Great case for the price.9/13/2021 6:22:41 PM

Pros: Plenty of room to build in. Decent room for cable management. Case comes with plenty of rainbow puke fans.

Cons: Like I said, DC only rainbow puke fans, not really a con, but when the fans die ill be happy to replace them. None argb fans, but they work so far.

Overall Review: Would happily recommend this case for any diy pc builder.

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Finally I got a new card9/13/2021 6:18:01 PM

Pros: 1080p gaming is as expected. Card looks great in my rog system. Picture quality and fps are great for me. Thermals are where I expect. No issues so far.

Cons: This is actually a mobo con, asus strix b450-f, why would you limit the pcie slot to 3.0 when your tuf gaming can run at 4.0. I thought the rog strix was one of the higher quality boards that one would think would have pcie 4.0 support, but nope. I thank if my board would support pcie 4.0 my fps would be better even though it's great for me anyway.

Overall Review: Great card for 1080p, just make sure your board supports pcie 4.0 for the best performance.

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Evga 650 semi modular8/9/2021 1:58:12 PM

Pros: 650 watts of pure power. Semi modular. And it works so far.

Cons: None yet, will update if it explodes.

Overall Review: Evga is a trusted brand, and generally have decent products, I would recommend any 80 plus power supply from evga.

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Good motherboard at a decent price for gaming8/7/2021 10:34:54 AM

Pros: Plenty of options for a gaming rig, enough fan header, if you want more use a controller, and a slot for a graphics card, what more do you need to play a AAA title.

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: Decent board

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Good cpu for gaming8/7/2021 10:34:18 AM

Pros: Fast processor and plenty tough enough for gaming

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Good for gaming, I'm not using this build for editing

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Works as expected8/7/2021 10:33:37 AM

Pros: Seems decent, I'm running it at 3200 mhs.

Cons: None found yet

Overall Review: Thanking about buying 2 more to go ahead and max my system out... Why not right the cost is good and performance is on par..

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Not a fan8/4/2021 12:34:43 PM

Pros: Decent graphics

Cons: Not a fan of roll play, fps kinda person so take my review with a grain of salt.

Overall Review: It's a game

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Good buy for the price.11/26/2020 10:07:10 AM

Pros: Good case to build in. Simple design for the person that just cares about using the machine.

Cons: Few, could use a little more space in the rear for cable management. And the case over could be a 1/4 to a 1/2 taller to allow for wires ran between the power supply and mother from the back.

Overall Review: Good so, I would recommend for any building the budget gaming or vedio editing rig. I personally built 2 systems in this case, one is my gaming rig and the other is just a home machine for my parents.

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Ram is working as expected but still to early to give it 5 eggs it might crash tomorrow10/21/2020 6:33:48 PM

Pros: Had 16 gb installed of the same, purchased this pack to bring me up to 32 total, runs at 3200 mhs as stated and is running great at this point.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: For the price and the gaming on a budget enthusiast, this product is hard to beat. I've given it 4 eggs only because it like to see if it makes past a year, that's a more reliable it'll last kinda time test.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Simple and rated, trusted name.8/24/2020 2:51:12 PM

Pros: It works, hasn't burnt my system down, and it's a trusted name that's certified.

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: Supplies close to what's advertised, works great so far, my only regret is I didn't buy a modular one for better cable management.

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Simple and takes less space in the case.8/24/2020 2:48:13 PM

Pros: Small. Tucked away on the mobo it's self. Frees up space for other drives to be put in the case.

Cons: Not really a con but is it faster than an ssd. Couldn't really tell you a diffrence, I would assume some bench mark test could but from my eyes, I can't see it so it's got to be just a second or 2.

Overall Review: I would recommend just off the space saving alone, and I personally thank its awesome how small it is and what it can hold, nerd I know..

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It's enough for now8/24/2020 2:40:59 PM

Pros: It get the job done.

Cons: It could get the job done better.

Overall Review: I wished I would have went bigger, I know right, but with a GPU it's best I've found to go with the best right off the bat, but this was a budget build and this card gets the job done, could it be better, yes, does it need to be, not unless you have the extra cash around to pay for better, for the money so far this is a decent card.

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Very decent for what I paid8/24/2020 12:12:46 PM

Pros: Has plenty of extras that ill probably never need but I like the fact its there if I do

Cons: Would like a more detailed user manual, not everyone is a pro builder and it would be nice having more insight..

Overall Review: Great product so far

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So far very pleased8/24/2020 12:09:45 PM

Pros: Fast and capable, seems to handle my gaming and streaming needs so far.

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: For the price couldnt say anything bad at this point

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Basic, decent design, for the price works great8/24/2020 12:07:28 PM

Pros: Good size for easy install.

Cons: Did not come with exhaust fan, not a big issue. And no basement cover to hid extra wiring, still not a big issue.

Overall Review: For first or low budget builds, perfect.

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