mousepad as well, which I appreciated. The rubber backing on the mousepad worked well to prevent it from slipping on the desk. I didn't have any issues with that, even with vigorous movements. The construction is very sturdy, and the packaging was impressive.

Cons: The wireless charging is very, very slow. After over a half hour my phone had gone from 83% to 87%. This was clearly meant to charge a mouse that supports wireless charging, and not really meant for more power-hungry devices. I was pretty disappointed with the wireless charging capability. The included adapter is supposed to allow you to charge other devices that do not natively support wireless charging, but the adapter didn't work for me. An iPhone 6S acted as if nothing was plugged in with the adapter, and no amount of moving it around on the pad helped. The blinking green LED is extremely annoying. I wouldn't mind as much if it was a solid light or if it wasn't so prominent and bright on the pad. As it is, I really would need to just cover it up with electrical tape or similar. The mousepad is a hard scratchy plastic. It's quite loud to move the mouse around, louder than any mouse pad I've used before. Finally, and most importantly, my mouse does not track well on this mousepad at all. It's constantly jumping around. Even just the plain desk tracks better than this pad, making it pretty much unusable.

Overall Review: There is not really a point in this product existing. A separate wireless charger from the mousepad would probably be more convenient, and at this price point it would probably be cheaper as well to buy them separately.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Nicholas, Please contact us for support. Our Tech Support number is 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at and a Technical Support Representative will contact you to troubleshoot the issues. If your Mouse Pad is found to be defective, we will gladly exchange it for a new one. We apologize for your issues with your new MM1000. Thank you, CORSAIR Customer Support CORSAIR Support Email: CORSAIR Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
2/26/2018 8:53:00 AM

Pros: Works great! It's fairly grippy which I like. Seems more suited to higher DPI settings than other more slippery mousepads I've used. I haven't had any problems with tracking. The rubber backing as well is very thick and grippy, the mousepad definitely won't slide at all, even with vigorous use. Overall very happy with it.

Cons: One very minor nitpick - I wish it was slightly taller so it could serve more as a desk-protector as well as a mousepad. Other oversized mousepads I've used provided more than enough room to put phones, keys, etc as well as the keyboard and mouse. This one will more or less just accommodate a full-size keyboard and mouse.

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Loud and Clunky11/11/2017 11:37:19 AM

Pros: The keyboard layout is perfect for me, and I appreciate the style without any recessed keys. It feels fairly compact for having a full layout - and it's still quite heavy to avoid unwanted movement. I appreciate not needing any extra software running to use the full spectrum of features on the keyboard and mouse.

Cons: I really hate everything about the clicky switches. It doesn't feel like a real mechanical keyboard, it's incredibly loud and piercing, and the press is still squishy. No mute button on the keyboard. Only way to mute would be to hold the volume down button until it hits 0. Would have preferred dedicated volume buttons to having to press the Fn key. The keyboard has 15 colors and a variety of creative color modes - but there's no way to sync the mouse to the same colors. The color customization on the mouse is pretty terrible - with most of the color being linked to the DPI. So if you want a higher DPI you're stuck with either white or pink - no other choices. The mouse is really designed for a palm grip, so if you have large hands like me or just prefer a claw grip it's going to be pretty uncomfortable to use with nowhere to put your ring finger. I would have liked more buttons on the mouse - in particular a scroll wheel that can click left and right.

Overall Review: The mouse is not ambidextrous and is set up for right hand use only. It would be impossible to use left handed.

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9/9/2017 2:32:11 PM

Pros: The fit and finish of both the drive and the removable rubber case is very nice. The rubber case seems like it would really help avoid damage in the event of impact. The inclusion of a MicroSD Card reader on the drive itself is very nice so you don't have to carry around a separate adapter for your MicroSD cards. The rubber case does have a slot in it to allow access to both the MicroSD slot and the USB-C slot. When hooked up to a computer transferring files between the drive itself and the card in the MicroSD slot is very easy, yet fairly slow.

