Corrupted within a week4/21/2017 2:30:04 PM

Pros: -The purple is pretty -Good price (if it worked)

Cons: - Corrupted within a week

Overall Review: I don't know if it was the card, or my phone, but within a week of installing this card as "internal" memory for my Moto G4 (large online retailer's version w/ads), the card corrupted. I had to reinstall applications, "lost" my music files and had to do a factory reset to get the phone to work correctly afterward. I'm glad I have back-ups for my music. I also purchased data recovery, but, I have yet to submit a claim.

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Better than Expected3/13/2014 12:13:01 PM

Pros: Tangle free, flat cord, generous selection of "ear tips," although they seemed to favor larger "holed" ears, I was able to find a comfortable set, volume control works well with Nokia Lumina 920, have not made or received a call while wearing, but don"t expect any issues. I'm not a picky audiophile, but Bass and treble response are very good, mid-range seems to be a little lacking. The included case is a very nice semi-rigid style with enough room for a small MP3 player (Sansa Clip+, for example)

Cons: Regular Price. I bought these with a promo code at around $15. I'm a tightwad, so I don't think I would buy at $40. I'd probably get a lesser model within my price point. That said, I am very happy with the sound and overall quality, especially for $15!

Overall Review: If these go on sale or have a promo code, I highly recommend the purchase. I will update if there are any issues within a year, because that's the service life I expect from typical earbuds.

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Comfortable3/2/2014 2:47:10 PM

Pros: Comfortable memory foam pads, Non-tangle

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bought these for my wife who works from home. She has these on for extended periods on occasion and loves the memory foam "pads." She is very good at putting knots in cords w/o trying, but has difficulty making that happen to these flat wire units. Overall, she is very happy.We bought them on sale, so not sure of I'd pay full price.

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Not For Internet Sharing2/22/2013 7:06:46 AM

Pros: Small, large number or ports for the price

Cons: Mine was DOA. I'm working on the Newegg RMA process. I've bought a bunch of stuff here and this is my first RMA so we'll see how it goes. The two egg rating is for marketing/product description, see "Other thoughts" below.

Overall Review: Upon reading the troubleshooting steps, on issue mentioned was "I cannot connect more than one computer to the internet." The response is that the unit IS NOT designed for internet sharing. This unit is for internal networking ONLY! I don't remember reading that on the product description, it certainly is not mentioned anywhere on the box. It didn't affect my intended use, be may be important info for someone.

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Manufacturer Response:
Valued Customer, We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please contact us at, reference "New Egg TEG-S80G product review" and someone will contact you immediately to resolve your issue. We look forward to working with you directly and restoring your faith in TRENDnet products. Warmest regards, TRENDnet Sales Team
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Best Anti Virus, Hands Down2/19/2013 7:16:34 AM

Pros: I have used this antivirus for at least ten years and have never, NEVER! had ANY type of infection or malware make it on to my system(s). I currently run this on 4 computers with Win7 and have no issues. Also, the product key works on updated versions. For example, I bought a 2012 3 user product about 6 months ago (free w/rebate) and did not install on anything until last week. I downloaded the 2013 version, typed in the key and viola', I had the 2013 version. In fact, if Kaspersky updates their version before yours expires, they offer and encourage you to update to the newest version for free. There is at least one reviewer concerned about being "watched" and /or "siphoned" by Kasperski/mother Russia. Well, 1. If you have information of value to Russia, you should be behind some major firewalls or use a closed network and not need a commercial antivirus. 2. If you surf the net, your "free" browser is tracking you, "they" sell that info to pay for the "free" browser. That reviewer needs to know that all computer OS's sold/installed in the US have mandatory "back doors" installed for the purpose of Government access under the guise of "National Security." Also, the CIA can use your phone as a listening/video device even when it's off. Speaking of phones, wireless and VOIP transmissions are "public domain" and do not require court order to "tap." Check it out, but remember, they'll be watching you...

Cons: Too many warnings at end of license, a weeks worth would be fine for most. Despite these, I still wait wait until the last day. The rebates take a little time, but about typical for rebates. But hey, in the end it's FREEEEEE! Ok bean counters, actually, it's not totally free. There is the cost for the paper, stamp, time and the infintesimal lost interest on your money.

Overall Review: Seriously, this is a very capable and robust antivirus, I recommend it at every opportunity.

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Wow! No Really, Wow!12/6/2011 12:25:30 PM

Pros: Small, Retractable Cord, Easy USB charge, Storage Bag, Unbelievable sound (volume) from such a small package, Price

Cons: Non so far, although some might condemn base sound quality, but who really cares or can expect much (base) from such a small and inexpensive source.

Overall Review: I bought this on a whim for portable laptop sound on weekend getaways (of course being free w/rebate helps). My wife hooked it up and our reaction was: WOW! No, really, "WOW!"is exactly what we both said. The sound volume from such a small source is amazing. Sound quality is clear as well. BIG improvement over laptop speakers. Definitely recommend, even at full price. Wanted to get two more for the kids, but NewEgg was sold out at time of review. Also, be aware that if you order via SuperSaver, be patient or make sure the order or item is big enough to warrant UPS use, the UPS-USPS or FedEX-USPS hybrid shipping is difficult to track and will likely use the full 14 days (of 4-14 days) or more in my experience.

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Great Price, Works Perfectly12/29/2009 8:01:52 AM

Pros: Great Price even when not on sale. Retail can't (won't) touch this price. Geez, the "Big Boxes" must be making a killing as they charge as much or more for just 6ft of cable.

Cons: None, very professionally made, no complaints

Overall Review: Currently using on 720p set with 1080p up-convert DVD, no blue ray, so my performance comments are based on this set-up. Also, I worked for a small industrial parts firm and we could sell (minimal quantity compared to Wally, Best and others) custom cables dirt cheap and still make a good profit. Be patient and shop around before paying the Big Box (inflated) prices. Thanks NewEgg!

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12/3/2009 1:03:37 PM

Pros: Nice picture, easy set-up, lots of features and adjustments, plenty of "plug-ins," price, quick shipping. Great TV while it lasted. Toshiba Customer Service.

Cons: Had this TV less than a week, turned it off, tried to turn on about an hour later and got the green power light (solid) only, nothing else, no response from any controls other than power. Toshiba Customer Service was good, set up repair with service provider (Precision TV). Now it's a parts waiting game. Precision claims it ordered two circuit boards about three days ago, but has no update on status as yet. I'm sure it will get fixed (for free) at some point, but until then I'm out of a TV. I'm very disappointed and hoping, once fixed, it will last a long time. Thankfully, I bought the 2yr replacement extended warranty in case it doesn't.

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