Cons: Transfer speeds were pretty disappointing. Only 39 MB/s read and 32 MB/s write. This only includes a USB-C to USB-C cable. None of my computers have a USB-C port so I had to use an adapter to get any files off of the drive. While using an adapter everything worked well. Unfortunately most people aren't really at the point where they can just use USB-C.

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Works great!8/16/2017 2:33:14 PM

Pros: Decent speeds for a HDD, the following were my results from CrystalDiskMark with the provided USB cable: Sequential Read/Write: 124, 123 MB/s Random Read/Write: 0.6, 1.5 MB/s This puts the drive in the middle of the pack for external hard drives. The drive is fairly small, the entire housing is 3.2 by 4.3 inches by 0.6 inches. It doesn't really make any noise under load, and runs quite cool.

Cons: The 2-year warranty is a little short, but I've never had any problems with any WD drive.

Overall Review: I do like the design, I got the black version. Very sleek with high quality finish.

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7/17/2017 8:53:57 PM

Pros: First, the packaging is excellent. There's a nice cardboard box, inside is the drive encased in air-pocket plastic wrapping. No worries about any damage in transit. I found the drive under load wasn't really any louder than when idle, which is a huge plus with a non-SSD. It's much quieter under load than the WD Reds I have in my NAS. These Toshiba drives are really fast for a high capacity NAS drive. With CystalDiskMark's test suite I was able to pull in numbers at 213 MB/s for read and 211 MB/s for write. That's just a bit faster than the advertised speed. They're about 25% faster than the WD Reds, which is really great since these come in around the same price point. That speed increase can knock a couple hours off RAID scrubbing or if you ever need to rebuild your array.

Cons: The drive does make a whirring sound that sounds like air rushing, it makes this noise whether it's under load or not. It's definitely noticeable when you're nearby - luckily my NAS lives in a closet.

Overall Review: Because these drives spin at 7200 RPM in order to bring up their speed (where most of the NAS HDD segment is at 5400 RPM), they're going to generate more heat and use more power than a 5400 RPM drive. You'll have to decide if that's worth the trade off.

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Quiet, good cables, efficient4/2/2017 4:42:44 PM

Pros: The CX650 is one of the quietest power supplies I've owned, and has no audible no coil whine. But the best thing about this power supply is probably the cables - they are very soft and flexible. Easy to work with and promote good cable management. I don't think I've ever had a power supply with thinner or more malleable cabling. Has plenty of connections for my setup, and I appreciate that the majority of cables are actually useful instead of just cluttering up my case.

Cons: Not modular. If you wanted to run two monster graphics cards that each required two cables from the power supply, you're out of luck here - but you might also be looking for more than 650W at that point. But the amount of cables was perfect for my needs.

Overall Review: The CX650 is noticeably smaller and lighter than any power supply I've owned previously, packing a lot of power in a small area.

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2/8/2017 8:18:50 PM

Pros: 6 macro keys, a wrist rest that's actually comfortable for once, and an overall well-made good looking keyboard make this worth picking up. It's not a mechanical keyboard but I like the feel of the keys, and it's not too loud. The volume and media controls are a definite necessity, and work nicely. Adjustable brightness is nice, as well as the ability to turn the lights off when needed.

Cons: When in the custom lighting mode all the lights flicker very noticeably, making it completely unusable. All the other lighting modes work fine. But custom lighting is a big selling point. I wish the volume and media control buttons were lit, they're very hard to see in a dark room. It's not as customizeable as other older Corsair keyboards as there is no software utility, you have to use the Fn button (which replaces the right windows key) to change the colors. The Fn button doesn't seem to have any other purpose so I wish it was in a less conspicuous location.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
One of the best gaming mice1/17/2017 10:43:32 AM

Pros: Extremely ergonomic, excellent button placement. The buttons are perfect for things like ctrl/alt/shift so you can further multiply your available keybinds in MMOs and similar games.

Cons: I wish the hex had the profile of the new regular Naga, as I think it's a little bit more comfortable. Not a big deal though.

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Powerful, works great, no coil whine!!1/5/2017 6:22:05 PM

Pros: After having several power supplies in a row from other brands with moderate to bad coil whine I was excited after booting this one up and not hearing any from this unit. That alone makes this power supply a definite keeper. With 1200W it's got plenty of power for even the most demanding hardware. I was also impressed with the sheer number of devices the included modular cables can support. Out of the 10 modular sockets on the power supply itself I only ended up needing to use 3 of them to power 1 HDD, 2 SSDs, a nVidia GTX 1070, the Motherboard and CPU, and a fan controller. So I've got plenty of cables (and power) to grow into. I can't hear the fan on this unit at all, at least not over the other fans in the system. The 80 PLUS Gold certification is definitely appreciated, wasting less power and saving you money on your electric bill is always a plus.

Cons: The CPU power cords were a little bit short if you're into good cable management. If they were an inch or two longer that would have been great. Everything else seemed to be about the perfect length. The main motherboard power cable is also really thick and isn't flat like the others. Minor complaint, but the cables were a bit more unwieldy and less maneuverable than those of other brands.

Overall Review: This power supply also has the ability to power two CPU sockets, a must-have for some people and a non-item for most. But if you want to run two CPUs, this thing's got the power you need.

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11/20/2016 1:55:42 PM

Pros: The EZVIZ Mini O has quite a lot of features for the price. Motion-sense triggers, two-way audio, night vision mode, recording to a Micro SD card as well as streaming to a browser or smart phone (and taking snapshots or recording video from there), motion detection alerts, it's got it all. The video quality was decent. I was impressed with the response time compared to other similar products. There was very little delay. Once everything is up and running the connection is stable and clear. I also appreciated the magnetic base on the camera, and the metal mounting plate that is included. It would have been nice if the magnet was a little stronger, but it's not a big deal.

Cons: Connecting the camera to the WiFi failed the first two times I tried to do it. I tried both ways they offer you and neither worked. Finally it worked just repeating the instructions again. It's not great that the only way to set it up is on a smart phone with their app. I couldn't get the 2-way audio to work from the app. Just complained about an error every time I tried. 2-way audio did work from a PC though - but the only browser that this camera works with is Internet Explorer. Tough luck if you only have a Mac.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Nicholas T., Thank you for your review! We always appreciate when our customers take the time to leave feedback about our products. It may interest you to know that, when using a PC, you can use Internet Explorer or Firefox when you go to our website to click Cloud Sign In. Once there, download, run, and install the EZVIZ plugin if prompted. For Mac users we recommend using Safari or Firefox. Once using one of those browsers, go to our website and click Cloud Sign In. Then download, run, and install the EZVIZ plugin if prompted. We care about the experience our customers have with our products and our EZVIZ Technical Team would love to help you set up and meet your security needs. Give us a call at 1.855.MYEZVIZ (693.9849) or email us at We love to help! Best Regards, EZVIZ Technical Team
Great capacity, decently fast10/9/2016 11:18:17 AM

Pros: 6 TB is a pretty decent amount for an external drive. In my tests with real data I was able to achieve a pretty solid 90 MB/s write speed to this device from my NAS when plugged into a USB 3.0 port. Read speeds from the device were around 130 MB/s which definitely isn't bad for a USB drive. When copying large files from my desktop to the Seagate Hub, I was able to achieve speeds bursting up to 190 MB/s write and 200 MB/s read before dropping back down to the 90 MB/s range. However, the performance was much worse when transferring many small files - around the 1 MB/s range. I consider these speeds to be above average for an external drive and I was definitely happy with the performance. So far the drive seems to work perfectly, I'll update the review if I experience any issues with reliability. I can confirm that it works fine with Mac OS, Windows, and when attached to a NAS.

Cons: The noise levels were acceptable, but when writing a lot of small files you could definitely hear it working. I wouldn't want to keep it on my desk or anything if you are constantly writing. When it's not active though it's very quiet and you can barely tell it's on.

Overall Review: Be aware that there is no redundancy here. If the single drive inside the enclosure fails and the drive contained the only copy of your data you could be in trouble. I'd suggest using this as a backup drive as intended, not as primary storage. This product also came with 200 GB of OneDrive cloud storage for two-years, which is nice. You could potentially use that to store your most important files and at least have those in the case of drive failure.

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Blazing fast, great capacity, bargain price10/6/2016 7:57:13 AM

Pros: This drive is fast - really fast. Using CrystalDiskMark I was getting 565 MB/s sequential read and 537 MB/s sequential write. This is faster than the advertised speeds of 540/480. It also clocks in significantly faster than my Samsung 850 EVO, an OCZ Trion 100, and even the 240 GB version of this drive which has higher advertised speeds. I'm thinking the higher speeds are due to caching but under the same test conditions on the same day the other SSDs were unable to match the performance of this drive - so that has to count for something. It is also very quiet, and very light, both to be expected from a SSD.

Cons: The clamshell packaging is terrible as always. During the benchmark process there suddenly was a loud electronic noise, which subsided maybe 30 seconds later. Subsequent benchmarks and use have not caused this to happen again, but it was a bit concerning... I'll update this review if anything bad actually happens besides the one-time noise. I'm not sure if it came from the drive or the power supply, but something was unhappy about the benchmarking process.

Overall Review: As with any SSD, this is going to be a huge performance increase for anyone still on a traditional hard drive. And given the fast speeds and very low cost/GB from this Silicon Power drive I see no reason to buy anything else.

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Impressive performance for the price10/6/2016 7:45:52 AM

Pros: I was impressed by this drive's performance. Running CrystalDiskMark I was able to get 521 MB/s sequential read and 473 MB/s sequential write. These are a bit below the advertised speeds of 540 read and 510 write, but in practice it performed better than more expensive drives (like a Samsung 850 EVO). The SSD is definitely responsive, and should prove to be a huge upgrade for anyone still using a regular hard drive.

Cons: The packaging was pretty terrible, I wish manufacturers would stop using clamshell packaging.

Overall Review: Depending on your SATA controller you may not get advertised speeds out of this SSD. When I initially plugged this into my motherboard I connected it to a SATA 6 port using a Marvell 88SE9172 controller. Everything worked, but I was getting considerably lower speeds out of this drive compared to the advertised speeds - 362 MB/s sequential read and 230 MB/s sequential write. This was much slower than the other SSDs in my system. The firmware was up to date, my drivers were up to date, but still the speeds were not as advertised. Eventually I tried connecting this to my motherboard's standard SATA controllers and that resolved all my issues. So be careful which port you plug this drive into - as it can be picky!

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10/4/2016 11:15:42 AM

Pros: Capless design, great capacity for the price, USB 3.0, decent transfer speeds. I was able to copy a large (15 GB) file to the drive in just under 10 minutes, which is pretty slow for USB 3.0 but not unbearably slow. No major problems, it has worked flawlessly for me so far. At 128GB the capacity is excellent, especially for the price. Not too long ago you had to pay a lot more for a lot less.

Cons: It's actually kind of tough to deploy and retract the USB part out of the casing on this, the slider is very smooth and needs to be pressed in. It also rattles around audibly in your pocket when retracted. They need to look at the mechanism for deploying and retracting the drive. Combined with the lower than average transfer speeds I feel the bad case design is enough to lose an egg.

Overall Review: It did get pretty warm after extended use but nowhere near the level where I'd be concerned about it. The activity indicator light was actually pretty difficult to see and not annoying at all, which I definitely appreciated since too often on these they have activity indicators that can light up a room.

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